08.04.3013: Night Music
Summary: Ariana, Eirene and Antaeus attend a little soiree at the Orelle Palace held by Hadrian.
Date: 04 August 2013
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Grand Courtyard — Orelle Residence, The Ring
The topmost pole of the central sphere of the Ring is occupied solely by the seat of House Orelle. It looks like a small domed city, sprawling with a diameter of several kilometers. Sleek and graceful buildings have been erected within this spacious area, allowing for actual thoroughfares instead of the typical walkways and corridors of the rest of the station. These structures include the Guest Residences and the House Library. At the center of the dome is the Spire of Leonara — named for the first High Lord of House Orelle, Leonardo Orelle. It is almost luminous with a pristine white exterior interrupted by panoramic windows and the occasional terrace.

Surrounding the Spire is the Grand Courtyard. Each quadrant of the Courtyard supports its own unique garden and seating. Fascinating, if not a bit strange, pieces have been gifted to the Orelles for their courtyard, including the hovering Fountain of Erra, whose geometric shapes float above a round pool, spilling water over their unique facets with mathematical precision.

04 August 3013

The topmost sphere of the Ring is the home of House Orelle. It is a beautiful place. Above, the stars and space. At the edge of one's vision, the blue orb of the planet below. The best view in the whole Galaxy, some might argue.
Beside the Fountain of Erra, Hadrian stood quietly. A table, chairs and refreshments sat behind him- along with several books of various sheet music. Invitees were asked to bring their own instruments, should they wish music- or to bring someone who could play. Hadrian, himself, was dressed as normal: A howie style labcoat in fine white, with blue mandarin collar and black buttons. House colors. He lifted his violin, and began to play- just waiting for guests who were certain to arrive soon.

Dressed elegantly in a dark turquoise gown and accented with sparkling cyan trim, Lady Ariana Larent has arrived with one of her musician friends in tow, as well as her brother, who she believes needs to get out more and embrace the arts. Her hair is drawn up into a graceful braided updo while to add a touch of color against her pale blonde locks, silver and turquoise adornments are inserted into her hair. The tall and willowy framed young woman leads the way towards the guest seating area, but rather than settling down immediately, she waits for Hadrian to stop playing, so that she may greet him properly. So when the sounds of the violin eventually pause, even if momentarily, she takes this time to step forward towards the man and grace him with a humble nod of deference before stating, "Thank you, My Lord, for inviting me to this lovely soiree. It's been far too long since I've been able to enjoy live classical music. Have you met Lady Eirene Volen? The Siren of Mare Maris? And this is my brother, Lord Lieutenant Antaeus of the Royal Navy." A very subtle gesture is given once those introductions are made.

As someone who gets out plenty, Antaeus should be glad that he cannot read his dear sister's mind. Regardless, he is dressed in his uniform and trailing Ariana, acting his part as a proper gentleman and chaperone to these two ladies, who he is sure would get into trouble without him. When the introductions are made, he offers Hadrian a bow of his head and murmurs, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, my Lord." A second or two passes before he adds, "You play quite well."

Another blonde amidst the Larent siblings, Lady Eirene Volen fizzes with joy as the trio approach the Grand Courtyard. The sounds of the violin immediate tantalize her senses while a rush of color hits her cheeks. The swish of her skirts picks up as she unconsciously steps to the rhythm of the music. "How beautiful! Lady Ariana, I had no idea we would be enjoying some music today." A sense of mirth washes over the lady's features and warm eyes narrow as her smile broadens. Once introductions are made, Eirene extends her hand and curtsies to the noble and violin virtuoso. "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Hadrian. What an exquisite gift of the arts! When Lady Ariana made mention we were to meet with one of her friend's from the lab and medical center, I did not expect to be greeted by such splendid sounds."

The Violin piece comes to a close as Nobles appear. "Ah, My Lady Ariana, a pleasure. A pleasure. And no, I'm afraid I haven't met either." Hadrian gives a nod, and bow to each Antaeus and Eirene. "Lord Doctor Hadrian Orelle. Sometimes, I enjoy playing music with others, which is the purpose of this small evening. Please, help yourself to our hospitality." he waves a hand towards the table, food and drinks. "Lady Ariana is a joy to work with in the lab."

Did he say she was a joy to work with? Well, Ariana does take her work seriously and Hadrian is an Orelle noble, so she more than likely was pleasant at the very least. "When you extended your invitation, My Lord, I did not expect to see you perform, personally, for all or our enjoyment. You play the violin splendidly, I must say." Turning to Eirene her smile seems to brighten, "I told you that you would enjoy this evening." She even looks back towards her brother to make sure that he hasn't wandered off, but it looks as if he takes his chaperone position seriously. With light steps, she saunters towards the refreshment table along with the others. "Everything looks wonderful, My Lord. This event was truly well planned out."

Antaeus isn't quite sure he heard the man right. Ariana was a joy to work with in the lab? Had the man ever been the recipient of her medical attentions? Putting the thought out of his mind, he offers Hadrian a smile. "My Lord, I am glad to hear that my sister represents House Larent well in her work. I am quite proud of her accomplishments." Ariana need not worry that Antaeus has wandered off, he is more than happy to follow her to the refreshment table, making sure to search out a glass of wine before taking in the other offerings.

