12.12.3013: Meeting of Doctors
Summary: Sammel is released from the hospital, and meets his wife at a restaurant to celebrate. Rozlyn meets them in the bar while they are waiting for their table, and Sammel introduces the two Lady Doctors to each other.
Date: 23 October, 2013
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Arcology of Sundry Landing, Imperius
The Arcology of Sundry rises two hundred stories into the sky, a towering monument to the prosperity that House Sauveur has planned for Landing. The first five floors consist of an open-air mall, the weight of the arcology held up by thick composite girders spaced every thirty or forty feet around the circumference of the building.

That mall is carpeted by natural grass, with pathways laid out cobblestones. It is built like a medieval village, if a medieval village was built around a pillar encircled with five stories of ramps with nearly two hundred stories of department stores and residences above.

Artificial sunlight floods the mall terraces at all times of the year, carefully modulated so as to not wash out the holographic signs that front each store. Giant holoscreens float at the top of the five story open area, showing movie clips, ads, music videos, and occasionally, breaking news.

12 December, 3013

With one cast off, and one to go, Sammel's been released from the hospital, the right hand still bound in cast and slung close to his body. Elodie's offered to meet her husband after her shift to celebrate with him by eating food, /real/ food, at a nice restaurant. Since it was spur of the moment, the two are on a waiting list, and have decided to have a drink or two while they wait. The lady has a glass of white wine in front of her as she relates her day to the tall knight in front of her. Though still in her navy uniform with the red and white medical armband, she's let her hair down from the sleek bun, the curls pulled over one shoulder as she sits in one of the high bar stools.

Sammel smiles as he listens, taking a few sips from his own glass of wine, before placing the glass on the bar now. Glancing to the now no longer in a cast left hand, he briefly moves his fingers a little bit, as if testing them a bit. "Sounds like hospitals are less boring from that side of them than they are from the patient side," he offers, a bit quietly now.

While it's rare that Rozlyn will actually grace the surface of Haven, the Orelle does find herself needing to from time to time. Generally these situations are a matter of meetings or relating to Orelle business. With everything requiring of her said and done, the noblewoman has opted to have dinner. It's rare she does something without it being scheduled, so it's with a touch of frustration that she's moving to the bar for a drink. She's attired in a simple black gown that — along with being elegent — is fairly simplistic and functional. One could easily see her wearing a lab coat over the outfit. Drink in hand, she turns, spotting Sammel. There's a touch of forward momentum, bringing her nearer. "Lord Sir, it is good to see you up and about."

Elodie chuckles, setting her glass down after a sip. "Yes. I do have a bit more freedom, and get to walk around more than most patients," she agrees. "Douley has been missing you. Be prepared for red ball of fluff attack when you get home." She looks up as Sammel is addressed with calmly polite curiosity.

"Yes, that's one of the part that really bored me. And I imagine that's driving Niko quite nuts at the moment." Smiling a bit as he hears the part about Douley. "I've been missing the little guy as well, truth to be told. So I'm rather looking forward to that attack." Pausing as he hears the greeting, Sammel looks over at Rozlyn, offering her a smile. "Lady… Rozlyn, wasn't it? Thank you. I'm rather glad to be able to be up and about again." A brief pause, before he adds, "Have you had the opportunity to meet my wife? Lady Doctor Elodie Cindravale, formerly of House Iah. Elodie, this is Lady Rozlyn Orelle. She was part of the team on the ramship." Reaching for his drink again now.

"Lady Doctor," the Orelle corrects, without even a hint of a smile. Mind, that doesn't make it impolite. She's simply serving a correction of the statement. "A pleasure, Lady Doctor Elodie," she offers to the woman, dipping her chin just slightly. Enough to acknowledge a fellow Paramount. "I was intending to collect data for my research," she explains for her attendence on the mission. "Your husband fought bravely."

"Lady Doctor Rozlyn," Elodie grins, giving a little deeper nod as she's not used to her paramount status as yet. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I hope you were able to collect some date before my husband's bravery was called upon?" she lays a hand on Sammel's arm and the look that glances up to the taller man is sickeningly sweet in its pride, but she tempers it with brevity, bringing a more professional gaze to the other doctor as she turns to listen for the answer.

Sammel smiles, for a few moments, looking to his wife, before he takes a sip from his wine. "Ah, we all did what we had to do out there…" It's offered with a smile, before he places the glass on the bar again now. "But thank you…"

"Unfortunately, we were ambushed before we could reach the computer bank," Roslyn says, gesturing in a faint shrug. She lifts her glass of wine, taking a sip. "We got what we could, but the decision," with heavy recommendation from the Orelle, "was made to leave to tend to the wounded." There's a glance to Sammel and she offers a smile now: polite, but little beyond that. "You are more than welcome. How is Lord Nikomachos?"

