08.27.3013: Music and Charity
Summary: Senator Hartcliffe requests a visit with Miss Letha Vallas to get her to perform at his charity eevnts
Date: 08.27.2013
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Letha Alistair 

Senator Hartcliffe's Office
Room description

It's later in the afternoon at the Senator's office in the Palace District of the Landing. Three aides are shuffling about the entryway, one on the phone at a desk, while the others are arguing over papers. The various paintings on the walls are done by local artists from Leonnida and Cindravale, no one incredibly famous, but perhaps well known to someone with the knowledge of such things. At the lobby of the Senate Tower, an aide would have greeted Letha and brought her up to the office on the fifth floor. The aides arguing will hush their voices a bit and smile to her, as the one behind the desk gets up and comes with a polite nod and offering of her hand. "Miss Letha! What a pleasure it is to meet you." She says exuberantly and sincerely. "Can I get you anything, water, coffee, juice? The Senator's just finishing a phone call, but I'll let him know you've arrived."

It has been a relatively busy few weeks for one Letha Vallas. She has been tirelessly maintaining her estate in Phylon while also working at the studio in Landing. When she was asked to stop by the Valen senator's office, she was almost confused by the request. Letha isn't much of a politician, so the invitation almost seems alien to her. She accepts with a bit of a smile though, dressing in Valen fashion, and arriving promptly. She smiles a bit toward the aide that greets her, and she bows her head a bit. "Oh… good… I wasn't sure if…" She then shakes her head, and she offers a bit of a nervous smile. "No, I'm alright…"

The aide smiles and returns to the desk quickly. "He should be right out…" She frowns and looks to the door of the Senator's study expectantly with a frown. She opens her mouth to speak and Alistair opens the door to his study. He's a very lean man, almost fragile looking. His very clearly reversion attire consists of blue tunic, with cloth pants and functional. "Miss Letha, what a pleasure it is to see you again in person. I'm sure you get this all the time, but I'm have a huge fan of your work. Please, come in! Did you need anything to drink?" The Senator's tone is warm and inviting, his smile genuine and sincere. He speaks more like an uncle than a politician as he motions to the aide who has already asked if Letha wants anything to drink just rolls her eyes at Alistair. He reaches to shake her hand.

Letha is just about to sit down when the door opens, and she immediately straightens back up once more. She brushes her hands down across her own pants, giving the cuffs of her jacket a bit of a tug. She offers a bit of a smile and nod as she steps toward the Senator. "Thank you, Senator Hartcliffe." She glances over toward the aide with a quick smile before she steps to follow the Leonnida man. She takes a bit of stock of his office, glancing over the room before she shakes her head a bit. "Oh, well…. if you insist, a coffee would be great." She moves to shake his hand in turn. "It is nice to meet you, Senator." She clears her throat. "There isn't that much of my work floating around, Senator… but I did perform regularly with my father."

The aide quickly grabs the coffee as the Senator shows her into his office and motions for her to take a chair. "Please call me Alistair, and your father was an incredible master of his craft. Unrivaled in our times, I might argue. A true loss, and you have my sympathies for that." Rather than sitting behind the desk, he'll sit at the chair across from where he's motioned for her to sit, a small table betwixt them. The aide brings coffee back for them both on a tray with sugar and coffee offerings. He looks out the large glass windows that make up the wall behind his desk, seeming lost in a daydream. His eyes seem genuinely sad, as he crosses his legs and takes his coffee black.

"Alistair then," Letha says almost shyly as she takes a seat. She brushes her fingers back against the back of her neck as she watches the Senator with thoughtful, brilliant blue eyes. She offers a bit of a smile, nodding her head a bit at his offered condolences. "Thank you for that… my father was a good man," she says softly, and genuinely. She takes the offered coffee and dresses it up with sugar and cream before she glance sback toward the Senator.

Exiting from his daydream, he turns again to look at her, smiling warmly. "May I ask what's next in the life of Miss Letha Vallas?" It's completely lost on the Senator that he hasn't communicated to Letha why she was invited here in the first place, as he takes a sip from his coffee.
Letha blinks at the question, though she manages to take a sip of coffee before she speaks. "I've been doing work with the Landing-based band Hell If I Know, and I have been asked by the Shygirl Records to do a tribute-slash-independent album with some work that I did with my father, as well as relatively new compositions." She takes another drink of coffee now, relaxing a bit. "I should be releasing the album in the upcoming months."

