08.01.3013: More Than Rocks in There
Summary: Later in the Bazaar, Roxy chances on Demos
Date: 1st August 2013
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Roxy Demos 

The Bazaar
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.

In the bazaar, not far off from a one of the 'club' areas, Demos has found a small cafe selling drinks. Juice, healthy, fresh, that sort over things with energy boosts, or caffeine, or even liquor. There he has found a table where, beside him rests a tablet for working which is presently off. Today in his hand he holds a rock that looks like a mix of salt and jade. Jade stuck into salt then made firm, as he holds it and it doesn't fall apart as he turns it over. It is simply like fidgeting, there is no focus on the rock. Rather he has a blended juice drink and is watching people come and go, or pass by in the main thoroufare of the Bazaar, coming and going from the more popular entertainment areas.

Riding through the patrons, Roxy ducks in and out, between them, her neon green skateboarding shoe propelling her forward now and again. When she gets nearer the food places in the bazaar, she stops, stomps on the end of her board and catches it in her hand, heading for something to drink! It was kind of warm out. Today, she's dressed in a black and white striped shirt, a short black tulle skirt over hot pink leggings with those neon green shoes. In her hair is a small pink bow. Tucking the board under one of her arms, she pauses by a stall selling cute clothing and she gets sidetracked but still very near the drink stand.

Hearing the distinctive click of the tail of a board to ground, before it pops into her hands, Demos turns to the noise. Simply for something to look at but then smiling when he see who it is. Tossing about an idea when he sees her, he comes to a quick conclusion, picking up the tablet and finishing most of the drink. The drink is left on the table, to stake claim of it while he's close and in case he decides to come back. Tablet is tucked away, rock doesn't leave his fingers. "I could get use to this you know," he says, approaching the vendor, not looking at the clothes, loud enough for Roxy to hear but not so as to make a scene or draw attention.

Ohhh such a cute skirt! Lifting the pink, black, green and white short plaid, pleated skirt, Roxy decides then and there it will be hers. Checking the size, she beams a bright smile. "I'll take these." About that time, she hears the familiar voice and turns, that same smile still gracing her features. "Hey there.. I'm surprised to see you here again. Which raises a few questions.." The wink she gives is just as teasing as the words.

As if about to address what the questions might be, Demos catches himself and stops. Then a brow perches above his right eye with hints of curiousity. "I am surprising or, there is another curiousity you have?" A grin, as if, should she have questions, he would like to hear them rather then suggest why he might be about the Bazaar so much of late. While here items are bagged, he does look at his table, offering it with a hand if she would like, but then, a walk would probably be just as nice for him.

Paying for her purchases, Roxy tucks the handles of the bag over an arm, the skateboard on the same side. Once she's finished, she steps up to Demos and crinkles her nose as she looks up at him before reaching for his hand, turning it over and inspecting the rock there, somehow knowing it would be there. "What is this one called?" Observing the colors, the texture. A glance is given the table and she lifts a single shoulder. "We could sit or walk, either one." As if he had voiced the options.

"A sit," responds Demos to the options, "Otherwise I may lose site of you again." A warm smile, then he holds up the rock, handing it over for closer examination, "Chromium Diopside, it is a metamorphic rock, crystal set into limestone. It has had time to solidify together. It has an emerald quality when polished, but I like its natural form (http://russian-gems.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Specimen10.jpg)." He moves to a seat if she does. "I get a question now," he says, as if questioning it himself, but the corner of his mouth turns up slightly. "Skateboarding, for fun, or do you do all the fancy stuff with it as well?"

When he offers the rock, Roxy looks it over, the interest lighting her eyes is definitely not forced or faked. "Chromium Diopside. It's pretty. I'm sure I won't remember the name of it though." Offering it back to him, she glances towards the table again then him. "You know, I have digits you can have if you're interested, just in case you lose sight of me again. And I have texting!" Walking over with him, she slips into a seat, propping her skateboard against the chair and her bag with her purchases beside it. His question draws a silly, lopsided grin from her. "Both. I do it actually for fun, for tricks and for transportation. Remember you once asked me about riding a horse?"

A nod of his head, taking in all the information. He jokes at first, "I didn't want to ask for another and ruin my question quota." A smile more than a chuckle but he nods more at the question of horse back riding. "I do recall that question and I think I may have the opportunity, why, have you been horse back riding without me?" More thoughts bubble at the surface, he limits himself to those, instead finding a good moment to be quiet and listen, looking in to her eyes with the edge of curiousity that flows under the surface of his skin.

"Then if I volunteer it, it's not a question?" A teasing smile tugs at her lips and Roxy uses the comm device at her wrist, aiming it at him and snapping a picture. "So, digits? If you're agreeable that is." Prepared to type them in then thinking better of it, she offers her wrist phone to him, so that he can type it in for her. "I've still not ridden a horse yet. Want to go take lessons or something sometime?" Uh oh, she has exceeded her quote of questions and looking abashed, she tips her head to the side. "Your turn," she says simply.

