04.30.3014: My Idiot Brother Part Two
Summary: Ellinor is still waiting to see Advent, only this time is joined by Lyrienne and Cedric
Date: 30 Dec 2013
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The Gardens of Nora
While these gardens act as the courtyard between the Heartwood and the Elder Seat, they have managed to obtain a peaceful ambiance despite all the foot traffic. There is a gently angled esplanade that leads up from the Heartwood, interrupted here and there by short segments of stairs. When it reaches the main promenade of the gardens, it flattens out and continues to provide a pathway directly toward the grand doors of the Elder Seat.

Flanking either side of the esplanade are parcels of well-kept garden that are divided by smaller pathways that lead off from the main esplanade. These parcels vary between thick carpets of moss and forest flowers to clusters of wild roses to a very small orchard of fruit trees that bear red apples and pale peaches in the summer. Natives and visitors alike are encouraged to wander throughout the Gardens of Nora — named for the first High Lady of Arborenin, the daughter to Hugh Arboren — but there are also Arborenin guards who equally frequent the area.

30 April 3014

Ellinor Sauveur might have given up her post in the Grand Rotunda, but she hasn't left Arborenin yet. Based on the rumblings, she hasn't finished what she came here for. She sits out in the Gardens of Nora, staring up at the monstrous Elder Seat through narrowed eyes. Her jaw is set, teeth grinding slightly together as she works on her rage. She still has not spoken with her brother yet, who had been asleep when she was escorted to his guest room.

For the better part of eight years, Lyrienne stayed away from the home of her youth. In the last several months since the Hostiles arrived? She's almost becoming a familiar face again. Heavily pregnant, she shuffles as much as she walks, even her usual grace sacrificed this close to term. "You know," she says as she approaches her sister, a faint smile tugging at one corner of her lips, "I don't think you're going to spontaneously develop Awakened abilities enough to set the place on fire from here."

"I'm sure as hell going to try," Ellinor says, though there isn't a lot of fire in her tone as she addresses her sister. She turns a bit toward Lyrienne, casting her a bit of a smile in greeting before she looks back up at the wise-wood. "I don't actually want to burn it down," she does admit in a mutter. There is a pause. "Ryan told me you've already paid Advent a visit."

"To be fair, I don't think I could set it on fire from here," Lyrienne admits, stepping over to settle down next to her sister. "It's a very old tree, and very solid. It would take more than I've got." She takes a deep breath, reaching over to give Ellinor's hand a squeeze. "I did. I'm sorry. If I'd realized no one else had said anything, I would have let you and Mother know. I'm having a bit of baby-induced brain trauma at the moment," she admits with a small, rueful smile, shifting to get comfortable.

Ellinor glances toward Lyrienne as she takes a seat, and then releases a big heaving sigh. "No, it's fine…" The woman is quiet for a long moment before she rolls her shoulders a bit. "Mother has sent me a long to bring him back to Landing… you should have heard what Brienne and Ryan were saying… Advent has them believing that he is neglected and mistreated… that the guards wouldn't fetch him a doctor and that when a doctor did arrive they just slapped a bandaid on his brain and called it good." She shakes her head ruefully. "I think he's cracked, Lyrie…"

"He's taken a few too many blows to the head, at least," Lyrienne agrees with a roll of her eyes, shaking her head. "Advent is as neglected as Advent allows himself to be, no more and no less. He's an adult. Gods, he's our older brother." She reaches up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear, watching the Elder Seat above. "The way he explained it to me, he decided to go scouting alone in the Vale, because he needed to think things over. He was jumped by a Scout, took himself home, told the guard that he needed a medic but that it wasn't urgent, and then apparently passed out. Why Declan and Brienne decided to bring him here instead of taking him to the infirmary at the tower, I haven't the slightest idea. But it isn't really the root of the problem."

"I idolized him," Ellinor says, a touch of anger in her voice. "I wanted to be a squire like him, a knight like him… now he's…" She can't seem to find a word that describes her brother's current personality. "I'm going to tell Father that he should be taken off the field for a while… his own neglect for his well-being is going to get him killed." Then she frowns as something Lyrienne says encourages a thoughtful moment from the young Knight. "What is the root of the problem then?" She glances over toward her sister. "Please… it isn't Declan is it?"

