09.12.3013: Need a Lift?
Summary: A group of partiers leaving the rave get stuck in a lift and have to get cozy.
Date: 6 September 2013
Related: None yet, will add when rave log is up.
Densoric Helena Ithaca Nitrim Xenona 

First Quadrant Lift - The Ring
This lift is like dozens of others spread around the Halo. It travels along a longitudinal arc on the exterior of the central sphere of the space station. It is quite roomy with a stretch of cushioned benches that allow individuals to sit while the lift moves through the hundred-some-odd levels of the Ring. Windows look out from the front of the lift, giving a view of Oculus as it climbs or descends along the sphere's exterior.
12 September 3013

"I talked to Helena. We're on." Nitrim replies faintly to Rook, wrapping an around around her shoulder for support as she hangs onto him. Cigarette dangling from his lip, he spies the open door to the lift and rushes through with a smirk, dragging Ithaca along with him. Only after he's inside, he puffs a cloud of smoke to the ceiling and blinks, recognizing the faces within. Laughing at the irony, he punches the button for the level his hotel on….because that's where he's going, to a hotel.

Rook is dragged along as Nitrim dashes for the closing lift, and she skids in to a halt beside him, blinking at the other occupants. "Hi."

"Blue, all is forgotten and forgiven," Xenona says evenly before she hears the ding of the button outside the lift. Her eyes flicker about and she turns, taking a step back and beside the Larent as the doors open and part for the next group quick enough to get there. Eyebrows loft slowly at the figures waiting on the other side. "Hello.." she intones faintly, "We forgot to put on the ouside that the lift was occupied…" A jest, though it sounds odd coming from the Cindravale.

Densoric nods to Ona then as the others enter he remains serious then looks back to Xenona, as though determining her mood and adds, "I guess I could try to talk House Orelle into adding privacy switches or such, but there is so many logistical issues with that option." offering a soft smile down to her.

The edge of the elevator door baps against Nitrim's hip as he slides through and the doors open again, delaying their inevitable closing for a few more seconds. The assholes smoking cigarettes in an elevator, Nitrim brushes a hand over his bare chest and looks over to Xenona and Densoric with a lifted eyebrow. Smirking at the two of them, he nods to them with a wink before pressing into the corner and looking to Rook at his side. He slips an arm behind her waist, the cigarette dangling from his lip while he smokes. "Do you want to hit another club before heading back to the hotel? Are we out tonight, Rook, or is this it?"

"Hold the lift!" Panting, Helena sprints toward it in her heels like a champ, and she sticks her hand out to stop the doors from sliding closed a third time. "Oh." She blinks in surprise at the nearly full car but doesn't hesitate to wedge herself inside. Her glance goes first to Nitrim, and then to the others before she politely decides to focus on a spot higher upon the wall. One finger taps out the rhythm to the muzak that filters in from the ceiling-mounted speakers.

"Hotel, " Rook replies. "Close call in there," though what it was about is a mystery. She nods to the others, reminding herself to be polite. "Good party."

More?! Xenona can hear the call from outside even as she is focusing on the others, pressing herself back. Xenona glances up at Densoric and smiles, "Lot of dangers in that…" her voice trails off, looking up even as Helena slips in to join them all, her gloved hands trying to keep distance between herself and the others. Wedged means tight and the Cindravale begins to breathe a bit quickly, eyes briefly widening as she focuses on something else but the fact the lift is getting warmer. She manages to reply, "Yes..it was."

Densoric's arm thrusts out to the side to block the safety guards of the doors as the call to hold the lift is given and Helena 'slides' in. He then looks to Xenona nods, and asks, "I'm guessing that extra was related to my ignorance then?" perhaps trying to help provide a distraction, or simply curious about whatever the two were talking about before, and his arm lowers once Helena is fully inside.

