08.03.3013: New Life
Summary: Kaedin's Cat, Cleo, has her kittens.
Date: Auguest 3rd 2013
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Orelle Residence
The topmost pole of the central sphere of the Ring is occupied solely by the seat of House Orelle. It looks like a small domed city, sprawling with a diameter of several kilometers. Sleek and graceful buildings have been erected within this spacious area, allowing for actual thoroughfares instead of the typical walkways and corridors of the rest of the station. These structures include the Guest Residences and the House Library. At the center of the dome is the Spire of Leonara — named for the first High Lord of House Orelle, Leonardo Orelle. It is almost luminous with a pristine white exterior interrupted by panoramic windows and the occasional terrace.

Surrounding the Spire is the Grand Courtyard. Each quadrant of the Courtyard supports its own unique garden and seating. Fascinating, if not a bit strange, pieces have been gifted to the Orelles for their courtyard, including the hovering Fountain of Erra, whose geometric shapes float above a round pool, spilling water over their unique facets with mathematical precision.

August 3rd 3013: Before Dawn

Kaedin is pacing back and fourth infront of one of the side rooms of the Orelle Compound. it's the room his cat chose to have her kittens, and he doesn't look very releaved… He was in the middle of a slightly important meeting, but Cleo is his kitty, and has been for four years.

Aww, kitties. Talayla seems to feel like she should check in on people staying in the compound. She is walking along, likely to go outside and visit someone. But for now, she is detoured, bag of fish food in hand. She looks over, seeing Kaedin pacing in her travels. "Hey… something amiss?" She looks to her cousin, frowning a little.

Kaedin looks up to see Tala, and offers her a smile and a nod. "Hey, Cleo is finaly having her kittens… just in there." he points to the door. "I'm suposed to wait until she is done, and not bother her… but I'm worried…" He says softly as he moves to lean against the wall. "I'll be expecting lady Elodie soon enough… I promised I would tell her when Cleo went into labor, since she will be getting a kitten when they are old enough to leave their mother.

Talayla smiles back. "Aww, Cleo is a cutie. Did you maybe set up a closed circuit camera out of the way?" She considers. "Or put your ear to the door? I think you can check in and peek, just don't go poke her." She thinks. "But she is your kitty, you know her better. I am sure she'll be alright. She's a good kitty and she knows you care about her." She reassures. "Many kitties through millenia have had more kitties…" Yes.

Kaedin sighs and looks at Tala. "I have a camera set up.. that and I'll be have to hear through it when the kitten mew." he says with a sigh. "I know, but she is my fluffy ball…" One of the toughest men on the ring, and a cat has him all worried.

Awww. Talayla smiles. "I understand. Fluffy balls are near and dear to our heart. I think that cats have a special power that way. Kitties are great." Yes siree! And cats once powered the internet, after all. She seems sympathetic. Carefully, she'll gently pat his shoulder. "She has you looking out for her, it'll be okay."

Kaedin nods and pats her hand in return. "Thanks Cuz… you want a kitten?" he asks. "So long as that dog of yours doesnt chase it…" he says, cleo hasent been out and about the compound since she got pregnent, but once she is able to go out, well, it's only a matter of time before dog and cat have a showdown.

"Brave likes cats, but I think he forgets they have pointy ends." She rubs the back of her head. "I'm sure if we introduce them gently, they'll be fine," Smile. "I would be honored to take care of a kitten," She replies. "I always make sure to watch Brave when we're out and about anyway. Having him try to grab a diplomat's shoe would be SO BAD."

Kaedin snickers. "Heh… that would be funny." he says as he looks back to the door. "Still nothing.. OH how are the wedding prerpations going… and.. is Barton marrying int othe Orelle, or are they taking you from us?" He asks.

Talayla grins at that. "Funny, but dad'd be really upset," She admits. She does seem to mind it, anyway. "And they go quietly. I try not to rush, since there's so many people trying to marry fast," She remarks. "We'll see. And it honestly depends. He is their back up heir, whereas I am the fifth child. He's liable to marry into the Orelle and we shift back if something happens to Lady Sir Johana, though I hope it doesn't come to that."

Kaedin smiles. "Her and Erik will have a child soon enough." He says with a smile before pressing a putton on his ear peice. "Can I have a refreshment tray brought ot the souther catwalk for myself and lady Talayla, thanks." He says before looking to his cousin. "So, I heard about the beating you took on Primus… you should avoid battle there, that's the second time it's happend."