Lyrienne blinks, brows shooting upward. "If that's the case, then I've missed some very large, flashing, neon signs," she says slowly. "But no. I don't think that's it." She leans back, settling her hands over her stomach with a faint grimace. "He's lonely, El. He's lonely, and he doesn't know what his place is. He wants attention. He wants to feel love. And he hasn't found it. He's not at peace with being Awakened, either. He's afraid of it. And you just can't- He can't be who he needs to be when he's constantly at war with himself."

Ellinor looks back up at the Elder Seat now. "Well, he isn't going to find that grand, sweeping romance here… Brienne just requested he look into a match because she thinks it will improve the relationship between our two Houses… she doesn't love him. It is entirely political in her mind." She crosses her arms now, slumping back into the bench. "Nitrim sent me a message about that, actually… that he is losing control now and then…" She looks uncomfortable. "You know that… I have no idea how to help him there… "

"I am not particularly happy with Brienne right now," Lyrienne sniffs, sounding - for a moment - just like their mother. "But either way, Advent seems to believe he loves her. He also doesn't have it in him to tell her, because he's convinced that he's just a second choice, and instead of doing anything about it, wants to sit and mope. And it would be good for the Houses," she agrees with a soft sigh. "Since I've already mucked things up. Nitrim sent you a message that who was losing control?" she asks, brows furrowing. "Nitrim, or Advent?"

"Oh please," Ellinor says, shaking her head with a snort. "What will be good for the Houses is to find a match that makes everyone happy, which I got an inkling from where. I guess Tristan and Firia… you know, the one warded with the Valta? I guess they are lovey-dovey with one another. Which is going to be better than forcing a political match with Brienne and Advent." She broods for a moment. "It seems… stupid." Then she breathes out a sigh. "Nitrim wrote me to tell me that Advent is losing control…"

"Maybe if Brienne could learn not to-" But then Lyrienne bites her tongue, pressing her lips together tightly. "Glass houses," she sighs. "The truth is, Advent loves her. Or thinks he does. I don't think he's going to be happy with some other arrangement, either. And I'd been working with Advent on control," she grimaces. "But he's so afraid, El. So irrationally afraid of everything. I don't know how to fix it. He won't trust me enough to let me in. He won't let go of the fear. He has no confidence or faith in himself. Which spills over into the romance side of things, of course," she adds. "Did you know he's apparently a virgin? Him and Declan both. Their vow of honor, or some such nonsense. Their 'gift' to their brides."

"Well, he needs to get over that… there's so much more in this System that is worth our fear… being Awakened isn't," says Ellinor, who has never experienced a lick of being Awakened. She shakes her head a bit, though is halted almost immediately when Lyrienne makes this news known. She gapes at her sister. "You're fucking kidding me?" She stares up at the Elder Seat in shock. "Some fucking gift…"

"That's what I said," Lyrienne snorts softly, rolling her eyes. "That's not a gift to your bride, that's a whole ball of awkward with a side of responsibility." She shifts, trying to make herself more comfortable. "But it isn't as though they're going to listen to me when I say it, given my history."

"They definitely shouldn't talk to me then… Advent can't possibly believe I was a blushing virgin bride, can he?" Ellinor looks almost perturbed as she thinks about her brother, stewing in a touch of disappointment. "He's going to be a fucking baby when we tell him Mother sent us to fetch him, you realize this?" She huffs. Though there is a good chance that Ellinor just enlisted her sister to help her on her quest to return Advent to Landing.

"We?" Lyrienne arches a brow. "I just came to make sure you weren't blowing the place up," she points out, though a faint smile tugs at one corner of her lips. "And after I thought I'd taken care of everything, too. I knew there was something I meant to do when I got home." Pregnancy brain. It is dangerous.

