11.25.3013: Movie Night, Baby
Summary: Ellinor and Nikomachos enjoy a movie and discuss baby names.
Date: 14 October, 2013
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Ellinor Nikomachos 

Ellinor and Nikomachos' Apartment, Royal Tower, Landing
The main room of the small suite is centered around a large vidscreen on one wall and wide windows overlooking the northern coast of Landing on another. A couch and a pair of chairs are turned to face the vidscreen, and the remaining walls are lined with shelves of books and films. On the opposite wall from the vidscreen is a pair of double doors leading into a study that has evidently been a little crowded by the addition of another person to the quarters.

A double-sided desk runs down the center of the study, and the left side of the room includes a map of the Haven System with a red drake for a sun and an armor rack holding a draconic suit of Defender Armor. The far wall from the door holds an extensive weapon rack including spaces for several swords, a series of daggers, and a shattered length of tourney lance. That piece of lance is on the far right of the weapon rack, alongside an armor rack holding a gold and bronze fiery suit of Defender Armor. Behind that side of the desk is a painting of the Plains of Ares, the paint electro-treated so that the grass waves as if caressed by the wind.

Beside the vidscreen in the main room is another door that leads back to a neat, tidy bedroom with a four-poster bed, wide windows along the same wall as in the main room, and a walk-in closet and bathroom on the opposite wall.

25 November, 3013

It is movie night for this Sauveur couple. While they often venture as far as the theater in Phylon, they have decided to stay in tonight. The couch has been cleared off of its pillows and blankets, all of that now arranged on the floor in front of the massive vid screen. The InfoSphere has been loaded on the screen, and various movies from the Action and Adventure genre cycle slowly through. The door to their apartments open, and Ellinor Sauveur strides in with her arms full of a giant bowl of popcorn, a hover tray of two massive cups of soda, and a health arrangement of candy. "Have you picked a movie yet?" She calls toward her husband.

Nikomachos has sprawled out on the pillows, leaning back against the couch and scrolling through the movie listing on his bracelet comm. “I’ve got it down to ‘Ride of Glory,’ ‘They Died With Their Spurs On,’ or, just for your half-Khourni sensiblities, ‘True Grit.’” So that would be two movies about Valen knights and one about a drake-slaying, grit-crunching Khourni foot-knight. He tilts his head back against the seat of the couch to look at his wife upside-down, laughing softly at the array of food being carried in, “Is any of that for me?

"Hmm," Ellinor muses as she closes the distance between her and the couch. She hands down the tray of soda and candy before she drops heavily beside her husband in the mass of pillows and blankets. The popcorn is her focus, grabbing a handful and lightly eating one kernel at a time. "I'm just going to cast judgement on 'True Grit,'" she points out. "Though I did hear that they did a lot of in-the-field research with the Saimhanns." She crunches on some more popcorn. "Lets go with 'Ride of Glory'…" She grins toward him now. "And yes, some of that is for you… except the sour straws. Those are mine."

Nikomachos takes the tray, setting it up on the couch behind his head and patting the pillows alongside him, “So what you’re saying, my dear, is that you want me to keep up a running critique on the times when the director utterly fails to take into account proper cavalry tactics and…” he trails off with a grin, leaning over to press a kiss to her cheek, queue up the movie, and grab some popcorn, in that order. He carefully holds a handful in one palm, plucking one kernel at a time free and popping it into his mouth. “I didn’t get a chance to ask you out on the patrol, how did that talk with Lyrie go?”

Ellinor turns her cheek to his lips to accept the kiss with an easy smile. She takes a slurp from the straw in her soda cup, revealing bright pinkish-red liquid — definitely not your standard cola. It must taste of cherries, or maybe strawberries. Whatever the fruit desired, it is sweet and artificial. The best kind. "I'm going to allow you ten corrections during this movie… after that, I start taking away…" And she grins. "… privileges." She settles into a bit of silence, watching the studio logo flash up on the screen before fading into the dramatic, dynamic opening scene. Then she shrugs. "We yelled, I cried…" She looks almost timid. "I just got a little taste of Mother's approval and I think Lyrie's pregnancy is going to take that away."

