08.09.3013: Mysterious Results
Summary: Demos and Belius go over results on the mysterious rock from Lady Elodie
Date: 9th August 2013
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Demos's Lab
White and clean, this is not much unlike other labs in the area. Floor, counters, walls and the lights themselves are radiantly white and well kept to say the least. Individual spaces along the perimeter for either lab techs or various experiments with the more expensive hooded equipment right down the middle. Mixed in the individual space are glass cabinets that either preserve cold or heat as well as storage for tubes, beakers, and the like. A few machines dot the surfaces at either end of the central hooded machine area, some circular in shape like centrifuges or simple tube holders in incubators that rotate, turn, twist and otherwise turn upside down.

There is a distinct office set aside along one side, shared with the glass cabinets like a bank where the office is not. Inside that office is a desk and personal shelf space. There is a window that looks out from the desk to the lab itself, it is a transition surface, going from black both ways, to one-way see through for the researcher, or clear both ways. An overriding feature all throughout the lab and office are rocks of various shapes and sizes. While a good half of them appear boring, there are enough that sparkle, shine, glitter and glow to make any gem dealer and rare rock collector jealous as well as account for a small fortune in itself.


The PRP on the rock is run/judged by Elodie, she was present for interpretations during the scene

Demos is getting some of the gathered feeds from the GIS collection of Niveus. On one holodisplay is the moon itself with the known surface structure while secondary to this would be any probbing spectrographs to see how much of the surface is penetrated. There is another graph display on another system showing the specific mountain in which the mystery mammoth rock is housed/embedded. Particularly he is looking how he might be able to identify it, and then if he can identify traits to look for based on analysis, followed by programming other sensors to look for similar anomylies in how they are probing. If they need more close remote surface sensing, he'll have to send for drones. Secondary to this, he is looking at the senses of the rock itself to see if the mystery rock can be probed, curious if there is other mystery elements housed within the rock. That one might take more field work to probe the rock itself as its new to the equipment and would require reformating instrumentation to deal with the new element itself.

Balius was called to be on hand as he went through this, so he could explain what he was doing and show him the various tests and analysis programs, explaining their purpose, as he worked through this new collectino of data from Niveus.

Balius as much concerned about the rock's potential threat as anything else, the youngest Quellton will be scribbling notes on paper furiosly, attempting to remember the functions of all these new tests and technology. He will occasionally question the nature of the possible disease of the sample, only probably to end with dissatisfying vague answers about needing further study. He'll nod along and keep scribbling, but his latest obsession with research has seemed to latch on to this soil sample, connecting his fears with reality, albeit a far stretch from actual pandemic.

Turning to Balius, Demos explains, "Ah, look at this, the mountains around the rock were formed when these plates came together, its under this plate here, but over this one. The two plates collided." As if that does explain it indeed, then he pauses, and offers, "That indicates we can rule out the worst scenario, that this new element is actually the core of Niveus, its a foreign body." He begins to focus on more detail of the rock itself, changing the displays and data, to show the mineral itself. In part he is curious if he can scan through the rock, if there are other new rocks/minerals/elements within it. He'll scan around the same area a little more just to make sure no more chunks have fallen that they should be aware of, folloing the fault line where the two plates have collided more than the entire surface.

Unsure if he agrees with his mentor's assessment, Balius will offer. "There are possibilities that I might proffer as worse if it is then a foreign body…including the idea that it was moved with purposeful intent." He'll look towards the equipment, part of him patiently waiting, part of him sincerely wondering why they don't just smash the rock into smaller pieces for better examination. The young stablehand is antsy, but he is maintaining some self control for thorough investigation.

"Hurled with purposeful intent versus the implosion of a sun, or another collision in space is a matter of geological archeology. We're talking eons of work to bury it. Its so solid, this is actually amazing, its so solid it didn't just smash to pieces. It probably lost little mass coming through the atmosphere to begin with. Look here, its about 30 meters long by 15 meters high. And," he rotates the display closer, "Look here, another piece, a couple horses high, like an elephant. If they belonged together, they split apart before arrival, the plates themselves are unable to separate them." Pausing a moment, he looks to Balius, "Like gold, or diamonds, over years, they break apart. Mining is finding a mineral rich area, and sifting through for fragments, literally. This is amazing how solid this stuff is, its all stayed together." He looks at it some more, "The disease would be more spread, or known earlier if it broke up more, there is a fracture in the large one from its impact. Maybe something to consider if we want to break it up. But, Lady Elodie can speak better about the disease itself, its out of my realm."

