Sergeant Miller Krasny

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Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam as Miller Kransy
Full Name: Miller Kransy
Byname: N/A
Age: 32
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Sauveur
House: Sauveur
Title/Profession: Sergeant
Position: Soldier/Detective
Spouse: Tabitha Krasny(divorced) Height: 6'0"
Father: Artyom Krasny Weight: 220pds
Mother: Morgan Krasny Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: 1 Brother and 1 Sister(both appable) Eye Color: Blue
Children: Claudia Krasny


Growing up, it was hard for Miller to not be reminded of their family history. Krasny, as he came to learn, had been a family name that he could trace back to his ancestor on the original sleeper ship to that found Haven. From what he has read, his family claim their origins from an Earth country called Russia, but little more than that had been lost. It was however, a family tradition, in his family, anyways keep the memory of where they came from alive. He remembers his grandmother speaking in a language that he didn't really understand, but before she passed away, he was able to pick up a few words and phrases in the ancient dialect. He had always promised that'd one day scour computer files and books to eventually learn the langauge himself, but he has of yet to get that far.

His family was poor, and he grew up equally poor, living in the lower income housing complexes in the megtropolis of Landing. His parents both worked in food service, respectively, which didn't really give him to really see either of them, giving him more than enough time to himself. Usually, he was put into his care of his grandmother while his parents both worked, but as old as she was, and the older he became, evenatually, he was able to look after himself. And after a time that lead to him running around with more irreptutable of youths in the area of which he lived.

Background Notes

After getting an childhood friend pregnant when he was 16, Miller realized that being a gang-banger wasn't going that kind of life for him. He enlisted in the Watch when he was old enough, needing to support a sudden family.

After enlisting in Watch as a street cop, eventually, his skills at investigation got him recognized by his superiors, getting him moved into a more offical capacity with the investigative branch within the Watch.

While still being a soldier, he moved into more investigation related line of work, working gang and drug-related cases, and even some homicides.

Long work hours and time apart eventually seperate him and his then wife, Tabitha from each, a divorce follows not long after. They retain a luke-warm relationship, in part due to their shared custody of their daughter, Claudia.

Miller is a musician of sorts, playing guitar during amateur nights at local bars.

When he was younger in his teens, he had an addiction to Red Eye, which the military was able to get him to kick, though the urge sometimes comes back.

He's never been one to want attention, and being a soldier helps with that, as Knights and nobles are more often given the limelight. Miller just wants to do his job, no pats on the back are needed.

He loves the fall and winter, having a love for rain and snow. At his most content during those times.



  • Single Father - Miller shares custody of his 16 year old daughter with his ex-wife. They share a decent relationship, but there's only so much he can do, working as often as he does. Still, he loves her dearly.
  • Loves Storms - Any kind, rain or snow. Cloudy, chilly weather seems to a personal favorite of his. So usually if there's some kind percipitation, it puts him in a better mood.
  • Non-Political - As it relates to his job and politics within it. Miller just wants to do his job, get his pay, and go home. He likes his career, sure, but those who want the limelight can have it. Too much hassle for him.
  • Low Income - Coming from a low-income family hasn't changed much for Miller, who still gets by as best as he can, what with paying allimony to the ex from their divorce. Still, he makes the best of a bad situation.

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