Nikomachos laughs as he’s given a limit, finishing off his handful of popcorn to collect ten little chocolate candies and set them out on the blanket to his side, counting them carefully as he does, “You realize that when you take away my privileges, you take away your privleges too, right?” The humor fades as he listens to the answer, carefully settling one arm around her shoulders, “You may not be the daughter that your mother hoped for, Ellie, but you are a wonderful woman that any parent should and would be proud of.” A little smile touches one corner of his lips, “And really? My warrior woman cried? Are you sure Miss Fin’s the one who is pregnant?”

Ellinor laughs, a free and husky note to the reply. "I have an impressive amount of resolve. I'm like a camel." Then she takes another handful of popcorn. She leans into him bodily, nestling her head against his. She is quiet through his words of confidence and reassurance, and then she offers him a bit of a smile. "I know… the comparison to Lyrienne…" She lets that filter off before she then laughs, almost shyly. "Sympathy mood swings," she warns him.

On screen, hooves thunder across the plains as a patrol of Valen is ambushed by Hostile forces from the Second System War. Nikomachos lets out a little cheer as one of them lances a Hostile, laughing softly and reaching over to collect his own drink. He looks at it suspiciously for a moment, “This isn’t flavored ‘red’ too, is it?” His teeth flash in a crooked grin, and then he leans over to press another kiss to the fiery hair on his wife’s head, “Sympathy mood swings by my half-Khourni, half-Sauveur knight of a wife. I’m going to be taking a lot of long patrols — and cold showers — aren’t I?”

"I got you cola," Ellinor says with a touch of a grin. "I figure I need to ease you into the exotic soda flavors." She takes another pull from her own soda cup before setting it down at her other side. She then shrugs a bit at his assessment of his upcoming future for the next nine months. "Not entirely," she offers with a laugh. "I hear pregnant women also get very particular about their needs… maybe I'll feel that sympathy too." She then grins before she looks up at the screen. A Hostile and dismounted swordsman flail their weapons at each other, and Ellinor scoffs.

Nikomachos takes a hearty pull from his soda as he’s reassured that it’s something drinkable, although he nearly laughs the soda right out of his mouth at the flailing. His arm tightens around Ellinor’s head a moment as he tries to keep from spitting cola all over. After a moment, he gets it under control, swallows, and exclaims, “FLYNNING!” After the great actor (and horrible swordsman) Erasmus Flynn of Landing. Of course, he can’t resist following that up with, “And he just… jumped off his horse. You don’t do that unless you’re Sammy and insane.” There’s a heartbeat’s pause, and then he sets down his soda to collect one of the ten candies and pop it into his mouth. “Particular? I just heard they want sex all the time.”

“Poor Sammy,” Ellinor says good-naturedly. Then she finishes off her handful of popcorn even while those pale green eyes carefully watch her husband. She muses a moment, and then she nods in agreement. “Definitely so. I suppose you’re okay with me being that sympathetic.” She flashes him a knowing grin before she looks back to the screen. The Hostile fight is over, their hero barely surviving, and now they have introduced his love interest. Ellie rolls her eyes. “Here we go,” she says dryly. “The fair maiden…”

Nikomachos laughs lightly, “Haven’t you been that sort of sympathetic for a while now, Ellie?” He nudges her shoulder lightly with his own, then wraps his arm around her shoulders again, “Hey, at least she’s Rovehn, so there’s some conceivable reason why she could be out there on the plains with all those Hostiles. Flimsy as it may be.” He presses one hand dramatically to his chest, “Oh no, my horse is dead,” his hoity-toity voice fades as he snarks, “because I jumped off its back in the middle of a fight,” and then it returns, “but we must escape, fair maiden. Can we share a saddle so I must wrap my arms tightly around your body which is barely covered by Hostile-shredded clothing?” And then he puts the back of his hand to his forehead and mock-swoons back onto the couch.

