05.16.3014: Morning Absolutions
Summary: A last breakfast in Honor's Keep brings quiet conversation and future plans between Canis and Cyrielle.
Date: Jan 7 2014
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Canis Cyrielle 

Honor's Keep, The Vale
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May 16 3014

It's fairly early morning and the sun is rising over the lagoon in Honor's Keep the main house is awake well many of it at least. The outside eating area is popular for breakfast goers though it's still mostly empty as the places are now being finished being set. One who is up early this morning is Canis he's leaving the house it looks like he's just showered after a morning workout. He moves to sit at the table lightly.

"Mind if I join you?" Cyrielle is looking better than the day Canis found her in the damaged hut, but still not as well as she did prior to the fight with Nitrim. The woman is still a bit pale and hollow in the face. Dark circles still rest beneath her eyes. She is, at least, well and steady on her feet. Her rehab now primarily consists of learning smoother, more practiced movements with her new leg, rather than favoring it so much.

She hovers a bit by the Ligonier's shoulder, hands clasped before her. She's in her blue-and-silver bikini, having come from one of Ines' morning yoga sessions. Cyri is getting better on the paddle boards and has proven to be rather stubborn in becoming good at the poses.

Canis turns back at the sound of approach to see who it is family or friend. The young man's face spreads into a friendly smile at the sight of the other. He does notice that she's not fully recovered but a little better. "Good Morning Cyrielle." he greets her easily looking over her a moment "Ah, looks like you've been yanked into ocean yoga with Ines eh?" he nods though. "Yes please join me. Will you need any help later with anything on the way to the waygate?"

"I'm not sure yanked is the word," Cyrielle says, a small smile briefly coming to her features. She's still somewhat damp from the exercises, but such is the norm here for the most part. The woman settles into a chair next to Canis, stretching legs out before her as she does so. "No, I don't believe so. I'll be making a few stops…"

After a deep breath, she reaches out to adjust the plate that's set before her seat slightly. "I would like to return again soon, perhaps with my cousin. I think she could enjoy Honor's Keep. Perhaps we could plan a meal with your family for her visit."

"If you enjoy it, that's all that matters." He will respond to her words about the yoga. Canis will watch as the other sits down and will listen to her response he nods but he'll reach over and unless declined give a brief hug "Well I will miss my friend until then." he says with a grin as the food begins coming out from the house and the drinks "Your welcome here any time and of course your cousin as well. I dont think i've met them."

"Lady Alix Hollolas," Cyrielle offers, providing the girl's name. "We've only recently begun to get to know one another well. She's more of a… mm, bookworm? than the rest of us. You could probably teach her a thing or two about sailing." The hug isn't declined and in fact returned.

"You're always welcome to visit Beacon as well. Perhaps you could give our beaches a try, though they're not so perfectly clear and still as the lagoons here."

Canis smiles at the returned hug though he nods his head to her "Ah, no haven't met her but of course she's welcome, i'd be glad to take her sailing if she would like. Just don't let her talk to Ines first she'll be sure to thing i'll flip the boat over." he winks to the other though pondering while he drinks some juice. "I would like to visit that would be fun." he says in response to the others offer. He does seem enthusiastic.

"Just make sure you both remain within swimming distance of the shore," Cyrielle offers with a soft laugh. She settles back in her seat as the breakfast meal is brought out and provided before them. Giving access to anyone who has to lean past her to place down a dish or other vessel. "I'll schedule something once I return from my meditations, then."

The young knight finishes his bite of food before he laughs to her words "I tipped over one time, and it was Ines's fault we were racing when I was younger and she stands up and goes. Canis look a dolphin!" he says shakes his head "I leaned over and splash." he tells the story and laughs a bit more before another drink. "I will keep her safe I promise." he will say just in case she is worried "Excellent."

There's a soft laugh at the story, Cyrielle affecting a bit of a grin. Reminiscing about good times is a fun activity. "Ephraim did stuff like that to the rest of us all the time. Distract us so he could win. But, well… we all did it back, really." She shrugs, assembling a plate of food for herself.

