12.28.3013: Meeting of Minds
Summary: Adelstein summons some fellows (Aaryn, Evey, and Demos) to discuss long term project potential
Date: 30th October 2013
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Demos' Lab office
There is a distinct office set aside along one side, shared with the glass cabinets like a bank where the office is not. Inside that office is a desk and personal shelf space. There is a window that looks out from the desk to the lab itself, it is a transition surface, going from black both ways, to one-way see through for the researcher, or clear both ways. An overriding feature all throughout the lab and office are rocks of various shapes and sizes. While a good half of them appear boring, there are enough that sparkle, shine, glitter and glow to make any gem dealer and rare rock collector jealous as well as account for a small fortune in itself.

Leaving his lab to the general areas, Demos goes to await the arrival of Lord Adelstein. Having gotten his message for a potential meeting, the geologist heads to await in the areas open for easier access, planning perhaps to use his own clearance to his area should they need some privacy. Being somewhat prepared, the scholar has picked up a coffee canister from the Bazaar, and has some cups ready as well as some pastries from a local baker down there. Both in bags, marked with their respective sellers, as he awaits in the mostly sterile halls. Dressed a little more sharply than normal, its lab attire, but the clean ones with his name sewn on, not just a badge at his waist. Sort official scholar looking perhaps.

Adelstein briskly walks forward off the lift, his black surcoat's lower fringes wiping around his legs as he hurries along. He goes from lab door to lab door reading the names…not yet noticing Demos.

Usually at home more in the hospital environment, Aaryn has seen her fair share of labs. She's even wearing the designated white coat over her dress, that is almost like a staple to her. A name tag is also worn identifying her as Doctor Aaryn Reilly. She holds a bag in one hand and her heels click on the floor as she approaches from one of the corridors.

Noticing the arrivals, not much traffic in these halls and he is sort of sticking out, Demos calls out with curiousity, "Lord Adelstein?" As if seeing if the other is indeed the Lord-Doctor, or slightly recognizing him from his work at least. Then the click of another in the halls gets his attention, and he calls out again, "Dr. Reilly." He remembers meeting her one day, his curiousity more in meeting her in the halls currently, half a greeting.

Adelstein smiles as he hears his name called. "Doctor Osteros?" He inquires…walking towards Semos and then turning to see Aaryn to whom he bows and says, "Dr. Reilly! Splendid we are all here then."

Hearing both her name and the name of the gentleman she was supposed to meet, Aaryn hesitates, looking towards the somewhat familiar voice. Recognizing him immediately from the near fiasco where she had found him wearing coffee, she offers a polite yet somewhat impish smile. "It is good to see you again. Carrying the coffee instead of wearing it." Of course prior it had not been his fault. At the bow from Adelstein, she bows her head in return. "It seems we are."

Hearing both her name and the name of the gentleman she was supposed to meet, Aaryn hesitates, looking towards the somewhat familiar voice. Recognizing him immediately from the near fiasco where she had found him wearing coffee, she offers a polite yet somewhat impish smile. "It is good to see you again. Carrying the coffee instead of wearing it." Of course prior it had not been his fault. At the bow from Adelstein, she bows her head in return. "It seems we are." <repose>

Chuckling at Aaryn, Demos nods, "Much more comfortable to say the least. Good to see you again as well." Then a bow towards Adelstein, being he is noble after all, and a nod, "Yes, we are … I only picked up two cups at Jamil's Samovar Stall, but there is a third in my office …" He didn't know the man had several meetings and if he wanted to meet Aaryn too, there was no need to make it less comfortable by not offering everyont the coffee he picked up.

Adelstein looks between the two of them. He looks around and then in a hushed tone he says, "I am working on a project with that has the potential to alter the defense of Haven. I have asked the two of you here because I am trying to assemble a team of specialists for this Project." He looks around again then back at Demos, "Is there somewhere private for us all to speak?"

Waving off the offer, Aaryn smiles. "I make a point to carry a small thermos everywhere I go, so I conveniently have my own in m bag, but truly, thank you for the kind offer." When the noble man speaks in hushed tones, she leans in slightly to listen and the vibrant red of her hair falls forward over one shoulder. She glances to Demos, briefly, though she can't help but to be intrigued. "I would like to know more.."