"Oh no… you're here to help me," Ellinor says firmly. "I'm not going one-on-one with Advent… you need to be there to hold me back." She casts a glance toward her sister now, arching up a narrow red brow. "You're seriously not letting me go back in there alone, are you?"

"Of course not," Lyrienne replies easily, flashing a smile at her sister. "I just didn't want you to think you could assume it was going to happen. I don't think he's going to put up a fight, though," she shakes her head. "I think that's part of the problem. He can't bring himself to put up a fight because he's so busy feeling sorry for himself."

"Pathetic," Ellinor says, though she does look a bit guilty after she has said it. She glances toward Lyrienne. "I do love my brother," she replies reproachfully. "I just can't imagine how this all happened. He seemed so…" She deflates a bit. Then she glances back toward her sister after she stares at the Elder Seat for a big longer. "So… going to name one of your kids after me, right?"

"They're boys," Lyrienne says to her sister with some amusement at the question, smile quirking at one corner of her lips. "I'm not sure what the masculine version of Ellinor is. Ellis? That's not a terrible name, though." She and Ellinor are sitting on a bench, looking up at the Elder Seat. It's not the first time Lyrienne's made a trip to Arboren recently, the most recent being only a day or two before when she went to look for her brother, and again before that when she came to meditate. This time, she left word that she was going to go make sure her sister didn't burn the place down.

Every single time Cedric steps foot in Arboren he feels like he's going to combust into flames at any given moment. Not because he hates nature or has some kind abhorence for it. No, his wife actually got him to enjoy nature in some respects. The reason he feels like this is mostly because of the suspicion that some Arboren mage is going to light him aflame, since the second son of Orelle is something of an anathema in these parts. But, as family crisis do want to occur, he came after Lyrienne, who he can only assume came after Ellinor. And so those are the two he's looking to find. It might just be of the few occasions that the Captain is seen with his falchion strapped to his back. You know. Just in case.

"Ellinor is a very masculine name," the younger Sauveur says with a bit of a noble smile. "Though Ellis would also be satisfactory." She shrugs her shoulders a bit. "We're going rather very Valen this time around. Alexandra Evony…" She casts her sister a look. "Don't say it." Then she clears her throat. "Or Simon Byron." Byron being their Khourni uncle's name. She then glances up as she spies Cedric, and she raises a hand to wave him over. "Over here, Papa!"

"Dad's going to just love that one," Lyrienne snickers a bit. "Alexandra. Oh, I hope someone records his reaction when he hears that one." She does, at least, leave the matter of their mother alone. She's learned something from their last few fights. As Ellinor hails Cedric, she turns to look, a warm smile curving as she catches sight of him. "Ric, you didn't have to come," she murmurs fondly, all too aware of his discomfort here. "She hasn't burned anything down yet."

"Of course I did." Cedric sniffs, looking around, as if he's expecting something to pop out at him. "I heard family was throwing chairs around and then I find that Lyri went and ran off after them. And the last time I let my wife run off, she got stranded at a resort. So I would really rather not repeat that again. Glad I didn't need armor for it." He spies between them. "So, no emergency or crisis? Trust me, I'd rather you both be talking about baby names than anything serious."

"I don't throw chairs," Ellinor says indignantly. "I throw fists." Then she rolls her shoulders a bit. "Lyrie only runs the risk of becoming a victim of ex-betrothed guilt." She then shakes her head a bit as she finally looks away from the Elder Seat. "No… just our idiot brother." She rolls her shoulders. "He's lost it, and Mother sent me a long to bring him back to Landing."

"And I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that it was Arboren," Lyrienne smiles crookedly back at her husband, holding out a hand toward him. She's entirely too pregnant to get up and go to him at the moment. "But yes. I sort of may have forgotten to call and let Mother know everything was all right when I got back the last time," she admits, sheepish. Pregnancy brain. It's a killer. "Advent's being…delicate, it seems."

"'Ex-betrothed guilt'?" Oh, that phrase certainly has Cedric's attention now, and it doesn't look like it's exactly good. Almost nine years ago he might not of been all protective of Lyrienne, but it's amazing what can change in nine years. "Is there somebody harassing you, Lyrienne?" he asks with a tone that leaves the possible add-on of 'and does he need his teeth knocked in' left unsaid. Delegating issues, the personal one is set aside(for the moment)for the family one. "Something going on with Advent? I heard…stuff. But rumors, one part truth and about four parts suppisition. What did I miss?"

