06.24.3013: Moonlight Sonata
Summary: Edward answers a maintenance call from Eirene and is paid in song.
Date: 24 June 2013
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Edward Eirene 

TP Room 1
Lady Eirene's Guest Accommodations on The Ring
24 June 3013

The night on the Ring is starting as the lights around the station start to dim to give people that simulated feeling of darkness so it is easier to sleep, especially for those who are not native to the station. The Quarters Lady Eirene stays in are no different, and in fact the lights take on a dark blue hue as if to simulate the under water world she hails from. Then one of the light bulbs sudden explodes in a violent spray of light that probably sends the poor girl running around. Soon enough though someone knocks at her door, "Uhm, Maintenance..?"

Eirene is quick to peek out the door, but she is more concerned with the lighting in her room. "Yes, oh good. You're here! Please come in." Dressed in her long silken nightgown and robe to match, Eirene's hair is left loose and her feet are clad in dainty slippers. She opens the door and lets the maintenance man in. "I don't know what happened, suddenly, there was this surge and a light exploded I think." On her piano is a glass vase with three exotic and beautiful flowers; at her desk it appears she was writing a letter.

The lights in the hall are dimmed for the night time and she barely sees the shimmer of the mans uniform that identifies him as Ring Maintenance, with a few silver strips that catch the barely there light. His face is completely obscured and he gives a nod as he steps in. "We had a surge go through the system on this sector…" he mumbles as he looks around in the dark. Eirene can tell by the projection of the man's voice, which seems to bare down on her from above, that he is very large, in both height in width. A flashlight flickers on as the man looks down at the bulb that exploded, "You are from Mare Maris?" he comments before the light flicks, denying both of them a glance at the other. He shifts around in the dark, moving over towards a panel by the bed and starts fiddling.

There is something familiar about his voice and his scent. Just the scent of a man she has met before. "I am..have we met? I am Lady Eirene Volen." While the man moves towards the panel by the bed, she slides closer to the desk and the window to catch a bit of light from there. Shadows play along the floors and walls. "Was the surge something I did? Were the lights causing a problem?"

He suddenly stops fiddling and stiffens. "Ah.. no. No just a problem with the system…" he says and frowns to himself as he slowly fixes the problem. What will she think? She'll probably think he sabotaged the system just so that he could get in here like some kind of creep! He just happened to be on duty when the call to Maintenance went out. There is a spark from inside the panel and suddenly the lights come back to life, the blue light slowly becoming brighter as if simulating a sun rise. Edward rises from where he was working and glances over to Eirene as the light slowly reveals him. "I believe we have met.. Lady Eirene." he says gruffly.

"Oh look at that! It's so beautiful and serene." Eirene swoons for a moment or two before Edward presents himself. When he does, she gasps and chuckles a little, quickly turning over the piece of papyrus on her desk. "Scamp." She teases. "I had a feeling it was you, but I wasn't sure." Now she is thinking about the coincidences, but is happy to see him. "I didn't get a chance to properly thank you for the flowers. I find it hard to believe you have a green thumb." To go along with the other greasy digits. "And yes, I am /the/ Lady Eirene." With a delicate blush to her cheeks as she smiles. "I am impressed you've heard of me. I would have taken you more for a Roxy Rebel or um, Drake something and the Hell's a Bad Place, band." Eirene chuckles as she realizes she doesn't know the proper names of the musicians and feels silly for not being up with popular music. "Would you like something to drink, Edward?" A hand clasps the front of her robe to make sure no bits and pieces are exposed.

When the lights brighten enough that Edward can fully see Eirene he looks away despite her wearing a robe, though his gaze lingers for just a moment. "Ah yes… well. I was just on duty is all and the call went out…" he says and frowns as he tries to explain himself despite there being no demand to. He glances over to the desk and the letter she was writing, "Ah you got my letter.. I am glad. I would have just sent an electronic one but… Can't send flowers electronically…" he mumbles as he looks to the flowers. "I don't listen to much music, I find the classical… calms me." he says, his words hesitant as if saying this man needs 'calming' often. "A drink? Just water… or tea." he says as he stands awkwardly in the middle of her room. "As for the flowers… its rather easy to grow them if you know the proper amount of light and water they need… I could show you if you want." he says and then stops, blinking at what he just said. Did he just offer to teach her how to garden?

Eirene moves over to her kitchenette where she pours two glasses of cold water and plops lemon wedges into each. She gestures to the couch that faces the piano and offers Edward a moment of respite. "I am not keeping you from your duties am I?" The frosty glass is handed to him just as she joins him. "I very much enjoyed your letters. It's been a while since I've received a hand written note. It was quite thoughtful and I felt your apology was sincere. Everything is electronic and impersonal. The flowers were a lovely bonus and I would very much enjoy learning how to garden. I wonder if these flowers can be cultivated on Mare Maris. Have you been there?"