With a nod of his head, Demos lifts a hand to his lab, "Sure, my office is just a little further down, I was coming this way to see if I could catch you on the way. It works out with all of us here." Then he'll lead to his office. Opening doors along the way, then pouring coffee, offering pastries and other civilities along the way. "I'm curious about this project, name because you mention defense and most doctors around here are pondering new offenses that could be determental to all of us." (moving to lab).

Once inside and the door has been closed, Adelstein looks at the two of them then he pulls out his electron-portfolio. He strikes a switch on it and green lights are emitted, displaying a holographic schematic. Occasionally it zooms in and zooms out on some areas, highlighting various components. Sometimes when it zooms out, it reveals an outline of a human figure with the designed device placed at the locations of joints. "Myself and Lord Brigham Peake are undertaking a project of great importance to the Citadel because a part of our research consists of reverse engineering commandeered pieces of Hostile Technology…and using some of that knowledge to create this…"

Once inside, Aaryn remains standing for now, watching the display as it is brought out. Listening to the explanation. Turning her full attention on Adelstein, she refrains from asking any questions at the moment, preferring to make sure she fully understands the matter at hand. She looks towards Demos to catch his reaction, but so far, Aaryn's isn't negative, only curious.

Looking over the display, noting he is going for the joints, but not completely sure what exactly he wants to make, Demos glances briefly to Aaryn, then speculates, "We're looking at their cybernetics here, or are you proposing a complete genetics overhual. I'm only curious, you mentioned this is for the defense. If the new tech is the joints, I'm following, but the genetics, you'd have to elaborate on." Or he could be way off base, as he's only showing them a human figure with the device a the joints which he presumes is a cybernetic enhancement, but doesn't want to assume just yet.

Adelstein gestures to the display, "What is displayed here is a prototype for a neural interface based on some preliminary scans and theories that Lord Brigham has on how the Hostile's organic components are able to operate so smoothly with their cybernetic components. As you may or may not know, interfacing technology is still in its early phases…most of the quantum theories regarding the molecular interaction of neurotransmitters across synapses is still in its early phase of development. The Hostile's cybernetic components use artificial neuro-fibers that transmit messages from the brain at a faster rate than each our neurons."

"The practical application of this technology comes with armor. Our armor will…in theory react to nerve impulses in three locations: the cerebral cortex, the spine, and the peripharial nerves….we do this to insure that the interfaces are not picking up false readings—-as you know the human brain can be chaotic. Now…you need to understand that modern interface tech is immensely sluggish…numerous algorithms must be calculated for an interface suit of armor to react to an impulse…they are a danger on the battlefield. This interface would eliminate that."

"If it would work, I could see this being key to actually being equal to the Hostiles we faced. Apart from building our own bots to go out and challenge them on their own turf, I couldn't imagine anything that would have the potential to change the face of the war than this. What are the negatives, because right now I hear all the positives?" Aaryn is most definitely intrigued, and responding to a challenge is something she usually never backs down from. Already her mind is working over various possibilities.

Walking in at the invitation of the Lord Adelstein Valta, Evey has donned a white labcoat over her yellow dress, leather boots shown underneath. She makes her way through the door as it wishes open. Giving a bow to the whole room for good measure. "My Lord Doctor Adelstein, I'm still not entirely certain how I can be of service, but I'm glad to help." With a casual, easy smile to the others, offering each other a hand. "Evey, it's great to meet you."

Adelstein smirks at Aaryn, "You make a good point…the negatives are mostly at this stage that the Citadel will not approve our idea … if they do not then I will continue the project though for the individual paramount houses. One fear I have heard a lot of is the fear of the Hostile's interfering with the interface or taking over it entirely …." He turns to Evey and smiles widely, "Ah, my lady, it's good to see you again. The reason for this invitation will soon become clear. I was just explaining some of the negatives for the use of neural interfacing technology in our own soldiers' armor." He looks back at Aaryn, "There has been a question about whether the Hostiles could hyjack or interfer with the neural systems. Well, the Hostile's systems are also isolated from interference—-which is part of the reasoning for using the lessons we learn from their disgarded components to help us in this construction. Their a photonic frequency transmitted at the subatomic level through our neurons every time we carry an action out…the Hostile know that frequency…we theorize…and they use that frequency to have their artifical neurons communicate with their organic ones. Because that freqenucy is full dependent on the oscilation of synapic relays…the Hostiles would never be able to interfere or hyjack it."