Ellinor tucks herself against her husband, drawn in by the warmth of his neck and chest. Her chest inflates as she breathes in his familiar scent, though his mock drama causes her to lean back from him with a bright laugh. "She's Rovehn, she should be in proper armor not whatever…" And she waves her hand at the residue of the actress's attire. "That is." Then she reaches for the tray of candies, taking claim of her package of sour straws. The bright green strand is popped in her mouth, the sour sugar dissolving on her tongue. "So… does her father or brother get murdered by Hostiles, forcing the Knight to look after her?"

Nikomachos laughs lightly at her complaint, gesturing over to her side of the incipient sugar coma, “Hey. If you’re complaining about armor or weapons, you gotta have your ten set up too. Nine now.” Sniffing softly, he curls a crooked grin at her, “Besides, I think her ‘armor’ is very fetching. I wonder why yours doesn’t trumpet your womanhood quite so loudly.” He sucks down some of his cola, then considers a moment, putting his drink down and reaching out to sample hers warily, “Ugh… no… too red.” And the cup is handed back, “Father. Definitely father. And she’s a poor noble Lady with no brothers or sisters,” because that’s so common. “So her bold rescuer is now her only connection to the world…”

Ellinor sidelongs a look toward her husband with a smirk. "Because I'm intelligent," she says haughtily. Then she laughs once more at his reaction to her choice of soda. "You've never complained about my redness before," she teases him. Then she snugs herself back up against his side, turning her attention back toward the vid. The aforementioned poor noble Lady is just now stumbling upon the horrific scene of her dead father, and Ellie smirks. "Good call," she says before she gnaws on another sour straw. She hesitates a bit. "Mother was asking me about baby names earlier…" She glances toward him.

Shaking his head, Nikomachos explains, “Because you don’t taste red.” Nuzzling his nose into the side of her neck, he nips at her skin, “You just taste good.” And then he straightens up, letting her snuggle up close. “Tropes are tropes for a reason. They provide an excellent method for telling stories in shorthand.” Speaking of shorthand ‘Mother’ is shorthand for ‘danger!’ from the Sauveur woman. Pressing his lips together, he stifles a laugh, “Well, I won’t be pressing for a traditional Valen name, at least not for a first name. Is she suggesting Evony as a milddle name yet, my dear?”

Ellinor laughs. "Are you sure?" She asks him about her particular taste. "I've not really received a flavor profile from you concerning my taste." Her light emerald eyes glitter with mischief and amusement. Then she leans her head back into the couch cushion as she turns her attention back out at the vid. She munches on a bit of popcorn, pausing to glance his way. "Well… Father has already been honored by Lyrie and Cedric's eldest… I suppose Mother is feeling a bit neglected." She casts him a smile. "You sure you don't want to press for a proper Valen name?" Her lips curve lightly.

Nikomachos scoffs softly at the first comment, “Flavor profile. Pish posh. You aren’t satisfied with ‘delicious?’” As he shifts topics with her, he gathers up a napkin, unfolding it in his lap to make a little low cone, then fills it with popcorn so he can pluck individual kernels from it to toss into his mouth, “Oh, I wouldn’t turn one down, but I figure that I can guilt you into one with our second. Although now that I think about it, Alexandra Evony would be a rather beautiful name for a daughter, and honor two parents at once — all without adding to the confusion of having an Alexandros or an Evony directly.”

Ellinor actually blushes, a warm and soft ruddy hue settling at the very apples of her cheeks. She shrugs her shoulders a bit, but the change in conversation doesn't allow that blush to linger. She clears her throat, casually capturing one of the kernals from his lap to pop into her own mouth. "I think there will be a lot of guilting when it comes to our second," she laughs, but sobers quickly at his suggestion. She tilts her head a bit. "I like it," she says after a heartbeat. "But what if it is a boy?"