Thinking about his mentor's statements, he'll nod and scribble. It is fascinating to Balius, but he's still adjusting to the slow, laborious pace of the scientific method. Thoroughness trumping speed, the youth will simply attempt to busy his hands, listenting intently as Demos speaks. "So why haven't we contacted her yet?" He'll ask, wondering aloud.

"We will," responds Demos to Balius, scrolling through a few more variations and spectrums from the imagary captured as well as looking at the data that has been compiled, looking at the numbers. "This is image from the Moon itself, lets see what data the tests have revealed on the specimens I brought back with me." A glance to the intern, "Tests run, the hood is secure, just looking at the data here." He leaves up the satelitte imagery and the results from those readings, moves closer to a secure fume hood, types up on a pad next to it, seeing what that has revealed.

Looking at the results of the samples, Demos scratches his head, looks to Balius. "Ah, this is curious, these samples I have taken off the rock, well, when I break it down, the nitrates seem to have separated and disolved away. Nitrate, well, that's your area in biology, but I imagine if it remained present, that could be disastrous for a contamination I suppose. That's your area, I'm thinking that call to Lady Elodie could be sooner than later. I want to check other compounds in this rock first but …"

Looking at the results of the samples, Demos scratches his head, looks to Balius. "Ah, this is curious, these samples I have taken off the rock, well, when I break it down, the nitrates seem to have separated and disolved away from the surface … our scans show there is more in the main content of the rock. Nitrate, well, that's your area in biology, but it looks like when it is present, its more dangerous as an infectious agent. The Nitrate must of came off before the rock was buried or even during the entry into orbit from space. I'm thinking that call to Lady Elodie could be sooner than later. I want to check other compounds in this rock first but … we if we start trying to cut it open, it increases the risk of further infections. And she should know about the second rock."

Looking around the lab for gloves or masks, Balius will nod in agreement. "Caution would certainly be best. Do you have a contained environment in whicb we could inspect without fear of spreading infection?" He's glancing around, feeling slightly disoriented in the lab again.

Nodding as he leaves the data from the samples up for dispaly, Demos shows Balius the fume hood that is holding the current specimen he has. Literally everything else has been taking out of this one and the speciment is by itself looking lonely. "Its in here, I have it on a finger print lock for extra security while its in the lab. If you want to get more of the sample for other tests, let me know and I'll put some gear on too for protection."

Balius will certainly move to gather the protective gear for both of them. He'll grab an airtight container and after donning his gear will nod to Demos. "It's definitely worth some further study, with all proper precautions." He'll wait patiently for Demos to separate into the container. He's nervous but also has a sense of scholarly excitement in his eyes.

Getting on some gloves and a mask himself, Demos comes over with some tools and smaller containers. "Here, use this," a spoon tong like device, "Take some and put it into these tubes. Use the red caps," he points to a nearby box of caps. "With the capper here," another instrument, "It will vacuum seal them so we can take off the protective gear. You can then try some of the other analysis machines to run some more tests once the you have some of the speciment separated into the tubes." He'll give guidance, but wants to see how Balius does with the substance.

His hand shaky, Balius will use the tools and scrape off a larger piece of the rock than can fit in the tube. His breath catching, he'll lose his grasp on the rock as it falls onto the surface below. Flushing red, he'll freeze momentarily, as if waiting for an explosion before he begins again.

When it falls and the young man freezes, Demos will give him a steady hand. "That is why we take the precautions," as if turning it into a lesson, even though Balius started taking the precautions first. He'll move to collect what they have of the rock (more bits and pieces, not true chunk of rock, (I should of said that, sorry)). Taking a collection bin and a rubber glove to scoop in what he can. Try again, see if you can get what you need. I'll swap this area over once you have it in the tubes there. The specimen is brought back up to the fume hood, but set aside from anything remaining inside. "What fell to the floor will be contaminated by our measures, but we have enough for you to try again."

Balius will be even more slow and careful, attempting to learn from his mistake. The small tools far different from dealing with large animals, and he was determined that failure here was probably better than in a med class or dissection. He'll methodically finish the job, and seem somewhat satisfied with his progress. "There are numerous options for tests on this, that's for sure."

"Definitely, make sure you have enough tubes before I seal the hood again," says Demos, waiting until he has it before getting out alcohol like wrags to wipe the area. Then he'll make sure he has a hand unit to detect the air ready to go when Bey is ready for further tests, so he can check the air before they remove gloves and masks.

Moving the samples with the utmost care, Balius will settle them down at another workstation. Keeping gloves and mask on, he'll begin writing notations profusely on his pad again. Muttering to himself about the reactions of nitrates with various substances, he'll focus most of his pondering on possible diluted solutions.

Fade - science stuff continues

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