Talayla smiles back. "Well, then it looks like it's Orelle he marries into," She nods. "But we'll spend time on his home, too. Since… I suspect going from planet to the Ring is tough," She considers. "Thank you." She looks to Kaedin and winces. "You heard? Were people talking about that?" She frowns and rubs her chin. "It was only bolts and a sword. Nothing big. Er. Okay, yeah, it was bad…" Sadface.

Kaedin sighs. "My mother, your aunt, is a Doctor remember, I hear alot about family injuries." He says with a smile. "Look, if you want me to train you to at least defend against differant weapons… I can."

Talayla laughs. "Yeah… I can imagine. We do have a lot of doctors in the family," She nods. "I guess I can at least practice a little," She considers. "It's just not my thing to wade in, you know?"

Kaedin nods. "I know, but it is your thing to become a nice glowy target." He says with a smile. "Besides, It's not like I'm going to be too hard on you, just the basics and that's it." He says with a nod.

Talayla pauses. "True, I do glow," She remarks. "Of course. I'll give it a shot. I know Barton wanted to try, too. How's kitty cam?" She peers over. "I've been trying to get those Niveus ice fish into spawning condition."

Kaedin nods and has a look at the cam. "I see two.. she has four more." he says, now pacing once more, even pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket with a lighter. "Okay so two.. that means she only has four more… nothing bad will happen right?" he says as he lights the cigarette, he hasent had a smoke in two weeks, so the look of pleasure on his face is understandable. "by the six… needed that."

"Aww. Almost there," She murmurs. "You had an ultrasound done? Six is a decent sized litter for a kitty," Talayla considers. She smiles to Kaedin. "Right, she'll be fine. She sounds like an awesome cat." She doesn't seem to mind him smoking for now. "Were you trying to quit?"

Kaedin looks at her. "I was trying… Odette wanted me too, but she doesnt understand that more stress does not help someone quit smoking." he says with a frown. "So you get a kitten, and Elodie gets a kitten.. I'm keeping one for Odette to have, that leaves three kittens to find nice homes for."

"I see. What about tapering off instead of all at once?" Talayla asks. "And awesome, kittens make everything better." She smiles.

Kaedin nods. 'I'm figureing I can do it that way, I mean, I only have two a day… depending on the day it sometimes is only one." he says with a smile.

Talayla nods. "That's good. I'm sure you'll get it. I suspect I'll work more on my projects," She considers. "And get out more now. I probably should work on wedding stuff, but everyone else is rushing for theirs and I don't want to steal anyone's thunder…"

Kaedin nods and smiles. "Well, Lady Iah knows a Seamstress, apparently one of the best in the system, maybe you should look into going to her for your dress?"

"I might, yeah," Talayla smiles. "I'll try to ask her soon. There's no big rush. I don't think I'm as fast as the others."

The door opens and out come cleo, after cleaning and feeing her kittens, she herself goes off to find food. Though, she spots Tala, whom she normaly likes, but with her kittens close, she starts to… "No no no no no… no no no no no." Kaedin sighs and shakes his head. "It's ironic… that she sounds like then when she meows negitively, though she probibly doesnt understand that it's what she sounds like."

Aww, poor Cleo. "It's okay. She's a new mom," Talayla smiles, understanding. "What a sweetie. Want me to move away a bit?" She offers. She has to awww internally at all dem kittens.

Kaedin smiles and kneels down to pet the new momma. "It's taly Cleo, remember." He says as he strokes her fur, and closes the door to the room where the kittens are trying to get in their first catnap ever.

Talayla is near Kaedin, who is petting his kitty. Who has had her first litter of kittens. D'aaw. "Do they have a cat door for mom?" She asks. She seems quietly concerned, watching Kaedin pet his kitty and smiling herself. Because, well, kitties. "Hi Miss Cleo."

Arriving at the Orelle estate soon enough is Barton. Coming up the lift and heading around and asking for where he might find a certain lady. Finally pointed in the right direction. If knocking or any such is needed then he will offer such. "Aly?" He asks as he draws closer.

Kaedin smiles as he stands and his cat darts off to find food. he himself yawns and looks to Tala. 'Your Boyfriend is here, I'ma go get some sleep." He says as he ruffles her hair before walking off twoards his apartments.

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