07.08.3013: Monday Night RAW
Summary: The showdown between Kaedin Orelle and Jor Aeldan.
Date: 08 July 2013
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Docking Bay 14-B
This section of The Ring is dedicated to docking ramships assigned to the defense of The Ring. Orelle men-at-arms in full combat armor guard the entrances of the area, which is a wide open space, dotted here and there with knots of benches out of the way of any possible paths to or from the gates. Each gate is a paired airlock leading out to a docking sleeve where a ramship can connect to the docking bay.
July 8, 3013

After harsh words said on Primus, and Jor and kaedin tossing back insults. Kaedin is in full armor, thoug hhe has a dulled sword wit hhim, not wanting to kill the old bastard, so it's more like a tourniment fight then it is an actual fight. He stands on one side of the docking bay, made into an impromptu arena for the two fighters, two differant generations going head to head. Kaedin paces back and fourth, working himself up as he waits for the older ex-knight to enter, and accept, in his mind, his just deserts and whoppins.

Jor, the old bastard in question, shows up in little more than what one can best call work clothes. It's something he can wear under armor that he can peel off at first opportunity (or burn) and feel no shame in doing. He'd also had to ask for both directions, as well as announce his presence at that he was 'expected', before his mug made itself known.

The only greeting Jor Aeldan has to offer Kaedin Orelle, however, is to fold his arms and raise a brow, taking note of the fact that the younger male is already pacing and getting himself into a battle frenzy. But Jor doesn't say a word, rather, keeps his criticism and obvious disapproval strictly on his face. There'd been plenty of words spoken prior that were meant to rile, they have little place here… yet.

"You ever think on my question, or am I really going to have to beat an answer into you?"

Sir Agnes has been on the Ring all night in talks with other military members about what transpired on Primus. It's only when a little bird tells her that something might be going down in Docking Bay 14-B, that she leaves her seat in the little cafe in the Entertainment section, and wanders down to find out what's going on. She is out of her armor today, in leather breeches and vest, with a silk blouse beneath, and her only accessory seems to be the sling immobilizing her right arm. She pokes her head in, then finds a spot to lean against a wall, curiously.

Kaedin says nothing as he looks att the man, his preaditor Agressor armor on, yet the helmet is still down as he looks to Jor, and then to someone with a huge man sized case. He looks from the case, to Jor and waits for the man to suit up, still pacing as he is beyond talk at this point. Rolling his shoulders and even taking the dulled tourniment sword in his hand, which is a close match for his usual huge sword that he carries into battle, he looks the blade over before giving a few swings.

Taryn is oblivious to the impending smack down between Jor and Kaedin. His head is lost in the cloud of his thoughts. His hand resting on the pommel of the sword that hangs from his hip. He thought that learning the streets of Landing was futile, this space station is even worse. He sees the familiar form of Sir Agnes across the way and moves towards her direction, surely she knows her way around this place like the back of her hand.

Talayla is having some trouble walking. Stupid ribs. She looks a bit worried, hearing word there's a fight going on. But as she arrives, noticing her cousin in his armor and - Jor? Is that Jor? "Cousin! What in the wo—" She shouldn't shout. She hisses. "I don't think they prescribed me NEARLY enough things to deal with this." She furrows her brows. Maybe she should've borrowed a chair or something. She is quiet a moment.

"Mister Wystrel, you look out of your element," Agnes notes to Taryn. When she hears Talayla's voice she grimaces and moves to help the young woman over to where a cargo box is good sitting height. "Careful now Lady Talayla, your injuries can be aggravated if you're not careful." She looks towards the two men and back to the girl. "Should I even ask what this is all about?" She beckons Taryn to join them.

"You might want to piss before we start. Wouldn't want to wet yourself halfway through because I hit you in the wrong way, eh?" he calls out. Is it banter? Is he serious? Jor's wry words could be either, with the way his hard eyes narrow.

This is where he demonstrates that yes, he does know how to suit up, but he doesn't quite make it to that point, because there's a little nagging thought in his mind, one born partly of caution. "Exactly how much can I trust that this isn't sabotaged so that you can save face a little?" Eyebrow quirk. "Wouldn't be the first time someone tried that cute prank. Was pretty common for squires in my region to suddenly learn how to dance like they were at a concert, while the rest of us had a good laugh. Rite of passage, you could say."

