06.23.3013: Military Discussion Regarding Niveus
Summary: Representatives of the Paramount House of Orelle and their vassals meet to discuss military strategies on how to rid Niveus of their Hostile intruders.
Date: 23 June 2013
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A conference room on the Ring
Room description in log.
23 June 3013

The meeting has been called upon the ring, in one of it's spacious conference rooms. A large 'window' covers one wall, offering an impressive view which currently is dominated largely by Oculus. A large oval table sits in the center, with chairs situated around it. Each moon has an assigned seat, with the Orelle at the head, with the vassal houses arrayed to it's left and right, and the remainder of the seats left unmarked for guests or dignitaries. At the opposite end of the table, from the Orelle seat is one left open for House Sauveur.

A Holoprojector sits in the center of the table, currently displaying a map of Niveus, zoomed in to the area of the Hostiles landing, with markings displaying known troop locations, as well as nearby settlements and waygates.

Young Lord Kadmus Volen currently stands nearby the door, ready to greet the arriving nobles, dignitaries, and specialists that have arrived, or are arriving in the conference room.

And there are indeed, cupcakes and a few simple to eat and drink refreshments. Nothing overly distracting, mind. There's nuts for the healthy eaters and other things. Talayla is making sure none of the hostiles get into it. Yup. Actually she's just kind of sitting at a chair just behind it looking a little dazed. But she seems happy enough things are set out - even disposable plates and cups. She smiles faintly, watching the Young Lord Volen greet people. There might be a certain Larent nearby, too.

Lady Eirene Volen is standing beside her brother Kadmus with a pleasant look upon her face. Calm and poised, the young noblewoman greets the invited guests after they have been welcomed by the heir of House Volen.

Densoric is dressed in his finest for the meeting, and is finishing up setting things up for the meeting. Placing the last item in place and giving a polite nod to Talayla who he had been helping and glancing to the time he moves to stand passively by the window, taking up a very rigid pose. Though a member of House Larent he doubts he'll be the representative for this, though he has his own reasons for being here.

Percival has arrived early and taken up the Larent seat. As is usually the case when he is doing business, he is wearing a small earpiece to keep tabs on goings-on and updates outside the meeting room. A small datapad is set in front of him on the table, glowing softly with its own litany of useful information. As the room continues to fill, he casts a glance among the various guests but seems in little hurry to go making any greetings. He's already sitting, and there is important business to get to.

Inculta's military representative, Sir Cynan, comes dressed relatively simply, though still in appropriate garb for the occasion, wearing dark brown pants and a tan doublet against which the sun symbol of his House stands out quite prominently. There's just the briefest hesitation toward the rear of the meeting area before he heads to the front, settling easily into the a seat set aside for House Dalton.

Gwain is wearing something more formal today, house colors, heading for his seat. Except, there's food. Which is almost important as fighting off the Hostiles. He moves to pluck a cupcake from a table, offering a polite smile to the Talayla and greeting of, "Lady Talayla." Before slinking over to take a seat in the section reserved for House Iah.

Cedric is only here because he felt obligated to for some reason. In his duty uniform rather than a dress one, he's in a chair, glancing over his tablet idly. Second-born son of Orelle isn't in a rush for anything and while his screen his split into two: one for military status reports he's already read countless times, the other is displaying a soccer match. He's been to enough military meetings in the past couple weeks, and the Captai of the Intent doesn't seem to expect anything new is going to be said at this one.

Fresh off the benefit concert, Lyrienne is here because she knew Cedric would be, for the most part. Though it isn't beyond the realm of possibility that she actually wants to know what's going on, either. Moving quietly and efficiently, she makes her way toward a chair next to her husband, though she pauses here and there to exchange polite greetings with those already seated. Once she reaches Cedric, she clears her throat softly, smile quirking at the sight of the soccer match.

Following behind Cynan, Helena returns the greetings at the door before scurrying along to catch up to her cousin. When he hesitates, she gestures mutely toward the chair set aside with a tag for House Dalton. Despite the presence of only one seat, Helena makes do by dragging a chair from the miscellaneous section and placing it beside her cousin's. "Want a cupcake, Cy?" she inquires, glancing toward the refreshment table.

Trailing elegantly behind her father, Ariana graces both Kadmus and Eirene with a polite nod of her head as she passes through. A polite smile is ever on the ready upon her lips when she makes eye contact with any familiar face in the room. Quietly, she settles herself down among the many other guests and dignitaries; her bright blue eyes merely watching as the room slowly begins to fill up.

Talayla smiles at Gwain. "Salutations, Sir Gwain," Talayla nods. "Please, help yourself." She offers. Thankfully, she doesn't seem to mind passing things over. And fifth born Talayla mostly seems quietly okay with helping. She's all about helping. "Hello, Doctor Helena," Talayla greets from behind the table. At least she's a quiet greeter, unobtrusive. She watches the others for now.

