09.28.3013: Mending Bridges
Summary: Chiron and Talynne finally get a chance to talk.
Date: 15.09.2013
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The Bottoms, The caravan, The vale
Wherever the Caravan of House Rovehn may be, the stretch of plains where they set up their temporary settlement is known as The Bottoms. They favors flat lands where there is plenty of room for each of the large, wheeled caravans to set up comfortably — usually ranging from a one and a half to two square miles of open space. There is an organic way in which the caravans arrange themselves, almost naturally establishing districts and neighborhood blocks with roads of trodden grass winding their way between them. It is exceptionally rare to come across a parked caravan that doesn't have its ramp ways extended and exterior doors open. When weather allows, most of those caravans with housing units have their windows open, noises of everyday life mingling with the sounds of the plains.

Surrounding The Bottoms are the various horse herds, each of which are looked after by dozens of riders. Destriers, thoroughbreds, and walkers all mix and mingle together into cohesive groups. Hard light fences and paddocks are erected to provide safety and necessary shelters for the herds.


It was not quite midday yet, and the fields of the Bottoms were filled with the movement of horses. Destriers and riding horses alike were being trained, walked, maintained. The long string of vehicles that made up the caravan were parked in their half-circle to section off where they had parked away from the rest of the plains of grasses, and provided a sort of bowl of congregation between them all. There, in the center, was a fire pit with several seats placed around it and looking as though it got plenty of use every night.

Out near the large, hard light enclosure where two very huge, and rather scarred looking Destriers were being trained and rehabilitated, Talynne was leading them through their paces. It wasn't anything cruel, obviously her just getting them used to the sounds and orders they had to expect during their duties. The rest of her herd was in another enclosure a good bit away, on down time, eating grasses and what not.

The Caravans… Or, as Chiron better knows it, the home of the Rovehns. He sighs. It's a bittersweet moment, the beauty of the Vale is tarnished somewhat by memories of Eiris and the night at his family's ranch a few weeks ago. He's dressed in simple attire, a brown shirt, black pants, and as always his green hooded cloak. He smiles as he sees the horses, but keeps his eyes out for Talynne. When he does find her, he gives her a half smile. He looks worried, and maybe a little sad? "Lady Sir Talynne… How are you?" He asks respectfully.

Looking up to the arrival of Chiron, Talynne offered a polite smile and a not. She patted the scarred, immense horse she was working with and gave it a kiss on the curve of it's jaw before she walked to the side of the hard light pen and stepped out, turning it back on behind her. "Young Master Chiron, I hope your trip here was a pleasant one." She wiped her hands on her worn leather pants, knowing full well they were filthy. She glanced down and laughed, shaking her head. "I'd offer to shake hands but I'm rather a mess, would you like to come to the barn? I can wash off a bit and we can talk." Rather than moving before he spoke, she waited for his reaction, eyes watching him curiously.

Chiron just looks confused now, mostly unsure how to to deal with the Lady. "The trip was alright." he says, again trying to be respectful. "I don't care so much about messy, but I would like to see the barn." He says, giving the Rovehn another half smile. There's a hint of awkwardness in the air, regarding the type of conversation that is about to take place.

Talynne nodded and offered him a polite smile, leading him towards the odd structure that was the barn. It was made of sheets of odd, lightweight polymer that could be put up and taken down in less than a couple of hours. It had a couple of washing stalls with overhead spray valves for the horses within. There was also a couple of hard light pens that contained a pregnant mare or two, keeping them safely inside and covered while they were so far into their pregnancy, as well as one, very wounded horse that was still too hurt to be with the genpop. Flipping on the overhead spray, Talynne reached under it to rinse her hands, then her face, looking remarkably less dirty with just that. Looking over at Chiron she grinned. "Sorry about that.. so then. Thank you for coming to see me, it must be hard to get away from all of your responsibilities and visit someone on the Vale. That is appreciated." She smiled to him and picked up a clean towel from where it hung on a hook, and patted dry her face and hands.