Michael has only just seen that his mother is transferred safely… surprisingly when it's a noble who's doing things, it happens fast. He then decided to check on Talayla, he hasn't seen her since two nights before his stupidity. He hears of her having gone to the docking bay, and stumbles about for a while until he finds it. Oh, great Jor is here… but so is Kaedin, so it's not all bad at least. Then he sees Agnes, Taryn, and finally Talayla. He walks over to Talayla and starts to hug her, then notices the bandages. "Oh, Lady Talayla… you're hurt. Need anything?" he asks.

"Again with the insults? Stop stalling like a bitch and put the fucking armor on." Kaedin says with a touch of venom in his voice, of course the armor isn't sabotaged, he wants a fair fight, and by the look in his eyes, he figures this will be the last time someone insults his Uncle, and the man who trained him. he stops pacing, having worked himself up, and his helment folds over his head, and the eyes on the green scail like armor light up. "Apex, single target." he says, the helmet lowering his voice to an almost glutteral growl.

Taryn gives a slight sigh and a nod to Sir Agnes, "I believe that is one of the give greatest understatements in the age, Lady Sir Agnes." He glances at the two man, before turning back to Agnes, "What is going on? Considering everything else, do these two have nothing better to do?" Talayla? He looks to the lady and offers her a deep bow of the head. He chews on his lower lip pensively, as if he is deciding on something.

Armor? Swords? "What the heck is going on? You're not supposed to be fighting with swords and armor in here," Talayla coughs. "Cousin, stop this madness and just go punch each other in the gym." Her eyes water. She looks apologetic. "I guess they're fighting over something…" She offers quietly. She looks to Michael, "Um. I'll probably get my pain medicine later. I need to be awake for this apparently." She huffs. "You two are going to get into /so much trouble/ if my dad or grandpa finds out about this. There's okay places to duel and around crates of rations is probably not it." She looks pained.

To Agnes and Taryn, she carefully lowers her head. Bowing is right out, though Talayla slips over that way.

"Kids these days haven't even learned what thick skin is," Jor says to himself with a sigh. Fine, he'll follow along, plus since it seems obvious there will be a more, er — there will be an audience, it means likely someone will record it, and that means that any inappropriateness with the armor he's about to don will also make it obvious this was hardly a fair fight.

It'll take some time for that suit to get fully put on the once-Sir Aeldan's form, partly due to the fact that it's been fifteen-plus years. He knows what goes where, but some of the latest in armor technical advancements are a bit foreign, to him. That's just one reason why Jor takes a few experimental walks in that suit of combat armor Kaedin provided for this, acclimating if not necessarily synergizing with the responses of the plating now adorning him. During such time, he'll also be scowling beneath the face plate, issuing a steady stream of commands to the software that governs the functioning of all the metal adorning him.

"Stay out of this, Lady," Jor's voice comes from his end. "He insisted, I accepted. Worry more about yourself, like the fact you should probably be resting right now." A bit cold, that reply, but Jor /is/ kind of busy, to say nothing of his surprise at Talayla's presence in the first place.

Michael moves to catch Talayla as she slips. He stays there for her support if she takes it. He doesn't have anything to add though.

Agnes sits and watches, grimacing. "We're at war with a terrible enemy, Milady," she notes to Talayla. "Sometimes it's best to beat the arguments out of one another before they crop up in the field." She's likely had a few of these scuffles herself over the years.

<COMBAT> You start a sparring match with Kaedin. Your combat number is #1021.
<COMBAT> Jor has joined the combat as a soldier on team 1.
<COMBAT> Kaedin has joined the combat as a soldier on team 1. (Jor)
<COMBAT> Jor will attack Kaedin this turn.
<COMBAT> Kaedin will attack Jor this turn. (Jor)
<COMBAT> Kaedin has changed armor to aggressor armor.
<COMBAT> Jor has changed stance to defensive.
<COMBAT> Jor has changed armor to Combat Armor.
<COMBAT> Kaedin has changed weapons to Greatsword.
<COMBAT> Kaedin has changed stance to Aggressive.
<COMBAT> Jor has changed stance to def_shield.