There may be no-one with the Sauveur name attending today, but apparently someone from Landing is. Alexandros Cindravale is a tall man with wings of gray just starting to touch his close-cropped brown hair, and noble features lined before his forty-five years. He is immaculately dressed, but without a great deal of the flair worn by most Valen. He steps in without fanfare, offering a hand out to Kadmus, "Young Lord, I thought I might stop by briefly, if you don't mind." His voice is perhaps the only thing that doesn't perfectly fulfill the impression of a Knight Commander, being a tenor that is just a touch nasal.

Lord Densoric remains in his place, offering a polite nod or the appropriate gesture for those of higher status to anyone that acknowledges him, even in passing. The most distant member of House Larent present looks more like a statue then an attendee, but then he's not really known for his martial skills. Some who know him may even wonder why he is even here.

Once it looks like things are going to get underway, Cedric looks like he's about to shut off the soccer portion of his tablet. That is when Lyrienne takes a seat next to him. He blinks. "I didn't think I'd be seeing you today. What with the concert." Getting to shutting off the game feed, he sets the device aside. "So how did it all go? Wish I could've been there, but…" his hand gestures about lightly. "This might get pretty…dry, dear. Unless something is gone over, this is likely stuff we've already heard from the admiralty."

Eirene brightens at the sight of Ariana. "My Lady, it's good to see you. Thank you for coming." Before the Larent beauty slips away, Eirene leans in to murmur something. "Save me a seat beside yours." Once Alexandros greets Kadmus, the songbird dips into a poised and practiced curtsey to greet the Cindravale noble. Her brother appears to have everything under control and the meeting will commence shortly. Before the opening remarks, the Volen noblewoman slips towards the refreshment table to steal a little pastry. She greets Talayla with a brilliant smile. "My Lady, ever so gracious. I do hope you will come to join Lady Ariana and myself when the meeting begins."

"Shall we get this under way?" prompts Percival from his seat, tapping his datapad to bring up some new item on the screen. "I am at present still a little confused by the exact circumstances and purpose of this meeting here, and why House Volen is calling it, considering we are discussing an attack on the territory of House Iah." He glances toward Gwain. "And they are as yet lacking noble representation. But, good Sir, perhaps you can grace us with something of an overview yourself, of what aid your House might be requesting?"

"A military meeting, dry?" Lyrienne settles in, smile crooked. "Goodness, Ric. I'm sure I was never prepared for a life of sitting in on dry meetings about Hostiles." She makes herself comfortable, dipping her chin toward Alexandros as the Knight Commander arrives. She stops speaking, though, as Percival starts the meeting, pressing a finger over her lips to Cedric with a mouthed 'later.'

"Oh? I think I may." Very likely Cynan breezed past the refreshment table on his way in, but his attention goes there now. Briefly abandoning his seat, he makes his way over there, picking up one cupcake for himself and a second, presumably, for his cousin, and giving a nod, a wave and a softly spoken 'Good day, Lady Talayla' before returning to his seat, settling back and indeed offering one of the acquired refreshments to Helena. "Thank you, again, for coming here," he mutters in her direction. "I hope the military matters will not bore you overmuch, Doc." There's a wry grin that just curls the corners of his mouth.

"The Knight commander is always. It is our pleasure to have you, Lord sir Alexandros." Kadmus says with a polite bow of his head and gestures to the table, "Please, join us." He asks as he heads towards the Volen seat, "I welcome you, Lords and Ladies, I would like to thank Lady Talayla of the Paramount House Orelle for offering us her hospitality for this meeting, as well as providing us refreshments." he says with a gesture towards her, "But, if you will all be seated we can begin in earnest."

Kadmus moves to take his seat at that and gestures, "As we all know by now from the news reports, Niveus has had a Hostile landing on it, and as the primary supplier of fresh water for the Ring and the Lashes, it is an important location for us, if the water stops flowing, many worlds, and the ring itself, could find itself uncomfortably short on water. The Hostiles are contained, for the time being, but I've called this meeting so we might both share what we know of their disposition amongst the houses, as well as formulate a plan to remove them from Niveus as expediently as possible."

Helena's lips quirk upward in a smile as she turns in her seat to greet Talayla with a flutter of her fingers. When Cynan returns with her cupcake, she turns her smile onto her cousin before settling back into her seat. Rather than eat the treat, however, she picks sprinkles out of the frosting one at a time and eats them. "I should not be too bored," she murmurs quietly to him, glancing up from beneath her lashes to watch as everyone begins to assemble around the table. "I hope you will not be embarassed if I find I have something to say."