Nikomachos swats at her hand purely out of protocol, well after the popcorn is already delivered to its destination. He gathers up a kernel himself, thinking for a moment, “Perhaps we can save Alexandros for our second, although if we do that, Erik and Ana might steal it. Maybe Jayce? Austin? I hadn’t really thought about it.” Pressing another kiss to her brow, he suggests, “Byron?” After all, she has good things to say about the knight who trained her. On the screen, the leading pair have already had their first fight, and the threat of the Hostiles to the local farming communities is being built. “Do you have any ideas along those lines? I have to note that I’m the one putting all the suggestions forward here…”

Ellinor grins broadly at the hand swat, though she beams with victory as she munches on her pilfered kernal. She then shrugs her shoulders a bit. "No, we should use Alexandra if it is a girl." She tilts her head at his suggestion of Byron, a slow smile spreading across her red, red lips. "I like that idea." She hesitates. "What about naming a boy after Symion?" She glances toward him. "Simon, perhaps?" Her brows arch over her eyes inquisitively.

Nikomachos watches those vibrant red lips spread into the smile, an answering smile growing on his lips. The suggestion of naming a child after the late King draws a smile to his face, and he nods his head, “I think that’s a wonderful notion, my dear. Simon is far enough off that if His Majesty or any of their Highnesses want to name a child Symion, we won’t be stepping on their toes, but the connection is still there.” Looking back to the screen idly, he rolls a piece of popcorn around in the palm of his hand thoughtfully, “Alexandra Evony and Simon Byron. Hrm… that might be a bit much with the ‘n’s. Simon Byron Sauveur?” Clicking his tongue softly, he shakes his head, “Yes… a bit much, I’m afraid.”

Ellinor tilts her head, admiring his own facial changes to her words. Her smile redoubles, spreading broadly across her gentle face. She then laughs. "How about Simon Nikomachos?" She grins toward him with a slight arch of her brows. She takes her bright red soda, slurping up a mouthful while she waits to see his reaction to her suggestion.

Nikomachos laughs lightly at the suggestion, “Gods be good. I thought we were going to wait for our second to torment them with a Valen name.” He gestures back toward the screen with the arm not wrapped around her shoulders, “We’re missing the part where they scare everyone with how terrifyingly bad their special effects are.” He waits just long enough for her to look toward the vid, and then his hand darts out to try and snag one of the sour straws, “What about Zachary or Gage as a middle name? Simon Zachary Sauveur or Simon Gage Sauveur?” He chews idly on the names as he suggests them, a faintly dissatisfied frown touch his lips.

Ellinor blinks away from the vid as one of her candy straws is pilferred. She narrows her eyes dangerously — or at least playfully dangerously — at her husband. Then she smirks. "Thief," she announces dryly. Then she leans her head back in cushions of the couch. She offers a bit of a smile a moment later. "Simon Zachariah?" She suggests as an alternative to the dissatisfied frown. She then tilts her head back a bit, looking thoughtfully toward the ceiling. "I kind of like that." She arches up her brows, expression open and earnest for an honest assessment of her idea.

Nikomachos nods his head sagely at the title thrown his way, sticking one end of the straw between his teeth and slowly nibbling his way down it. His words come around the sour pucker brought on by the treat, “You have been keeping all the good stuff for yourself.” The counter-proposal for the name draws a slow nod, “Solid. Definitely solid. You realize, of course, that if we do end up using Alexandra Evony, our next child will have to have some form of Agirra in it. Mother is a proud woman, after all, and Sir Marus already has a grandson named after him.” Shaking his head slowly, he puts in, “The politics of baby-naming are far too complicated. Perhaps I’ll just suggest to Elodie that the first daughter she and Sammy have be named Agirra.”

Ellinor smirks. “I think that’s a great idea,” the Drakefire Knight replies dryly. She nurses on another sour straw as she casts her attention back toward the vidscreen just as the supposed Maiden and her Knightly rescuer begin to give into their passions and get naked. Ellie snorts, and then continues to banter with her husband as they enjoy their movie night.

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