Taryn nods to the wisdom of Sir Agnes's words. That does indeed make sense. Of course, considering his most recent dream, the idea of a knight and a man of dubious character fighting does set him ill at ease.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Jor attacks Kaedin with Sword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kaedin attacks Jor with Greatsword - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Jor has changed stance to agg_shield.

He was playing it defensive, a matter of judging the opponent and his strength. So when Jor starts off with being both rebuffed and taking a bit of damage to his right side… He wasn't /surprised/ necessarily - he half expected this to go badly, being rather out of practice - but did it have to be so /soon/? It made it obvious that starting off being non-committal was not going to get him anywhere. The best defense may well be a good offense, this time.

Kaedin was not so much measuring the man, as he was the whole atack, and when a half hearted attept as his midsection only managed to bounce off his armor, he brings his greatsword down ont othe man's right arm. There is no voctory in that hit, you never celebrate until you win.

Agnes watches carefully, to see if there is actual malice behind the duel, in which case she will step in and stop it, or if it's just two lunkheads working out a disagreement. So far, it seems like the latter.

Point - Jor. Talayla goes quiet. "… sure. Just don't damage anything. They're protective of supplies," She remarks quietly. A nod at Agnes and she'll carefully sit. "I'll go sleep after this." She promises. She seems concerned, looking between them. Talayla doesn't seem to think ill of Jor's character, oddly enough. She glances to Michael, too, faintly concerned. "Oh, and your tablet's on the table. I can give it to you after this," She promises.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Kaedin attacks Jor with Greatsword but Jor DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jor attacks Kaedin with Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Jor will attack Kaedin this turn. Options: called=right_arm
<COMBAT> Jor will spend luck on attack this turn.
<COMBAT> Kaedin will attack Jor this turn. Options: called=head
<COMBAT> Jor has changed stance to aggressive.

Michael nods to Talayla, "Thank you. I should go though, I have things to do… I just wanted to see that you were okay… we'll catch up soon hopefully." then he nods to Agnes, and then to Taryn "Same with you, soon I hope." then he walks off.

Taryn keeps an eye on the two "sparring" men. He takes a couple steps towards Tal. "M'lady. I know you don't know who I am, but do you think that I might have a moment of your time?" He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. As Michael decides to speak to him, he gives the squire a slight nod of his head.

At least Jor didn't take a hit that time. Some of that practice with hand-to-hand on Volkan paid off a little, or perhaps he's getting more used to that armor. Still, with being able to get out of the way, if not penetrate the defense of Kaedin's armor, Jor grunts, and suddenly calls a terse command to retract the shield he had been using. He'll switch to two hands on that sword that was loaned to him, keeping his comments to himself about how it feels.

Talayla tilts her head. "I think you're the squire whose tunic was going to be set on fire?" She peers over to him. She waves to Michael as he goes. "But I understand. We'll start anew. My time is yours," She promises with a faint smile. "What's up?" She asks, peering over to Taryn.

Kaedin grunts as he misses, and then another small 'dink' against his chestplate as he backs up and looks at Jor. He comes in at a full charge att ythe man, aiming this next hit to his head, well, the last time he performed this move someone ended up with a busted noses, let's go two for two on this.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Jor attacks Kaedin with Sword - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kaedin attacks Jor with Greatsword - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kaedin will attack Jor this turn. Options: called=Head
<COMBAT> Jor will attack Kaedin this turn. Options: called=left_leg

Another hit, another faint grunt. What he can't understand is how he has a dull ache on /both/ sides. "Crippling tactics, is it?" he asks, the question meant for rhetorical. The first words he's spoken meant for Kaedin. Two can indeed play at that game, as evidenced by the way Jor's form flows, moving from right arm, in a swing straight down for the legs.