"Yes, if the Citadel declined, you could go for private funding, investors willing to take the risk for a greater edge in the war." Aaryn listens to the negatives and they are sound concerns, but with everything there was a risk. As Evey enters, she offers a smile and a bow. "My lady, I'm Doctor Aaryn Reilly, medical doctor." Just clarifying her own position in this. "It is a pleasure to meet you. Our Lord Doctor here makes some very interesting points doesn't he?"

Nodding along to Adelstein's description of the armor's usage, Evey's brow will furrow slightly. "Forgive, my Lord, but don't you expect that the Hostiles, who already have the advantage in this sort of tech, might still find other methods of hacking it?" She shakes her head for a moment and smiles back to Aaryn. "Please, we're all humans of intellect here, just Evey." There's a sigh as she looks back to the Valta. "And this path seems much like it might alter the relationship of a soldier to his suit…is that not just putting us on a path to becoming precisely like the Hostiles?"

Adelstein listens intently to Evey and nods at her, "You make some good points, but the Hostile are not evil because they use interfacing technology. It does not make us evil either. But we must face the realities that the Hostiles are far faster and stronger than the average human. Therefore it must be through technological accomplishment that we curb that imbalance."

Adelstein then looks at the two of them, "You might wonder why I am trying to get as many specialists as I can in on this part as possible….thats because I intend to do more than improve interface technology. I intend to redefine what it is to use power armor. Yes, there will be the fast and quick reactions that comes with using the neural interfaces. But I want scaled down bone re-ossifiers that can heal a broken bone while a soldier is in the middle of battle. I want dermal retainers that can shoot a blast of prodion radiation at cuts and bruises and blisters in order to energize the body's autoimmune responses." He then looks at Evey," I also want this suit to be able to withstand the conditions of a vacuum….to be useable in space for short periods of time…"

"I never used the term evil, Lord Adelstein." Ever responds softly. "Each new wave of technology alters our psyches, our selves. I'm simply suggesting that fusing armor to a soul alters that soul. It has been seen throughout our species that technology should be that which governs us. The Reversion itself bolsters this." She eyes him for a moment, sadness in her features. "A suit that does all things for us might indeed make us decide we ourselves are no longer of use, but I suppose I was not invited to discuss the philosophical merits of your proposal. What aid do you seek of myself and House Dalton?"

Listening as they talk, Demos remains mostly quiet, as it really goes into the realm of medical. Nodding his head in agreement with Evey. "I think philosophy is at the route of all this, regardless. Let us also assume this is successful," he finally interjects, "Instead of adapting our bodies to the equivilant of Hostile techno-organic integration, we develop a suit that becomes an outer skin, highly integrated but removable, if you will, that makes our warriors stronger, faster, more capable. What stops them from taking these ideas and building on them for when the return in 500 years?" He looks around, "I only ask this because I know one of the Peakes are planning to possibly engineer something to attack their immune systems based on learning we have the same genetics. But my concern is, anything we do here, it will become a weapon, it will be used against us again. Not us here, but our children's children if you will." Leaning forward a little, "Has anyone with access to Sara tried to ask her, simply, why?"

"I was wondering why you wanted the specialists actually.." Though Aaryn nods when he tells them, approving really, but still hesitant. "It sounds like you want a Super Suit. Why don't you just create robots with these capabilities without risking human lives? Program them to kill the Hostiles? Wouldn't it be much easier than trying to make us more like the Hostiles?" She looks at Demos, playing the bad guy. "I believe that if the technology is there, already thought up, then the Hostiles are probably working on it too. I'm only saying this though because anything we seem to do, they one up us."