Chiron rubbernecks, taking in all of the differences of the Vale. It's so open! The Caravans themselves are also quite the marvel. He's never seen a city that can pick itself up and move. He smiles at the pregnant mares and breathes in the sent of the barn. While it's not the most pleasant smell, it /does/ smell like home. He waves his hand, gesturing that everything is fine. "It's alright, my Lady. And uh… you're welcome? I'm not sure exactly how to start this… so, I guess I'll just say it." He swallows and takes a deep breath. "So, alright. I guess I'll start with my and my sister's perspective of what's going on." He says as he takes a seat on a nearby hay bale. "My brother is young, just turned eighteen. He still has a lot of maturing to do, and in a lot of ways is still a kid. The boy still throws tantrums, for example. The first time he really sets out on his own, he's found someone that's he's interested in. I'll admit, I know very little about you, we've only really spoken with you twice. Once at the Taphouse for breakfast, and the other at the dinner that was hosted at the stables. I'm not here to argue over who said what or what went wrong there, but I think you can agree that it could have gone much better then it did. But, that's all my sister and I have to go on."

"I suppose you could say the same from my perspective, I have nothing to go on from the two of you save for the fact that you spoke to me one morning at Mott's Taphouse, and then treated me poorly at your home one night for dinner some time later. Since, I've heard nothing but negatives being spouted about me from either of you, from third parties. I agree entirely that it could have gone better, but also could have gone much, much worse, perhaps as badly as it's been portrayed to others." Talynne looked at Chiron seriously for a long moment, her mouth held firmly, though not in a frown, just in a straight, solid line. "I love your brother. He's a good man, with a good future. One that will come to him whether you believe he's mature enough for it or not. I don't need your permission to date or take him as my Companion, so I am not at all going to ask for it. I treat him well, he treats me well in return. He sleeps here, then goes back to your place every morning to help with your horses. On top of that he's studying and getting ready for going forward to the Academ."

Talynne chose to remain standing, moving around and hooking the towel back up before she pushed the shower head back to a side position and began cleaning up in the stables. It would seem she much preferred to work and talk rather than sit and talk. "His future, with or without me, has risen up to greet him and accept him on the path of it." She chuckled and looked over at Chiron, raising her brows, still smiling. "Are you suggesting that it shouldn't perhaps because you don't know me?"

Chiron looks a little confused. "My brother should have a future, he's intelligent, yes. more so then I. However, I did not come to talk about if my brother should or should not do anything. I came to get understanding and mend burned bridges." He sighs, standing up and asking, "Is there anything you need me to do?" In regards to helping around the stables. If she's going to work, he may as well too. Perhaps helping out will improve the conversation. "My sister and I felt slighted with some of your comments, which put us on edge. Our stables have been hit with hard times, and our whole family have poured our heart and soul into this thing. We're rather proud of it, and it's kind of become our identity." He takes a breath, then continues. "Sense then, Bey has been very, and understandably so, tried to dodge the questions my sister and I ask him about you. The issue I see, and one you may want to talk to him about, is he's not tried to rectify any of the negative perspectives that My sister and I have of you. Has he tried to change your opinion of my sister and I? Because he has not tried to change the opinions of my sister and I."

"I suppose this is where you and I differ when it comes to how these things should happen in life, Young Master Chiron." Talynne sighed softly and shifted her shirt a little, getting the cotton to stop clinging to her sweaty side. She shook her head at him. "And no, please don't help. This is my stable. My home, my livelihood. I work myself to the nub to make sure that what I do creates in me the kind of character required to train the most appreciated Destriers of Haven." Her tone was warm, and she motioned around them. "This isn't a hobby, and explaining to me how your identity is attached to what you do.. to a Rovehn?" Her brows raised. "To me? Of all the Rovehns? You act as though I have no idea what you consider important, or how hard it is to do all of this. Try being the only family to supply horses to the entirety of the Royal line? If you want stress, we can discuss stress."

