04.30.3014: My Idiot Brother
Summary: Ellinor comes to stake out the Grand Rotunda to find out what is happening with her brother, and she explodes at poor Ryan and Brienne Arboren. Luckily, Nikomachos is there to rein her in.
Date: 30 December 2013
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Grand Rotunda, The Elder Seat, Arborenin
The edifice of the Elder Seat has been built around the tall, old, and stalwart tree known as the Wise Wood. It has been nurtured for millennia, and unique advances in botany have allowed the Paramount House of Arboren to shape the tree to their needs without fully interrupting its natural processes. The most evident of this is the Grand Rotunda — the main entrance hall of the Elder Seat. The cavernous antechamber literally bisects the tree's thick body, allowing for the room to be completely open without the interference of the trunk. Grand columns have been erected from floor to ceiling along the outer circumference of the room, however, to allow nutrients to continue to flow from the roots far below to the topmost leaves high above.

Everything about this room is natural and earthy from the oiled wood floors that integrate the Wise Wood's rings at its center, to the petrified wood that is used to construct the walls. Soft bioluminescent light glows from the ceilings, dimming and brightening based on the levels of natural light. The curved walls are almost entirely accented by large windows that provide breathtaking views of the Arborenin Woods, save for the wall that is directly across from the enormous entrance doors. This wide section of wall is occupied by a enormous staircase that leads up to the first exterior terrace of the Elder Seat, and thus to the rest of the Arboren's noble lodgings.

This room is almost never empty, looked after by patrolling guards when there is not a celebration taking up the expansive area of the rotunda.

April 30, 3014

So, here Ellinor Sauveur has sat, looking broody and bitter as she stares meaningfully at the stairs that lead up into the Elder Seat. Her arms are crossed over the back of the chair, her legs straddling the seat. She has the eternal patience of a gargoyle, alert and watchful even as she waits. Her long red hair has been drawn into a severe ponytail with only the light sweep of her bangs to soften her stern countenance.

Nikomachos provides a more prosaic presence in his long ivory overcoat, standing behind his seated wife. In deference to the severity of the situation, he has kept something just shy of bemused patience off his face. His arms are crossed over his chest, and he looks down at the Drakefire, "So when do we order out for noodles? Or would it take away some of the terror to have them arrive when you're working with chopsticks?"

Ryan was at the medical center, and when he arrives he's dressed like a doctor might be. As he enters the Grand Rotunda he pauses to witness the scene of the lady knight gargoyle and then man standing behind her. It only takes the ranger knight a moment to recognize them and he quickly starts in their direction, his 'just for you' smile on his face as he approaches and says warmly. "Hello there my lord and lady. Welcome to Arborenin."

After a rude awakening, a hoverlift had picked up Brienne and taken her to Settlestone where she had caught the Ways to Arborenin. All in all it had happened fairly quickly. She'd not exactly expected to find anyone waiting for her inside her home. She looks taken aback as she walks in, already working on removing her armor very gingerly with a slightly wounded right hand. Stopping in her tracks, she looks around, it's almost comedic, as if to see if she was in the right place, or if she had taken the wrong way in the Ways. "Sir Ellinor, Sir Nikomachos." Dipping her head in a bow, because armor wasn't so conducive to bending easily at the waist. "It's good to see you both, but I assume this isn't a social call. Would you like to see Sir Advent?"

"There is no terror," Ellinor murmurs almost scathingly under her breath. "I'm just tired of all this shit being smeared around." She casts a glance toward her husband. Then she straightens up as one of the Arboren brood approach them, and she drops her hands to her thighs, curling her fingers inward on the strong limbs. "Sir Ryan," the Sauveur woman greets, nodding her head gently. "Your aunt didn't send you down here to snoop, did she? Eryn doesn't seem like much of a snooper." Then she turns her attention toward Brienne as she arrives. The Drakefire Knight cracks her knuckles idly before she gives her shoulders a roll. "Why the fuck is my brother even here, Brienne?" She demands immediately. "And where the hell is Declan?"

Nikomachos chuckles at Ellinor, "No, no terror in the Drakefire knight camped out in your very fortification, with all her famous Khourni temper." As the first of the Arborenin, and then the other one, approaches, he looks up, offering polite nods to each. "Sir Ryan. Thank you for your kind greeting." His voice is calm, composed, even light, although he remains in the background verbally, allowing his wife to do her terrifying thing. "Sir Brienne."