Smiling at her response, Alistair nods. "Good, good. Talent like yours shouldn't go to waste." He sips his coffee before uncrossing his legs and leaning slightly forward. "So, Letha, I find that being direct is the best method for making a request, which may be lost on most of my colleagues…" Alistair will chuckle at his little joke, even if it's not actually funny to anyone who is not a Senator. "I would like to know if perhaps you'd consider performing at charitable functions I have coming up? I work with a number of charities, and, to speak directly, your talent alone is enough to ensure such things would be more successful. I also have a very selfish stake in seeing the arts succeed, in all its forms." His blue eyes are quite genuine and searching carefully for her response as he leans back, continuing to probably speak too much. "I have a deep fear that war will make us forget ourselves." He looks back to the windows, concern shaping his facial features. "We need music to move us to our core…to remind us of who we are, of our emotions, of our hearts, of our souls…"

Letha almost seems to be preparing herself for the worst when the Senator starts in on what he asked her here for, but then the request draws a bit of a surprised blink. An honest combination of surprise and modesty creeps across her face, and she offers a shy smile at his question. "I… would be honored, Senator Har — Alistair." She blushes a rather pleasant pink as she fusses with the sleeves of her jacket once more. She at least is a lovely blusher. She lifts her brilliant blue eyes to his, and she offers a gentle nod of her head. "I'm more than happy to be a performer at your events… what sort of charities are you looking to sponsor?"

Alistair will look almost relieved at her response, still looking out the view of the skyline, towers, and courtyard below. He takes a rather large gulp of his coffee. "There are quite several that I work with. Is there any particular charities or cause you have a particular affinity for? For about every need, there exists a group that strives to fill it. People can be such great sources of hope and kindness…" The Senator turns to face her, his face seeming like he's thinking rather intently, waiting for an answer to his vague question.
Letha offers another soft blush and smile toward the Senator. "I honestly am not all that familiar with the charities around Haven… my father sponsored a few in his life, but I don't recall them very well." She shakes her head a bit. "I suppose that is the first major thing I need to be educated on." The musician laughs softly, but she looks a bit more relaxed.

Offering a soft laugh with her, Alistair continues smiling, pouring himself his second cup of coffee already as he responds to her. "Well, that is something I'll gladly help you with. The next big thing on my schedule is actually to help Meals of the Mother, which feeds the hungry around Haven, including running soup kitchens and doing meal delivery to the elderly. There are also several medical charities out there, along with even those that seek to continue funding for the arts…education scholarships as well, to improve offerings through mandated schooling and beyond. The gambit is wide ranging, and I've got connections with most of them. It's what I'm most proud to be able to do since becoming Senator. I remember my Papa, a mason by trade, would serve in a soup kitchen twice a week, he'd take me along with him. We all have a service to offer…and the best part if that doing what we love can always be used to help others." He seems quite excited discussing this topic.

Letha straightens up as the Senator starts to offer possible ideas for the charities he has in mind. She starts to smile at his honest excitement and enthusiasm, and there is a bit of a gentle light in those brilliant blue eyes. "I've heard of Meals of the Mother," she says helpfully. She dips her chin a bit. "I have also heard something here and there about a benefit coming up for M.O.M. … is that a possible event that needs entertainment?" She then arches up her golden brows thoughtfully. "Which does bring up an important question… are you looking for traditional Valen entertainment? Most of my father's works require full orchestras, but there are a few pieces that can be done with a quartet or smaller."

"If you could actually be fine with something on that short notice, the benefit being this Friday evening, then, yes, that could definitely use some entertainment…" Alistair's movements are excited as he stands to grab a pad and pen from the desk. "However, there are countless other options, and I have plans to set up a Tourney with House Grantham to help with various medical research within the next month or so as well." He nods excitedly, half talking to himself as he sits back and turns his full attention back to her.

Letha blushes again. "Friday…" She considers this a few moments before she offers a bit of a nod. "If you didn't mind a solo act, I could perhaps have something prepared by then." She nervously brushes her hands down her pants once more before she offers a bit of a nod. "I'm happy to do what I can, Alistair. Playing for charities is something my father took pride in, and I would love to honor that part of his memory."

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