Talynne chuckled and rolled her shoulders. "But then again, I'm getting off track, and it's not all that stressful, i love what I do beyond measure." She took a deep breath. "If I found no value in your stable, I never would have sold Balius four of our Riding Mares to breed with your horses, Young Master Chiron. Everything I said at Dinner was to support an idea of your sister's or in agreement with something you stated. That you chose to take it as a barb.. I can't really fix that. It was your choice. And how you feel about me is not at all your brother's responsibility to fix. You fix that yourself. Just as the situation between you and my sister, you fix that yourself, and she would, of course, have to do the same." She shrugged softly. "As for his repairing my ideas of the two of you? I don't talk to him about you. You aren't on our tongues for conversation. We try to simply spend time with each other and enjoy ourselves, or work with the horses, or do anything that people in love do. Our attention rarely defaults to our families, save for when they're in trouble, which seems to happen far more with your family than mine, at least in a physical sense." Talynne grinned wryly to him, humor dancing on her bright hazel gaze.

Chiron takes a deep breath. "Am I not good enough to help you in your stable? My issue with what happened last night was that you spoke out of superiority. You talked like you were /better/ then us. /That/ is what made my sister and I upset. Listen to yourself. 'My stable, my home, my livelihood.' You came to our ranch, said the terrain for the ranch was ill-suited for breeding and raising horses and that Vale horses were /better/. In our own home. How would you take a comment like that? How would you feel if someone implied that your horses were inferior, in the very place you raised and bred them? No, You can't place all of the blame on me. I came here, waving an olive branch, hoping to find some kind of understanding or common ground with you. This is my way of accepting that you're in my brother's life and that I /want/ to be a part of it. He's the only brother that I have. You're coming off as if you don't care that my sister and I were hurt. Even if you didn't mean it to cause harm, it did, and instead of apologizing for it, you're saying that it's my fault? I am /sorry/ for how you were treated at our ranch. We could have been much nicer and more accepting of you. I really, truly am. I know that I'm /part/ of the problem, but I am not /the/ problem. As for the thing with your sister and I, it's connected to what we are talking about right here. She hid who she was from me because she knew that was the only way to talk to me."

When he is finished, Chiron closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths. "Please… Talynne. I didn't come here to fight or argue with you. Even if it's not something that's bothered you, it's something that's meant a great deal to me. I'm asking that you at the very least acknowledge how I'm feeling."

Talynne took a few moments of silence, listening to him entirely before she looked at him. "I'm afraid there was an obvious misunderstanding that you've let color everything about your opinion of me, and it's one that will likely continue to color your opinion no matter what I say to you, Chiron." Hefting a large saddle that was, obviously, for a destrier, Talynne walked over and dropped it at his feet. "Your olive branch is accepted, I'm sorry your feelings were hurt. I would have much rather been asked for clarification than spurned and publicly spoken ill of by yourself and your sister." Stepping slightly closer, it was easy to see the slight amount of anger in her eyes. "I never claimed it wasn't the case that you were caused some form of distress, but I'm quite sure, that if you spoke to random people around Haven, you also didn't hear of me spreading negative talk of you." Canting her head to the side, she watched the squire for a long moment.

"You are prejudiced and judgemental, rude, and rather one of the more sour people I've met, and yet I say nothing ill of you. I do everything in my power to make the lives of the Citizens on the vale better, even to go so far as to extend the most my family will allow for those citizen born knights that defend all of Haven. I work myself raw to try to make sure that things are fair in this world, and you made the marvel that is the person of my little sister feel as though she had to hide who she was from you because of your bigotry." The tone of her voice was positively heartbroken as she looked at him. "How is it that you feel I should worry about your feelings, and acknowledge them, but take no heed to the fact that I very much want to throw you down a well for making her feel that way?" She took a deep breath and looked away from him, swallowing around whatever brilliantly painful emotion was brewing in her throat. "You know, I avoid you, I avoid your sister, I stay away from either of you because I don't enjoy the thought that you are so blinded by the fact that you dislike Nobles that you can't see straight. It's not about personal interaction so much as it's about the fact that I don't know how to talk to you without you turning it into me talking down to you, no matter how I mean it, because it's all you'll see."

