09.06.3013: Night on Bald Mountain
Summary: The rescue party rests for the evening on the way to meeting the volunteers from Cape Amran
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Mountain Pass The Spine, Imperius
High up in the mountains, the air gets thin and the views get spectacular. The forested plains stretch out below like the Gods' own carpet, and a narrow track winds its way along the shoulder of the mountain toward the entrance to Khar-Mordune. These gates are heavy, hewn from solid stone and inlaid with electrofilaments mimicking arcane runes. That track may not really be necessary for moving masses of people or materiel down into Khar-Mordune, but it is there for those who prefer to take the long way around. One side of the path falls away precipitously to a narrow canyon far below, while the other rises sharply up the face of the mountain. The path winds behind a waterfall just out of sight of the gates, and then down toward the forest far below.
6 September, 3013

Although no one wants to stop, as everyone feels the pressure to get to the volunteers, when it becomes dark it is a necessity. Many of the medical staff are not familiar with the mountain terrain, and continueing to walk at night could lead to injuries of their own. A decent niche up against the side of the mountain was found, and camp was made. Very small fires were used, and only long enough to cook, not much warmth to be found from them.
Elodie has long since finished her meal, and is seated with her back against a tree, arms crossed over the tops of her knees, looking straight ahead with a little smile starting to play at her lips.

The sound of rocks trodden underfoot gives Eiris away as she approaches Elodie's spot, only to lower herself down to settle beside her with a sigh. "What I wouldn't give for the Vale..soft ground, open plains for as far as the eye can see, not all this rock so hard underfoot." Hands go to her boots, loosening the ties of her boots to try to pull them off and get some relief from their earlier walk. The Rovehn notices the smile and smiles slyly herself, "Thinking about him?" Her shoulder lightly brushes the Iah Lady's while continuing to work at her laces.

As others set up camp, Jocelyn made a perimeter sweep. And once she'd pulled out her rations, the Arboren scout promptly sought out a high spot to perch in, one where she can see their own camp and a little way into the distance. She's taken her helmet off for the moment, all the better to actually eat her rations.

Jeremy scouted out the next section of the trip for tomorrow, but even he paced back to the camp a short while later. He moves up toward Jocelyn's perch, crouching down, "They get settled in alright?" Breathing out a gust of breath, he shakes his head, nodding down to the Ladies, "I can't help thinking we could move faster without them, but we're going to need the medics, aren't we?"

A deep blush joins the smile as it broadens in answer to Eiris's question. She reaches down to her belt, pulling a small vial from one of the many pouches. "Here, this will help your feet. It's not too much different for me… stones and ice are all hard surfaces to walk. At least I don't have to dig spikes in here to keep from slipping backwards." Leaning her head back against the tree trunk, she lets out a sigh. "I wish we didn't have to stop. I want to get there and back… but the first rule of Search and Rescue is not to risk the rescue team, especially after dark. We don't need to attract Hostiles to us before we get to the team by shining little beacons as we try to find our way."

Sliding one foot out, Eiris takes the vial and turns it about, giving it a once over before a soft thanks is uttered. Busying herself with removing her other boot, Eiris briefly notes the shuffling of bodies in their perch and the quiet conversation. Green eyes lift to look up at the two as she offers them a smile and wave, a motion for them to join the group is made. But her attention settles right back on Elodie. "M'dear you know exactly where you are in the world right now, Sammel does not. It is he who should be anxious, not you. I think you should rest assured that he is not going anywhere from what you told me last," a wink is given to the Iah as she tugs off her other shoe and sighs, letting them air out for a few moments.

"Well, if no one needs anything worse than a splint and a blood transfusion, I've totally got you covered," Jocelyn replies to Jeremy, smile twisting as she holds out a piece of jerky for the knight. "But I've got a feeling at least someone in the party might need serious attention before we can get them transported to a hospital. Also, for ladies? They're not exactly delicate flowers," she points out helpfully, taking a drink from her water bottle. "You holding up okay, Sir?" she asks, arching a brow at the knight.