"Hotel it is then." Nitrim chuckles against the cigarette as he nods, agreeing. YES, it was an amazing party, and definitely a close call. "Helena Dalton, as I live and breathe!" Nitrim laughs out, plucking the cigarette from his lip, holding it out of the way to try to keep too much of the smoke from the others. "It's been far too long, how have you been?" He asks, sparing a quiet glance over to Densoric and Xenona, lifting a brow at them. So chivalrous. Nitrim smiles quietly and looks to the eyes of the others in the cabin as the lift begins to move.

"Lady Helena," Rook greets, remembering the woman's name and to even put the lady in front of it. Mark it on the calendar! She is letting her cigarette smoulder rather than inflict the smoke on the others in the cramped quarters.

Glancing up and over at Densoric, she offers him a smile, "We are all ignorant of each other until we get a chance to learn," Xenona intones before meeting Nitrim's gaze and then hesitates, waiting for the brief conversation before clearing her throat, "Shadow, Rook…" so informal, but then Densoric is 'Blue'. "I would like to speak to you, when there is a chance." Eyes study them and then blue hues slip to the Doctor, giving her a faint smile. A nod of her head is offered before she reaches out to briefly touch the back of Densoric's hand, though it does not linger before she is letting her hand fall to her side.

"Thanks," Helena offers to Densoric accompanied by a smile. She eyes Xenona for a moment, nods, and then turns her attention to Rook and Nitrim. Her smile widens at the sight of them, although the former is more of an acquaintance than anything. "Rook, Lord Nitrim. Fancy bumping into you here." Did she hear the word 'hotel'? Helena is the picture of decorum as she glosses right over that detail and carries on the conversation nonchalantly. "I have been quite well, but exceedingly busy. I have something of interest for you, some, um, lab results I managed to run. But it can wait, because I'm sure you are both exhausted. It was quite the party, wasn't it?"

Densoric looks to Helena and nods politely saying Lady Helena, I believe we met before at one of the medical camps… Was it Lady Talayla you were treating at the time? My apologies it was awhile ago and the meeting between us wasn't that long I believe." He then nods to Ona and says, "We are all ignorant of everything until we seek to learn and are given the opportunity."

"Fuck, Lady Cyrielle has my camera." Nitrim suddenly realizes, brushing a hand over his sweaty hair. Digging the tank top out of his back pocket, he starts to wipe the sweat off of his bared shoulders before slipping it once more into the back pocket. Glancing to Rook first, he leaves an unsaid question on his eyes before looking to Helena. "I'm gonna be here on the Ring for a few days, more than enough time to get to all of that. We've got some trade to show you too." He nudges his head to Rook. "We've all been busy busy bees." He adds, then swivels his head over to Lady Xenona and Lord Densoric. He smiles broadly to them and cants his head to the side. "We'll make time. No proble—"

A loud SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH sounds and the lift comes to a halt between floors. With a flicker, the gold overhead lights turn on.

MAINTENANCE STAFF HAS BEEN NOTIFIED. ELEVATOR HAS BEEN LOCKED INTO STATIC LOCATION. NON-DISRUPTIVE ERROR 1344: MOTOR MAINTENANCE REQUIRED a happy, almost feminine voice sounds over the elevator as the lights start to dim, casting them all in golden shadows.

"Well…fuck." Nitrim muses. "Draw straws for cannibalism?"

Rook snorts at Nitrim, but she looks a little uncomfortable being stuck in the elevator with four nobles. Well three and Nitrim. She swallows. "Shouldn't be long, right?" she asks. She works on pulling her hair back into a loose tail to keep it out of the way.

Densoric rolls his eyes to Nitrim's words as the lift shuts down and says, "Starting to wish I kept my tools with me from before the festivities, and I doubt trying to jury-rig something would end very well without them." he then gently moves his hand closer to Xenona, not actually trying to grab her, more just bringing it closer so it'd be easier to reach for support if she needs it. Though there may or may not be a faint feather-like contact between the backs of their respective hands given the low light.