There is both a touch of sadness and a flicker of amusement in Taryn's eyes at Talayla's memory of him. "Partially correct, m'lady. It was indeed my tunic that was burned…" His words trail off for a second as he watches the fight. He will not interfer. He will not interfer. Well, at least right now. He looks back to Talayla. "But I am no one's squire… I doubt that any knight would be so desperate… " He smiles, "But I must admit that I am surprised that you would even remember that night…" He pauses, "Sir Lionel offered up your name as someone that I might talk to… considering a rather disturbing dream…"

Kaedin frowns as he gets hit, even after his hit, judging that he is one hit ahead, but not good enough. he comes att the man again, this time with a leaping chop for the man's head.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Kaedin attacks Jor with Greatsword - Light wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Jor attacks Kaedin with Sword - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Jor has changed stance to def_shield.
<COMBAT> Jor will attack Kaedin this turn.
<COMBAT> Kaedin will attack Jor this turn. Options: called=head

Sir Orelle might have come after his head like an executioner, but the fact he did so and made it through his defenses, albeit minorly, has Jor's attention. There's a ringing in his ears, part of the reason for his changeover to complete defensive, a barked command calling forth the shield again as Jor prepares for a similar, perhaps sustained offense now that Kaedin's aggressive tactics are paying off.
Agnes has disconnected.

Kaedin back up and shakes his hand. "Sonofa…" he says. Looking at the man's defensive stance, before he moves in with an upswing, in an attempt to catch the man under the chin.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Kaedin attacks Jor with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jor attacks Kaedin with Sword but Kaedin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kaedin will attack Jor this turn. Options: called=head
<COMBAT> Jor will attack Kaedin this turn. Options: called=abdomen

Talayla is quiet a moment. She looks apologetic. "Oh. I'm sorry," She looks sympathetic. "I thought it was a nice tunic, myself. I would've offered to replace it or get you a new one…" And it seems the offer still stands. She tilts her head and smiles at him. "You never know if that is your wish. And it's okay, my brains mostly work I think." She's making a joke at her own expense. She goes a bit cloudy at mention of a disturbing dream. "There are quite a few of those anymore. But I am afflicted with them, too. It is true. I had spoken to Lord Nitrim and a few others over it."

"It's funny," Jor's voice grates through the helm, projected by the armor. "Your armor is obviously superior to mine. Why is that, you think?" One might well sense the unamused grin that rides on Jor's face. "At least you paid close attention to your /fighting/ lessons. Not bad, boy." Yes, that was praise, albeit a touch backhanded, take it for what it's worth.

Taryn frowns slightly, "I think that the Six has another plan for me… one that does not give much room for long term plans." He says it, then flinches slightly at the exchange of blows. "That had to hurt… " He frowns, returning back to the conversation of dreams, "Have you dreamed of a knight's execution in the last couple of days?"

Agnes is still calmly watching the fight.

Kaedin looks at Jor through the green lights of his Mask. "You started it, I was trying to give you help, and you assumed I was insulting you, then you insult my uncle, and call knights of my generation weak… You best yeild, because there's more hits where thease come from." he says as he twirls his sword and looks at the man, comming in like a viperish animal, ready to clash once more.

Talayla hms. "No, not executed. There was the dream about a person being dissected," She offers quietly. She looks worried about Taryn. Though she frowns as each seems to score a hit. "That sounds worrisome. I wish I knew more, but I had not had this dream myself," She admits.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Kaedin attacks Jor with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jor attacks Kaedin with Sword but Kaedin DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jor has changed stance to agg_shield.
<COMBAT> Jor will attack Kaedin this turn. Options: called=head
<COMBAT> Kaedin will attack Jor this turn. Options: called=Chest

"You still don't get it, do you, boy?" Jor's voice replies, despite the fact he took yet another small blow, to yet another location. "Maybe I didn't want your help, for a fucking good reason. Did I say I was ungrateful? No. But I didn't say I wanted, or needed it. You don't have a fucking clue what you'd be doing. Not a single. Fucking. Clue."

Taryn swallows slightly, and from the slight paling, it is a safe assumption that he had the same dissection dream. He nods. "In the dream, I was both the knight and the executioner… I have spoken with one other, who had also had the dream, but only through the knight's perceptions… " He hmms softly to himself, "Well, thank you, m'lady, for granting me your time… " His gaze flashes back to the two men fighting.