"Lord Advent is resting at the moment, he needs to sleep while the new bone plate hardens into place. It's lucky he didn't suffer brain damage from that wound… need to speak with the doctor that only gave him stitches for a crack in his skull." Ryan sort of says in ramble, before answering the question about his purpose here, "I was at the medical center getting second and third opinions on Lord Advent's condition. He'll make a full recovery so long as he rests, my report about his condition was forthcoming today as soon as I was done meeting with the other doctors…" a pause as he looks at Brienne and then sort of falls silent, a first for him really.

The hostility, while not exactly expected, isn't backed away from and Brienne looks somewhat dubious at the anger directed at her. Adopting an immediate and deliberate relaxed stance, she arches a single brow, idly continuing to almost lazily remove her armor. "Oh you know, we're holding him for brainwashing, I believe he's scheduled to be done about three o'clock this afternoon, Sir. Unless that's an inconvenient time for you." Her jaw tightens and her eyes lose all illusion of relaxation. "Or maybe I wanted him in my harem, because we all know rumors are true." Green eyes flicker over Ryan, very briefly and finally she gets to the last. "He was over extending himself on the battle field and no one else gave a fuck that he was trying to kill himself in doing so. Wounded, he continued to fight Hostiles, and he almost died because of it. At least there is someone here who cares enough to not allow him out while he heals." Tipping her chin back marginally, she lifts a shoulder in a light shrug. "There, pick one for your rumor, one to be fact and let the real truth fall in the cracks like always happens."

"Why the fuck is my brother here and not at home? Where he fucking should be, because he was being looked after by a Royal doctor, but instead he's here, apparently being looked after by Baby-Faced Arboren over here," Ellinor says, pointing at Ryan. "You're not even a godsdamn doctor, Ryan… he's not your fucking responsibility." The Drakefire woman looks sharply at Brienne now, and she barks a cold laugh. "I gave a fuck. Mother gave a fuck. He was being looked after by the best, you damn well know that so get off your high horse. I want to know what the hell is going on, Brienne… now. First you got the Young Lord of Valta sniffing around, staying in your rooms… and if you deny it, I swear to the Gods, not even the Mother's healing hands will be able to put your face back together… then we've all heard about the Ligonier. So what the fuck are you doing with my brother?"

Nikomachos frowns over at Ryan, his good humor evaporating, although Ellinor asks the questions he was going to — albeit with a good deal more cursing. "The Willowtree does have some of the very best doctors on Haven, and I should know, having been in their tender care rather a number of times, and is significantly closer to the Royal Tower, where he…" his frown deepens then, tilting his head slightly as he listens to the earbud tied into his comm AI feeding him information, "…collapsed after refusing treatment?" There is, however, a question to his words. Brienne's sharp-edged humor causes a hint of a smile to crease that frown, but it fades away rather quickly, his arms uncrossing so that he can put his left hand on his wife's right shoulder, "I'm certain that we have all here continued to fight the Hostiles after being wounded, Sir Brienne. It is a choice that each knight must make for him or herself." His hand tightens on Ellinor's shoulder a moment, then looses and falls away, "As for the rumors, I'm certain that neither myself nor Ellinor cares either way, personally. But unfortunately, Princess Evony, Sir Marus, His Majesty, the Citizens of Landing — well, some of them — and, I should dare say, High Lady Arboren and the people of Arborenin, do care what is whispered behind closed doors. We rather have a responsibility to our people, to show them a better way."

"Not a full doctor, no, but I am a medic and have an obligation when the person who's sitting in the guest room is still slightly bleeding. Lord Advent was told a report would be placed on his record to take him off duty and he begged me to refrain from it. Since I'm under no obligations to honor that request, I told him I wouldn't report if he submitted for testing and treatment. He did so, and is currently recovering." Ryan pauses and goes from absent rambling to serious informative in the blink of an eye.

"Lord Advent's condition was terrible, and according to him he'd only had stitches to the wound by some doctor at the Palace before he was brought here. I did what was needed so that he didn't end up anemic and cracked in the head. He'll be fine for transport when he wakes up today. As to what exactly happened and why he showed up in the guest room bed?" Ryan now looks at Brienne, "He didn't say, but he'd lost a lot of blood by then. Lady Lyrienne was here last night to visit with him after I'd called her to let her know that he was here and his condition."