Regarding Helena a moment longer, Xenona listens to the chipper exchange, giving a nod of her head in return to Densoric's words, her head dipping as she thinks on it. "Opportunities are often missed at times," her tone is a hushed thing, dealing with the cramped close quarters with the others as the lift carries them further. A breath is caught though as she meets Nitrim's eyes, her own widen at the screaming sound of the breaks. Her lips part and close, giving off a soft sound that is most likely a muffled sound of dismay. Her breathing increases again and she pales further, her chest rising and falling in rapid succession as they are all doused in the golden emergency light.

Her hands press backwards and she keeps herself pinned to the back of the lift. Swallowing heavily she starts to shake, doing her best to draw a deep breath. Rooks comment draws her attention. "Perhaps it was all the power used at the party…do you think its just a short?" Her voice sounds near shrill, straining.

Helena bumps against the doors as the elevator suddenly stops, and she frowns up at the ceiling as that insipid little voice announces a load of bullshit. "I think something burned out," she mutters, pressing her back against the door now before reaching a hand over to the button panel and pushing a few rather forcefully. It's the action of the average human who doesn't know what else to do. Nitrim's joke earns a titter of a laugh from the Dalton and she flips her blonde hair back over her shoulders. "I'm going to rain on your parade and say that we could last a few days without having to cannibalize, Lord Nitrim. I'm sure it won't be but a half hour until someone comes to find us."

Right? Rather than dwelling on it, Helena crosses her arms over her chest and tilts her head back. Her eyes go white and her aura becomes faintly visible, like a slight fog hovering a few millimeters above her skin. "Lord Densoric, we did meet briefly," she replies despite her appearance, offering a smile to him that might be slightly chilling now. "Yes, it was Lady Talayla. You have a keen memory. I hope things have been well for you."

"Oh I'm sure we can find a tool or two in here." Nitrim replies, grinning broadly as he looks up to the readout on the silent-radio-like screen above the door that reads MAINTENANCE STAFF NOTIFIED. PLEASE ENJOY THE MUSIC. The muzak shifts to a horrible rendition of a Hell If I Know tune done in soft, drawn out beeping meant to sound like a fun song. It's fun, RIGHT? No, it's not fun. Nitrim groans just a little as the music begins to play. "But I meant it, I'm hungry, and almost everyone here is skinnier than I am. It's gonna be a long wait, but I'm sure something has failed off in the mobile flux-coil primaries, maybe some kind of over-wire filter issue while trying to transfer to the oracane doubles." What? Anyone who knows anything about electronics would know that Nitrim just said the intellectual equivalent of maybe we should put a sandwich in the feedie thing and see if it starts up again. Nitrim's own eyes go white and his palm goes cold, extinguishing the cigarette.

"So…" He intones. "…I don't take life seriously and I cried in bed until I was twelve. Rook? Your turn."

"Blue District," Rook replies to Xenona. "Things get wonky sometimes. Low on priority list." The rich people live on other levels, not down here. This is closer to the Warrens and the Oubliette." She looks over at Nitrim and gestures. "Keep it up and you'll cry in bed tonight. Open hatch, see if something tangled in motor." Then she pushes past the others to the control panel. She takes out her small handheld datapad from a pocket in her jumpsuit and begins tapping in codes. Blessedly, she shuts down the musak.

As he is the tallest, and likely has more knowledge of what to look for then most in the lift, Densoric adjusts a bit to try and work the hatch open to try and get a look for possible problems top-side saying, "The scar on my brow is fake, i use it to get girls." with a grin, likely continuing the joke from Nitrim about crying.

Xenona watches Ithaca take action, a soft rush of breath escaping her but the reply is not helping. "That does not sound promising…how is anywhere low priority?" Especially when stuck on a left. Her jaw tenses, nostrils flaring as she sucks in another deep breath. A steady rush of in and out sounds softly in her movement. Her grip holds the railing, gloves squeaking on the metal as she focuses on what Rook is doing. Her teeth trail briefly and as if to help her, her eyes slips to that white and the shimmering silver aura takes it's place about the woman, her chest still rising and falling as she keeps her own corner sacred to herself. As the muzak dies off, she gains some relief, blinking a few times as her grip eases, if only a little.