Ellinor snorts a bit at Lyrienne referring to Advent as delicate, but she does avoid comment for the most part. She might seethe something under her breath. Then she smirks at Cedric. "Like anyone could get away with harassing Lyrienne… she'll turn them into a toad." Which isn't actually possible, but a decent enough threat. Then she shrugs her shoulders a bit. "Oh, you know…" Then she defaults to Lyrienne to explain as she turns her glaring gaze at the Elder Seat once more.

"No one is harassing me," Lyrienne laughs softly at her husband, shaking her head. "Actually, I had a good talk with Declan a couple weeks ago. I think we're…working toward actually reconciling. Which is nice. It's been a lot to carry the last several years. As for Advent…" She trails off, following her sister's gaze with more concern than anger. "He's very alone, and he isn't dealing with it well. I suppose that's the simplest way to put it."

"You'll excuse me if I roll my eyes at the fact that somebody is still lamenting over something that happened nine years ago, Lyri." Cedric grouses. "Oxygen out of the airlock. Move on with your life, you'll end up better for it. We certainly did." The gaze of the pair makes the Captain follow towards the Elder Seat. "So…that's it?" he asks, sounding slightly preplexed. "He's lonely? That sounds a bit…too simple. So what's the nonsense about him bleeding in his room? He's not…" he pauses. "…not doing anything drastic. Hurting himself? Depression can make people do extreme things, but Advent never came off to me as someone who's depression. Or lonely?"

"He's neglecting himself… that's drastic enough," Ellinor grumps a bit. "He suffered a head wound during a skirmish, and must have said no to every doctor in the Royal Tower before passing out in his rooms from a bleeder while Brienne and Declan came to visit. And then, instead of being admitted to Willowtree, ran away to Arborenin instead… made us all sound like we didn't want anything to do with him, that we purposefully ignored and neglected him… I had Brienne and Ryan calling out our entire family earlier because they thought we didn't care about him."

"When the truth is that he's withdrawn," Lyrienne adds quietly. "He doesn't want to be a bother. He doesn't think he's worth love. And it's just spiraling downward. He didn't cut himself, but he might as well have, going out to patrol in the Vale alone," she adds with a grimace to Ellinor. "I've offered to help him with his Awakened studies, but he doesn't want my help. Or he doesn't like how I help him, I don't know."

"And how old is Advent, again?" Cedric just blinks at the Sauveur women. "He's the oldest of you all and it sounds to me he's acting like a fourteen-year-old-girl. The way you're talking about him, it sounds like you're describing Sophie to me. Our daughter doesn't even act like this." Okay, that's a bit much, she does still throw fits. "He's either suicidal or he's looking for attention. And apparently he found it in Sir Brienne, but I guess from what it sounds like she didn't want much to do with him romantically. Now, I like your brother, I always have liked your brother, but bloody stars above, he needs to get his act together." He folds his arms across his chest. "Would knocking him around in a spar help? After he's healed?"

"Hey," Ellinor says, pointing a thumb at her chest. "I was a great fourteen-year-old girl… don't cast easy generalizations." Then she snorts a bit. "They're all acting like a bunch of fourteen-year-old girls." Because she's allowed to make that generalization since, well, she was one. Then she shakes her head a bit. "No… Advent needs to go back home and get his head checked… Brienne is only interested in making repairs to the families… Advent is in love with her. But she would rather herself a Valen match since that is where she was squired." She squares her shoulders back a bit. "And I'm rather fond of Valen matches." Big surprise.

"Advent is in love with Brienne. Brienne is in love with doing whatever she pleases with whomever she pleases," Lyrienne sniffs from inside her glass house with its broken panes. "Which probably comes from that Valen squiring," she adds, nudging at Ellinor with one foot. "It isn't always romance and passion and drama. Gods, the drama," she rolls her eyes. "There was this, and then there was Nitrim and Cyrielle, and I can't help but think that everyone is making is absurdly difficult for themselves when it really doesn't have to be."