"He got his medical attention there. At your home. No thanks to your guards." Brienne counters with almost as much vitriol. "I told him he could come over here if he liked, after he had rest, over there, and he chose to. He chose to be here of his own free will." She squares her shoulders as once more the past is brought up. "Young Lord Valta did indeed stay the night here, though if you prefer we can back up. Sir Canis was first. He's a good and honorable man, and I respect him deeply. He asked me for a match, I declined, told him that's not my call. And then Young Lord Kieran started coming around, said the right things, I admit I was easy enough prey. I feel for it. I've reconsidered since and saw what a fool I was, I hear he is none too discriminate. Then it was Lord Adelstein, nosing around, and I quickly declined that and quite easily. Another Valta… Your brother.." Is a more difficult answer. She trails her unwounded hand over her face in a weary gesture. "We were friends.. good friends. We'd spoken a few times, fought side by side. Then I found out my brother had an interest in Lady Firia Sauveur and decided to back off and let him find happiness because one match is usually all that is allowed and I if my brother could find that happiness, then I could live it vicariously through him. I had no idea it was too late not to hurt your brother." Brie looks back at Ryan, startled. "He didn't seek medical assistance? I didn't leave until the doctor had tended him in his room. Declan and I, I mean. We didn't leave until the doctor had treated him and he'd fallen asleep. The next day, he arrived here, as invited." A sharp nod is given to Niko. "Yes, Sir. I'm aware of how many do care. I made the mistake and an error of judgment with the Sir Kieran, and have been paying for it since."

Then Ellinor is on her feet, stepping toward Ryan with a finger raised in accusation. "Are you daring to accuse the Royal House of ignoring the severity of my brother's injuries? Are you really going there?" She demands of Ryan. "Because there's no way in the Heavens and Hells that some doctor at the Palace would have ignored such an injury! My mother would have eaten them for dinner and then turned their bones into fine china." The Drakefire Knight flares her nostrils again before she looks over toward Brienne, the fire in her green eyes burning ever brighter, though she does at least take an emotional step back before things escalate. Well, escalate more at least. "I'm taking my brother back to Landing," she says firmly. "And honestly… Brienne… you need to figure your shit out… my mother wrote to Eryn, and she said you don't even want to be married to anyone… so that makes me think your are leading my brother on for some reason."

Nikomachos looks over to Ryan again, "And my wife and I, as well as the rest of his family, are intensely grateful for your care of Sir Advent, Sir Ryan." For all the fire and rage coming from his wife, the Cindravale-turned-Sauveur keeps his voice smooth and calm, stepping forward once more to put his hand back on Ellinor's shoulder as she steps toward the medic-knight. Looking to the flame-haired and flame-tempered woman a step ahead of him, he adds, "There is a head-wound involved, my dear. It's intensely possible that Sir Advent has either forgotten being treated, or his condition worsened after he was treated and then made the poor choice to travel. A poor choice that we should not compound with another move, Ellie, until he is in a condition to be moved, although," his eyes flick back to the Arborenin, "and I hope you will not take this as an insult to your own medical services, I do agree that he should be returned to the Willowtree for further treatment when he is able to be moved." Blowing out a breath, he shakes his head, "Unfortunately, Sir Brienne, while we all have lapses in judgment now and again, it appears that this one may have far-reaching consequences."

"I'm not accusing anyone of anything, Lady Ellinor." Ryan states firmly, "I am working with what was presented me because a Royal was in a bed with a critical head wound. Would you have rather me ignore that and simply let him lie there while I contacted the Palace?" a pause, "Sure it wouldn't have taken long, but a wound to the head can go sideways very quickly. I've seen it happen to plenty of friends on the field. I acted, out of trained response, and he'll be ready for transport when he awakes."

Then he looks to Brienne, "We should talk after this, it sounds like you're running in circles more out of it than Lord Advent." Now back to the Drakefire, "The doctors at Willowtree are the ones I conferred with if that makes a difference. They already have his files and my report on his condition. They are ready to receive him and I was returning to check on him so that I could take him there. Arborenin isn't where he should have been taken, but it was. At least now you and your silblings can have a serious talk about the Lord's actions when it comes to his own health." a final breath, "When I mentioned taking him off duty as is required of anyone with a medical license, he panicked and both demanded and then begged that I not do so."