Helena does her best to not get flustered by being cramped in an elevator with a bunch of people, half of whom smell sweaty from a hard night of dancing. She runs her fingertips over her forehead, smoothing out the worried wrinkles, and focuses on the conversations occurring both outside and inside her head. "You cried in bed until you were twelve? Then what? You started crying in the shower instead?" Oo, what cheek. A sense of relief washes over her as the music cuts out. "I was a slut in med school. What are you doing, Lord Densoric?"

"Hey Rook, do you remember that one movie?" Nitrim starts, but stops as he catches the look on Xenona's face. Probably best to not talk about the horror movie in mind. When Densoric jumps up, Nitrim jumps up to another side of the hatch, lifting himself up. It's akward, trying to get your head outside of an elevator while hanging to the waist, oblique muscles and all off of a hanging-rather-low beltline at eyeball height in an elevator full of women. Since they're sharing, though, they're all practically on a corporate retreat. With a grumble, he tries to shoulder, Densoric out of the way, playing Bro-Competition a bit. "Well, I didn't cry in the shower. I wrote bad poetry, though. I likened myself once to a dirty rock. I think it meant I wanted hugs." He pauses. "ROOOOOOOK? What am I looking for agai—-" He pauses as a hint of a news report plays from the tablet in his pocket. AWWWWKWARD.

Rook pipes that news report into the car in place of the musak. She might actually be smiling. Really smiling. She clears her throat though as she pops the elevator panel open. "Look at connections on top, see if something is tangled in gears. Check brakes on sides too," she calls up, speaking in that weird staccato manner of hers that is never quite full sentences. "Sometimes trash gets thrown up there." Or drugs, or other things someone doesn't want to be caught with when a lift opens.

Densoric says, "Unfortunately I can't make my own lighting, but wouldn't hurt to see if I can notice anything of note rather then sit around doing nothing. I had enough of sitting around helpless during my recovery after the crash." But as he's all but shoved away for Nitrim to bail out from an awkward conversation, he simply says, "Well I can see why someone wants to escape before anyone else." with a soft smile, but doesn't speak further on the matter. Without any other options and Nitrim insisting on trying to find a problem he doesn't know the look of Densoric simply moves back to where he was to try and take a seat as best the available space and his long legs allow. he then simply closes his eyes and seems to relax. Perhaps calmer then some of the others, trying to shield his eyes a bit from all the glowing, or simply expecting to get some sleep while they wait.

Each moment is adding to the anxiousness the Cindravale displays, eyes white while her head tilts up to watch the two trying to play at the hatch and get at whatever Rook needs them to. However the aura is what draws the Lady's attention and she studies Helena once more, this time for all together different reasons. Fingers flex, brush at Xenona's hip and she eases her hold on the railing as she has other things to focus on between dangling men and other awakened. Teeth briefly brush at her lip and there is a measure of restrain as the only Valen in the lift presses her back a bit more firmly in place. Her breathing is beginning to ease, though the warmth of the lift does not, only serving to grow worse with each passing moment. Gloved fingers fan out against her skin.

This is not her area of expertise, so instead Helena simply admires the view from down below as the men slowly haul themselves up onto the top of the lift. She sighs quietly, casting a look at Rook that speaks volumes. Reaching up, she taps her fingertips below her eyes to feel for the bags that are most likely evident, and then lets out a sudden giggle. "Single again, Lord Nitrim? I'm expecting a transfer into my account any minute now, because I won that bet. You two had better be careful up there." The same, solid white eyes turn their focus from the ceiling to Xenona, and she stares intently at the woman. "I do not believe we have been introduced, my lady. I am Doctor Helena Dalton."

