09.11.3013: Morning Dawns
Summary: Rook and Nitrim share breakfast and have some deep discussions after spending the night together.
Date: 05 September 2013
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Ithaca Nitrim 

Nitrim's Apartments — Volkan, The Crescent
A small two-step set of stairs lead into this recessed room that is lit by hooded, indirect lighting that casts a somber, golden glow over its mostly red and black features. Various pieces of art, both photography and moving hypervisual, line the walls. Darkly shaded marble flooring stretches out to a small seating area with a pair of sofas in front of a mounted InfoSphere videoscreen that serves as the centerpiece of the room. To the left of the entryway is a comfortable chair seated next to a table and bookshelf that rest near a wide balcony that overlooks Volkan below. Along the far right wall is a snake habitat on a raised platform tht is protected by a mostly transparent energy shield.

The rear of the room supports another small two-stair reach that leads up to a lavish bedroom setting with a draped four-post bed in black and red dressing. Lastly, a small double door off to the side of the bedding section leads to a washroom with a walk-in shower and a large soaking tub set next to a window.

11 September 3013

It's early when Rook stirs, her rest has been surprisingly better off the Red Eye, despite it being what helped her sleep while she was on it. The mathematics running through her brain have become less chaotic and more ordered without the fogging effect of the drug. When Nitrim wakes, he'll find the bed empty, but his friend is not gone. She is sitting in front of Dahlia's habitat, her eyes white and her wings furled on her back, as a second blue snake, this one translucent and resembling the one in her tattoo, plays with the other reptile, slithering through the trees and over the rocks, a game of tag of sorts. This sort of minute illusory control was not part of her abilities while she was drugged. She's apparently claimed one of his tank tops from one of his dressers, her lack of boundaries being as they are.

Waking, rather slowly as the man had a late night, Nitrim stirs from the bed and buries his face in one of the black, satiny pillows. He breathes in a scent not normally finds on the pillows and it urges him to slowly wake. Finding himself without a stitch of clothing, he pushes to sit and rubs at his eyes to watch Rook from a distance. "Morning." He murmurs out to her, brushing a hand through his sweat-stuck bed hair and then peels her lacy bra off of one of the posts with a smirk. Sliding from the sheets, he crosses past her to a dresser, rummaging around for something to wear. "I see you're saying hello to her. How'd you sleep?"

When he nears, he can see it's not just the illusory snake she's controlling, but an illusory mouse the pair of snakes are chasing about. A tiny white mouse with glowing blue eyes that darts and dashes amid the scenery, just juking out of the way of its pursuers. The movements are an exertion of very fine motor control with her psychometry. "Good," she replies, her lips twitching into a smile as the little mouse ducks beneath a rock and her own version of a snake bonks its head comically trying to follow.

"Good is good." Nitrim replies, watching her with his rather severe Khourni stare as she has her fun. "I slept like the dead, thanks for letting me sleep in." He adds, slipping quietly into a pair of drawstring pants that hang off of his chiseled hips. His hand comes to his mouth to stifle a yawn as he looks around the room. "Have you eaten yet? I feel like I just ran a mile; I'm thinkin about getting a shower then calling to have a tray of food brought."

The Rook-snake curls around Dahlia briefly in a hug before it too winks out of existence. Rook's wings fall away like a shower of black feathers that vanish in the air, and her eyes go back to their normal darkness. "Hungry," she admits, as she rises from her cross-legged position and stretches a little. His tank is practically a dress on her tiny frame. She moves over to slide arms around him for a hug. "Good night," she murmurs.

Wrapping his long, tattooed arms around Rook's shoulders, he buries his face in her hair where he can kiss her softly. "Yeah, yeah it was a good night." He replies, his neck a mess of bruises and love bites. Pulling back, he brushes his hands down her arms and leads her over to his wall console where he dials up a breakfast order for two from the kitchen. "I should have you know, something is about to hit the news. You might have noticed my moving boxes have been made disappeared."

Rook looks around for the boxes and indeed, they are not there. She arches a brow at him, looking confused at his words. "What?" she asks, wanting to know. She wraps her arms around him from behind as he orders their food, resting her head between the wings on his shoulder blades.

"I'm not going to be moving to Landing, and Soleil won't be moving here." Nitrim adds with one final tap to the screen; the order has been submitted. "I asked my father to break off the arrangement, and its going to be…public." He replies grimly as he leans back against her.

