Rachel Hurd-Wood
Rachel Hurd-Wood as Natalia Ward
Full Name: Natalia Ward
Byname: Natalia
Age: 25
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Aboren
House: {$house}
Title/Profession: {$title}
Position: Citizen
Spouse: none Height: average
Father: deceased Weight: average
Mother: deceased Hair Color: red
Siblings: brother/deceased Eye Color: blue-green
Children: none


Natalia grew up on her family's land in the forest area of Arborenin. A small plot, they grew what they needed and her father hunted the rest. Natalia also grew up with her younger brother Caleb. Natlia, 4 years older than her brother, felt a strong protectiveness of him. She often told him stories to help calm him or to go to sleep, thus developing a love of storytelling.

Early in their lives, when Natalia was 13, their mother passed due to illness. 3 years later they lost their father as well, him being killed when he came across a group of poachers in the area and then tried to stop them. It was at this time, being 16, Natalia took extra care and protectiveness towards Caleb. This protectiveness carried over into their adulthood, despite Caleb's tendencies to get into bad situations with his friends and in the cities.

Eventually Natalia learned of a debt Caleb had with the Syndicate. She tried to help him clear it, but to no avail. One evening Natalia learned of Caleb's death on one of his assignments, and on that evening Natalia inherited his debt being his last living family member. Now, she acts as a thief for the Syndicate.

In her 2 years of being indebted she has developed a different set of skills than she'd prefer. Also, as a result, though she will socialize, as of yet she has not allowed herself to get close to anybody else…fearing they would eventually inherit her debt.



Average height. Crimson hair. Bright blue-green eyes. Usually dressed in casual attire, wearing a hooded cloak. Often seen carrying a worn leather satchel.


Often shy or awkward. Occasionally clumsy with simpler tasks. Daydreamer.

Musical Inspiration:

Loves to sing

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