Jeremy shakes his head at Jocelyn, "Them? Not so bad. Some of the others are tenderfoots." He takes the jerky, pulling off his helmet and clasping it to his left hip, "I'm okay. Thank the Six I could contact him… them… telepathically." He turns the jerky over in his hands, shaking his head slowly, then takes a solid bite of it, "You'll tell me when I start becoming more trouble than I'm worth on this expedition, right?"

Elodie chuckles. "It was kind of weird. Usually I'm the one telling him to be careful. This time, it was him telling me to stay safe when I packed up my gear to leave." Her legs stretch out onto the ground in front of them, and she gives a small nod. "The funny thing is, I wasn't even thinking about it… you know… taking your advice, so to speak. I was just so happy to hear that there were people for us to rescue. And well, we'd just admitted that we feel the same about each other. It just kind of… happened." She lets out a happy sigh.

A sort of sly triumphant look crosses the bootless Rovehn's face as she leans back into her hands and sighs, looking up at the sky. "Ah yes, the wise and omnipotent Eiris will take offerings at any time you feel you are able to make them." She makes a wafting motion with her hand to indicate at her feet which wiggle - probably still stinking due to their long trek. But that slyness slips away to warmth and she turns her head to rest her cheek on her shoulder to speak to her companion. "I am glad though, that you could share that before you left on this trip."

"No Sir, never did learn to go back in time," Jocelyn answers Jeremy with a somber shake of her head, which is rather ruined by the quick flash of a smile in the dark. "You're fine, Sir," she shakes her head. "Just, you know. If your husband's injured when we get there, you should probably not start shaking him or kissing him or doing whatever you really want to do to him until the docs've had a chance to stabilize him. Except for yelling. You should absolutely get all of your yelling at him out of your system. Old arguments and everything."

Jeremy blinks at Jocelyn's response, and then he snorts a soft laugh, "Yeah." He shakes his head at the warning, "I have been in a fight before, and dealt with injured before." He smiles just a little, "Besides, the only time I have to yell at Lie is when…" and then he stops, shaking his head, "I haven't really. He usually responds to reason." Arching one eyebrow, he inquires, "So… do you get all your yelling out when people are injured?"

Her head leaning back against the tree, Elodie is quiet for a moment, savoring the warm memory Eiris brings up. "It was… and we didn't even know what was coming. I'd just taken him to the aquarium so that maybe he could get away from the constant news feeds reminding him of the peril his sister is in." As she lets silence fall, the better to entertain her memory, the talk of yelling at injured ones draws her attention, and she twists her head slightly to look up towards the perch of the other two. Then she can't help chuckle. "Well, at least you know you have a captive audience when they are injured," she offers in a slightly louder voice.

Eiris gazes skyward, listening as Elodie shares her moment with Sammel, her smile remaining as well. Feet flex, wiggling as she gives them the freedom to relax just as much as she is. Whatever is said above is missed by the Rovehn but the comment by the Iah Lady draws her attention all the same. A brow hikes up over one eye and she smirks a little. "Dare I ask?" She questions faintly to her companion before nodding once more to the two above on their perch.

"Oh, no," Jocelyn grins, taking a bite of her own jerky. "It's more that if you're going to air your dirty laundry, you might as well do it where someone can appreciate it, you know?" She chews, shrugging one shoulder. "I don't usually yell at people. Generally speaking, I'm the person getting yelled at for one thing or another."

Jeremy leans forward a little bit from the perch, calling quietly down, "Yeah, except any time you're in a camp you've got a captive audience, Milady, so I'm used to it." Reaching over, he offers Jocelyn a nudge, then rises up from his crouch, beckoning to the other ranger to join him as he descends towards the others, "I've always thought that dirty laundry was for airing in private. And they can't yell at you if they can't find you, right?"

The reply offered to Elodie causes Eiris to grin and a chuckle escape her lips. "What a charmer," she says softly and then reaches for the vial of medication Elodie graced her with. Eiris uncaps it after sitting up and begins to work the contents into her heels first, sighing happily as she leans forward, blonde hair drifting to cover her features before she glances up towards the two incoming. "Good evening, trust your feet are fairing better than mine? The Vale doesn't have mountain passes."