Rook is still and quiet for a moment or two, as she digests that information. "I'm sorry," she whispers against his back. "Know it's hard." She didn't mean to mess up his betrothal, but part of her is overjoyed on the inside that the Sauveur woman will no longer be able to hurt him like she seems to do so well.

"Might take me years to make up the damages to my House, maybe not, I'm not sure but I want my friends, my family, and my life. It wasn't going to work." With one final squeeze back into her he traps her arms against his chest and steps towards the bathroom door. A giggle flies up from his throat as he finds the other half of her nightwear hanging from the door. He plucks it from the handle with a finger and offers it back to her. "Was wondering where that went."

Rook laughs brightly as she takes the panties and flings them back onto the bed, letting him lead her to the bathroom. "Family, friends, important. Told you that. Lots," she reminds him. "Be you, be happy."

"I just want to stay clean and get some more training in with the Granthams, back up my family when the Hostile come here. There's just been too much bullshit." Dragging her along, he opens the door to the shower and reaches in to start it. With a brush of his cheek to her shoulder, he breaks free and undresses, slipping into the stall. "But I am gonna catch hell for this from all angles, but my sisters should be happy, at least a little."

"As long as you're happy," Rook murmurs. She heads into the shower behind him, stripping off the tank so they can keep talking. "And me." She adds that timidly.

"And you?" Nitrim glances over his shoulder, eyes finding hers as he dips his head under the water to feel the heat splash against his skin. Turning to face her, he walks through the wall of water and leans against the cool tile, giving her room to slip under. "You're finally taking a front seat at going for happy, Rook? I like that. Or did you mean something else?"

"Want to be happy. Want to be near you," Rook admits. She steps under the water and slicks her hair back.

"So what do you want to do about that?" Nitrim asks, hands pressing flat against the wall as he looks her over. "Do you have to go back to the Oubliette or can you do your job from Volkan?"

"I have to go to work there sometimes," Rook says quietly. "Job coming up. Can't say no to it," she admits. No one says no to Gentleman Johnny. He may have noticed the white oleanders she received in the infirmary. "But can commute through Waygates for that. Could stay here, can't afford it on salary though." She begins shampooing her hair, it takes longer now with the added length.

"If you needed some help to cover the difference in cost, I could put up for some of that." Nitrim offers for a second time, though the last was months ago. "But why do you have to go anywhere in person? You're a data connection and work remote. We could just move all of your shit down here."

Rook shrugs a little bit at that. "Nice to have my place there. If we need to hide out," she explains. That's true. No one is going to come looking for a noble lord of Khournas in the bowels of the Ring. "Plus can meet work people there." Her handlers won't want her completely out of touch. She smiles at him a little though. "Can stay here more though. In Volkan. Can try to find a place. Don't need to buy drugs anymore."

Shampooing his hair, Nitrim steps forward and turns the water to his neck, pressing his shoulder to her arm so that he can feel her there. She is far less likely to get elbowed that way. "You can stay here until Devon gives the all-clear, I think, and you're more than welcome to come visit me. I think I also know a good place here to move you over. I'll get you everything you need before you go, give you a chance to look it over." He pauses, brow furrowing as he leans back to rinse. "Are you in danger, Rook?"

"Always," Rook admits. She's in the Syndicate and her skills are much needed so they aren't going to let her go easily. "But not too bad now," she adds. "Do my job, they'll leave me be. Don't, and they'll make trouble. Debt to pay off. Lincoln may help."

"Or Lincoln might get killed in the process." Nitrim grumps, shaking his head as the water cascades down his face. Slicking his hair back, he steps past Rook to slide behind her, hand on her hip as he gives her the water back. "Not that I've ever had much fear but I guess it's different being on the outside. You be careful, okay? Don't go through all this to die on me."

"Won't die. Do my best," Rook murmurs as she rinses off and then steps out of the shower to dry off. "Will work on getting better. Learn to talk better, walk in shoes. Wear dresses." She smiles at him as she towels off her hair. "Climb too high to be reached, maybe."

"Maybe. From what I understand sometimes even nobles get wrapped up in claws like that," Nitrim replies, shutting off the faucet and reaching for a towel to dry off. The sound of his door closing can be heard and the aroma of breakfast starts to waft through the steam of the bathroom door. "You know," he looks to her, making sure he gets her eyes for this one. "You don't have to change, you're still ace in my book. I hope you don't feel like you have to do this."