"Oh goddamn, Densoric you give up so easily." Nitrim laughs playfully as he tugs and slips up more to folds his elbows across the top of the hatch. Dangling, his voice echoes as he starts to look around, casting a glow-light with his Awakened powers above. "I imagine a lot of people won a lot of bets over that one. Look at me, making people rich in the interim." He muses, legs swinging as he crawls his elbows over to the other side of the hatch. It allows his body to hang -right- in front of Densoric. AWWWKWARD. "Okay, hey ROOK? There's like some kind of strand of fabric caught in the…" He pauses. "I think it's an arm. WAIT." A second passes. "It's someone's pants. Should I tug at it?"

"Don't panic," Rook says, her eyes gone white as well. "Just going to increase our priority. Not really emergency, but the techs will think it is." She pulls a wire out of the top of her datapad and plugs it into the panel, sending a code to the elevator. DING! MAINTENANCE STAFF HAS BEEN NOTIFIED OF PRIORITY ERROR. ELEVATOR HAS BEEN LOCKED INTO STATIC LOCATION. NON-DISRUPTIVE ERROR 1085: MEDICAL EMERGENCY IN LOCKED ELEVATOR. Once that goes into effect, she calls up to Nitrim, "If there is no smoke or leaks from the cables, yes. Otherwise, NO."

Fortunately Densoric's eyes are already closed, that might be the real reason for it as he says, "Not really an emergency really no, but the longer this takes it could become one." He does lower a hand at his side, leaving it resting near to Xenona, but not actually touching her. He certainly sounds calm as he says, "AT least I don't have fractures or been unconscious for hours this time."

"Ohh.." Helena falls silent and stares up at the ceiling (no, not at Nitrim's lower half) as the message pipes through loud and clear. Her grin is apparent as she turns to Rook, laughing out loud and reaching over to clap a hand on the woman's shoulder. "Absolutely brilliant work. I can already tell you have amazing creativity. But… Nitrim? Ahem, Lord Nitrim? I would not recommend yanking those out just yet. Please. For our sake."

Focus. It helps to ease more of her tension as Helena speaks to her, vocally. "Lady Xenona Cindravale, Lady Helena, I wish I could say its a pleasure but perhaps in a few moments if Rook is successful it can be under better circumstances." A wan smile pulls across her lips, though it brightens at hearing the words exchanged between the two, one at the panel and the other talking about pants. This causes her to step away, missing the offered hand for her need from Densoric to glance up to see if anything is attached to the clothing that Nitrim has encountered. "Seems and odd place to store pants…" She nods in agreement to Helena's instructions, her breathing still unsteady but otherwise coming down from the earlier shock and tenor in her voice.

"More like it seems an odd place to have sex," Helena mutters.

"Wait!" Nitrim calls out, his voice echoing from above as he nearly loses his grip. His feet scissor back and forth until he nearly kicks the door, scrapes his foot over the front of it, and then rights himself. A bright red blush flows over his chest as if he's embarrassed or something strange has just happened. "So am I supposed to pull this pair of pants out or not? One says yes, another says no. Which one is it?" Nitrim adds, squirming just a little. "I don't know, maybe someone threw them down the shaft or something. I mean who throws away pa—What's that about sex?"

"Don't worry. Happens here a lot. Can cool down in here if we need too," Rook points out. There's no less than four Awakened present. They can certainly turn on the psychometric air conditioning if need be. She snorts and looks up at Nitrim, tugging on a pant leg. "Come down. Crew will be here in," she glances at her tablet as she's managed to also hack into security cameras. "Four minutes, tops."

Ithaca bursts out laughing out loud, for no reason, but she shifts her eyes back to normal from Awakened white.

Densoric remains in place, some might think he's fallen asleep if he didn't says, "Sex, the most ill-conceived plan to get rid of illegal drugs, or someone in desperate need of learning how to properly wear pants one." After a few moments more though he does sit up a bit and slips off his sash and gloves before leaning back once more, his eyes still closed.

Helena ducks as Nitrim's legs start swinging, and one foot whiffs by a mere few inches from the top of her head. "Hey, hey! Watch where you're kicking those things, Daddy Long Legs. You almost took out my face." She sidles closer to Rook, not because she feels like being an oppressive feminine presence, but because she's keen on peeking at the security feeds visible on her tablet. "That's pretty awesome work. Remind me never to piss you off or I might try to buy lunch one day and find out I'm broke."

