07.25.3013 Midnight Talks in the Observatory
Summary: Chiron and Lorelei Stargaze, and dicuss Hostiles, humanity, and love.
Date: 25th July 2013
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Chiron Lorelei 

The Observatory
Though the exterior of the observatory is very geometrical with triangle solar panels soaking up energy throughout the bright sun of the day, the interior is more curved and domed, supporting a spheroid roof and spiral staircases. The lower level of the observatory is done in polished wood that has been carved with constellations as if to reflect the night sky above. There are workbenches and desks, surfaces used for a multitude of purposes. This lower level is open to the public as long as an astronomer is in the building, and there is a gate that blocks the spiral staircase. Visitors are given opportunities to peek through the finderscope or look over the vid screens that is capturing images for later review, but there must be a member of the observatory with them in order to gain access to the upper levels of the observatory.
25th July 3013

Nighttime in the Observatory. It's a peaceful place for one to sit down and think. Chiron can be found looking out at the horizon, the torches and noises of the Promenade barely noticeable at this height.

Lorelei's standing next to her brother, not saying anything, just looking out at the distance herself.

"I always forget what how awesome everything looks from up here." Chiron says to his sister, continuing to look out at the stars. "Sometimes, I find it odd how going though a gate takes you thousands of miles away in an instant."

Lorelei nods softly, "Yeah. I wonder what it must be like…actually having to travel by ship." she'll smile sadly, looking up at the stars. "I wonder…do they stargaze too?"

Chiron tilts his head to the side. "You know, Sparrow. That's not something I've ever thought of." He strokes his chin for a second before continuing. "Well, I think they do, if they're sentient. If they're just drones for something more sinister on the Fifth World however… then probably not."

Lorelei nods slowly, "That's what terrifies me the most….that they know what they're doing…they could star gaze and love and …and they're still…."She'll swallow, closing her eyes.

"Evil?" Chiron says, finishing his sister's sentence. "I'd hope it's not that. I'm not sure what it is that we need do to stop it, but I know we can't keep living like this." Chiron says. "Maybe we do need to send some people to the 5th world… maybe then we could find some answers."

Lorelei cringes at Chiron's word choice. She'll take a shaky breath, "I'm not smart enough to understand what to do….I feel like, we're looking at one of Bey's virtual puzzles…but it's been mixed with another. And piece are missing from both…." she'll blink some , eyes roaming the sky, "I just wish there was some way to know…anything." She'll wrap her arms around herself.

Chiron places an arm around Lorelei, "I know what you mean. It doesn't make sense. We'll get though this though, I don't think it will always be this way. Bey will come up with some grand scheme with other really smart guys, and they'll figure out how to beat this thing permanently." He says this almost to convince himself. As much as he likes being a knight, he doesn't want to fight foever. "Hey," He says, point up at the night sky. "Isn't that the Maiden?"

Lorelei leans into her brother, "I feel so selfish, being upset about anything, with everything theta's happening. I have no right to complain about Dreams or Powers, when people re dying, so I can have them. Even the Taryn stuff is just…."She'll sigh, not wanting to say it's not important, but she lets that implication hang there. She'll nod, smiling, "Yeah…Bey will save us." She searches a moment , and then nods, "Yes…there's the Maiden."

Chiron nods in understanding. "I know what you mean. I don't think you're being selfish, what happened to you is a scary thing. You are allowed to have feelings and to be concerned and worried about things going on with you." He smiles at his sister, enjoying the talk. "You know, it's funny. I'm being squired and will be fighting Hostiles soon, most likely, and all I can think is 'I wonder when I'll see Zani next.' How weird is that?"

Lorelei looks over a small, but mischievous look on her face, "Well? When are you? You should be sending her notes and trying to see her?" she'll shake her head, wondering how her brother could be so inept at this. "You have the perfect story, going off to be squatted… It would be so romantic. Just…send her a flower that reminds you of her, a small note. ask her to diner." Loree has a bit of a far away look, almost wistful.

Chiron looks at his sister, blushing a little, giving her a look that's slightly ashamed. "Oh… Yeah. Why didn't I think of that? I should write a note tonight. What kind of flower do you think I should send her?" This is the first time he's looked away from the observatory, and he looks a little excited about the new topic of discussion.

Lorelei is glad for t he change of topic, "Well…what color does she remind you of? where do you want to take her? Flash or not?" She'll grin back, "If she doesn't like the flower, blame it on me." she'll shrug, "I'm the perfect scape goat for this!"

Chiron thinks for a second before responding. "Blues and Purples, I think. Maybe some green? Though that's mostly because of her outfit we… er, you, picked out for her to wear." he looks back out to the sky, a ponderous look on his face. "I think some flash is a good thing here, I think. I'm not sure where I'd take her yet, though."

Lorelei shakes her head, "Just remember, she's surrounded by flash. so, not too much. Substance is the way to go." Thinking a moment, "No roses, definitely…maybe something that's native to Arboren?"

Chiron nods, "That sounds fitting. Do you think I should take her some where here in Arboren? Or should I take her to the capital or the Ring?" He says, trying to figure out /just/ how to show a rockstar a good time.

Lorelei nods, "Well, maybe ask where she'd like to go? she gets flashy all the time, maybe she her …honest stuff?"

"True, maybe I could suggest a day at the Promenade. Take her to Motts Taphouse, maybe take her up here? I'm sure you could find all kinds of inspiration with a view like this." Chiron says, half smiling, half ponderous look on his face.

Lorelei grins, "Yeah….just not the Stables…unless you can guarantee Ma won't be there."

Chiron laughs loudly. "Oh… Did you ever find out about the time I tried to bring a girl into the barn after dark? Ma' found us, I think she was spying on me. Oh she was so mad at that poor girl." He pauses, thinking for a moment, "I don't think I'd want to bring Zani to the house just yet. She'd never come back if she met our parents!"

Rolling her eyes, Loree laughs, "how could I forget? I didn't understand what the big deal was, and Ma was so mad…and Da kept laughing when you weren't in the room."

Chiron 's laugh turns more into a chuckle. "I was so mad at Ma'. Things were going /so/ well in that barn… I can't believe Father thought the whole thing was so funny. I thought he would be even more upset." He lets out a content sigh, enjoying the moment. "Now, I bet if I did that same thing Ma' would be the one happy and laughing, and Father would be the one upset."

Lorelei gives hims sympathetic look, "It was a little funny." She'll chuckle as well, "If that happened now? Ma would be bringing you flowers to give her and Da would be yelling about disturbing the horses!"

Chiron nods, "Oh, yeah. It's funny /now/. At the time I was mad!" He smiles, laughing a little. "So yeah, not taking Zani to meet the parents. Not yet."

"Good call. So…flowers, a note and an asking out on a date?" Loree looks pleased with herself. At least one of the Quellton kids should be happy and dating.

"That's the plan!" Chiron says, confidently. He pauses, looking at his sister. "This was a good talk, I think. Thanks."

Lorelei cocks an eyebrow, "Ya think? I think it was ok….We're not gonna have areally good talk till I get some chocolate…" she'll bump her shoulder into his, "She seems really nice, and I want you to be happy."

Chiron laughs, "Alright, we can get you some chocolate. I think some of the vendors are still open." He says as he starts heading toward the exit. "Thanks, I'd like to be happy as well. But, I can't really complain right now. It's not every day you get the chance to live your dream."

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