07.03.3013: Mostly Well Fought
Summary: An impromptu sparring session breaks out between power and speed.
Date: 3 July 2013
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First Quadrant of the Halo, The Ring
The Halo is a thick circlet that arcs around the equator of the Ring's main sphere. It is one of the busiest regions of the Ring as it connects the six disks that stretch out from the Halo like spokes on a wheel. The Halo itself feels like a tall, but still somewhat narrow, tunnel with wide mezzanine walkways running along its sides, and the monorail below where sleek trams quickly ferry travelers around the circle. Spaced equally along the Halo are elevator bays with lifts that run up along the exterior longitude of the sphere to the various districts. Transparent composite panels line the outermost wall of the Halo to provide breathtaking views of the Eye and its Lashes as the Ring continues its own orbit around the blue gas giant.
July 3, 3013

One of the Monorails leads to a Training floor, and currently there is a session going on. Soldiers with swords in a sparring position with each other, and their trainer, one Lord Sir Kaedin Orelle, is walking around, taking note of their styles and combat prowess, snapping at some to fix a stance, or not be worried about pain, on a real battlefield, that's the last thing you need to worry about. Moving to the head of the class, He frowns and looks at them, pointing to one person in front. "Lead them through three cardio sets, then we will begin again." he says simply.

Rieke comes a-wandering in, dressed as she is pretty much every day of the week—it's not exactly suited to training and exertion, but it's not exactly suited to everyday frivolities either. When she sees that a proper session is in place, she pauses next to the entryway and leans against the wall, just observing for the moment whilst cursing herself for not checking the schedule closely enough.

Given the low numbers of knights and squires of and sworn to House Larent, Veryna is conscientious in ensuring they have plenty of opportunities to train with other knights and soldiers Thankfully, The Ring is filled to bursting with such of late, and these sessions are often populated with each and every knight wearing the colors of Larent and their own vassals. To that end, Veryna is there observing today, prowling around the back and side of the room as the soldiers run through stances and positions, leaving the barking to others better equipped for it, but watching, always watching, like a hawk.

Noticing that some of the squires and younger knights are watching the clock, Kaedin frowns. "You have three minutes, next person to look at that clock gets an extra sixty today." he says, his warning comming with an edge of no nonsense. "Sir Veryna, anything you wish to add while we have them here?" He asks, thoug hhe DID notice Rieke out of the corner of his eye, he doesn;t really consider her someone who needs to be apart of this class, private training might be more her speed.

Rieke quickly loses interest in the mass of soldiers going through their paces and wanders off to one side of the training area to find a rebated practice blade that she can use for her own practice. She finds a corner and a dummy appropriate to her needs and splits her attention between watching the rest of the room and throwing the occasional attack into the dummy. Based on her form, it's clear she's experimenting rather than following a formalized style or set of exercise; before each attack, she takes a moment to think. Whatever she's doing, it's not down to muscle memory just yet.

"Tomorrow, I think they should use the heavier swords. Or increase the gravity. Whichever pleases you." If this group of gassed knights, squires, and soldiers thinks that training with blunted swords was too much, imagine when they use the twice-as-heavy trainers! "And take that clock down," Veryna adds, with a glare towards all of the training soldiers. She strides around, arms crossed over her chest, blonde hair pulled up in a severe bun to go with the tall, supple boots, expedition pants, and uniform-cut blouse she wears to create the illusion of military office where none officially exists.

"Weighted practice armor as well, this wont be a war of finesse, I don't want to dance around the enemy, I want to hit them with peices of Iron… and the clock stays up, they need to learn self disclpline, if I have to PT them until I'm Dizzy." Kaedin says as he moves to stand next to the Young Lady Knight, he himself towering over her somewhat. "Times up, get out of my sight before I put you lot to work again." he says before leaning over to the other Noble knight in the training room. "If we send them all through hell, then maybe a skirmish with the Hostiles will be easier, as much of a longshot as that is." he says as he takes note of Rieke again and turns a raised eyebrow to Veryna.

Rieke pauses in whatever little odd practice she was going about when something strikes her, whether as odd, insightful, or whatever it may be. She starts up again for a moment, but then abruptly abandons her practice and heads over toward the two other knights, raising her own eyebrows at the both of them, but asking only, "Who were they?"