Eirene sings a few measures of a song which might compliment the tune quite nicely. The acclaimed Opera singer lets out a sweet, melodic chuckle at Ariana's comment. Her eyes sweep over all the careful planning before they draw up to take in the Lord Doctor once more. "I must agree with Lady Ariana. Everything appears quite excellent, Lord Hadrian." A compliment to the host before glancing over to Antaeus again with a childlike grin. "Are you a fan of the arts? I can't quite remember if you enjoyed my arias or not. Everyone seems to be so into rock and techno trance or something like that these days." The young Volen has more mature tastes than many her age. A glass of wine is procured from the refreshment table. "Shall we toast this evening?"

"I admit, I simply had the servants take care of the details." Hadrian replies to Ariana, with a wry smile. "I would not ask others to bring instruments if I did not mean to do so myself." he responds with a quiet laugh. "Can you imagine, inviting others to a night of music and not perform myself." He shakes his head, following the others towards the table. He nods to Antaeus. "As you should be. The Lab can be a stressful environment, people who work well in that setting are treasures indeed." he says, while he gets his own wine. "I do not believe I've had the pleasure, Lady Eirene."

Selecting her own glass of wine, Ariana lifts it gently in a light toast to Eirene's words. "Oh yes. A toast to a glorious and wonderful evening filled with sweet music of the night." She turns a pointed smile in Antaeus' direction, a little uncertain as to whether he would be comfortable in such a setting, listening to music of all things, but this is what is considered the finer things in life. To add to the conversation, "There's only so much rock music that one can take. And while techno has it's place and some of its mixes may be considered rather pleasant to the ears, most of the music people listen to are simply loud, as if they were screaming with boy vocal chords and musical instruments." When work is brought up, Ariana has to ask, because during these dangerous times, work never fully takes a backseat, "I would like to speak to you later about your Hostile research, My Lord Hadrian. Whenever you have the time."

"The Arts?" Antaeus asks Eirene, considering her words for a moment before responding, "I find certain types of music to be far more relaxing and mentally stimulating than others, if that's what you're asking, my Lady. Certainly, I would prefer to sit and listen to you sing over the other musicians that seem to becoming more and more popular these days." He offers her a warm smile, even raising the glass of wine that he just procured in her direction. Before he can take a sip of his wine, Ariana calls for a toast. Pausing -right- before he's about to take a sip, he quickly raises his glass. That finished, he takes the sip of the wine, enjoying it momentarily before hearing the words 'hostile' and 'research'. "Oh, you are both researching the Hostiles? Coming up with new ways to kill them, I hope."

Eirene smiles and scrunches her nose just a little. "I will have to make sure my public relations manager is properly representing me." It is a little lighthearted joke. Her glass is lifted for the toast, silently echoing her friend, Lady Ariana's words before sipping and sealing the words in fate. When the conversation leans towards the Hostiles, the singer quiets to listen and learn.

"I find such music to be…" Hadrian pauses slightly. "Insincere." With conversation turning to The Hostiles, the doctor gave a nod to Ariana, and her brother both. "Ah, yes. Them. A disease, as I see it. Something to be sterilized and cleansed from this Galaxy. Yes. I'd be glad to share what points of research I've found." he says with a certain flatness. "I hope to get live samples soon. I'll need several other scientists in on that project, I'm sure- but for now, I hope to receive any samples I can find."
Hadrian lifts his glass, "Tonight, however, is about music and friendship. I am glad to welcome you to my home, and look forward to our playing. Tell me, do you play an instrument, My Lord?" he wonders of Antaeus.

Ariana's eyes seem to light up at the mention of 'live samples' and while she has something on her mind, Hadrian is correct and the evening belongs to the music; the melodies that invigorate the spirit and soothes the sole. "Thank you, My Lord. I know of other parties who are planning the same. We shall talk later." Taking a sip from her glass, her eyes alight on her brother's face when a musical inquiry is posed to him. Quietly, she listens as she savors the tart taste of the wine, her eyes finally drifting away to view some of the other performers and guests.

Antaeus offers Hadrian the slightest shake of his head. "I'm afraid, my Lord, that I do not have any musical talent whatsoever. I can appreciate it, just not play it." His mind returns to the thought of wiping out the Hostiles momentarily before returning his attention to Hadrian. "I am here to enjoy your music, and possibly hear the Lady sing some more." He offers Eirene a smile, actually excited for the possibility of hearing her sing once again.

Shock and surprise, Eirene snaps a glance in Antaeus' direction. "I didn't come prepared!" Flushing into a deep shade of red, the shy Volen lady covers her mouth with a hand. "But I will not offend our host. Perhaps we will collaborate on something, Lord Hadrian." She turns towards Ariana and gestures lightly. "Is there a particular song you would like to hear, Lady Ariana?"