Muttering a curse, Brienne directs it inward. "Gods! I forgot even about sending that letter to my mother! I did ask her to give me time. That was completely my fault. I.. was trying to make amends with Sir Advent and I think we were making progress." The wind is swiftly taken out of her sails, she runs a hand through her hair, the conflict on her features self directed as well. "Please, yes. Take him back, and please, I beg you not to allow him back out there fighting. He's going to hear the news of the denial and be upset all over again. You see, I went looking for him. I spoke to him and I asked him to marry me. It wasn't the other way around. I don't want to sacrifice Tristan's happiness though, and it's a gray area with Lady Firia being a ward of Valta." The fight is gone from her when there's nothing left to fight for. "I apologize for my disparaging remarks against the guards at the Royal Tower. It was uncalled for."

"The Palace should have been informed!" Ellinor snaps at Ryan. "My mother should have been informed! She has been beside herself, considering that my brother seemed fine until Declan and Brienne came calling…" Then she crosses her arms firmly as if she is trying to give her hands something to do that doesn't result in someone's bloodied nose. "There is no way that Willowtree would have released a Sauveur to the Arboren," she seethes. "Nor is it your decision to take him off duty. He's a godsdamn Knight of Sauveur." She repeats herself again, this time in a colder voice. "He is the responsibility of House Sauveur, and if Advent has been saying we've been neglecting him, then his head injury is a lot worse than you think it is." Then she looks toward Brienne. "He will not be sent back out until he is healthy enough to do so, Brienne… for fuck's sake, stop acting like everyone is forcing Advent onto the godsdamn battlefield. It is his choice… his." Then she growls something under her breath as she takes a step back. "You are all acting like fucking Maidens… you want to marry my brother, ask your mother to ask mine… stop going around like love sick girls, pleading your love to one another and hoping that you get hitched."

Nikomachos nods, "We knights are a proud lot. I can't think of a one of us who likes being told we cannot do our duty because of a wound that is healing well." He takes in a deep breath as Ellinor continues snapping at the Arborenin, but doesn't intervene further, merely adding in, "Not much of a gray area, Sir Brienne. Lady Firia is warded with House Valta, but she is a member of House Sauveur. There would be some connection with House Valta, through the Lady's undoubted fondness for those who fostered her, but the official match would be between House Sauveur and House Arboren." A bit of a smile touches his lips then, and he arches an eyebrow at Brienne, dry amusement filtering through his tone, "I might suggest, Sir Brienne, that suggesting a marriage match be saved until after amends are made? Friendship first, then marriage, when it's a love match?" One more point is added, this to his wife, "And I'm sure that my dear wife, like myself, accept the apology in regards to your comments on the good soldiers of House Sauveur, Sir Brienne."

"I contacted Lady Lyrienne at his request, then right after he fell asleep I contacted the medical center. When the Lady arrived, it was my assumption that she'd tell the rest of the family what had happened to him." Ryan shakes his head, "He's stable enough to be taken by medical transport. Taking him off duty…" a very small shrug, "It was enough to make him submit himself for treatment, if I have the authority to actually post to his record didn't really matter. I'd have submitted the report either way and House Sauveur would have stepped in from there."

He looks to Nikomachos for a moment and then back to Ellinor, "I don't doubt your family or your house, never have. I had a wounded royal sitting before me. Why he was there wasn't as important to me as making sure he wasn't dying. I am no longer his caretaker as of this morning, as I said, the hospital is waiting for him. Whether that's again or for the first time I don't know." he takes a breath and lets it out slowly, "I'll drag my lady cousin upstairs now and contact the hospital to tell them he's ready to be moved and to expect you to be along with him if you'd like."