"Why do you think I hate nobles? I have plenty of noble friends. I am to become a noble at some point, albeit a minor one." Chiron asks, trying to keep his cool. "There's Lord Tristan, Lady Charlie, Lady Viennea, Young Lord Jarek. My own Knight Sir Agnes Peake I would consider a friend. I could name more. I have no issues with nobility. In fact, I would say that the majority of my friends are noble." He takes a breath, tilting his head to the side. "Now, I have a question for you. You say that you did not speak ill of my sister and I, why then would Eiris know to hide her identity from me? Someone had to have told her about what happened, how /you/ feel I perceive you and nobility. The only person I can think of who would tell her that is you, as until a few days ago Balius hadn't met Eiris." Chiron retorts, taking another deep breath before continuing

"I believe that you are a nice person. My brother has taken to you, and I'd like to think that he has a good read on people. But that doesn't take away from that fact that your /Pride/ and your words is a /part/ of the issue here. Sir Lady Agnes Peake, my knight, the other noble at that dinner felt that what you said was uncalled for. She is a noble, she is not prejudiced against nobility. I admit, I was wrong. I shouldn't have said those things to people, I could have done many things differently. All I am asking is for you to do the same. Let go of your pride, and lets start new, please." Chiron falls to his knees, his hands clasping together as he begs the noble to hear him out.

Staring at him as if he was a snake, Talynne backed away. "Why on earth are you on your knees?" She shook her head. "That's beyond what is called for here, please get up." If possible, she seemed to completely shut off, no more emotion in her voice. "Of course, we can start new. As for my sister? I told her that you hated me. After I heard what you said about me to others." Her eyes met Chiron's and there was almost nothing there, just a flat, calm surface. "She and I hadn't spoken about it until after you met her, though. She'd never even met Balius. And she said she knew she had to keep quiet about the fact she was a noble as you cited your dislike for me almost immediately upon meeting her." She shook her head, Talynne's attempt to remain calm was fairly impressive, but not perfect.

"And it was from what she told me that I assumed you disliked nobility, nothing else. As for your sister, it was obvious the moment I met her in the conservatory and in every subsequent encounter since. That you don't feel the same and I assumed as much based on what occurred with my sister? I owe you an apology for that." Talynne sighed. "I didn't tell my family about the dinner at your home because I didn't want word of it spreading any farther. We have friends that would not have taken kindly to the fact that I felt hurt by you and your sister. I didn't want there to be any sort of an issue for your family because I happen to be quite madly in love with your brother." Talynne looked at him quite seriously. "I didn't even tell my own mother about this, so, you can likely understand that when you say it must be my perception…it pains me greatly considering the fact that I made sure not to color your family one way or the other. I simply stated that your mother was a fantastic cook."

Chiron does indeed stand up, his eyes meeting hers. They are not one of defiance or hatred, but sadness and weariness. "I've never hated anyone. When I spoke of you and what happened with Balius he made no attempts to persuade me otherwise, only that it was best to put it behind me. Leaving me to assume what I believe you said to be the truth." He closes his eyes, exhaling. "I'm the one you should be upset with. I'm known for saying things I shouldn't, my own family has had to talk with me about what I share with people. My family is very protective of each other, or at the very least Myself and my sister. Bey is our baby brother, and we only want what's best for him, even if we don't always show it in the best way."

Chiron takes a few steps closer to the Rovehn Lady, offering his hand. "I'm not saying that my family is perfect, the Six know we've got a ton of problems that need working on. But it's important to recognize and forgive past mistakes in order to grow and mature. Will you forgive me for my past transgressions against you and your name, Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn?"