Thankfully, there's drink and cupcake alike (no alcohol, sorry!) at the table Talayla sits at. She smiles to Eirene. "Salutations, Lady Eirene. Thank you. Your words are kind. I might, though umm… I'm guarding the cupcakes. But I might drift over there," Yes. She's being a little wry about it, judging by the faint smile. A softly returned, "Good day, Lord Cynan," She nods to Helena's flutter of fingers. She even waves as Kadmus mentions her. She seems quietly curious, watching. She looks to Densoric, then back.

Gwain is, thankfully, done stuffing his face when he gets called upon. The knight blinks once before coming to attention, reaching to pluck up the tablet in front of him and drum his fingers across it. "Ah-yes. I can inform everyone of what we'll need, and the terrain, and reports so far." The tall knight bobs his head quickly. He affirms Kadmus assessment, agreeing, "It's important to keep them away for Shelter, but also away from any of the smaller treatment facilities scattered near it."

Alexandros shakes his head at Percival's complaints, intoning, "House Iah is in the field, for the most part. I have been in contact with Lady Iah and her military representatives." He makes his way to the Sauveur seat at the end of the table, drawing up a chair from the second row to sit alongside it as he nods to the others he recognizes directly, including a slight smile for Lyrienne. He nods to Kadmus as the Young Lord provides his briefing, sitting down and lacing his fingers together in his lap. "You have no doubt all heard the news that was…" his pinched voice takes on a displeased tone, "…leaked from the Council now, yes?"

Densoric offers a polite nod as Talayla looks to him but remains quiet and at least for the moment doesn't move from his place by the window.

"Not /terribly/ embarassed, Lady Helena. If you must insist on upstaging me on matters of military significance, I daresay I will be able to hide my frustration." A low chuckle from Cynan, and then the meeting is starting in earnest and his expression becomes correspondingly serious. His attention flickers over to Gwain, who he acknowledges with a little nod, and then to the Knight Commander as he speaks. There's a bit of a quirked eyebrow at the last statement, but he has nothing to add for the moment.

"From what I recall of the initialy reports," and 'recall' here is more a turn of phrase, as Percival has the information sitting right there in front of him on his datapad, no doubt, "that none of these initial landings are in particularly large number. I don't mean to be dismissive of the situation, but it's important to clarify if this is just a talk-shop or if we are meeting to respond to a threat… that actually requires the cooperation of the Ring and all the Lashes. I expect that I will personally have orders to depart shortly to meet the next Hostile approach in space, for instance, and I will be taking a significant contingent of marines with me." Toward Alexandros then, he wonders, "Well, if you are able to relay any of their particular concerns that would be most useful, so we can understand the situation here." Gwain, too, receives a nod, although the response is notably after his to the Sir Commander. "Are your forces in the area sufficient, Sir?"

"Your questions are valid, Lord Captain." Kadmus says to Percival, "Sir Gwain here." He gestures, "Had spoken to me regarding a meeting, and with much of House engaged I decided to take the initiative and called this meeting. And as I stated previously, the purpose is to discuss strategy and provide support to house Iah to remove the Hostiles from Niveus." He explains yet again. He gives a nod towards Alexandros, "I believe that we have all heard the rumors, but I should not make such an assumption."

Cedric snorts. "Leave it to poltics to get involved in military affairs." the Captain mutters. Doesn't look like he's going to say just who that's exactly referencing or that maybe it was more of a simple blanket statement. "So, obviously Niveus' water supply is pivital point for us. Since hearing about the attack, there hasn't been a concrete plan of action. Most are too hesitant on diverting their own forces out of fear it leave their line of defenses weakened for another attack."

Alexandros nods to Percival, "I certainly did not call this meeting, Lord Larent, so I cannot speak to the purpose, but a planning session would certainly be useful." One hand picks at an imaginary piece of lint on the front of his silver and gray-striped doublet, "The forces in place are just sufficient to hold the Hostiles where they are, but not to reduce them. Without the orders of the King or of the Hand of the King, we cannot order the House militaries of the Lashes to Niveus, nor can we launch the necessary assaults to reduce the landings across the System." He nods to Cedric then, reinforcing the Naval Captain's statement. "I am here to pass along those concerns, to answer questions you might have, and to listen to the ideas that you come up with. Nothing more…"

"How far are they from the Waygate?" Lyrienne chimes in, smiling apologetically for adding her two cents. "It's my understanding that the Hostiles capturing a Waygate is a major concern. They've shown no interest in the past, but wasn't there an attack on one in the Vale?"

