Missive To Marah
Summary: Missive To Marah
Date: 30/Aug/2013
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Ashleigh Grantham 

30 August, 3013 — Ashliegh's Apartments — The Red House

Dear Mother,

I have been working with Senator Alistair Hartcliffe in matters charitable as of late with the event we have decided upon being a tourney to be held at a suitable location where horses will not be put at risk like they would be here. The normal tournament events will be had, of course, with the usual jousting, melee and races being the central focal points with a feast being what shall conclude everything. I was thinking that the money raised could go to the hospital where Uncle Flint was given care as a way of showing our gratitude and our never-ending support for the wonderful work they have done and continue to do, now and in the future.

Senator Hartcliffe had voiced some concern over the cost to which I offered to have House Grantham cover. While I am uncertain as to the status of the coffers as of now I do think it is something we should do if we can. While I do not condone over-spending of any kind I think that this once we should consider opening our purses. Generosity is one thing I think all nobles need to remember to be and House Grantham could very easily be the shining example of that, plus I feel it is the right thing for us to do. If this option is not one we can take then please, Mother, help me find a way for us to make it happen.

Your loving Daughter,

September 1, 3013 — Marah's Office — The Red House


You know your mother is often busy, so certainly I don't feel the express need to apologize for the lateness of this reply. By no means do I wish to dissuade you from assisting the Senator and others in their charitable works, but I find myself at a loss why it should be solely on the shoulders of the Ouroborus to support a System-wide tournament on the grounds of House Leonnida. Tournaments are not cheap, Daughter, and Grantham coffers are dedicated to maintaining Ignis and the War efforts. Generosity is one thing, but the people of The Pit and Ignis will need our support in the months and years to come. I cannot in good faith throw money into a large tournament without any returns beyond being a shining example. That isn't practical.

I would be willing to provide some funds to support a tournament as long as whatever percentage we determine to donate into the tournament is the same percentage of funds we are given to support the Citizens of Ignis. There are families in The Pit alone that could use financial support, particularly those who have lost mothers and fathers, husbands and wives to the System War.


Your Mother

07 September, 3013 — Ashleigh's Apartments — The Red House

Dear Mother,

I just had the meeting with Senator Hartcliffe and Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale in regards to the charity tournament. Your request was found to be agreeable to all and we have settled upon 20% of the cost being taken up by House Grantham. In return, we will receive 20% of what is made to be given to the citizens of Ignis plus another 5% given to us to be donated to The Lashes and those there who have been affected by the war. The rest of the money will be provided by House Cindravale and the offices of the Senator; Young Lord Solon has also been generous enough to offer Phylon as venue for this event. All in all, I think that this all is going smoothly and I hope you will be proud of me and all I have tried to accomplish for the people of Ignis.


14 September, 3013 — Marah's Office — The Red House


I'm impressed by the agreed upon sum. House Leonnida must be looking for strong allies, though I suppose if Kallista's son is helping in the efforts, then it must not be for a lack of support from Cindravale.

I'm always proud of you, Ashleigh.



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