"They're a group of soldiers swore to House Orelle and its vassals, training to engage the Hostiles in hand-to-hand combat," Veryna replies rather matter-of-factly to Rieke's query. Her stance doesn't change, even when Kaedin stands next to her and looms. "Even though Sir Alexis made some very good points regarding the use of our archers and cavalry in pitched batter against the Hostiles, each soldier much be able to hold his or her own in hand-to-hand combat with a Hostile." Even if it necessitates hand-to-hand turning into hand-hand-hand-hand-to-hand combat, with the soldiers and knights requiring many more hands to defeat a single Hostile.

Kaedin nods in agreement with Veryna. "Not only that, but you also have to offset the fear of the hostiles. Powerful foes from the darkness of space on a planet we know little to nothing about." he says as he moves to take a huge two handed practice sword. "I personaly, plan on leading many assaults, and we can afford a easly fixed weakness within our ranks if we hope to even survive this fourty years of hell." he says as he walks to a trainning dummy, taking a swing and knocking said dummy off it's supports and into a wall. "I should increase the gravity on that thing…."

Rieke nods a couple of times before glancing in the direction where the soldiers filtered out, "I see. And this rationale you have with them of…direct combat, let's say; this is one that you are going to continue employing? Are these the soldiers most suited to the task? Are there those who might do better with, ah…other approaches? I am no Knight Lieutenant, but I see some folly in a blanket instruction to fight harder sooner than smarter. Though perhaps having a teacher teach his strength is wisest. So long as there is variety, that is."

Veryna chuckles a bit at the show of machismo. "It's easy to say such things now, but have you ever met a Hostile in combat, face-to-face? Defeating them is more difficult than taking a hack with all your might and watching them fall over. Brute power may have a place, but it's hard to sustain, and often leaves you struggling as a fight draws on. Sir Thalo would never admit that, but…it is my opinion, for what it's worth." She turns to Rieke and answers her questions next. "This combat training is only one part of the training these soldiers are getting. Fighting harder sooner rather than smarter doesn't appear to be the strategy, but training harder sooner rather than later can do little but help our cause."

"What was just a warmup hit. In a real fight I'm just as agressive, but less, power hitting." Kaedin says as he moves over. 'Reguardless, hard training like this conditions the body, they will tire out less, and if they happend to be pinned in a melee, well, having this doesn't hurt." he says as he leans on his huge practice sword, looking at them both. "I havent met a hostile in battle yet, havent been in the right place." He says simply, looking almost upset that he hasen't gotten to pit his mettle against the enemy. "A physicaly exceptional soldier who has a rounded set of skills is able to get much more done then a single skilled specialist."

Rieke splays her hand that's not holding a sword and holds up her hand in a show of peace, "I do agree with that, Sirs, but throwing out finesse seems short-sighted, considering that we don't yet know much about the potential of the Hostiles this time around. I am obviously biased; my blade of choice is a toothpick compared to that…monstrosity, but I don't see it being any less useful." The knight cracks a slight grin on a face that's otherwise been pretty placid so far, and adds, "Anyway, dancing has always been one of my favorite diversions when I'm not focused on more serious matters."

"A woman after my own heart then!" Veryna declares. "Clearly, I would never dismiss finesses in training. Again, you're only seeing a small part of their training. There's a time to gain strength and endurance, and a time to learn fine control and blade skills. Either of you could ask Sir Thalo about how his strength matched up against agility, even if it was only in tournament competition and after we'd both faced other worthy opponents."

Listens and looks from one to the other. "Rieke, why not spar with me." He says, more a dare then a question. Looking to Veryna he smiles. "The Wall is formitable, I haven't personaly met the man myself, though he has quite a reputation to live up to." he says as he looks at the both of them.

Rieke shows her palm again and can't help but grin a bit impudently, "Like I said, I'm no Knight Lieutenant." But then, she turns to head back to the more open part of the training room, "But if you insist. You can teach me what brute strength is worth." After that's said, she turns from the center and finally acknowledges Veryna's input, "I understand, that's why I asked if "hit them with iron" was the official rationale these days. Believe me, I'm no expert when it comes to training others."

"Iron. Arrows. Blaster fire. Hit them with rocks for all I care! So long as we're killing Hostiles we're doing what we set out to do." With Kaedin's offer laid out, Veryna just shifts her weight from one foot to the other, shifting her hips as she looks from knight to knight.