Adelstein smiles at Evey and Demos and inclines his head in gratitude to them both, "I would love to speak with you further on this, my dear. But the Hostiles show a remarkable ability to adapt to technology when it is used on the offense against them. They tend to have a more difficult time when it comes to technology used in defense against them…such as with the Hard Light Shields. But I have also make provision for emergency systems in the suit that upon the termination of life of the unit's occupation…with no chance of brain revival…most like a death in combat…and that suit can conduct short range heat scans and if Hostiles are detected nearby then the suit's internal components will self destruct…the Hostiles can find the shell…but there will be nothing inside to learn about." He then looks at aaryn and says, "Robotic soldiers are a problem…they can easily be hyjacked by the Hostiles as their coding systems can easily entangle ours in logic loops…essentially paralyzing all operations. Moreso this armor is about protecting our troops that are on the ground now. " He rubs his beard and turns slowly to Demos, "You must be wondering why I need a geologist?"

"I'd assume you need certain elements for your engineers or young master Brigham to work with, to know the concentrations of the various moons to mine what you need to produce these suits or the technology you plan to adapt," offers Demos, though not entirely sure. He nods to Aaryn, "I agree, the Hostiles are already considering something similar if they haven't already, or are planning the next step beyond what this suit might do for you. I'm only curious if we are just lengthening the cycles, repeating ourselves, adding a few more returns in which they simply attack us? Though, I'm curious, what do you need from a geologist?"

The Lord Doctor finds the nearest chair and takes a seat. Once seated he crosses his legs and turn the display on datapad off. He smiles at Demos and nods. These components I have listed are most comprised of numerous rare earth metals and alloys that only occur in nature. One of the worse things I will need is Trititanyl Metrasulfate…which is produced synthetically from titanium, sulphur, and carbon. Clearly the titanium will be the most difficult to get my hands on…but even worse is that for a metrafixine alloy the principle ore must be extracted with intact internal crystalline structures…which is how you mine titanium up from ground…rarely ever pure…usually mixed into other minerals. But for metrafixine reactions to sulphur those internal composite minerals will have to be present or else the solution will simply burn them all up.

"The ore, mining," responds Demos, "There are some new theories in the realm of magnetic separation which could be of use. We've found a way to isolate neodynium from the same rare earth elements along with uranium and phosphorous," by accident, "Technically speaking, if you're looking at irradiating at a nano level, there might be some elements to help in the suit as well, better concentrations on some of the moons than anything we've seen before. Dr. Elodie Iah has found a new element all together, comprised of osmium beryllium, that could be a good binding agent on a nano level as well, if the poisonous metals could be better isolated. But, I'm in agreement with Evey here, can we be certain we won't lose our humanity in this process, and can we be certain this technology won't fall into the hands of the Hostiles." Not addressing his other concerns just yet.

Not a geologist in the slightest, Evey's head is spinning with all the names of elements, old and new. She seems to be following along as best as she can. "And I don't mean to put a damper on everything here. It does sound like potentially exciting and important work. The medical applications seem of particular merit. Doctor Reilly, what do you think of those proposals?"

Like a typical absentminded male, Adelstein cuts Evey off when he looks at here and says, "Here is the idea for what I am going to request from you…consider the possibilty of a ship in orbit dropping not landing craft…but the soldiers themselves. I want you to determine if that is feasible…can we orbitally drop land forces on a planetary surface? What would we need to prevent someone from burning in the atmosphere…how much force is needed in the landing thrusters to slow their descent…and we need something akin to a stellar alignment navigation system in case someone in the suit is thrown off course and must find his way back—-which can be quite useful in the case of ramships going at each other and some of our boys slipping out of airlocks to sneak throu theirs."

Well, now its becoming clear why this one was working with the young Brigham, as fast as he's moving from topic to topic. Demos listens a little to the suit development from being a part of the soldier to now going to orbital position devices and atmospheric entery capable. "These are all good ideas, but again, this is based on the assumption we'll reverse engineer the synaptic responders, on a level equivilant to the Hostiles and make suits that are no loner a hinderance. Even before we mass produce the materials to make suits, and find the right combination of elements to make the suits space worthy and droppable. Not to mention, if you're looking at singular drop suits, that sounds more as if you also hope to take the fight to them - beyond the remnants of 4th World and to 5th World itself … assuming there are not other planetary bodies out there they have evolved too."

