Mystery Man
Summary: Georgiana brings contraband to the infirmary, and visits with Klaudea .
Date: 17 October, 2013
Related: Happens during Klaudea's stay in the Infirmary after the Warehouse incident

26 November, 3013 — Volkan Infirmary

The hospital bed isn't that wide, but never the less, Georgiana has managed to find a way to lounge across the foot of it as she and Klaudea are sipping smoothies that she brought from a posh juice bar nearby.

"I never thought I'd see the day that you would have HHB in your room," Georgiana teases, glancing up to her friend as she turns the glossy page of the latest issue of Haven's Heavenly Bodies.

The brunette leaning against the raised head of the bed gives a glare, "not fair. You know I can't throw anything at you," Klaudea complains. "Lincoln brought it. I was too out of it to specify what kind of magazines."

"Well, I can see you've been reading it… isn't it a little too late for Halloween, though?" she asks, holding it up so Klaudea can see the full page picture of Miss Jane Wyre on the red carpet with her current leading man co-star. A black marker has added a black pointy hat on top, a blacked out tooth, and large wart sprouting hairs on the side of the actress's face. Her companion didn't escape attention, as he's sporting an eye patch and bandana, with what looks to be an attempt at a dagger being drawn clenched in his smiling teeth.

"I was bored!" The squire protests, and leans her head back, closing her eyes for a moment.

Georgiana closes the magazine and scoots up the bed to pull her friend into her arms. "I'm sure he's all right, hon," she soothes, brushing her friend's hair with her fingers. "Give it a couple of days, and I'll send one of the servants down to deliver a message for you."

Klaudea nods against her shoulder. "He kind of kissed me," she says quietly after awhile, finally telling her friend the final little secret she'd been keeping about that night.

The blonde's countenance becomes bemused, so it's a good thing Klaudea can't see her struggling to maintain a straight face as she asks, "how is one 'kind of kissed'?" She asks. "Ouch!" The squire's alert enough to catch the tone of voice to elbow her with her good left elbow.

"He was wearing a face mask, and I was wearing my breathing mask, but if the masks weren't in the way, his lips would have touched my cheek… the intent was clear," Klaudea finishes with exhasperation. But she takes a breath, and smiles as she breathes out. "But he pushed his hood back some, and took off his glasses. He has the nicest golden brown eyes."

Georgiana sits up straighter. "Oh my, alert all Six, I do believe that is a dreamy tone in your voice. Are you getting all mooney over this Mystery Man?" she asks, reaching down a hand to block a second attack of elbow. "What about Lincoln?"

Sitting up herself, Klaudea shakes her head. "I get it, now. I'm pretty sure he's gay," she tells her friend with absolute conviction. "That's why he's been so weird, he was probably worried that I was going to read too much into his actions."

"You think Lincoln's /what/?"

"Gay. You know? As in, likes men?" From the glare that Georgiana gives, it's a good thing the squire has bandaged ribs or she would be the recipient of an elbow. "No, seriously, think about it. I hear that some male prostitutes have a majority of male clients, and now that I look back on it, he was flirting pretty determinedly with Lord Sir Ronan. And that was on his off hours," she picks up the musical movie that Lincoln had chosen when he visited. "He has a collection of classical movies and /likes/ musicals. There's no other explanation."

Georgiana gives a slow nod. "I see. That must be it."

Klaudea gives an affirmative nod. "It's pretty cool when you think about it. I mean, I don't have to worry about him trying to make a pass on me or reading anything to what I do, because I'm just not his type. I can be perfectly natural around him and don't have to worry about him thinking I'm sending any sort of 'signals' or anything."

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