Kaedin looks back at Jor. "Killing hostiles, that's what I'd be doing, I gave you the respect you EARNED until you took that respect and shit all over it, now yield!" he says as he chanrges again, this time aiming for the chest.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Jor attacks Kaedin with Sword - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kaedin attacks Jor with Greatsword - Serious wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Kaedin has been KO'd!

Talayla looks concerned. "I see. And no worries. I am always glad to talk, even if I can only listen," She remarks quietly. "You seem like a nice person, so if I hear anything, I'll be sure to try to find you," She promises. "I am uncertain why that dream did not come to me, although I was um… chemically altered for a couple of nights while injured." So perhaps the heavy doses of pain killers did it.

Kaedin comes at the man, and swings a nasty strike at the man's neck, he thought it would finish him, he though 'this is it.' No, he takes a noggin knocker ot the head and without ceremony, falls back onto the floor onto his back.

"Well, hopefully they both have it out of their systems now," Agnes muses.

Sigh. "Yeah, hopefully. You both did well, though," She offers to Jor and Kaedin. She seems to like both her cousin and the fellow she's hired to help her.

Was that a gong that was struck, or were their swords just happy to see each other? It's hard to say, with how Jor slams his rebuttal onto Kaedin's head, and how Kaedin follows up his aggression with the blow to Jor's own upper body. There's a loud sound of… something, from the encased figure of Jor Aeldan, as he staggers, the impact on his neck dangerously close to doing something that would make the victor not Jor Aeldan but Lord Sir Kaedin Orelle. He staggers… and manages to regain his footing, breathing heavily, gasping almost as he watches the other man go down.

A moment later, and there's a weapon posted right at the approximate location of where Kaedin's concealed nose would be. "Disengage." The command reveals his face to the world, his expression stern as he looks down at the man on the ground. "So," Jor says, his voice mirroring the cold austerity of his features. "What's your answer to my question about if you lost, boy? I'd rather not beat it out of you, not when you've shown you know what you're doing. It'd be a shame to cripple a pissfire pup like you for life, after acting exactly as you were made to. I thought you would've had that beaten out of you years ago, before your spurs. And you wonder why I say there's weakness." Pokepoke, almost as if he were knocking on the exterior of that armor.

"Get up!" he orders, stepping back just enough so you can.

Perhaps it is just an eerie parallel to his dream, but regardless it is too close for his comfort. Taryn takes a step towards the two men. "That is enough, Mister Aeldan. The man is down. Put your weapons away." Yeah, this could be really painful.

Kaedin rises up into a sitting position, waving the blunted sword away as his helmet disengages, Most would expect to see kaedin pissed off, probibly ready to continue the fight, but the smile on kaedin's face shows otherwise. "Because we need stubborn priks like you in the fight, and you arent a discrace, you paid your dues, like i said earlyer, whether it was your fault or not. You don;t have armor or weapons, why not work for them? people don;t want to follow you? show them the same gravel and grit you showed me, and they will respect you." He says as he offers his hand to be helped up, he isnt upset anymore, the man earned the right to keep what he says, and kaedin accepts that. "You took my best, and kept comming at me." The man is a friggin mack truck.

Agnes rises, watching the two men closely. Kaedin's words have her nodding in silence, and her shoulders relax a bit.

"Stay out of this," Jor replies, that to Taryn if the turn of his head is any indication. It's all he says to the man, too. Talayla, unfortunately, he ignores. That's a matter for another time. Right now, Aeldan wants to concentrate on the individual in front of him.

"That's not the reason. Maybe I'll tell you. I don't think you'll like it, though. Not a bit. But not here," he continues, and there, Jor pauses, already giving the voiced command to try and get that loaner armor off of him. He makes a pained sound, when his neck is exposed, and there will indeed be a spectacular bruise there, by the day's end.

"I never had a squire, after I got my spurs. My work kept me too busy to even think about it. It might have been interesting, if I had known you then. Of course, I would have been a lot softer on you, than I am now." The smile that appears on the man's lips is anything but friendly. Promises of pain and more, in the form of his upturned lips. "Tell me one thing. Why do you care so much?"

Poor Tal. She seems to like Jor well enough, and winces at the sight of bruises on both. She stays out of it for now then.