Canis chuckles and gives a shrug "I suppose that's what family is for often times." he says eating and drinking a bit more before he will continue "I meant to say something earlier, but if you do need something while away you can send something to my tablet I should get it fairly quickly that way." he offers this though he cant think of much more he can do to help while she's away from Honor's Keep at least.

"Family is good for a few things, but pranking one another…" Cyrielle offers a slight smirk. "That was always one of my favorites." She leans forward to reach for her drink, taking a long sip. "I'll keep that in mind," she offers, managing a brief smile as she glances towards Canis. "Hopefully… I won't need anything too great, but if I do, I'll keep you in mind."

Glancing off towards the lagoons, she exhales in a slow breath. "You're welcome to do the same with me, as well. You've done so much for me, consider me on call if you need anything."

"I've not gotten a good prank in. I can't even remember when it's been, should plan one." Canis chuckles "I owe Ines though I offered to take her twin children to the carnival and she charged me with seeing to their safety until dinner time that day." he says going wide-eyed though he did perfectly well and is mostly teasing. He does sober up a little though he's still smiling friendly wise "Thank you, anytime at all is okay." he will nod though "I don't believe i'I've done anything still, but thank you I will keep that in mind as well."

"You could always ask Ephraim, my brother. He tends to come up with some good ones." Cyrielle, unfortunately, is not much of a mind for pranks as of late. She's eating slowly, but at least she's eating. "You did a lot, Canis. You've… been there for me, talked to me. Took me out sailing. Someday, I'll pay you back for it all, I promise."

Canis nods to the others words "Ah, yes i'I've met your brother a few times." he will say as she speaks the name duh he hadn't made the connection before now "Though no jokes or tricks were played at the time. I think we met at the taphouse and was introduces by Miss Lorelei." he will say easily enough though taking another drink form his glass. "No need to pay me back, i'm glad we became friends." he will say to the other.

"Ah, yes, Lorelei. They are…" Cyrielle waves a hand slightly before lifting her drink for a long sip. "Wasn't aware you knew each other. I'll have to give him a hard time for that later." Lips quirk in a small smile. She does edge her plate aside, seemingly done with eating. She didn't eat much, but… some, at least.

"I'm glad, also, but…" There's a small shrug and she looks a bit sheepish. "I'll never feel right unless I find a way to make it up to you."

The young man has seen an heard a bit of what's going on between the two and nods knowingly. "We've only a few times but he seems a good enough person." Canis says to the other despite his first meeting he'll not speak about that it's not nice. He will look to the plate as a little was eaten but figures he wont press only smiling a bit "Well I don't want you feeling bad, sort of the opposite of what i'm trying to do." he says.

"He's a great guy. Just tends to… get into spots of trouble now and then." Cyrielle glances over to Canis and offers a lopsided smirk. "He hasn't even got his own ship right now. Lost it in some bet. I actually need to suss out how to get it back for him." She pushes back from the table and shifts to her feet. "I won't feel bad, just… not right. We'll figure something out someday, Canis."

Reaching over with a hand, she squeezes Canis' shoulder. "Thank you, again. I'll be sure to visit soon."

"We could go privateer in my family's boat?" Canis says with a grin coming to his face "I could mount a well some sort of weapon i'm sure and we can take it back." The young knight comes to his feet as she does if she's going to be off he wont be rude after all "We've got plenty of time for all that of course, still have to show you more on getting the bad guys with a trident after all." he will reach and pat her hand lightly just a quick gesture "I hope the time away helps." he'll say simply.

"Ha! I'm sure I'll figure out something. I've got a ship of my own I can take out, you know." Cyrielle offers a wink in Canis' direction. "Perhaps we can sail on it sometime? Mayhap over the summer." If the end of the world hasn't arrived. The woman is trying to be at ease, but there's an underlying discomfort.

It shows in his last words and she offers a smaller, but more genuine smile. "It usually does." With a small nod, she heads off towards the rooms she's been given in the main holdings of Ligonier to pack and prepare.

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