Gwain consults his notes. Tap tap tap. "We think the area is mostly contained." A pause. "I believe that if we had an reinforcement of knights and soldiers we could remove them more easily. Provided they haven't landed anywhere else." The tablet is turned, to display numbers. Iah's knights and military, positions, important stuff. A nod for Alexandros. "I'm here to help coordinate and prepare any forces that will be coming to Niveus." Lyreinne's question is met with a reply of, "The main waygate is on Shelter. So close enough to worry about, if they wanted to start a full-on assault."

"Oh, pardon, I meant that if you were in conversation with the leaders of House Iah, as you suggested, that you might relay more from them that they have not been able to transmit to us directly?" Percival's attention is alternately on Alexandros and Gwain, the two figures who seem capable of delivering anything substantive. But a nod comes as things are clarified somewhat, at least numerically. "So, some reinforcements are necessary to break their containment and eliminate their landed forces. Are you lacking in a particular sort of troop more than others? We are all somewhat varied in our capabilities. Larent scouts, for instance, while certainly on offer, might not be helpful if you are already contained to defensive points and need a more hardened force to affect a break-out. If I am understanding things."

"I know that Khournas and Grantham forces have been itching for a fight as of late. At least that's been suggested recently but their agreement to work together. Grantham I know has been more willing lend out forces because of the low-priority that Ignis represents, nevermind that the planet itself is just as much an advarsary towards Hostiles as it towards us." There's a light shrug to go along with this, as if Cedric's just speculating. "We could always recall some Grantham forces at the very least. If Khournas would like to devote some troops to pushing back the Hostiles at Shelter, that would be up to them. But the water supply effects everyone, just the Ring and the Lashes."

"Let us speak in terms of specifics." Cynan finds his voice rather abruptly, his attention resting squarely on Gwain as he speaks. "How large is the Hostile force on Niveus, presently? More materially, how many reinforcements would you require in order to have a reasonable chance of defeating them? Given, of course, that any soldiers brought in from outside would be unaccustomed to the terrain." The same, one would hope, could at least be said for the Hostiles themselves.

The statue speaks, taking a few steps forward Lord Densoric says, "Forgive the interruption of such important matters My Lords, Ladies, Sirs. But if official orders must be given to move forces about, what about using unofficial methods? In effect plausible deniability." He then steps back to where he was either having nothing more to add, or simply having said his piece and not wishing to interrupt further. His words likely will be ignored at best, but he is more politically minded then martial.

"I am no grand strategist or Tactician." Kadmus says, "But the force on Niveus is nearly equal to the entire military of house Iah." he says, "We do not have the ten's of thousands of footman to throw around as the houses on Imperius have, and it is a credit to house Iah that they have been containing the hostiles so far." he says, "House Volen will be calling up our military, and sending a contingent to reinforce the Iah if they will have us, our house is committed largely to providing Marine forces to our ramships, however, so it will take more then just us to defeat the enemy." Kadmus pauses and looks to the numbers displayed, "The reports estimate approximately 1,000 Hostiles on the ground. I also see no representative from Grantham, or Khournas present, but the High Lord Orelle could call up troops, but we have heard nothing from him, nor the Young Lord yet." He adds, "But there has been no prohibition from providing our troops without being ordered to."

Damn. All the sprinkles are gone from Helena's cupcake, meaning she actually has to peel it and pick it apart - right here at the table in front of some red-faced nobility in the middle of a tense conversation about a life-or-death situation. This is, perhaps, the best time for the cupcake. So she begins peeling the wrapper away, glancing up occasionally as the speakers change, and looking from person to person. "Ordered by whom? The Head of House?" she inquires of Cynan, speaking low and leaning in close to him so as not to disrupt the meeting itself.

Percival glances back at Densoric, and points out, "We're all quite free to do whatever we want with our own house forces." The 'we' obviously being a bit more exclusive here than inclusive, to those actually in such positions of House authority. "So there's not much need for denial. It merely needs that it needs to be worked out individually." He nods at Kadmus. "Aid from Grantham, Dalton, and of course our Paramount seems like it would be the most necessary. Larent is willing to offer troops as well, as I said previously, but I am dubious to the efficacy of our light forces in a pinned-in situation." He, erm, -is- a grand strategist, of course.

Alexandros nods to Kadmus as the Young Lord answers questions, not stepping on his toes. Instead, he waits until the younger man is finished, then gestures over to Densoric, "Indeed. I cannot give the order for other Houses from the Lashes to send troops to Niveus, but if they were to make the offer to House Iah directly and be accepted, I would not need to give that order." Looking over to Cynan, he adds, "The exact force necessary is… unclear. We are still trying to find the necessary ratio to ensure victory, and sadly, Niveus is not suitable for our greatest force multiplier, cavalry." Of course, he is a Valen. "It's my understanding that the Hostile forces are hemmed in on an ice shelf, where light forces to maneuver around the flanks of a shield wall, and the shield wall to provide the bulk of the force may actually be quite useful. Assuming, of course, some ability to maneuver on the unfamiliar terrain."

