Lord Mykal Cindravale
Cam Gigandet
Cam Gigandet as Mykal Cindravale
Full Name: Mykal Cindravale
Byname: Myka, Pyro
Age: 23
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Cindravale
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Nightclub Owner
Spouse: Anabelle Cindravale Height: 6'0"
Father: Lord Sir Theo Sauveur Weight: 175
Mother: High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Lord Sir Ariston Cindravale, Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale, Lady Sir Mirana Cindravale, Lady Xenona Cindravale Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Fourth child of the Cindravale main line, Mykal is a spoiled socialite. That being said, his awakened abilities were discovered early, and developed quickly. His prowess as a Pyromancer also grew and many of those he trained with took to calling a him a pyro. The nickname stuck, which suits Mykal just fine, with his penchant for fire and his flaming aura. He's been married off to Anabelle Courcelle, now Anabelle Cinrdravale, partly as a family attempt to force the ever lecherous Mykal to settle down. He did alright in the deal he thinks, having gotten a Nightclub named Ice and Fire out of the deal, which he and his lovely wife have placed a brothel in the back of. They do quite well financially from the club and brothel, in addition to their family money, and as a result, live a quite extravagent lifestyle. All the same, with the war coming, it's hard to say what use there will be for a nightclub…



       With sandy blonde, short cropped hair, light blue deepset eyes and a jaw that has been chiseled out of stone, this man is considered by most to be objectively attractive. Subjective attraction is more difficult to pinpoint, but some people just are good looking. He is one of those people, blessed with natural facial symmetry, strong lines, and good complexion. His nose is evenly proportioned and his cheekbones are set high enough to give a regal sort of look to him. When he smiles, which seems to happen often, he shows a dazzling row of pearly whites and his dimples are often on display. He wears a few days worth of scruff on his face, done intentionally just to add a bit of shadow to his features. Often he can be found sporting a part of dark glasses and even a round bowler hat just for style.
        Standing in at just a hair over six feet tall, with the sort of natural lithe build that screams more of good metabolism than it does of regular exercise, this man might as well be modeling the clothes he wears. It probably helps that they all appear to be expensive enough to be hand tailored. He wears a dark overcoat, hanging halfway down to his knees. Under this he wears a charcoal grey vest over a white button down shirt. The top buttons of it are undone, and if the jacket comes off he always has the sleeves rolled up, exposing forarm tattoos of flames writhing up his arms. His pants are also a dark charcoal grey color and he has well polished black leather shoes on his feet. He wears a long sword on one hip and dagger on the other, both with ornate hilts. He wears a platinum band on his left ring finger crusted with red gem stones. He is almost never seen without his black walking stick, silver covering the bottom tip and the top six inches. The handle of it appears to be a large red stone that almost seems to glow and give off a sense of constant heat.


Brothel Co-Owner                      
Ladies Man                            

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Anabelle Lady Anabelle Cindravale : My wife, my partner in crime, and most would agree my better half. Thankfully I have her to run the business so I can focus on the finer things in life…
Nikomachos Sir Nikomachos Cindravale : My cousin is quite the jouster, then again what man doesn't enjoy playing with pointy sticks?

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