"Want to. Taste of what I never had. Want more," Rook murmurs, trading one addiction for another. "Want you to be able to be seen with me. Without being in trouble. Or laughed at. Want to walk the streets beside my friend, proudly." She smiles faintly and leans up to give him a peck on the cheek, before she wraps the towel around herself and heads out towards the smell of food.

Wrapping the towel around his hips, Nitrim leans into the peck on his cheek and grins. "No one laughed at you or I when we went out the other day, but that's mostly because if they did I'd set them on fire." He jokes. Does he? With a smile on his face he follows out after her and heads over to the tray of eggs and bacon, grabbing a plate. "But in that dress, with your powers…they might understand. It's all about commanding presence and confidence."

"Know I'm weird," Rook admits with a chuckle, as she tucks into the eggs and bacon and toast and juice with abandon. "Will try to be mysterious instead. Work for you?" she asks with a brow arch and a grin.

"Work for me?" Nitrim gives her the curious eyebrow as he scoops food onto the plate and grabs a glass of juice. Heading over to the sofa, he drops onto it and turns on the morning news. "Are we talking slipping into my room at night mysterious or sexy girl with dark eyes and a low hood that gives the locals the impression I run in a gang of dangerous hermetics, mysterious?"

"Tiny woman with dark eyes. Doesn't talk much. Says profound things when she does, mysterious," Rook retorts between swallowing down mouthfuls of breakfast.

"Ah, I usually just settle for keeping the fucking good down and acting like I'm not paying attention to anyone." Nitrim replies as he starts to eat. "Speaking of which do you still have that coat of mine? Are you keeping it?"

"Want it back?" Rook asks, blinking at him. It's down in the infirmary with her old clothes in the closet of her treatment room.

"Nah I don't really care I just didn't know if you were replacing it with some of your new clothes or not," Nitrim replies, looking up from his food to her dark eyes. "So how many times a week do you plan on sneaking in here like that?"

"How many do you want me to?" Rook asks, giving him a shoulder bump. "I like the coat. Smells like you." She shrugs as she dumps more salt on her eggs. These are way better than the powdered things they get in the Oubliette.

"When you want to, no less no more." Nitrim grins, knowing that he's turned it around, forcing her to make the call. Then again, it's harder to sneak into the infirmary. "Then again I doubt I'm gonna be under surveillance after the news comes out. Things should be quiet."

"Your bed is comfier," Rook quips. "But don't want to crowd you. Or be all," like his ex, "clingy." She offers him one of her bacon pieces with a small smile. She's been smiling more in the last few days than the entire time he's known her. "Should call Jane for lessons."

Leaning out, Nitrim takes the bacon between his teeth and wolfs it down hungrily. Considering her, he reaches for her leg and draws it over his lap while he uses her knees as a table for his plate. "So," Munch munch munch. "I figure so long as you need your space and are upfront with me, and I do the same, it's not going to be a big deal. If you want to come by, come by."

"Ok," Rook agrees, letting him use her legs to balance his plate on. "Same," he's welcome to drop in on her place whenever, just like he used to. "Going to see Jane today," she decides. "Shoes." She needs to figure out how to walk in the damned things. She has several new pairs of anklebreakers.

"You'll have to send me a message and tell me how it goes. Honestly? I think she'll be excited for you. She's trouble, so by the time I see you again she'll probably have told you all kinds of stuff." Nitrim laughs, tilting his head back down to his plate. "After last night, I'm kinda excited about that."

Rook grins and chews on her lower lip. "Different, without drugs. Better. Remember. Feel more. Share more," she murmurs. "Amazing. Everything is amazing."

"Everything?" Nitrim blushes, flashing his teeth over to her as he swallows down the last bite of his food. Adjusting the towel around his hips, tightening it, he rests against the arm of the sofa to get a better look at her. "So you're saying last night was better than the first time, way back then?"

"Yes. Needed that time. Wanted this time. Strangers then. Understand each other now. Better. Deeper." Rook can be downright enlightening at times, her words far more poignant than the strange woman has any right to be.