Gwain nods, explaining, "Young Lord Lieutenant Kadmus is correct. From what we're counted in skirmishes, at least." Another second to consider the displays in front of him. Hmm. "Iah's military is small. There's not much to defend, when we're not at war. Ice and all." It might be a joke? "Most of the conditions all of your soldiers have been trained in aren't really applicable. No horses. Archers would be more useful, we don't train many, but if the weather is right they can be very effective. Lightly infantry are our usual, and most effective troops."

"I believe Lord Densoric references orders from the King or the Hand of the King, as mentioned previously by the Knight Commander," Cynan replies to Helena in a soft tone, just above a whisper. When he is addressed by the aforementioned Valen, however, he speaks again, loud enough to be heard clearly by the entire assembly. "Given the limited numbers of cavalry at our disposal in the Lashes, Lord Sir Alexandros, the point is likely moot." An eyebrow quirks upward. "I wonder. If the Hostile forces are forced to remain in close quarters on the open terrain of an ice shelf, perhaps our bowmen could prove to be especially lethal. Accompanied by a reasonable guard of light infantry, of course." After a pause, he adds, "If they are contained, we can afford to wait until the weather is favorable."

"I only brought it up because that's what the news reports were suggesting." Cedric answers. "If someone felt bold enough, perhaps they should speak to Lady Marah Grantham and High Lord Khournas if they would be willing to do so. Again, those forces seemed especially eager to meet Hostile forces, I say give them what they want. I'd even volunteer to speak with Lady Marah on the matter if anyone is in favor of trying to pull support from elsewhere." There's a nod given to the Knight Commander. "I also suggest those two houses because of the fact that they are not trained for calavary and Niveus is the last place you'd want to take a mounted soldier to. Though I suppose much of that would depend on where it's being fought. We don't need men falling through thin ice."

"Provided our men can withstand the cold," Helena murmurs, again mostly meant for Cynan's ears, but audible to those surrounding her. Once the paper on her cupcake has been peeled away, she leaves the treat alone for the time being and crosses her arms over her chest, turning her full attention to the conversation. Her expression is one of total skepticism. "Really? Five hundred years to plan an invasion and they get stuck on an ice shelf."

"Its a matter of building that wall to start with," Percival replies to Alexandros. "Which is why I made suggestion of the Daltons and Grantham. Unfortunately, it seems like the terrain here is also likely to be in our disfavor, as much as the enemy's, particularly where any kind of outflanking would be concerned. I don't know about the other houses, but my scouts are not trained for those conditions and would probably be a great deal less mobile than they are under typical conditions." There is a nod to Helena here. "So I am hesitant to rely on such a tactic fully. More likely, both sides will move slowly, and quickly become mired in any engagement."

Densoric nods to Cynan, likely confirming the point about the King and Hand. He does speak up again, "Why not exploit the home field advantage? It is their home, free up at least some of their own forces, let them use their advantage and support. Troops unsuited to the ice shelf keep in the city freeing up the native defenders to lead strikes reinforced by those better suited to combat on the ice. After all the more of them that can be fred up the better the advantage falls to us. And if they've been properly preparing then they should have spares of any gear they used for ice shelf assaults to be loaned to any sent to help."

"I think that Sir Cynan does have an interesting suggestion." Kadmus nods, "Our forces are not all trained for the cold, but we are all used to hostile environments." he says, "Perhaps we rely on archers, and the house Iah skirmishers to harry the Hostiles in their camps, perhaps bring in siege weapons to directly attack their ship and force them into an attack, where we can use terrain and a defensive force of heavy infantry to cut them down. I have little doubt we can use House Iah's knowledge of the terrain to pick a suitable battleground as well." He looks to Percival, "This is all just speculation of course, but if we force the Hostiles into an offensive then the hostile terrain becomes an advantage for us, I would assume."

Alexandros sits back in his chair, looking about the table as people speak up. He nods slightly at several points, although he does put in, "House Khournas has its own problems in the Crescent, defending their points of import from the expected next wave and containing their own incursion. I would not look to them for massed reinforcements. It may be that — unless we eliminate one investiture at a time — these landings will have to be dealt with by forces from the local Paramount."

"Archers are not effective at the sort of range you're describing, to threaten their -encampment- from outside engagement range," Percival says flatly. "Let alone in poor visibility, wind, or other kinds of adverse conditions. Now, if we have some sort of significant artillery assets we can bring to bear, that is a different matter. But I have not heard anything on this?" He glances around the table. "Presumably if they were trapped under artillery fire we wouldn't even be having this conversation."

Talayla is still here and quiet, ensuring no Hostiles bother the drinks or snacks.