Brienne lifts a finger, nooo not the middle one. "Just a minute. I didn't say I went around pleading love to anyone. I don't love anyone romantically. My mother asked me to make amends and that's fully what I intend to do. I know how my actions appear to others and I am doing what I can to assure that it is all dealt with accordingly. I know you don't make him go out. I know whose decision it is for him to go. I just… worry." Green eyes flicker over Niko, and she smirks. "No offense to Sir Advent, but Valen would make more sense. To me at least." Since it's not a gray area after all with Tristan. "Then my brother with Lady Firia will be the best match in regards to matches between the Houses, in my own opinion, for I know there are no ill feelings there." She gives Ryan a grateful look. Another voice of reason to go with Niko's.

Ellinor is losing steam, much to her chagrin. She settles back a bit, drawing her chair around so she can drop heavily into it. She glances between the Arboren and her Valen husband before she flares out her nostrils with a hard exhale. She rubs her hands across her face now, ruffling up her bangs before she offers a vague nod. "Look…" She takes another breath. "I lost my temper and for that, I'm sorry…" There, apologies exchanged. "My brother appears to be unwell." Which is a very nice way for Ellinor to call him an idiot. She chews on her lip a bit before she rocks back to her feet again. Then she glances between Nikomachos and Brienne before her shoulders roll a bit. "Well, guess I'll put it in Mother's ear about Tristan and Firia then… though Emund would be in charge of that match… she could recommend it." There is a moment of hesitation. "You'll be happier with a Valen," Ellie says then to Brienne. "Have you met Niko's sister?"

Nikomachos nods to Ryan, "I'm sure that the doctors at Willowtree will see that Sir Advent is kept off the battlefield and away from ways in which he might be further hurt until he is well and truly healed. They've done the same for me several times." Brienne's protestation causes him to arch an eyebrow, "Then why request a love match?" Waving that off, he nods as first she and then Ellinor suggest a Valen for Brienne, "If I had any brothers left, I'd…" And then Ellinor makes another suggestion, and his mouth drops open, apparently at a loss for words. This situation unbefitting Nikomachos only lasts a moment, and then he laughs brightly, "If I thought Sir Brienne was inclined in that direction, I might have suggested it a while back myself."

After the apologies and then the suggestion Ryan's cheeks just under his eyes pinken a little and he coughs. "Well, I think things are settled… perhaps we should allow Auntie and Lord Niko's father to consider that match if it comes to it. I think we all four know that at the moment… there probably won't be any matches across the board until rumors and conjecture die down a bit." he looks Brienne, "You'd best get upstairs to wash up. You look like you fell down a mountainside into a mud bath." his 'just for you' smile slipping back into place, attempt to lighten the mood with a playful tease.

Brie offers a tentative smile to Ellinor, though there's still a healthy amount of wariness in her eyes. "Thank you. About Tristan and Firia. And of course your apology, though I admit, I would just as staunchly protect my brother as well. It's an admirable trait, being protective over ones family." A genuine warm smile curves her lips and she considers Ellinor in silence a moment. "Sir Kassandra? I admire her very much. She's a fierce ally to be sure." A match with her though? "I'm not completely opposed to the idea.." Suddenly thinking that through and finding it agreeable. She laughs softly, "I would not want to damage her reputation any, while mine is still where it is, currently." A nod is given Ryan and she looks down at herself, embarrassed. "Actually, I did. Fell off a mountainside, while holding on to Jarek to keep him from falling further. Tristan and Canis pulled us back up." She gives a bemused smile. "I should shower. Is there anything I can offer either of you to make your stay more comfortable? Of course you are both afforded full guest right and I can show you were Sir Advent is now also."

That seems to draw a touch of amusement into Ellinor's eyes, and she bobs her head. "Just saying… if you want a Valen… Kassandra is a good one." Then she breathes out a sigh and nods her head. "I'm going to try to see if Advent is awake," she glances toward Nikomachos, and then casts Brienne a smile. "Thanks." She offers the chair back to a guard since he was the one who brought her it, and then she turns back toward the pair of Arboren.

Nikomachos nods to Ryan, "Very true." He gestures over to Brienne, "Who knows, perhaps you would prefer to avoid a match for a time yourself. We don't all need to match up two-by-two. And making a match in haste certainly would not make things any easier." Reaching across to brush his fingers across the back of Ellinor's neck beneath her ponytail, he adds, "I may have gotten lucky with my own hasty match, but the same certainly cannot be said of everyone. Be well and careful, both of you. I'll go with Ellie to make sure that Sir Advent is doing well."

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