Something in the back of the mans mind tells him to get out, don't waste your time with this woman, but despite that he moves to the offered seat and sits, sipping at the water. "No… I was just about to head back to my own quarters…" he says as he toys with the lemon wedge. "I've never been to Mare Maris… no. Can't swim, probably wouldn't fit in…" he remarks, as if swimming is some grand requirement to go to Mare Maris. "And well… they need a decent bit of light, but you can use artificial light. They aren't the right color to be honest, I think it was the volcanic light from the magma seams back home that made them the deep glowing red… these ones are just kinda… pink." he says in disappointment as if these flowers were failures.

"Swimming is no problem. Can you hold your breath?" Eirene wonders with a slight cant of her head in query. "If you can do that, you can swim. I could teach you. It's exhilarating." The flowers are given another glance and admired silently. "I like pink." She offers. "In the blue lighting they almost look a little lavender to me, which is one of my favorite colors. I think you did a lovely job. Perhaps all the heat and magma burned your retinas." Her joke comes with a mischievous grin and a dark glint in her eyes. "I don't know if I can withstand all that heat. My sister is a Grantham and currently staying with the Khournas family, I think. They are there in those volcanic mountains." A sip is taken to keep her mouth busy and shut her up for a moment or two.

A sharp memory invades his mind of that sweet sting of Red Eye as it spreads over the pupil and burns back into your brain. "Yea… the heat…" he says with a chuckle as he sips at his water, savoring the taste of some simple H2O. "That is where I am from… the Crescent is what it is called… haven't been back there in a few years…" he says with a shrug as he downs the water some more. "I think it be nice to swim though…" he mumbles before he reaches his hand back to rub at his neck. "So… what are you doing on the Ring?"

Eirene doesn't pick up any sort of bad past from Edward's body language. She's not telepathic and cannot read minds. Instead, she just takes the man for what he is right now. "You mentioned you were doing work or on contract for the Orelle's? I'm here just visiting for now. I will be heading back home soon, I suppose, or visiting Arboren with my brother, or going to visit Imperius to see my sister.." The latter is stated with a little hesitation. "Perhaps I'll just stay here a while longer. I have to return to touring sooner or later but it's nice to have a break."

"Ah yea…" the man says as he checks his watch, even though he said earlier his shift was ending. "Just some money… I usually get a decent job smithing armor and that pays the bills…" he says as he sips at the glass until it is drained of water. "I imagine by now your fans are wondering when you will get back to work…" he says with a chuckle, giving no hint if he is the type of fan!

"Would you like for me to sing something for you? I get the feeling you don't know the kind of music I perform." There's a hint of excitement in her voice and a sparkle in her eyes. Eirene sits up a little straighter, smoothes out her robe and nightgown, then idly combs her hair back with her fingers. The songstress clears her throat and starts to sing a soft and delicate lullaby. The notes flow from her lips and she makes it seem effortless. It is a full body experience for her that soon takes over her mind and she is lost within the notes. All the while, her voice does no rise too high given the time of night. When she finishes, she ends on a sweet and enchanting note.

He raises his hands as if to tell her that she doesn't have to sing, but her voice is already rising and the man can't put a stop to it even if he wanted to. He just sits there and stares as the young woman sings with a voice that appropriately matches her title, that of a Siren. He is enraptured for the moment by the delicate lullaby, though he doesn't seem about to nod off to dream land just yet. In the middle of the song he forces himself to look away and only looks back to her when her voice finally comes to that final note. "Ah… I didn't deserve that. Your fans wouldn't be happy to hear I got a private show…" he says with a smile at his little joke. "Thank you."

Eirene giggles and adds, "And a free show at that." There's a whisper of a wink or maybe she just has something in her eye, or, maybe the lights are playing tricks on her face. "You're welcome. It's the least I could do since I do not have a green house in my quarters. Speaking of, do they keep your quarters down in the lower level? I hope not. Nobody can breathe down there."

Since its unlikely the Ring is going to pull a Titanic the lower quarters aren't to bad. "You get by." he says with a shrug as he clinks the ice in his glass before he looks at his watch again. "I really should leave… at this point they will be wondering why I've spent so much time in here…" he mumbles, horrible rumors of impropriety probably already floating about. "I look forward to your next letter." he says and nods to her desk as he hands back the glass of water.

Eirene suddenly feels embarrassed and rises from her seat. "Of course, of course. I'm so sorry to keep you, I didn't mean to.." Before she can start blabbering once more, she offers Edward one of her hands. "Thank you for the lights and the company, Mr. Thane. I will be sure to send out my next letter in the morning."

His large hand easily accepts hers and he holds it gently, moving to brush a finger against her knuckles before he gives her a soft smile, "Ah… yes. And thank you for the song…" he says as he bows his head and slowly departs, though he steals a glance at her before the door closes.

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