Mother's Best
Summary: Michael goes to see his mother, who's currently in the Ring having the issue of her potentially terminal brain cancer looking into. She notices he's bothered with emotional things, and she has him talk to her about it. Then she mothers him.
Date: 11/07/2013
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Michael has had enough of waiting for word about his mother, and he goes to the Orelle Residence to seek out Kaedin's Lady Mother and doctor researching his mother's condition. As he speaks with the guard his is instructed on how to get to he medical area his mother and Lady Orelle are in. He walks there, still in his armor after all of the day he's had, and exhausted beyond exhausted. He's at that point where he's so tired, he's no longer tired.

Stella Athyros is stitting up in bed, sipping tea and chatting humorously with Lady Orelle. "Did Kaedin? That's funny, Michael's up bringing was interesting… his knight, and my best friend, came to his father and I and confessed to having feeling for Michael. She asked our permission to ask him. We of course said yes, Michael'd had a crush on his knight for ages by then and we knew he would like the chance to explore what it meant to date someone. Sadly, Michael did say yes but then never actually did anything with Roan. He was half her age at fifteen, but we figured that he would be a curious lad. Nope."

Michael walks in just as she says 'Nope.' and looks at the two of them with sudden wide eyed fear. "No what?" his slightly cracking voice blurts out, laced heavily with fear.
"Nope, that you ever did anything intimate with Roan. Michael, stop your worrying about your mother… she's in the best hands capable, and I told you I would comm with our results. She still has several months, and I feel confident I can remove the tumor and kill the cancer while retaining your mother much as she is now." Lady Orelle smiles at Michael and stands up from he visitor's chair at his mother's bedside, "I am going to go check on some things, I will see you tomorrow morning Stella. Good night Michael." and then she's gone, the door sliding shut behind her.

Stella studies Michael for just a moment, and frowns. "Baby what's wrong?" and she holds out her hands for him to hug her. "Come to momma, what's wrong honey?"

"Momma, I'm confused… I'm lost and I'm scared, and I don't know what I feel or think, or what to feel or think." he takes the hug, and at her motioning he slides halfway onto the bed and rests his head on her chest. "I don't understand… anything I feel. I thought I had the answers and then, last night happened and now I have no idea."

Stella strokes her son's hair gently, frown smiling softly over him. "There there darling, now… explain to me what's been going on."

Michael sighs and speaks softly, "I am in love again… or I thought I was, but I know I am… I don't know, or understand. Johana is an incredible woman… and I feel drawn to her beyond my squiring and our friendship. I feel, when I see her go off with other noble men to just have a chat or take a walk… that I am stuck behind a glass wall that won't ever break no matter how hard I strike. I feel like, if she were to hate me and never speak to me again, it would be easier to handle than her being married to someone… especially that Valen who's only caused her infuriation and treats her like an ass." he pauses and takes a breath, "Viannea ended what we had, because she's afraid of the mess of things if or when she's married to someone else, because for some reason no one seems to think I'll ever prove myself worthy enough." his fist clenches and unclenches, "Lorelei upsets me, though I won't tell her she does. I've done nothing be say I'm there for her, that she can open up to me and trust me, but she won't. She pulls away and hides things from me… then gets upset that I won't be open with her anymore." he finishes with, "I met someone, mom… someone I've never done this with before… she kissed me, then I stole two kisses from her, only for us to be kissing over and over before we parted ways." this seems to be the source of his confusion.

Stella just listens to him, and combs her fingers through Michael's hair. She smirks, "You are in love, Michael, with the hopes and dreams your father snuck into your head when I wasn't watching. I hate having to shatter them for you, but you don't love Johana… or Viannea, or Lorelei… they are just women who've been nice to you and shown interest in you, and you let your romantic dreaming heart dream too much." she pauses, and lifts his head so he can see her eyes. "You might, however, really like this new girl. Who is she? Tell me about her, and forget for a moment about the others."

Michael nods slightly to his mother, looking at her face and her eyes. She's been his rock since Roan passed, and he's kinda always been a momma's boy when it comes to the hard emotional stuff. His eyes gain a small light to them as he grows to the subject of Nimara, "She's a senator, her name is Nimara… and I just happened to bump into her here on the Ring. In the bazaar, she was looking for a hair clip and I picked one out that she really liked and bought. Then, we started to play a game to figure out basic information about each other… and that led to lunch, and I called it a date that caught her off guard… then it led to a walk, and then drinks, and then kissing."

Stella laughs softly, "Oh Michael… do what it takes, do whatever it takes. This girl sounds promising to me, and if it's clear to your mother, it should be clear to you." she kisses his forehead, "Now, I need to get some sleep, and so do you. Go, go home to Obsidia and sleep."

Michael does leave, more confused than before, but at the same time he's also certain of what he'll do… he'll ask her.

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