"Most excellent." Hadrian returns, as he sips his own wine. "Please, though. Help yourself to refreshment then. I have sheet music available for those interested." Being that this is an 'Orelle' party- and that Hadrian is hosting it- Technology does take its place. Electronic pads sit near by ready to be browsed through. "I ask my guests to pick what we play. My collection, although violin heavy, is quite vast. I'm sure we can find something we'd enjoy together. I am but a dedicated amateur, still. I am sure if you are in need of an instrument, we can provide." Hadrian says to Eirene, "Or any other needs you may have. Please, you are my guest."

Ariana shares a pleasant look with her brother at all of this discussion of music, but Eirene's question makes her ponder long and hard on this matter, "I was humming a little tune just recently. My Lady Greensleeves (Also known as Greensleeves!). It's a simple song, but I've loved the way that you perform it on stage. Her attention turns to Hadrian now and she mildly states, "As for myself, I've only dallied with my piano lessons, but do not have the skill to play any sort of accompaniment for anyone. Nor would I feel comfortable about performing a solo piece just yet. Perhaps once I get more practice."

Already glancing at the other refreshments on the table, Antaeus looks up to his sister as she offers a possible suggestion. Taking a sip of wine first, he states, "I have no preferences, My Lord and Ladies. I am simply here to enjoy myself. Lord Hadrian and Lady Eirene, you are both far more talented than I, and can perhaps work out a suitable arrangement between the two of you far better than what meager suggestions I may be able to voice." He offers them both a smile as he goes to stand next to Ariana.

Eirene nibbles upon her lower lip and toys with her fingers almost nervously. A wide, innocent glance settles upon Hadrian after Ariana chooses a lovely song. "That is a beautiful number. I've always enjoyed performing it. Do you know the tune, Lord Hadrian?" She sips from her glass to calm her nerves a bit and she looks around to see if there are a few other things she can do before singing for her friends. Eirene fidgets when she cannot do all of her performance rituals. This may or may not be something her close friends know about her.

"Oh, we are friends here. No judgment." Hadrian offers to Ariana. "Still, I do understand." He says next, before nodding. "I do believe I know the tune. I'd be glad to accompany you, should you be so kind as to share your voice." He moves then towards his violin- set on a simple stand. He lifts it, and begins to tune. Music was on Hadrian's mind- and Hadrian's mind tended to hyperfocus.

Ariana has seen this nervousness in Eirene, always before a performance, but she offers the young songstress a reassuring smile. "You will do fine, you always do, My Lady." She then drifts off with her brother to find a seat where they can observe the performance and quietly enjoy her wine. "Perhaps we will be so blessed to have an actual performance put on by the both of them. A grand operatic setting. This is something amiss from the other sorts of concerts that have recently been advertised for."

Standing beside Ariana now, Antaeus isn't quite sure why she is telling Lady Eirene that everything will be okay. As far as he knows Eirene is one of the most talented singers out there, of course she's going to be okay. He still raises his glass to Hadrian and Eirene both in turn, a smile on his face, quite pleased to be here right now, waiting to enjoy what promises to be a quite memorable performance.

Eirene smiles softly and reaches a hand out to lightly brush her fingertips over Ariana's hand in quiet thanks to her good friend. Once Hadrian begins, there's no real turning back. Her eyes close and as the precise moment when she is supposed to start, her lovely voice begins to sing the tale of Lady Greensleeves. Sweet and haunting, she pours her heart into the song; one that is so dear to her for unknown reasons. She delivers a touching performance and compliments Hadrian's lovely violin techniques.

Although Hadrian says he is no professional, his technique is very nearly that. He plays accompaniment, joining with Eirene in the music and helping to lift her voice as the simple tune is played. He closes his eyes and lets the music flow.

Quietly, Ariana is an observer to what she considers a very beautiful melding of music and vocals. Yes, the song is supposed to be rather haunting and Eirene's voice plays this up well and effortlessly. She also listens to the notes of the violin which accompanies the lyrics; her eyes turning to Hadrian as she watches him work his magic. It is always a pleasure to watch an artist create beautiful music.

Sipping his wine, Antaeus closes his eyes and takes in the performance to its fullest. Eirene's vocal magnificence and Hadrian's wonderful playing come together to form something quite brilliant. He doesn't speak, in fact, he almost feels as if he is holding in his breath as he takes in the sounds. Opening his eyes once again, he focuses his full attention on the pair, taking in everything. Oh, and he then makes a mental note to himself to try and talk Eirene into singing at Ariana's wedding. Yes, that would be quite nice.

Eirene finishes on a soft note and just as Hadrian ends the tune, she turns to her partner and lightly claps for him. "Beautiful, Lord Hadrian. Bravo." She continues to blush while her friends listen on and as always, dips into a performance bow for her audience.

Hadrian bows only slightly as he puts his violin down. "Thank you, Lady Eirene. Your voice is sublime, and your performance impeccable. As I said, I am simply a dedicated amateur- you are the professional among us." he continues as he ensures the violin is safe. It is not an electric, or technological thing. Rather, it is made of fine wood. A deep, reddish sort of color to the instrument. It is clearly well loved, and long played. "I am glad to have heard it. Simply stellar." Hadrian smiles to the other guests. "So then. I do hope the two of you enjoyed it."

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