Evey browquirks at Adelstein's question and seems to agree with Demos' extension of the implications. "While I would suggest any talk of taking the fight to them absolute folly…in your scenario, the cooling systems alone would have to be quite advanced. The combined heat of the thrusters, along with the entry into the planetary orbit." She pauses for a moment. "Though thrusters may be unnecessary if one were to make use of magnetic forces. I believe Demos mentioned something about it being used in mining…"

The Lord Doctor smirks a little from beneath his beard and says, "Indeed…what I need from each of you is several steps off. But I am coming to you ahead of time so you can begin planning for the eventuality of our success." He then looks at his hands and sighs…."What I am about to tell you cannot go beyond these walls…this is one of the most classified secrets the Citadel keeps…"

Adelstein leans in towards and quietly utters, "A few…highly respected think tanks that the Citadel has been using to assist in the war preparations had finished the analysis of various long range telescopic readings and probe scans….at least the probe that could get close enough to Cantos before being shot down. Those readings along with some strategic analysis, reports on the conditions of our soldiers….all that sort of stuff. Well…the truth is…and this is the part that does not….and I repeat does not go beyond these walls, analysis points to the likelihood that in about four to seven years, our defenses in the Desolation will be overwhelmed and the Ring will invaded—-most likely destroyed by a Hostile armada. The reports go on to indicate that in about fourteen to seventeen years, the Hostiles will like have found the a way to cripple the system of Ways, cause chaos on Imperius, and in the midst of it, a fleet will enter orbit…and well you know the rest. Basically…their study found that the Reversion saved all of us in the Second War, it was a new strategy adopted after the First war. Well the Hostile know this strategy and they know how to outmatch us by using the changes brought on by the Reversion against us." Adelstein signs and looks down at his hands to avoid looking at the others.

Demos listens quietly, drinking from his coffee but pastries avoided all together. "Assuming these projected analyses are correct," he finally responds, "What gaurantee do you have that our forces can, in conjunction with your proposed integrated suits, stop these coming forces?" Leaning back a little, "I need to know the plan could succeed, because if its based off whatever reports you have from the Citadel, I fear it may be wrong, and that if these forces are real, they are probably closer then those projections. I would speculate even, they are trying to take a Waygate not simply to get access to the Waygates, or cripple them, but to have a secondary gate as they already have contructed, or reconstructed, one but need to get past encryptions to open that door."

For her part, Aaryn has fallen silent. She's a thinker not a reactor and as she continues, she finds herself taking notes, typing into her datapad, working things out. Only when the conversation makes the serious and somber turn to the talk of the fate of the Ring and eventual take over does she look up, her expression somewhat bleak. "From all I see passing through at the hospital, the Hostiles are relentless, they are many and they are intent on our destruction. I'll back anything that lowers the number of hurt and deceased Havenites that come through those doors."

Evey's skin has gone a little pale, but that's her only reaction for a few long moments. Demos' addition doesn't help at all. There are a few breaths taken before she looks to the rest of the group. "It's not surprising, really, I guess…" She says quietly, closing her eyes for a moment.

Adelstein shrugs some what. "I was not one of the people to analyze the five hundred years of intelligenece reports. From the sound of things…I get the feel that there is some great naval threat…they probably realized during the Second System War that our strength lay in our ground forces and therefore they made sure to act in a way that might allow them to avoid our ground forces as must as possible." He shrugs again, "I am not sure….I am good at statistic and data analysis, but not when it comes to unpredictable entities….but what you must understand is that the suits are a piece of a large plan of the Citadel…they are probably building new defense batteries that are in orbit. They are likely designing new systems that can paralyze Hostile ships." He looks up at them then looks to the side in thought, "Now, about your earlier question about why should they be ready for planetary landings…I am not certain…I just know that it is a feature the Citadel is hoping to see in the future." He looks at Aaryn and nods, "Dr. Reilly, you are merely seeing a trickle…they are toying with us….trying to mislead us into thinking that we have the means to fight back if we hold onto our old Reversion values…they know that if progress is stagant…they can then with realitive ease merely out gun us….and yes guns…if we are not on our toes they will even be able to find away past our shields." He then returns to his feet and says, "But I am telling you this to stress that we need to start talking about finding ways to survive and not to find ways to ease our conscience. Therefore, I am here to ask each of you…will you help me in this endeavor? Our homes are in peril…it is time for the scientists to do our part."

Demos (logger) faded …

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