Gwain shifts for a second, lips pressing into a small frown. A nod to Cynan after. "That would work, but hauling siege weapons through the snow is tricky. But at least on the ice shelf the sound probably won't cause an avalanche and kill everyone." Happy thoughts! Gwain scrubs a hand through his hair in an uncertain gesture, one that he quickly corrects. "If we have access to a lot of simulated space we could give all of your troops a sort of crash course in not freezing to death and getting stuck in snow drifts."

"Well, no matter what we do," Cedric laces his fingers together and leaning forward on the table. "If we have to solve in-house, then so be it. But we had better figure out a way to protect our own damn water supply, otherwise, everyone is going to be in trouble. Even if that means diverting forces from another area. And the only place where I wouldn't pull forces from would be Dalton. Power supply is just as important as our water. In the end, I don't much care who we have to send to protect Shelter, so long as it gets done."

"No plan is going to be perfect," Lyrienne adds quietly after Cedric, placing a hand lightly on his forearm. "This is war. With the Hostiles. We must accept that there will be losses. But we have to prioritize. What are the things we cannot afford to surrender to the Hostiles?" she asks, looking around the table. "Waygates, of course. Water. Power. Food. This is not going to be the last place the Hostiles will land, so we should be sure we have the most key resources secure before we start deciding what our excess forces are."

"Well, the siege weapons would only be effective on their shelter, certainly, Lord Percival, they would be used primarily do damage or destroy their ship. Think of it as a siege, perhaps, if we destroy their lifeline they will have to find new shelter. But I am most eager to hear any suggestions you might have regarding a plan of attack." Kadmus says, giving a slight nod towards Gwain, "That is good to know, and consider." He says, then looks to Cedric, "I can only assume that House Orelle will be raising troops to send to the defense of their Vassal house, but if you could provide some idea of what your house is providing, it will aid greatly in the planning we are conducting."

"The Lord Larent is correct," Cynan says, acknowledging Percival with a little nod. "While hand weapons could, as I mentioned previously, prove to be exceptionally lethal in an engagement, they will not suffice to harass them from a great distance. Siege weapons could be brought to bear against whatever fortifications they have in place, but that, of course, does not help us against the Hostiles themselves. I wonder, however… is an attack upon the ice itself possible? Boil it away from beneath their feet?" An eyebrow quirks upward at Gwain's words. "Otherwise, I daresay we will need the terrain training you mentioned. Though I do not imagine fighting in the snow is terribly dissimilar, in some ways, to fighting in the sand."

Percival shrugs lightly. "I don't -dislike- the siege idea, insofar as threatening their ships to deny them their strongest point, but I'm unclear if we -have- the material for it," he tells Kadmus, pointedly. "They've been there for weeks now, and since they haven't been bombed to death already, I can only assume those assets are not available on-moon, or, as the Sir suggests," and again he briefly acknowledges the Iah knight with them, "possibly the snow prevents delivering them to the actual site of the battle?" He looks around, for confirmation. "And you already have my suggestion, assuming we have no special options to draw on: that we raise a significant enough heavy force from the various other moons to break whatever sort of defensive perimeter they've erected. They're a dug-in force, and they've been dug in for a while. I don't think there's any reason to think harassment is going to suddenly be more effective, especially when our own harassment will be slowed and hindered." He pauses, and taps a finger on the table, then looks between Cynan and Gwain again. "What sort of special forces do you have, -well- trained in the ice and how it works? Including hazards like avalanches and the like. I don't know much about deep ice formation, I'm afraid. We could use a scientific liaison on the topic."

Alexandros nods at Cedric, "I agree, Captain. I wish that I could offer you more forces from Imperius. If I were allowed to hit the Hostile buildups with forces from across Imperius, one at a time, they would have been reduced and destroyed by now. But I cannot, for now. If there is something that I can do for you, I will. I would not, however, worry about their ship. In previous System Wars, they have been more concerned about getting onto the ground than moving once they touch down. It may be different on Niveus, because of the environment."

Gwain considers. "We have a good number of soldiers trained for combat out in the snow. Some units that are specifically just for that. The knights will probably know the most. I have names." It's true, names do appear on his display. "And myself, you can consult with all of us." A nod. "Any forces loaned to the cause would be appreciated."

"Sir Gwain, I believe you can take to your house news that House's Lorent, Dalton, and Volen will be offering forces, if I have heard you both correctly?" Kadmus asks, looking to each delegation in turn, "And an advisement from Lord Percival to mount a frontal assault on their defences to overwhelm them with infantry once we have gathered sufficient forces. If the Hostiles are in fact using their ship for shelter from the environment then perhaps other considerations can be had. If there is nothing else on this subject, I do have a request for another point of discussion, though this should not be as lengthy a debate."