With his offer accepted, Kaedin smiles and gives Veryna a look. "i agree." he says before he walks over to the center of the training room and rolls his shoulders and lostens his neck, turning with a flash to take a lowered combat stance, there is nothing 'power hitting' about the stance he took, balanced and fluid, he moves with ease, less grace and more of a prowl, yet he doesn't make any unnessisary moves.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rieke=swords Vs Kaedin=swords
< Rieke: Good Success Kaedin: Success
< Net Result: Rieke wins - Marginal Victory

Rieke looks more relaxed than anything, watching her opponent for a few moments before raising an eyebrow a tad at the somewhat surprising stance the other knight takes up, "What happened to offense?" That said, she springs forward, obviously in the nimble-and-quick camp, and strikes with a slash that's more investigative than hostile, trying to determine how Kaedin goes about defending himself.

Kaedin misjudged her attack, or her speed, and she got a solid hit on his arm. backing up abit before he comes in at her with a fluid strike, the large sword does two things, one, it puts a bit of an intimidating look to him and two, it covers alot of ground, that reach along with his natural quickness adds the offensive edge he was talking about.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rieke=swords Vs Kaedin=swords
< Rieke: Success Kaedin: Great Success
< Net Result: Kaedin wins - Solid Victory

Rieke tries to skitter back a bit after her surprise hit. When she sees the blade coming at her, she draws back and lashes out in return with as much force as she can muster in hopes of counteracting the weight of that blade. Of course, that doesn't leave much room for adjustment when Kaedin strikes back. That hefty sword comes right past her guard and catches her in the ribs, drawing a grunt of pain before she dances back and dances forward a bit for a sharp, but not-so-forceful thrust.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rieke=swords Vs Kaedin=swords
< Rieke: Good Success Kaedin: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

The two step into the middle of the room, and Veryna steps back towards the side of the room to give them space. Impassively she watches, observing the eternal rivalry of big and strong versus small and quick play out one more time in a sparring session. Though she could call out suggestions or instructions while they spar, it would do little other than to distract them, she feels. Rather, she seems content to let them go on instinct alone and see where their skills take them.

Kaedin blocks her blade wit hthe flat side of his own huge blade, sending his sword and his body into a spin with a leap and comming down twoards her, showing more agility and quickness then raw power. Though he is pulling the force of the blade so not to hurt her, maybe a small bump on the head if he connects, keeping count it's one to one, but his hit, if it were a real blade, would have done more damage, but this is more a test of skill, so he sees it as even… for now.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rieke=swords Vs Kaedin=swords
< Rieke: Success Kaedin: Great Success
< Net Result: Kaedin wins - Solid Victory

Rieke grits her teeth under the next blow to her torso; those are definitely going to leave some colorful bruises, and it's frustrating her rather quickly. Seeing that she might be a bit overpowered blade-to-blade, she ditches honor in favor of a leg up…rather literally, striking back with a feint before trying to jam her foot, rather than her sword, into the knight's side.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rieke=unarmed Vs Kaedin=Unarmed
< Rieke: Good Success Kaedin: Good Success
< Net Result: Rieke wins - Marginal Victory

Kaedin gives a small grunt at the dirty tactic. Taking the kick to his side, even thoug hhe managed to turn and deflect most of the force. The move set him off, and he comes back with an upswing of his sword, reguardless of power, maybe a good sting will remind her. The look in his eyes, while it isn;t pure murder, it does show that he feels that a bit of retributiuon is in order.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rieke=swords Vs Kaedin=swords
< Rieke: Good Success Kaedin: Great Success
< Net Result: Kaedin wins - Solid Victory

Rieke does indeed catch the retaliation strike; she manages to avoid it for the most part, but catches a lightened version of the strike with her nose. Which means blood, and plenty of it. She reacts like anyone else would, bringing her hands to her face after tossing aside her blade, but has the wherewithal to stop, bow a bit, and be gracious about it, "Perhaps brute force has its place. I…just need to go take care of this." That said, she wanders off to find someplace to get it all washed up and properly checked. She doesn't want to hang around and chat about her loss; she's better off just scurrying off.

Veryna's impassive expression breaks a bit when Rieke takes a blunted blow on her nose; that draws a little gasp! "Oh! There's a medic station not far down the hall, if you should need it," Veryna calls after the other woman, as she dashes out to take care of that. "Well fought…mostly," she replies to Kaedin. "Instructive, however, as the Hostiles won't hesitate to use any tactics or weapons at their disposal to achieve victory." Veryna glances at the clock though. "However, this session's already run over, and I'm expected back on Nubilus for another planning meeting. Until next time," she says, turning and heading through the threshold in quite a different way than Rieke.

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