"So, in a nutshell she's acting like a…" Suddenly Cedric's mouth snaps shut. "…immature child." he says instead whatever else was on his mind at that exact moment. "Maybe that's harsh. Maybe she didn't know, which would just means she's painfully obivious to those around her and the actions she takes." He shrugs at Lyrienne. "Well? Somebody has to marry them." he remarks at that to his wife. "Sounds to me like Advent either needs consoling, medication, or both for what seems to be depression and Brienne needs to focus on her duties and less on herself. Or, if she wants to focus more on herself, she can always give up her title." Another shrug, and granted, he doesn't say the latter like it's a bad thing, only that it is a viable one.

Ellinor opens her mouth to say something and then shuts it again. There is a long, thoughtful silence before she glances over toward her sister and her husband. "I think Advent needs some time off the field and away from women. Maybe he should join the Chantry." Then she offers a light smile before she hauls herself up to her feet. "Alright… Nikomachos is suppose to be doing some poking around for me… I should go see what he's found about what's been going on in this stupid tree house."

"It's not a stupid tree house," Lyrienne laughs, shaking her head at Ellinor. "It's lovely. No saying nasty things about the place just because you don't care for the people." It takes her a little bit longer to stand, and some time to build momentum, but she manages. "If you see Advent before I do, let him know that I'll be happy to help however I can?" she asks with a small smile. "He's welcome to come and help with the kids for a bit if it would be easier for him, help him get settled."

"How about we not punish him more after all this, Lyri? I suspect that's about the last thing Advent really needs at this particular moment." Cedric comments lightly. He looks at the afforementioned 'tree house'. "Could be worse. Could overly and excessivley decorated to the point of gaudiness." Jokes aside, he frowns. "I think therapy may be the best thing for him. There's no shame in admitting that a person needs help. Just need the courage to admit it to yourself."

"It is a stupid little tree house," Ellinor mutters, though she does cast her sister a small smile. Then she sighs and gets to her feet, stretching a bit. "Alright… well… I will do that, but you know he's going to want to hear it from you." Then she gives Cedric a bit of a shove before she starts to step toward the Elder Seat with a light toss of her vibrant red hair. "Can't wait to meet Ellis," she says over her shoulder.

Lyrienne swats at Cedric's shoulder. "He asked for babysitting duty," she protests. "It'd be good for him to recognize his own childish behaviors in the kids, if you ask me." Once she's up, she reaches out to slip an arm around Cedric's waist, resting her head against his shoulder. "Try not to kill anyone, El," she calls after her sister, smile wry.

Cedric is shoved, then swatted. Such abuse. "Well, then he's just naive to the perils of baby-sitting if you ask me." he answers back. "And that's giving someone a lot of credit, being able to see their own flaws in something else. For his sake, hope that's true. Because if there's one thing that's been rampant recently, it's the level of immaturity in more than a couple of the nobility as of late." He waves a hand as Ellinor leaves. "If you ask me, the Arborens are the ones that need it the most." Then a more serious look at Lyri. "We're not really naming one of the twins that, are we?"

Ellinor throws up her hand in farewell, or perhaps so her sister doesn't worry about her trying to kill anyone. This time around.

"I haven't decided," Lyrienne shakes her head, smile crooked. "You know Ellinor. She asked if we were naming one after her, I told her they were boys, tried to figure out what the masculine of Ellinor would be, and there you have it. Though I do think we're running out of people to name them after," she muses, linking arms with him. "I thought we might name one after Uncle Symion, though."

"That's going to be a very popular name this year." Cedric points out. "Wasn't just nobles that loved him, but pretty much everybody. Though I don't keep track of that thing, I can only assume that it would be." There's a look around, still looking and feeling unsettled by the enviroment he's currently in. "But if that's something you want to take into consideration, we can, sure. Along with Ellis, though I'm confident that's going to give your sister such a big head."