"On behalf of House Dalton," Cynan says, his gaze resting on Kadmus for a long moment, "I can offer the following. If there is to be a quick, concerted strike upon the Hostile encampment for the purpose of removing the threat from Niveus entirely, then we will send as many men as we can spare to bolster the forces of House Iah. If, however, there is to be a lengthy campaign…" He shakes his head. "The Temples of Light are a tremendously strategically valuable resource. We are not at liberty to send more than a small detachment for an extended period of time." That being said, he folds his hands together in his lap and settles back in his seat.

"Political waffling, Knight Commander." Cedric dismisses with a wave of a hand. "Not something I hold you personally responsible for. Ideally, what you're suggesting would work best. Coordinate the milities between all houses in unison, snuffing out flare-ups of Hostiles where they appeared. It would put a end to things in short, or at least make the entire war effort more managable. But, things like that is wishful thinking." Free hand squeezes the one Lyrienne places on his arm. "In light of that, I agree that we do need to prioritize what have to protect at all costs compared to what we would be able to give up, if the worst should come to past. Because I don't believe we'll be able to hold all of our ground forever. So to me, that says Inculta and Niveus as priorities. That does make me consider having a contingency plan for if or when another one of the Lashes should become overwhelmed. Cutting off waygate access for one." He shakes his head. "But, we'll cross that bridge if and when we have to. For now, I would suggest getting Grantham and it's vassals support for the defense of Shelter. Again, I can speak to Lady Marah and see if I can convince her." There's a nod at Cynana. "I don't think anyone here wants the battle for Niveus to be a war of inches."

Percival taps a finger on his pad, and then looks as if gathering his thoughts briefly before he speaks again, directing his words toward Gwain. His tone might make it seem like the young knight is being lectured somewhat. Old folks do that sometimes. "It strikes me that you have two options. One, raise a force tough enough to break through whatever stalemate exists. Or two, if you have specialists capable of it, attempt some sort of elite operation to place charges in or around their base in a way that will destabilize the shelf. The goal being either killing them directly or forcing an evacuation where they could be met by waiting forces." A nod acknowledges Cynan, as this seems a modified version of the earlier plan. "A protracted siege is not something I'm personally willing to commit my archers to. Pot shots back and forth in the cold will see equal losses on both sides and my men suffering in the cold all the while." But he nods at Kadmus. "I will supply men at arms toward a assault assuming Grantham is willing to contribute some heavy forces and that the other Lashes can shore up the numbers. Or whatever forces necessary toward a 'trap' if they can figure out some way to "The quicker we deal with Niveus, the less likelihood we have of facing multiple landings at once." Kadmus says with a nod to Cynan, "And I have no faith in House Grantham's interest in defending the Lashes, short of a direct order from their liege, Lord Cedric, they did not come to this meeting, and have sent troops to the Crescent, as I understand." he pauses a moment, "But we have discussed this enough, and have a plan in hand, and if House Iah receives more troops, all the better, whoever they are from." He nods, "Now, moving on." He says, "I have received a request from Lord Densoric, he is looking for electronics experts to assist him in research related to the Hostiles, I do not know the extent of his need, or the details, but Lord Densoric, if you could address the gathering?"

"Of course." Gwain offers this back to Percival, standing up a hair straighter. Not that it's easy to tell, being so tall regardless. "It's not my decision to make, but I'll advise my Lords as best as I can." Eyes turn around the table, nods all around. Bob bob bob. "House Iah appreciates your support. I'll be sure everything is passed along and we stay in contact." the ice."

Densoric steps forward once again as the reason for his being here is brought up by Kadmus. He then gives the proper gesture to each and says, "Lords, ladies, Sirs, sorry for further interrupting the purpose of this meeting. I have been conducting research on their electronics taken from the remains the Hostiles on the Ring. To get to my point, I have hit a bit of a block in my research but feel I am close to something important. At least important for my research. I need individuals with a skill with electronics superior to that of a Master's Degree to help me, who also have clearance for the research labs related to the remains. If any here have the skill or knowledge, or know anyone who would qualify I could use the help. Especially those skilled in coding of circuitry. Honestly I don't know how useful the research might be, but there is the potential for tactical advantages if my research bears fruit. On a related matter to the coming fight, if possible, and trust me I'm aware of the risks and dangers and I am NOT asking any special favors. Simply that IF the opportunity arises then intact and operational computers or whatever the Hostiles have as an equivalent, they could prove invaluable to the research I am conducting." He then steps back and simply waits to see if their are any offers, suggestions, or questions.