Elodie's face falls slightly in commiseration as the lady relates their inability to retrieve the information wanted. "Will you have another chance? Or is the area too Hostile?" She glances up to Sammel, not having asked him any details while still in the hospital. "Sir Niko has passed out of the critical stage. We're confident that his lung won't develop an infection, and is almost healed. I'm guessing that he is already driving his nurse's crazy, which is another good sign of him being on the mend." The new Cindravale's smile is starting to show some of the teasing humor shared among that family.

"He's…" Sammel begins, before he nods as Elodie tells the rest, and he's unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle. "Yes, knowing him, he's probably driving the nurses a bit crazy." A brief pause, before he adds, "And I'm sure there will be other chances to get hold of their computer banks."

There's a flicker of relief in Rozlyn's mien. Despite only being distantly related through marriage, she does like the Lord Knight. "Fantastic. I am sorry I was unable to do more for him in the field, but medical knowledge is not my forte." Had they needed something to do with physics, she'd have been the only person upon Haven (and in the skies above) they'd ever need. The woman rocks back upon her heels slightly, tilting a nod of acknowledgement to Sammel. "I am hoping that a second trip is made soon to do just that."

Elodie shakes her head. "From what I saw when he was brought in, you did as well as could be expected, Lady Doctor Rozlyn," her voice professionally reassuring. "It's not easy even with emergency kits and know how, much less without." She glances between the two of them when there is talk about going back again. "I haven't been off planet in a while. In a ship, that is," she adds. "Maybe I'll be on rotation next time and go with you."

Sammel smiles, nodding a little bit as he hears what's being said. "For some reason, I doubt my brother will be joining another trip out there, even if he's all healed by then. One of the first things he said after waking up was how he hates ramships." Unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears that, before he reaches for the glass to take another sip now.

"I may seek to learn more of field aid," Rozlyn says towards Elodie. "It was quite… exciting to be in the midst of the fray as that. There is certainly something to be gained from experience gained first-hand, rather than simply going over data after the fact." Her dark eyes drift to Sammel and a glimmer of amusement shines there. Niko managed to find himself in the 'family' category the Orelle has, so he can receive some of her brief glimmers of humor. "Some are simply meant to stay upon land, I suppose."

Elodie's chuckle joins her husband's and she takes a sip from her wine. She gives a nod at Rozlyn's observations. "It may sound a little morbid, but I prefer being out in the action working with the soldiers and knights, rather than in the surgery waiting for them to be brought in. There's something about being out there and stabilizing them so that they will make it to surgery that's" she pauses. "Well, exhilerating, I guess. I get the same kind of high I used to get when we pulled someone out of the ice and got them home alive."

"And she gets to yell at me when I've taken a beating," Sammel remarks, a bit quietly, before he adds, "But yes, there's something special about being out there." A brief pause, and then he smiles. "I'm sure that for you, some of that is the feeling that you can change things out there?"

"I can certainly understand. Waiting can be difficult." Though Rozlyn's waiting is usually a matter of data and processing. She does smile, faintly, at Sammel's words. "I wish to change things for everyone," she offers, glancing to Elodie. Perhaps seeking the medical professional's response as well. "Whatever I can do and wherever I can be to pursue the knowledge necessary is fine by me."

Elodie raises an eyebrow. "Hey, me being out there kept you in the fight, once," she reminds Sammel, a playful elbow aiming for his ribs. Still smiling a little she turns back to Rozlyn. "There are many ways you can get the experience you would like. Most of my basic training came with Search and Rescue on Niveus, but I'm sure the Academ runs some basic trauma classes from time to time. You could sign up for one of those, as well."

Sammel grins, "That you did," he replies to Elodie, letting the elbow hit his ribs for now. Taking another sip from his wine, draining the rest of the contents of the glass. "But it's true, we probably always need more skilled people doing the first aid out there." Looking to his hand for a few moments again now.

"I have taken some classes. Mostly during my time at Academ." Rozlyn lifts shoulders in a smooth shrug, lifting her glass to finish the wine. She sets it lightly upon the bar. "I may seek more, should I find myself attending as a consultant," that's one way to put it, "on more missions."

"If you want me to let you know which ones actually have useful information, let me know," Elodie offers, giving a grin as Sammel acknowledges her usefulness. "As Sammel says, we always need people. And if you're going to have to be there anyway, it's a great idea." At this point, the maitre d' arrives to let the Cindravales know their table is ready. With a smile, Elodie slips off the bar stool. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Lady Doctor Rozlyn. I do hope we meet again, soon."

"Consultant…" Sammel can't hold back a grin at that way to describe it, before he smiles as their table is ready. "Ah, excellent." Getting off his stool as well now. "Yes, it was a pleasure to meet you again, Lady Doctor Rozlyn. Enjoy your evening."

"I may certainly contact you, Lady Doctor," Rozlyn says to Elodie with a tilt of her head. She offers a slight nod to both. "Enjoy your meal." As they depart, she finds a seat at the bar to await her own table.

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