Jay Tavare
Jay Tavare as Morrigan Wolf
Full Name: Morrigan Wolf
Age: 20?
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Cindravale
Position: Personal body guard to Lady Elodie
Spouse: none Height:
Father: Weight:
Mother: Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Eye Color: Brown


History of the Family Wolf

The wolf Family were there when the 5th planet returned for a second time. Having banded together after the first war, they were ready when the return happened. Following martial Philosophies by any that would teach, they trained and practiced as hard as any Army. When the second attack ocured, the Family Wolf fought viciously, throwing in at the enemy wherever they could find them. in the end, The Family had taken massive casualties, their core numbers having been at 150 in the beginning, after the war, they were 35 in strength.
Having nothing else to do, the family kept training. Taking in promising recruits welcoming them into the family, interbreeding with them as time went on and rebuilding their numbers, Today the Family Wolf is a force to be reckoned with. While their outlying numbers may be counted in the dozens, including cousins, intermarriages, etc, These are mostly tinkerers, armorers, electricians, every day, hard working folks scattered around the system paying alliegance to many houses. The Army of the Wolf itself though, as it is known, are 2 independant forces under similar Banners. There is the Wolf's Legion led by Morrigan's father, these are the main force of Heavy Footmen, Numbering around 15 standing members at any given point, and Crow's Skirmishers. Led By Morrigan's uncle Crow, often as not they will work together, but they take their contracts separately. Crow's band numbers 10 and specializes in Guerilla tactics.


Morrigan was born on the battlefield, well, to be honest, he was born in the commanders quarters 3/4 of a mile from the battlefield…much closer to the war room to be honest. the families of the Mercenary Horde generally travelling with them as they went from one assignment to the next, this wasn't out of the normal. As far as Morrigan could tell, his childhood was normal. and for the most part, it WAS normal. there were other children to play with. he ran and played with the rest. amongst the children there were no ranks. There were Bullies and weaklings, The main difference between Morrigan's childhood and the average kids was when he and his friends played soldiers, there would inveitably an off duty mercenary around that would stop the boys at play, give them pointers on better strategy, and usually pointers on how to better wield a sword or Bow.
As he aged, Morrigan's studies were gradually increased as well. Classical studies from the age of 4, Math, reading, writing, social studies and phys ed. At 6 Martial studies began as well. Unarmed practice against dummies and boys his own age. At 10 he became eligible for more specialized training. Still nothing strenuous, but it was at this age that children in the camp chose a martial practice to train in. Having a pair of older brothers, one training as a heavy Axeman, the other well on his way to becoming a master archer, Morrigan chose to follow the path of the scout. training in short blades and stealth, he kept up with Archery as well. It being his fathers intention to groom him as a skirmisher when he was old enough. At his mothers insistence, Morrigan's daily studies were also augmented with Etiquette and music under the tutelage of a Scholar hired especially for the task of training Morrigan, his brothers, and any of the other kids in the Horde that the parents decided to send.

Teenage Years

Training continued Daily, at 12, martial training was supplemented and increased. The weapons were no longer toys, sparring was done in padded Armor and The children were set to duties within the camps. Being paired with a mentor, they were set to maintenance of armor, taking turns on watch with their mentors, and hunting. Morrigan's Mentor was his uncle Crow. Commander of his own Skirmisher's unit, Crow was the ideal mentor for his nephew. Crow was a "Man of the Land" as Morrigan's father would put it. Where all of the army of the Wolf were good foragers and good at living off the land, Crow lived a spartan life. Where the rest of the horde supplemented hunted meat with processed rations, Crow eschewed them, saying "If a man can't catch his food, he doesn't deserve to eat." While he was an able Swordsman, Crow practiced the methods he had studied of the plains natives of Old earth. They worked with bow and arrow, practiced skirmishing and stealth, and carried as many knives as they could. Crow could hit dead center of a target from 50 paces without fail. These were the things that Crow taught Morrigan. At 16, after discussing things with Morrigan's father, Crow took his nephew to the woods, sat him down and presented him with a large, heavy box. Opening it up revealed a new uniform of Crow's skirmishers. It was padded Armor. Morrigan was moving to work in Crow's camp.

It was when Morrigan was 17 that things began to go badly. Campaigning against a small house aligned to Orelle,Crow had raided a camp. Taking hostages in the raid, they were brought back to camp, ransomed, and after 30 days, were returned unscathed. Mercenaries they may be, but they believed strongly in treating prisoners with dignity. afterall. the head you kick in today, may be attached to the boot aimed at your skull tomorrow. Unfortunately, one of the Hostages had been a favorite of House Orelle. The man had been inspecting troops when the raid had happened, and as a sresult had been forced to miss his own Wedding. To think that something so trivial could be the beginning of so much strife is almost laughable. the cry went up though, and the trap was set. 5 of the lesser houses of Orelle banded together. Laid a contract with the Army of the Wolf asking for their aide. The Merc Horde arrived as contracted to do. The premise was that 2 of the houses were fed up with the third. not wanting to be implicatred directly, they had hired the Wolf to see to it's eradication. Plans were made, positions were set. and a week later…they went to battle. What seemed like a fairly straightforward battle turned against the Army of the Wolf quickly. Attacking their adversary straight on, they soon found themselves fighting on all sides as their supposed Allies turned on them as well. In the end, the Wolf's numbers were cut in half. While they fought valiantly, They had been outmaneuvered. Morrigan's father called a surrender. the first in living memory for the Army of the Wolf. Leaders met, decisions were made, and in the end, it was decided. The Wolf were given a choice. Surrender. swear vassalage to House Orelle, give up 2 of his sons as tokens of Fealty, or die to a man. Morrigan's father Swore Vassalage. as did Crow, and his men one by one. Morrigan was presented, along with his older brother. dressed in their finest clothes and unarmed. Morrigan was given to house Iah as reward for their playing the part of the decoy. His older Brother Lief, was sent to live in the houses of Orelle itself. Their eldest brother was left behind to take command of the Army of the wolf when it was his father's time to retire. Saying his last goodbyes, Morrigan left the Camp of the Army of the Wolf, and returned to the land of Iah.


Given the choice of what to do after a probationary period amongst those of Iah, Morrigan chose to join the ranks of their military. Having had previous experience training as a skirmisher, and with a knowledge in woodscraft and Hunting, he had been accelerated in rank. After 2 years, Morrigan is a Sergeant. Sporting the colors of Iah, he fights to protect their lands as loyally as any other man. He has not been treated badly, and so he earns his keep. Still though, Morrigan is not allowed to leave Iah held lands without escort. to be caught outside of them alone without permission from his liege is to sentence himself to imprisonment or death. Within the lands though, he is given more or less free rein, which he takes advantage of at every opportunity, disappearing into the wastes as often as possible, the young Sergeant dons his old armor when alone. Well we say old, it was a birthday gift given just before the fall, and had never been worn in battle. And wanders the land. No on knows that he does it, and were they to find out, no one would know exactly why he does it. he doesn't attack people, he does little more than hunt, or wander. perhaps it's just to feel the armor and remember his family.


Despite having grown up amongst Murderous villains that would steal the fillings from a teenager's mouth for the gold content, I mean…who wouldn't right? Morrigan is rather reserved. Soft spoken and polite, he is actually a little shy when meeting new people. When amongst his men, he give of more of an air of confidence and will not suffer laziness amongst his command. while he is strict with his men, he still lives by the motto "If you have to yell, you probably don't know what you're doing.



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