"And license to get herself killed," Lyrienne agrees. "Probably for the best we don't give her the incentive." She starts to walk through the garden, much more at home than her husband. In fact, she seems entirely at home, her steps moving through the garden without really thinking about it. "Did you really come here thinking you'd need your sword?" she asks, looking back at him with some amusement.

"With the way your former in-laws view me, you can never be too careful." Cedric remarks lightly. "You and I may of moved past things between us, but it certainly seems they know how to hold a grudge that can last years. That alone I find to be a bit insulting, but they're not going to scare me away if you're here. I shouldn't feel like I have to find a reason not to come with you if you're here."

Lyrienne chuckles softly, shaking her head. "I'd protect you," she says, humor rich in her voice. "Lightning bolts from above. And then there would be a good deal more explaining to do, but at least we'd keep it between us, instead of dragging Orelle into it. Say what you like about your father, but he did manage that part of things well. Him and my mother, I imagine."

Advent decided to leave the guest room and go for a walk. His stomach still hasn't calmed down and his head is still spinning so he moves slowly towards the garden. He finally makes it there and walks into the courtyard. He sighs happily at the forest around him even if it doesn't help with his issues. He hears Lyr's voice and even Cedrics and he walks towards them. "Lyr? Cedric?"

Lyrienne turns at the sound of her brother's voice, brows rising slightly. "Advent," she says in surprise. "I didn't think you were up and walking yet." A smile flickers across her features as she shakes her head. "Lucky you, you just missed Ellinor. She was headed back to the Seat to look into moving you back home, and she's got her Khourni up at the moment."

Advent blinks a few times. "Why wouldn't I be up?" He seems confused as he walks towards his sister. "She's got her Khourni up?! What happened? Is she okay?" He walks carefully towards her. "Move me home? I can just walk through the Waygate though."

Lyrienne takes a deep breath, letting it out on a sigh. "Well, apparently Mother came to see you at home and found nothing but blood and rumors that Declan and Brienne had run off with you. So she all but declared a man hunt. So then Ellinor came and set up shop in the rotunda until someone would meet with her. According to her, Brienne all but implied that your family had left you to die in your room and we certainly didn't care about you."

Advent stares at Lyr and looks even more confused. "They asked me to come and I was meaning to get my room cleaned up cause the blood but the doctor stitched me up then Ryan wanted to do more… Oh Six this is a mess…" He frowns. "My family loves me and cares about me and who the hell in six's names said otherwise cause I will have words." He takes a few quick steps towards her. "They asked me to come, so I did."

"Yes, well, not everyone is as sensible as I am," Lyrienne says with a faint, wry smile, stepping forward to catch her brother in a careful hug. "We're worried about you, though," she admits when she pulls back. "The decision to go out patrolling on your own? Ellinor said that Nitrim said you were having trouble with your Awakened abilities," she continues, brows furrowing in a slight frown. "I thought we agreed that you'd call me if you needed help with that."

"Gossip is a terrible thing." Cedric points out, having kept quiet and letting the siblings talk. He's eyebaling Advent for a long moment, but he's staying on the better end of silent for the moment. Family by marriage isn't quite the same as family by blood.

Advent wraps his arms around Lyr and frowns. "I have mostly gotten control of my Awakened abilities. Just moments of extreme… emotion and they pop up, unwanted." He sighs quietly. "I get embarrassed to ask my baby sister for help. I should be guiding you and here I am like a fool." He shakes his head again and leans a little on Lyr after. "It was stupid yeah. Brienne asked me to marry her though and I really needed to clear my head. Almost did too." He grins a little hoping his joke goes over well.

"Advent, we're family," Lyrienne says firmly. "You don't ever have to be embarrassed to ask for anything, okay? Especially not this," she shakes her head. "Maybe I'm just your baby sister, but honestly?" Her chin rises, a flicker of pride in her features. "There aren't many people who are as good at Awakened studies as I am, Advent. One of the benefits of all the free time I've had with my life. I can help you."