"It was forgiven when I agreed to start over, Young Master Chiron." Talynne nodded to him and accepted his hand, shaking it firmly. "I will continue to not speak ill of your family, and I would appreciate if you immediately stop doing so yourself. Whatever silliness occurred between you and my sister was absurd, and I can't imagine what was going through her mind other than some misguided attempt to prove to you that you were wrong. Of course.. i don't understand how you could allow yourself to be taken by a young lady and not even gather her last name, either." Talynne chuckled softly and shook her head, looking at him with a strange, raised brow. "I am pretty sure that there is such a thing as willfully ignoring whatever might be staring you in the face at times, and I'm sure she played into it masterfully. Eiris can be ingenious when it comes to her little plots." She had let go of his hand almost immediately and went to pick the huge saddle back up, moving towards the wall where she could store it properly.

"When I met Eiris I was almost dead. I had bruised lungs, broken ribs and was in a lot of pain. She was tasked with making sure I got what I needed medicinally. When I was a little bit better we talked more about family and things, but looking back she gave very little information." Chiron explains. "I don't know how she figured I disliked nobles, but it happened all the same." He grins as the Talynne praises her sister, looking around the barn again. "She can be clever at times, too smart for her own good I fear." He's smiling as he says this, obviously trying to make the rather dreary and serious mood just a little lighter. "Are you sure you don't want me to help you at all?" He offers as she continues to work.

Looking up at him, Talynne took in a deep breath, after tying the saddle up so it wouldn't be in the way at all. "I have to walk the injured horse there, in that stall. He is very uncomfortable around most people, but you can come and walk with us, if you like. Or there are other things, the mares are due for their bathing, so we could always shower the two lovely ladies here, give them the relief of a nice, warm shower now instead of later." She motioned to the two very pregnant mares, one a Destrier and head and shoulders tall above the other, a riding horse, but equally as lovely and built for admiration. "Clover, and Maris. Clover is the buckskin.. Maris is the Chutney Destrier."

Looking up at the huge, and insanely wide form of Maris, Talynne couldn't help the warm smile, even when the horse let out an angry breath. "She's a biter, and such a fighter. You should see her when she's not loaded down with foal, her body shimmers like starlight on a moonless sky." She chuckled and looked the horse over. "Would you like to help with that? I know Clover loves her showers, and even Maris does, she just gets a little testy because it's getting so uncomfortable to walk. I have a feeling it'll be impossible to get her inside for weeks after she gives birth." The topic of horses was obvious, and VERY obviously, more comfortable to Talynne than human interaction, but Taly did look at Chiron for a moment and give him a light smile. "She's too smart for the good of all of us, not just herself. And she knows it gets her into more trouble than out of it. But that's the charm of who she is, and part of why I wanted to throw you down a well for the fact she couldn't bring herself to be honest with you."

"I'd love to help you bathe the horses." Chiron smiles at Talynne, glad to have finally found a connection with the noble. He walks over to stall that houses the horse named Clover, placing a gentle hand over her nose and making calming noises. "There there now… Ready for a bath?" He asks the mare, not necessarily expecting a response. Looking back to Talynne he responds. "When you see Eiris again, could… could you tell her I said hi, and that I'm sorry?" He says, sighing.

Nodding to him, she motioned towards the second shower stall for Clover, then slipped into the stall with Maris and whispered to her gently, soothing the animal in her fairly expert way. "I can tell her, though I really feel as though it would be better coming from you. I meant what I said about fixing things yourselves. I feel like anything coming from me would be a pale comparison to whatever you actually had to say to her yourself." Talynne offered him gently as she walked the mare out of the stall, the poor thing looking like she was about to burst right there and making very labored breathing sounds as she walked towards the shower. Still, she didn't fight Talynne, or threaten Chiron as she saw him, she just let the woman move her with a pressure to the side of her great neck.