"Yeah, it means more, doesn't it? It's more intentional." Nitrim admits leaning out to press a kiss to the side of her mouth as he rises from the sofa. Stepping past her he slips over to his bureau and hangs up his towel, his back to her as he starts to rifle through his drawers for - well - drawers. "So when are you going to see Jane? Will you be back this way tonight?"

Rook stares, unashamedly, at his bare backside as he dresses. "Afternoon," she replies. "Will be back. Need to get dose in infirmary. Why?"

"I was just wondering if I should leave the door unlocked or add you to the keycode, if you wanted to slip in when you got back." Nitrim replies, outright catching her staring as he turns his side to her and pulls on a pair of tight-fitting ash-gray boxer briefs. Adjusting, as one is want to, he pulls out a pair of black pants, preparing to slip them on. "Or are you all night downstairs?"

"A few hours down there. When they take the IV out, I can go," Rook explains, her cheeks flushing a little when he catches her looking. Normally that wouldn't phase her, but everything has been heightened as the depressant has been slowly removed from her system. "Add me. Keep doors locked," she advises. She's not used to the building itself being secure.

"That's what I was thinking. Leaving the door locked risks…we've been getting into enough trouble lately and for all we know Soleil might storm down here." Nitrim smirks, slipping his trousers on and buckling them with an expensive belt. Remaining shirtless, he pads past her, brushing a hand over her shoulder as he goes, and stops at his security panel. "Code is blackling, because you're my blackling." Insta-pet name. Tapping the screen, he lets it be done.

Rook eyes him. "Blackling? What is that?" she asks curiously. She pads over to the door to study the security system. If she really wanted to, she could probably break into it anyway, but she'll let him feel secure.

"I dunno, just sounded good at the time. I have no clue what it is. You're a Black, you wear black. Fuck it, I don't know." Nitrim murmurs, lighting a pair of cigarettes and offering her one. Since they're alone, he tugs away at her towel and throws it over the shoulder and then freezes. "Oh FUCK." He laughs. "How are you going to get back down to your stuff? You're gonna have to borrow more of my clothes."

Rook laughs. She has no issues standing in front of him without a stitch on. She's more shy when she's wearing the new lacy bits and bobs she got and is not used to. "Grab some of your clothes. Might even give them back," she teases. "Like blackling. Suits me." She nods at him.

"Well, at least your lace is clean." Nitrim muses as he takes her wrist and leads her back to the bed where he offers her the lingerie from the night before. Chewing on his lip, he looks to his dresser. Fully intending to watch her dress, he pulls out a black tank top and a pair of pants that look as if they wouldn't fit, a pair of boxers, or a pair of black drawstring pants. The last, he points to. "These are probably your best bet."

Rook pulls on her panties, unaware that he's watching her do so, and then finagles her way into the bra. It's clear she's not used to wearing one of them, and she honestly probably doesn't need one, but she's trying. "Crazy invention," she mumbles as she adjusts it to sit properly. She pulls on the tank, then looks over the pants selection. She agrees with the drawstring ones and hauls them on, needing to rollup the bottoms lest she walk on them.

"Oh come on they look nice. Besides, you're soft and they have a nice curve to them. Idon't…" Nitrim scratches at the side of his head. "I don't know if you need one, but they're fun to take off, you know." Awkward, he's never really thought about it. He stretches his arms out, offering them to her to pull her into a hug. "You go have fun today…and thanks for coming. Thanks for staying. I'm glad you did."

Rook moves into his arms and rests against him for a long moment, eyes closed, content to be near. "Glad too. Will see you later." She smiles and lets go, backing away from him with a tiny wave, before hustling out in her slippers.

"Wait. What the fuck, Rook?" Nitrim laughs, stepping after her and grabbing her by her hips. With a growl, he spins her around and tilts her chin to him to brush a soft kiss against her lips with just a little promise to them. As his lips leave her, he whispers. "We're at war. You always say goodbye."

Rook returns the kiss passionately, and when he parts from her, she nods. "But if you keep kissing like that, won't ever leave. End up back in bed, silly," she points out.

"You don't want to keep Jane waiting, do you?" Nitrim laughs against her lips, pressing one more to the corner of her mouth before he starts to walk away. "Go have fun. Make friends. She could get you backstage at concerts and you're gonna need friends other than me." He plants a hand to his chest. "I'm a great friend, but you're fucking me and sooner or later you're gonna want to talk to someone about me that you aren't related to."

That gets a snort from Rook. And then she heads out to start her day.

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