Elodie chuckles to Jeremy's reply, and a wink to Eiris is all the answer the woman gets at the moment. "I have to agree on both of those points… although, in the case of the latter, you can't really hide forever, can you?" She pulls her legs back up, wrapping her forarms loosely about her knees, her smile still lingering as the other two join them, and she gives them a nod.

Jocelyn taps her nose to Jeremy's last, though it takes her a moment to actually get up and follow the knight toward the camp. "You don't really have to hide forever, m'lady," she says to Elodie, smile slipping crooked. "You just have to hide long enough for someone else to fuck up bigger than you did. Or until you come up with something impressive. Then they're too busy with something else to stay pissed at you."

Jeremy nods to Jocelyn, "Or just until they forget why they were upset." He takes another bite of the jerky, chewing on it as he picks his way down and settles in with a bow of his head, "Sir Jeremy Keats, Miladies. I don't think we were properly introduced before." He glances down at his feet, then offers a gentle smile for all the worry that lingers on in his open blue-grey eyes, "Not so bad, Milady. I'm used to walking places. Lie's the one who rides everywhere."

Looking to the two as she works her fingers into her foot to help relieve the ache, Eiris smiles all the more. "Eiristra Rovehn, Eiris if you like…can be a mouthful." She hesitates and considers, giving a nod to his words about Lie. "You mean Sir Lionel?" There is a softening of her own gaze, "Seems like he will be walking once we nab him anyways, I will make sure not to use all of this tincture." A wink is offered before she moves to the next foot, glancing to Jocelyn, "And you, Miss?"

Elodie grins at the introductions. "Pleasure to formally meet you, Sir Jeremy. Lady Doctor Elodie Iah," she replies. "I usually go with Lady Elodie, rather than Doctor. Maybe because it's newer, I don't know." A chuckle is directed to Eiris. "Or he may be carried, but have no worries. I have plenty more."

"Jocelyn Groves, m'lady. Scout," Jocelyn introduces herself with a tip of her chin and a vague gesture at her brow. As Jeremy joins the group, she lingers on the outer edges, though she also makes a point of pacing quietly around them, keeping an eye on the perimeter.

Jeremy bows his head at Eiris' question, "My husband, Milady Eiris." He offers up a little smile at that, then bows his head, "He'll complain, Milady, but he can walk the distance if need be. He's tougher than he looks." There's a little teasing curve to his smile then, even if the person being teased is still a day's hike away. "He's hurt, but not as badly as some of the others. I'm sure he'll be able to walk." Tilting his head to one side, he gestures to the tincture being applied by the noblewoman, "If I may, Milady, why come if you're not used to the walking? I appreciate the assistance, but I'm curious."

"Miss Groves, a pleasure, but I am certain you can see just as well over here if you would care to join us," Eiris offers, though the Rovehn hesitates at Jeremy's words before continue to apply some of the medicine before capping it. Setting it aside, she works at her feet and laughs, shaking her head, "We can do amazing things when we desire them. I am certain he will overcome the event of walking..as for me," she draws a breath, "I will say that the plains of the Vale are not as rocky, I am not accustomed to such terrain. But as for why? I want to help, one of those caught will soon be Lady Iah's sister in law, if not only for that she is the niece of my liege Lord. Rovehn does not ignore the call when the time comes. I may not have the experience in the terrain, but should the time call for it, I will be able to help defend those who are injured. If not, then I am another hand to help carry the burden."

Elodie chuckles. "Because Lady Eiris is used to riding, as well," she answers Jeremy's question, nudging her friend. "She can ride forever, long after my legs have started screaming for a rest, so this is my own little payback for those hours of torture." Jocelyn's introduction receives a nod and smile, but the mention of people's conditions and her soon to be sister in law draws her attention again. "Has Sir Lionel given you any information of Sir Kassandra?" Her chin now rests on her knees, only her eyes and eyebrows moving in Jeremy's direction.

Jeremy nods at Eiris' words, "Like I said, Milady. We appreciate the help." He shakes his head slightly at Elodie, "Not specifically, Milady. Young Lord Saimhann's in the worst shape, but everyone else is mobile at least." He looks down to the jerky in his hand, then shrugs a little helplessly, "I should get some sleep, Miladies. We all should. We'll push hard tomorrow."

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