"Alright I'm coming down!" Nitrim calls down to them, looking to make sure the coast is clear. He drops to the ground with red cheeks, red ears. With a brush of a hand across his cheek, he leaves a smear of soot from the dirt outside of the lift on his jaw. Never knowing it was there, he looks away from them and casually shifts from one foot to the other, clearing room somewhere around his belt-line. He gives Rook a narrowed pair of eyes and can't help but laugh. Sighing, he brushes his hands through his hair, leaving a spot of black in his sweaty, blonde locks and moves to lean into the corner of the lift while they wait for assistance. Stuck in the lift, in a glowy, golden dark, he sighs and drums his fingertips against the rail. "And now we wait, shouldn't be long, though…right?"

Rook smile at Helena. "Computer security analyst for LucCorp. My job is to be able to break into things to help find weak spots and shore them up. General elevators, not really high on security list." She hands the datapad to Helena to keep an eye on, and moves over to pull Nitrim's tank top from his pocket, and gently clean the smudge off his jaw. "Dirty boy," she quips.

Densoric says, "there are worse things that can be done by hacking into systems then leaving you broke, more lethal ones as well." as he remains seated by the wall, the words directed to Helena, though he doesn't elaborate. As Nitrim drops down Densoric opens his eyes finally and says, "You might want to wash those hands extra thoroughly when you get the chance. Besides it could be worse, it could be six hour." smiling softly, perhaps attempting to create some perspective.

Helena watches impassively as Nitrim drops down into the elevator. The moment of finding a young, sweaty, half-naked noble to be titillating has passed, and she turns her focus to the screen on the tablet instead. "I doubt that Rook would do more than take my money, because the degree to which I have the potential of pissing her off is rather minimal. I'm not that kind of person. Oh look, that fat guy just picked his wedgie before palming open a door — with the same hand. What corridor is this? I might install a sani-spray pump outside that room now." Her gaze darts up to study Nitrim and Rook very briefly from beneath her lashes before she returns to the tablet screen.

Ducking back out of the way of Nitrim's uncontrolled momentary flailing, Xenona finds her place again, eyes slipping to their regular color as she hugs the lift wall once more. Fingers tug at the scratchy sequins at her chest. There is a moment where her nervousness works over with frustration and she drags her fingers through her hair, scatting gem tipped pins to free it. "This is taking too long!" She finally says, her nerves fraying as her anxiousness begins to kick in, causing her throat to constrict and in a fit of impatience, she begins to pluck each of the pins from her hair to let it loose and free, working fingers into her scalp with a sigh. Relief washes through her in at least some small form.

Densoric looks to Xenona and says, "I'll make a deal with you, if this takes longer then Rook claims then I'll show you my tattoos. Tattoos are always a good distraction, especially given how I dress and where they are located." He might have left out exactly where they are on purpose. After all he did mention a distraction.

Confused at first, Nitrim offers his cheek to Rook as he starts to understand. Densoric finishes it all and he looks down to his hand and absolutely scowl. He's got black all over them and he has to wait for her to finish with his tank top until he can try to wipe them clean. Dirty boy? Ithaca gets a smirk from that one, but his blushing is receding as the seasoned social viper gets control of himself. "Lady Xenona? Don't close your eyes but just look to the floor and pretend that this is just a rather large walk-in closet filled with friends and good times. Try to think of something different." Nitrim looks up, giving Helena and Ithaca a small look of concern, glancing to the doors. "I think we're between floors, they'll wedge them and get us out soon."

Rook's eyes gloss over white again, and from her back sprout black wings, like those of her namesake. From her right upper arm a hermetic circle glows through the sleeve of her jumpsuit, one of her tattoos woven in light and power. She presses her hands to the wall on either side of Nitrim, and sends a chill through the metal walls, not freezing, but enough to radiate out to those inside and keep them from overheating.