"I can speak with her… though I worry she doesn't want anything more to do with me." Chiron admits, coaxing Clover out of her own stall, leading her to the other shower stall. "When is Maris expecting?" He asks, getting things ready to clean the pregnant buckskin. "What did Eiris say about me? Just curious…"

Glancing over at him with her brows raised, Talynne gave a strange, quirked grin. "I'd suggest you ask her, not me, Chiron. Mainly because she was telling me about how badly you upset her at the time, nothing I heard was in a good light. Especially since your brother had just come to me terrified I was going to ruin our relationship over it." She rolled her eyes and laughed softly. "Your brother is the most darling, sweetest man on the planet and I'd only let Elodie touch me to cure me above him. I think he's finally gotten it through his head, though, that the opinions of others don't mean nearly as much to me as they do to most people. After all the bluster and Eiris running out very upset about the whole situation, he and I had a very lovely night."

The water started and it came out warm, soap and sponges in a huge bucket between the two stalls. "She was definitely hurt, though, and sad. She doesn't take well to losing friends and I know she blames it more on her nobility. Though I did tell her to put the blame where it belongs, on her lies. I never will understand what the point of a lie is, especially one so easily found out." She started to scrub down the distended side of Maris, gentle and easy after she was soaked by the overhead spray. "Maris is due in two weeks.. though I have a feeling she'll be dropping earlier. Starting tomorrow, or possibly in a couple of days, I'll be sleeping out here to watch over her while she gets to term."

Chiron grabs a sponge and begins scrubbing Clover, continuing to make calming noises and every once in a while stopping to pet the pregnant mare's nose. "She really is a beautiful horse." He says cheerfully to Talynne. He makes sure to turn his head away from Talynne as she begins talking about his brother. Balius? Charming and Sweet? Yuck! "I understand why she felt she needed to, and for all I know she may have been right in her assumptions." He sighs, yet again, focusing on scrubbing the mare. "I hope things can still work out. Even though she kept her identity from me, I felt as though there was something real between us."

"I don't know that you actually have a chance of happiness with her, Chiron, but at the very least a chance of friendship. She's unsure what she wants in her life and has the possibility of marrying, just as any of us do." Talynne sighed softly. "It's not something that can be decided as of yet, anyway, with your being a squire. If you were already a knight and a lesser noble, perhaps you could court her properly and even marry her, but as a citizen, the most you could hope for would be companionship, which you can't have when you become a knight." Looking over at him with saddened eyes, Talynne offered a soft smile. "It's not easy, feeling interest for someone that isn't from the same background. And it's been hard as hell on Balius and I, whether we show it or not. So I hope, for your sake, if you do want to be something to my sister? That you're honest with her, because your situation would be far more complicated even than my own.. at least until you finish squiring."

"I know it's a long shot, but, I think she's worth trying for." Chiron says, placing the sponge next to the bucket. "Sir Agnes said something similar to what you said. About me being a squire, that is. I think I only have a few more months to go being a squire, it'll depend on how Sir Agnes feels about it, though. She says I am doing well." He nods, turning to look at Talynne. "Honesty is important in any relationship, no matter how complicated. It is… it's why I was upset with her."

"I was upset with her for lying, as well. I believe it's the one thing that is nearly impossible to recover from, if it goes on long enough." Talynne offered as she moved to start on the thick, powerful legs of Maris, not making her lift any of them up, but moving along them delicately. "You should talk to her. I would say more, and tell you about her history and whom she's had a crush on and felt the need to visit more often than others, but I think it means really nothing. If you want to be with her, go talk to her. Tell her that you feel badly, do whatever you will." Talynne shrugged softly. "She's a good girl, but directionless, and she might not want to have herself tied down to anyone at all, so just dating would be acceptable.. but eventually Mother will marry her off." Taly didn't say that with the kindest of edges. "So, as that goes. It might be better to talk to her sooner than later."

"I'll speak with her, I had already planned to. I just wanted to wait a bit, and see if I couldn't straighten out a few other things before doing so." Chiron replies, giving Talynne another smile. He picks up another sponge and begins scrubbing the pregnant mare again.

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