Taryn does not step back, but he does not move forward. So long as Jor does not attempt to cripple the knight as he put it before. As he stands there, he runs the pad of his right thumb over the finger tips of that hand. For the moment, he is poised there listening or rather watching intently.

Kaedin letsh is hand drop as he apparently, is not helped up. So he moves to stand on his ownn, and rubs at the freash bruise above his eye. "Soft, is the last thing a squire should ever have to have. There's alot of things my uncle beat out of me, but standing one's ground and taking the fight wherever it needs to be was somthing he impressed upan me." he says, Farphax Siamhann being the type of person who to this day would have personaly beat his former squire if he didnt have this little duel. "I care, because every last sword will be needed, and I care, because my Cousin cares." He says.

It's not that Jor couldn't help Kaedin up, but more that he deliberately chose not to, preferring instead to keep his hand free for that practice blade he's carrying. His expression doesn't soften at all, his eyes sharp and glittering faintly, twin agates that regard Kaedin Orelle as he makes his feet. There's a moment of silence, from the man who used to be called Sir, and then quite suddenly his hand is reversing the grip on the weapon it holds, offering it out. "I believe this belongs to you," he finally says. "And this," he adds, banging his free hand on the chest plate. If he has any thoughts as to the response Kaedin had given just now, Jor says nothing, falling silent after his own words.

"I think the situation is in hand. If you'll excuse me, Lady Talayla, Mister Wystrel, gentlemen." It is clear that Agnes uses that last term lightly. The Knight heads back out.

Kaedin motions for the others ot help Jor out of the armor as he takes the sword. He looks at the men, telling them to keep the armor ready. "I believe Mr. Aeldan wouldent mind another session." He says as he places both practice swords on a rack, walking over to Tala rubbing his neck. "There, nothing bad happend, now, I;m gojng to take some asprin and go shark hunting, before the floating ball of water kills the seafood industry." he says as he moves to make his way out, progress, it seams, might be made.

"See you, cousin. Be careful," She calls after her cousin. Talayla will help, if they let her, standing slowly, sloooowly, trying to ignore angry ribs. Ribs haven't been this angry since the McRib was cancelled. Ahem. "I'm glad you're alright," She nods. "And thanks for showing up the other day," She smiles. She waves to him. "You should also meet my dog sometime. I think meeting people is good for them. That's what the book said, anyway." Talayla has never had a dog. She looks to Taryn, sympathetic.

Once it is clear that there is no chance this being the subject of his dream, Taryn backs off. Rather happy to do so in fact. Becoming a smeer on the floor by Jor is not his idea of a good time. He offers a light bow to Talayla and a nod of the head to Jor, before he decides to take his leave as well.

"Perhaps," is all Jor has to offer to Kaedin, when it concerns the subject of another session. "I imagine you'll win several of them, with how much you hit me. I was lucky." And then, when he's finally free of that armor, is where he'll /finally/ turn to look at Talayla. "You, Lady, should not be up and about this soon after your injury. I seem to recall your request being for watching matters for /days/. And here you are, not even two of them after giving that request. I'm listening." Which is to say, without actually saying it: WHY ARE YOU HERE, TALAYLALALALALA?

Talayla smiles and waves to Taryn. "You should come by and see the fish." She lowers her head. "I'd ah, bow but…" Well. Her ribs. She looks pained. She goes quiet as Jor talks to her. She pauses. "I heard there was something going on down here and was worried." She grunts. "I was also worried about my fish. Don't worry, I'm going back up… I promise. I'm going to get my medicine and sleep." She's pained. "I um, was worried. That's all."

"Yes you will," Jor says. Not exactly an order, but his raised eyebrows make one thing clear: the alternative to going to rest right away probably isn't best discovered. "I will be there as soon as I am fully finished here, Lady. Never fear your fish or the little barker will not be there waiting for you." For some reason, that idea /does/ seem to amuse him, slightly. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I do have other business to conclude. Besides proving my point."

Sigh. Talayla probably isn't too eager to get dragged or thrown up there. Not really. "Sure thing," She smiles. "And thanks. I appreciate it. My cousin means well…" She looks concerned. "See you soon." Wave. She'll quietly stagger up.

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