Chuckling, Demos leans over to type in his contact enough quickly enough. He doesn't answer it verbally so as to negate the question. Then he offers, "I've been afforded an opportunity to visit with House Rovehn for a possible lesson." He leaves it there, not saying anything. "So, my turn, to think of a good question. I have so many," as if stretching out some length of undetermined time, tapping his chin as if nothing comes to him. "What if, I checked with my sponsor for this visit to see if there is a saddle for another beginner, would you care to visit one of the Rovehn caravans?"

As soon as the number is typed in, Roxy looks down at it and types in a quick text. Just a little smiley face, so that he has her number too without having to ask. Settling down, she considers his lengthy silence, but doesn't fill it except to point to something on the drink menu for the person behind the counter. The equivalent to an Orange Julius drink. When he breaks it, she does almost a double take. "You're inviting me to go, if they are agreeable?" Without even thinking about it, she grins. "Sure!"

"Oh good," he says, as if relieved himself despite that he let it hang before he asked her. Demos points for another drink, probably close to a melon strawberry smoothy with some extra nutrients thrown into the blender. "I couldn't imagine simply spending it by myself, or amongst a bunch of nobles. I mean, my intern is going but," then he trails off, too much. He nearly bites his tongue before he gives into rambling again. "No wait, you're question, I don't want to steal that from you."

Swinging her legs as he agrees again, Roxy can't help but smile, ducking her head a little as she does so. "Nobles aren't my favorite people, but I get along with them when I have to, though." As the drinks are being made, she hears mention of his intern and her gaze drifts towards the area they had met last time. "You mean the man Sean is getting close to?" Turning back to him then when Demos stops speaking. "My question? What were you going to say?"

"Well, I was going to say, I'd rather spend it with a beautiful lady such as yourself rather than an intern, but, I didn't want to be forward," says Demos, perhaps wanting to compliment, but not in the habit if simply running around and throwing out compliments, especially not the sort he means. "Yes, Balius, I think he is getting to know Sean," but he can't comment on that, respecting private lives and not knowing Sean really. "So, my question, if you could only have pink or green for the rest of your life, for everything, which would you choose?"

His response was definitely not what she had expected and Roxy looks startled at the compliment, but it's brief before beneath the fringe of hair, pink steals into her cheeks. "Thank you.." the words are spoken softly, but are accompanied by a warm smile. Her drink is delivered and she reaches for it, peeling the paper off the straw as she considers his question. "Pink or green?" Taking a drink through her straw, she still contemplates it. Finally, she lifts her shoulders and smiles. "I guess… green. Because your eyes are so pretty like they are and I don't think they would look good in pink. As for my question, will you text me?"

"If I did," says Demos in serious contemplation of the topic, mushing his smoothie around with a straw, "Would depend on my question." That hangs a moment again, he puts his drink down, "Would you be upset if I texted you every time I thought about you? Because," he pauses, his breath catching just a little at his grin, "It might use up a lot of your storage." More could be said, but he let's that ride, curious of how she might react perhaps. His hand taking the rock and puttting it into a pocket, reaching for something else.

When the answer to hers hinges on his, he really captures her interest even further, though he has had it since he called out to her when she arrived. Toying with her straw now in her drink, Roxy doesn't look away from him. Hearing the question, she grins, shaking her head. "I won't be upset, I've got a lot of storage and unlimited texting." She pauses a beat, finding another question. "Do you think about me that often?"

Lifting his drink and giving it a twirl so the ice doesn't settle, Demos considers the question. The cup is returned to the pool of condensation that had gathered underneath it, and he replies, "Often enough, perhaps more than I should. I admit, I've met a lot of interesting people lately, breaking out of that shell, but you are always adrift in my thoughts. Even times when I'm trying to work, I find my sometimes makes its way to you yes. My question, does that upset you?"

Watching him with his cup, Roxy has to smile. She had seen those hands holding so many different rocks now, to see them without one was unusual. When he replaces the cup she reaches out to brush her fingertips over his palm, but briefly. "Your hands aren't so rough to show that you work with rocks all day." The quiet observation given before she lifts her gaze to meet his. "I could not be upset that you think of me often," withdrawing her hand, her smile widens. "I think of you all the time."

The hand that put the rock away comes up with his smart device, he plugs away at it with a hand. "I am flattered," grins Demos, "And honored to have your thoughts finding me just the same. I hate to think of it, but I must return to my lab. I have you in here now, I'll send you my thoughts and hopefully good news on that horse riding expedition." He stands as if to go, pauses, then nods. His fingers finish plugging away and as he nods and waves to move, his thumb sends the message. Her device indicates incoming, it reads: Thinking of you now, missing you already, wondering when I get to see you again … D.

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