Alexandros nods to Cedric, "Her Highness and myself have been trying to drive action forward, I assure you, Captain." The suggestion there, of course, is that their political opponents have been stopping them, but at least he doesn't outright say it… it would sound horrible in his nasal tones. He nods to Kadmus at his commentary, "It is only a matter of time before another wave arrives. I desperately want to finish these landings before the next wave. If you thought my job was hard now…" He laughs quietly, a nasal, buzzing sound, then shakes it off. He leans back when Densoric stands to speak, crossing his legs as he listens.

Talayla looks to Densoric from behind her table as he speaks.

Ariana has been relatively quiet for the most part, drawing in the war discussion with a bit of curiosity in her eyes. Now that it seems that this meeting will be wrapping up, her posture straightens all the more and her attention is now fully focused on her father, prepared to take her leave when he does. As Densoric speaks up, her own gaze scans the room, though she may have some ideas on this topic, of her own.

Electronics? Cynan might do a little tinkering on the side, sure, but not enough to help with this sort of thing. Accordingly he sits silently, reaching for his long-forgotten baked good, making something of a show of polite interest in the conversation while he waits.

"You're probably one of the most skillful in our own house," Percival points out to Densoric. "But naturally if there are any other resources you might need for your work, you need only but ask." And uncle space casinos will provide! Catching a glance from Ariana, he nods, and then looks to his datapad again, touching it to deactivate the screen. "It would seem that we are finished here, so I will be taking my leave. Sir…" and he realizes he has no idea of the young knight from Iah's name, "… please inform your Lords of what I've said and have them contact me with any timetables for the deployment of our reinforcements." Then he rises and glances once around. "Lords, Ladies, Sir Commander."

Eirene perks up as the meeting draws to a close. Her warm eyes settle a gaze upon her brother, Kadmus, for a brief moment. She hopes to catch his attention before taking her leave. A light touch brushes over Ariana's arm and once more the effervescent blonde murmurs to the Larent lady.

Helena has been silent for quite some time, and although she offers Cynan a supportive smile and a pat on the arm, she remains as silent as ever. However, it appears her own cupcake has disappeared completely, leaving nothing behind except a wrapper and a few crumbs. Surreptitiously, the doctor reaches up to wipe pink frosting from the corner of her mouth.

Kadmus offers a slight nod towards Eirene but looks back to the table, "I encourage you all to consider Lord Densoric's request, the understanding of the Hostiles this system war will be vital to our victory, if you know of any electronic's experts do direct them his way." he nods, "Is there anything else that needs discussing before we bring this meeting to a close?"

Gwain makes a bow of his head at Percival's exit. "Of course." Now that the Iah knight is finished he sinks down into a seat. And takes a glance back to the snacks. Then back to the conversation at hand. He looks interested briefly at electronics chat, but doesn't seem confident enough to speak up about it. He peeks back at the food again.

Densoric doesn't comment on his Uncle's words, though technically he just did ask. But he knows what his uncle means. As he excuses himself Densoric offers a polite nod and says, "MiLord." simply to Percival. He then nods respectfully to the added support from Kadmus, but as no one seems to speak up, either not really caring or simply not thinking of anyone off-hand to suggest Densoric nods to each of the others in turn and says, "If a name comes to mind for anyone feel free to send word to me by whatever means. Now if you will excuse me my lords Ladies, and Sirs, I should see to the various options to see if something of value can be provided to those of you here that might be of importance for at least intelligence purposes." Lord densoric then starts to make his way out of the room having nothing further to contribute anyway, as he's voiced his reason for being here to begin with.

Ariana nods quickly to Eirene's soft words, returning a faint smile and a hushed response to the other young Lady as she slowly rises from her seat in time with the others. "You will be hearing from me soon, Lady Eirene." With that, she takes a few steps in the direction of her father, before she finally turns to Densoric, looking thoughtfully up at him, "I may have some ideas on who you can ask, Lord Cousin. I am curious about this research too, though unfortunately, my own technical skills are rather lacking."

Talayla seems sympathetic, though she is watching quietly from behind her table.

Densoric nods to Ariana and says, "If you are able to compile a list of names send them my way and I will see if they are interested. My thanks lady Ariana." Densoric is certainly in the running for most overly formal noble of the year, as he departs the room.

Helena watches as people begin to take their leave, and she turns toward Cynan and arches her eyebrow. "Is this our cue to take our leave? I am sure you have reports to write, and I have an interesting message to show you."

"I believe it is, Lady Helena." Cynan, for his part, appears… not quite /eager/, but certainly /ready/ to depart. There's a deep bow to the Knight Commander, a shorter, but still polite bow toward Kadmus, and a number of polite nods before he turns to make his way back out of the room.

As the meeting is dismissed, Lyrienne looks to Cedric, giving his hand a squeeze as she stands. "I got you something at the concert," she says, smile flashing mischievously. No doubt there's a servant muttering something along the lines of 'another kid?' in the background.

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