"It's not weakness or cowardness to ask for help." Cedric points out. "Thinking you can handle everything youself is either being stubborn or afraid of failure. I'd say it takes more courage to ask for help with something than it does to try and do things alone. And if your family really loves you, and I know yours does, they'll understand that."

Advent grins at her. "I am so proud of how far you've come Lyr. Then I see what I can do… it's like one of those fireworks that whistle and then teeny tiny explosion…where yours is silent then the very sky lights up for what seems like forever." He holds her shoulder. "I am so proud of you." He turns to look at Cedric. "I know… it's the Khourni pride in me. I get puffed up like a puffer fish and pretend I'm alright. Though…" He looks to Lyr. "I do not think my memory is … working very well. I know they asked me here but I forget why I came."

"You've had a few too many head injuries as of late," Lyrienne drawls to her brother, dry. "And that's what was going on when you agreed to come here. I'm still not sure why Declan and Brienne thought they should bring you here instead of escorting you to the facilities at the tower, but I'm going to let Ellinor and Mother handle those questions." She nods to Cedric's words, looking back to her husband with a small smile. "Speaking of which. If you feel like you need to take a break from everything, I'll certainly need some help with the kids once these two come along. You're welcome to stay with us for a bit. Take some time. Clear your head."

"Pride comes before the fall." the Captain states. "Which can be a rather…negative trait at times. Especially in nobility. People think too often asking for help is weakness. It's not, it means you have allies. Which is more of an asset than anything else." Cedric pauses, eyeballing Advent. "You forgot why you came? I had heard you took a head wound, is that right? Have you been feeling dizzy? Disorientation?" The Orelle doesn't have to be a doctor to know what a concussion looks like, having had a few of them himself.

Advent stares at Lyr. "I can stay with you? I'd love to help you two when the babies come." He seems so happy at that prospect. "I love your kids. Yeah, I read the letter sent to me from dad. There will be no marriage between Brienne and I." He seems upset about it. "I need…time.

Advent stares at Lyr. "I can stay with you? I'd love to help you two when the babies come." He seems so happy at that prospect. "I love your kids. Yeah, I read the letter sent to me from dad. There will be no marriage between Brienne and I." He seems upset about it. "I need…time to think." He turns to Cedric and walks towards the man. He parts his curly hair to show him the wound on his head. "I feel absolutely dizzy, definitely disoriented, really nauseated and …confused."

Lyrienne glances to Cedric, a swift look of apology and explanation at once, before turning back to her brother. "I think maybe Willowtree first, Advent," she says with a small smile, reaching up to brush a hand lightly over the wound. "But as soon as they're ready to release you, then yes, of course. You can come and stay with us for a while. I imagine they should be ready to let you go right about the same time they're ready to let me go with the boys."

At frist, Cedric wants to say something to Lyrienne, a 'thanks for asking me' sort of thing, but isn't going to try and veto his wife when it comes to family matters. "Idiots…" he frowns. "Arborean idiots for dragging you here. You're going to Willowtree, Advent. Listen to your sister, and please don't force me to make that an order." He'll swing his Captain rank about if he has to. "You have concussion and I don't even have to look to see if your pupil are constantly retracting to tell. There's no arguing this one, sorry." He looks back at Lyrienne. "I think you should maybe write your mother a letter that she needs to talk to High Lady Eryn about her children endangering her son." Which his glance goes back to Advent, incase he wants to argue the point, "Which they did do, even if it wasn't intentional."

Advent grins happily. "Hey! If I'm staying with you, perhaps Cedric can get some nookie." He watches Cedric and his grin fades quickly. His pupils are actually not only retracting but one is bigger than the other. He puts his hands in front of himself. "They asked me to come. This isn't on them. It was me being stupid." He slowly looks down. "I think… Anyways, it was me being stupid. They asked me to come." He repeats himself. "You'd really wiggle captain around on me?" He suddenly looks slightly sick and confused but he doesn't speak what's on his mind.

"Cedric's not getting any nookie for a couple months," Lyrienne says ruefully. "Which is one of those things you'll learn about after you get married, I think. And it's time for you to come to Willowtree." She reaches out to link arms with her brother, shooting Cedric a grateful look. "We'll get you settled in, and then we can figure out who needs to yell at whom about what."

