02.18.3013: My Lady Hypocrite
Summary: Morrigan makes his way to the private room where his charge is recovering to see how she is.
Date: I don't remember, it's been in my logs
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Elodie Morrigan 

Hospital Room
Hospital Room at the Hopsital Facilities in Phylon
18 February, 3013

Morrigan was nothing if not resourceful. having heard what had happened with Elodie, and being on some REALLY good painkillers, he has made his way out of his bed. Having managed to slip the attention of the nurses on staff and the doctors, he now stands in the door of Elodie's room. Having managed to find pants somewhere along the way, he leans heavily on an IV stand. Taking a moment to catch his breath as he knocks lightly on the door frame.

Looking up at the knock from where she is propped on the bed, Elodie's brow furrows when she notes Morrigan's presence. "Mr. Wolf, you need to be at least sitting down," she tells him sternly, although she does give him a little, rueful smile.

Nodding, Morrigan offers a weak smile of his own. "Then permission to collapse in your chair My Lady Hypocrite?" the last part said with a slight smile. he was too tired to care if she had him flogged for that one.

One eyebrow raises and Elodie replies, "you better sit down before I ring for the nurse to take you back to your bed," she tells him, although it seems an empty threat, and not just because her voice is quiet and raspy. She does looking him over critically, though she doesn't move much, then she does give him a grin. "Unlike you, who knew you'd been skewered by a spear, I didn't know how badly I was hurt. It's lucky someone noticed, I might have…" she decides not to finish what might have happened.

moving to drop into the seat with a suppressed Groan, Morrigan leans forward, his hands resting on his knees as he says. "You might have died, trying to save someone unworthy of it My Lady. YOU are the LADY and I am here to see that you do not die before your time. I appreciate your help…and I hate to speak out of turn, but should you put your life in danger to save mine Again, I will ensure there is no life for you to risk yourself for." even as he speaks, he lays a light hand tneatively on her shoulder. "You are too important to this house, and to me."

Elodie is silent for a long moment. "If it will put you at ease on your 'worthlessness', Mr. Wolf, I didn't realize at the time that I was risking my life." She doesn't shrug away from the touch, but she can't twist enough to touch it in return.

Smiling a bit wider, Morrigan shake his ehad, squeezing her shoulder reassuringly. "Don't get me wrong My Lady. I'm not saying I'm worthless. I have more self esteem than that. But a lot of my worth is in ensuring you do not die before I do. I made that promise. I followed you to another house in another land and started my military career over at the bottom to keep that promise." Pausing for a moment, he adds in slightly more jovial tones. "Besides. A bodyguard without a Body to Guard, IS worthless. and if I'm not a bodyguard…then I am a footman…a fate worse than death. which I have been through once already."

Tilting her head to the side, the only motion that she can really do, Elodie looks at Morrigan. "Made a promise?" she asks curiously. As he changes the subject a little to something a little less dire, she gives a little snort and instantly holds her side. "Don't make me laugh," she pleads, although there is still a smile on her face.

Nodding, Morrigan raises an eyebrow. "Of course I made a promise. My life for yours should it be called for. To do all in my power to ensure you remain safe and unharmed. To protect you…in short."

Elodie's brow furrows and she looks forward again. "Oh," she says quietly. She chews at her lip. "I guess I never really thought of it that way. Not as a promise that one keeps for a life time. I just thought of myself as an assignment. To be protected because it's a job to protect." She takes another breath, and the tries a grin. "Well, I will do my best to save you from a fate worse than death. At least until you are promoted higher than footman."

It is now Morrigan's turn to laugh and regret it. wincing, he lays his forehead on the edge of the bed and grunts. "To some it's an assignment my lady. But you have come to mean more than that to me." Raising a hand quickly, he smiles. "I'm not about to profess my undying love for you. You're safe. But I do care what happens to you. Thus I have a vested interest in ensuring you are safe."

Elodie gives a smile. "It's all right, I'm not worried. After all, haven't you mentioned there's a certain other girl that you like to walk with?" Her eyebrows raise in a teasing fashion. "Does she have a name? And does she know you're here?"

Smiling slightly, morrigan nods. "indeed. Her name is Klaudea. and I'm….not sure how to tell her…It's a hard thing. I don't want to call her and be tragic like some Emo Squire. 'My lady…I've been injured. I regret to inform you that I shall be out of commission for awhile while I mend and recover from my wounds.' but I don;t want to be all like. 'Yo hon. Got stabbed a few times by another hostile…No biggie. just gonna lay low and bleed for awhile. all cool." Shrugging slightly he sighs. "I can plan troop movements. I can slow a Hostile down and disarm them with my large intestine…apparently…I've been taught survival on every climate in the haven system…But I am terrible at knowing how to talk to Women."

Elodie's hands go to her sides and she winces as he makes her chuckle. Bowing her head, as her chest is bound tightly and kept in place with a hard brace, she wheezes a little. "There isn't any need to go that length at all. Just tell your Klaudea the simple truth. You were involved in an altercation with Hostiles and will need to stay in the hospital a bit."

Nodding, Morrigan gives her a quiet smile. "I will do so…Sorry I didn't mean to make you laugh" Reaching to the table, he finds her water glass and holds it up so she can reach the straw.

Elodie takes a sip from the water, and then shakes her head. "It's all right. Well, maybe not. But, it is good to see that your sense of humor hasn't been diminished by your injuries. I just wish it didn't hurt so much."

Nodding slightly, Morrigan offers a slight smile. reaching down to the necklace he wears, a simple leather string with a wooden carved cylinder on it, he opens the cylinder and removes a small piece of what looks like Wood. "Anasthetic Root. My mother taught me how to find it. grows in a lot of places. Helps a lot with pain

Looking at the root he offers, Elodie gives Morrigan a smile. "Thank you, Mr. Wolf. You should keep it for when you need it, though. When I'm not around to shoot you with a hypospray to numb your pain." There's a little groan. "Really, it only hurts when I laugh or cough or something of that nature. I'm fine, now."

Nodding, Morrigan offers a half smile. "I wasn't really offering this one. I was already chewing on it. Was just showing you. I keep some in my pack most of the time."

"Oh," Elodie replies. "I see. Well… yes. It is a good thing to keep with you." Her eyes blink a couple of times as she looks at Morrigan, and she glances over to the IV drip.

Smiling slightly, Morrigan stands quietly. "I should go. Doctor will be coming to check on me in 12 minutes. if I'm not there, he may lock down the ward. I will be back later if you are still here My Lady."

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