Above, there is the sound of the doors on the next floor up being forced open by workers, and then a thump as one of them drops down on a line to the roof of the elevator car. There is a bit of munching and crunching noises as the pair of pants get removed from the motor's gears, then the worker calls out, "Turn it back on, Bob!"

As Rook gets all glowy again, Helena's own eyes fade back to normal. She looks remarkably more haggard than before all of a sudden, but she keeps up a cheerful facade as she holds out the tablet to the expert hacker. "I think I saw someone coming our way, but they're — ah, right there above us." She pauses to hear the worker tug the pants free, and she can't help but let out a giggle at the mental image. Oh, what a life these men must lead. "There, now only a minute or two until it starts up and we can go home, ladies and gentlemen."

As the sounds come in from above, Densoric smiles softly and looks to Xenona and says, "I guess that means my tattoos remain a secret then My lady." winking good-naturedly. As he closes his eyes again and waits till the lift is ready to be departed, or at least has traveled enough to be reasonably sure its not going to break down again as his sash adn gloves rest in his lap.

Gemmed pins forgotten to the floor, Xenona sucks a sharp breath and fills her lungs, the cold radiating out helps, easing some of her tension and the brilliant color of her cheeks. Eyes flicker between those here, her eyes set in their original color and her aura dissipated, nostrils still flaring despite the attempts to calm and distract. It is only when the voices break through and the doors part that she lets out a breath, a smile slipping uneasily across her lips. "Thank the Six.." Her eyes look down at the Larent, "If you have tattoos, I would be surprised." She chews on the inside of her cheek.

With Rook's hands on either side of his head, Nitrim quirks a brow to her and smirks up to her eyes, giving her the slightest of wnks as they're being saved. There's been enough scandal this evening, right on down to the notice of the end of his betrothal to Soleil Sauveur. Why bother for more? He reaches out to wrap Rook's hip in a hug, squeezing her and pressing a kiss to her cheek. "You're damn good, Rook." He smiles, reaching for the tank top as he starts to wipe his hands clean. Finger by finger, he becomes a casual observer while the nightmare ends.

The elevator hums back into motion, and Rook grins at Nitrim's hug and kiss. She then unplugs the cord from the panel, closing it up again, and tucking the datapad away. "Who wants to be our medical emergency. Have a doctor to vouch," she whispers conspiratorially.

Densoric chuckles at Xenona as she finally mentions his comment and says, "i have three actually." As he moves to stand, attempting to collect Xenona's 'dropped' hair pins so they aren't left behind. Especially in this lift where they could end up lost to the depths of space due to a bad combination of a discarded contraception and drug injector. He then looks to Rook and says, "I've spent enough time bed-ridden, I can fake it well enough I can imagine." he then looks to Helena and asks, "What do you say Lady Helena, think I'll live?" smiling softly.

"Men can be a surprising species, truly," Helena murmurs, rubbing her hands along her bare arms as the temperature in the lift cools down. She offers Rook a smile of thanks even though the woman isn't looking her way. "Well, this has not been the worst lift-failure I've encountered, so thank you all for being such entertaining company. And I estimate your chances of surviving this dramatic encounter as somewhere around ninety-five percent. I cannot account for a chance freak accident, you understand."

Densoric smiles at Helena and says, "Better then my last accident, as I was dead for about six hours." chuckling softly.

"I'm going to have to throw pants into the lift shafts more often." Nitrim murmurs under his breath, bouncing in place to get comfortable as they start to line up for exit. "It was good times, I'm glad we all got to share a little. Next time we'll have to bring a deck of cards." More sarcasm from the blond as he tucks the shirt into the back of his pants and guides Ithaca by her hip to get in line before them. "Get back to the hotel…get a shower…get this crud off of me…"

"Yes," Rook agrees with Nitrim. She gives Helena and Xenona a small smile, almost secretive, as the doors open. And then she's heading out, letting Nitrim lead her to the hotel. WAY better digs than her apartment in the Warrens.

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