"It doesn't matter, Advent. They should've known better. They are seasoned knights, they should be more than aware any head wound has a possibility for a concussion." Cedric narrows his eyes slightly. "A head wound can be fixed, a concussion is different. It's culmulative. This is why knights in their old age are not 'all there' later in life. What you need to stop doing is making up excuses for people who should know better. You're not the being stupid, because you know what? People with concussions can't think straight, as you are no doubt experiencing at this very moment. They asked you to come and they should've known better. They endangered your life, Advent, even if it was a mistake. It was a reckless and irresponsible decision on their part. No, it was just plain stupid. So yes, you better believe that I will pull rank here." The soft tones from Lyrienne only settle him so much, the Captain slightly on edge. "I'm not mad at you, Advent. I'm angry at them. And were it my business, I'd tell them as much."

Advent still looks confused and he holds his sisters arm when she links it with his. "How about no one yell? It ruins alliances and makes future …" His brows furrow. "Makes uh…future… stuff harder." He lifts his eyes to his sister and stares at her eyes. "I'm sorry." Then Cedric and he stares at his sisters husband. The point is clearly made. "I know… I'm sorry. I should have not come. I've messed up everything. I bled on my couch. I should have fixed that before coming here. I bet the fabric is ruined. Is that why mom is mad?" He keeps his eyes on Cedric. "I can get it cleaned."

Lyrienne looks worried, though she tries to hide it beneath a smile, starting to guide her brother toward the Waygate. "No one's angry with you, Advent," she murmurs reassuringly. "You've got nothing to apologize for. You were injured, and you didn't know any better. But now we're going to take you where you can get some help, okay?"

"Don't." Cedric holds up a hand. "Nothing to be sorry about. You're not to blame here." There's a nod to Lyri. "Let's just get him to the hospital, I don't care which, the nearest one."

Advent frowns at them both. "You guys are acting like I'm dying. I'm fine. Just dizzy and slightly sick to my stomach but that can be fixed with rest, I'm sure." He will follow where Lyr goes even if he's not convinced. "Oh! I killed a hostile." He smiles happily. "In one shot." He nods slowly, proud. "Oh six. Lord Ryan made me get into one of those awful hospital gowns with the backs open, I don't have to get into one of those again do I?"

"We'll let the doctors decide that one, Advent," Lyrienne answers her brother, still moving forward. "I don't get to make decisions about hospital gowns. Ric, could you call ahead to the hospital, let them know we're coming. I think they should be able to get someone to meet us at the Waygate," she asks in a softer tone. If she could walk any faster, she would, but a shuffle is the best she can do at the moment.

Cedric just shakes his head. Stuff he's heard all before by others with the same symptoms. But he does nod at Lyri and taps into his commpeice in his ear, having a one sided conversation with someone on the other end of the line. "People have died from concussions, Advent. It's not a light-hearted matter."

Advent seems confused. "Concussions are pretty serious. I am sorry, I didn't mean to make light of it. Whose got the concussion?" He holds Lyr closer and grins. "You are adorable…waddling like that." He holds her hand as well and walks with her, trying not to lean on her while they walk. "When are they due?" He turns to look at Cedric and keeps his eyes on the man before looking at his sister. "I'm sorry. I think I am getting dumb. I'm just going to stop talking."

Lyrienne gives her brother a dry look when he accuses her of waddling, but she stays at his side, keeping a hold on his arm. "Just another week or two, I think," she answers him. "And then we'll have five children. Which seems like madness on an epic scale, really, but I suppose no one can accuse us of not contributing to the war effort."

Advent chuckles and nods. "Yeah, really. You are making an army." He frowns. "Aren't you upset that they will only know this war? The hostiles will be gone in fifty years and by then they will be fifty…They will only know war." He frowns and sighs quietly. He sees Cedric walk off and then turns to Lyrienne stopping. "Lyr, why am I dizzy?" He brings his hand up to his forehead and sighs quietly. "I wasn't this bad, yesterday."

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