09.25.3013: Mediation and Meetings
Summary: Glenna visits Inculta for independent study and mediates and meets Demos
Date: 13 September 2013
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Glenna Demos 

Tayeh Square - Detritus, Inculta
Tayeh Square is also known as the main entertainment district of Incluta, and it is here that many of the city's clubs, restaurants, shops and other attractions have clustered to draw the bulk of the tourist traffic. The square is packed day and night with shoppers and those seeking to let loose. Clothing and other goods are sold in shops along the northern stretch of the square, while the eastern section is dominated by a maze of restaurants offering many different cusines. The southern section of Tayeh square is made up entirely of nightclubs and bars lined up behind the vast sprawl of the indoor/outdoor cantina known marked with a flashing neon sign calling it "Club Glow."

The music from the clubs emanates throughout the square, clashing merrily with streetside performers and the steady whump-whump of other, lesser nightclubs. Strings of colored globe lights are hung in a zig-zag pattern across the square, and at night their multi-colored flashing lights up the night sky

09 13 2013

The sun lingers over Detritus on the Moon of Inculta, spreading the heat that is the mainstay of the resources cultivated here. Evident in the Light Transfer Towers that send Energy to the Ring as if passes near the Moon itself. Of the individuals out in this area at this time today, one such is Demos Osteros. Today he wears a loose shirt to let in the breeze and keep the man cool. It is a light tan in color and open at the neck, with design work around the no-collar along his shoulders, that scroll work continues along the large U opening along his sternum. As well, his pants are loose at the top, more a wrap then pants, but are leggings at his shins, down to his lower calves. Slip on shoes are fitted comfortably to his feet.

He is here with a hover sled device that was carrying a large stonework sculpture and stones. It has been overturned. Someone with a small animal, domesticated, seems to have somehow been the cause of the overturn of the sled device. Demos is saying to them, "No, I am not going to charge you for the art itself, but you will recompense for the price of the stone so I can recreate it," he is saying, seemingly upset.

The other, a younger man, returns, "Mister, it was an act of nature, I cannot control the animal no more than you can control the wind."

Demos returns, "Then it is a wild animal and I shall send for knights to detain the beast to be dealt with appropriately."
Even the arguing aside, there is now a large broken rock thing (probably 10' high when it was standing up), laying across the main way here. Most are starting to go around. Demos is pondering how to clear it out of the way.

Glenna walks in, from the Boulevard, shifting the satchel on her shoulder. Her eyes take in the surrounding area, narrowing in upon the disturbance involving apparently overturned statuary and a hover sled. Thoughtful for a time, and not wishing to intrude, she steps lightly in that general direction, casually listening to the ongoing conversation. Tugging lightly at the collar of her green tunic, to let a draft send a bit of cooling air, her path continues in that direction, gaze going from the sled and statuary, to the upset gentleman and the man with the animal.

The conversation continues. The man with the animal, a large dog it appears, shakes his head, "We don't have to involve them, it was an accident, nothing more."

Lifting a free hand to the broken stonework, Demos says, "Yes, a costly accident. Either I will need recompense for the artwork, or the materials, my friend. You may choose which."

The young man stammers, "But, but … I cannot afford either." He looks around with hopeless eyes.

"Then it sounds like you cannot afford to care for your pet," responds Demos. Looking around, he spots a young woman nearing with a satchel, and, as if randomly picking someone to plead his case to he, says, "Can you believe this, a month's worth of work gone so quickly, and my young friend with the mongrel cannot even apologize for destroying what I have created."

Glenna stops, listening to both. "Sad, yes. To see a lengthy period of one's endeavors shattered. I do think though" glancing at the man with the dog, "He is remorseful for the act of nature, I believe, I heard him say that occurred." glancing again at the statuary, "And it does look as if you'll have to start all over on your project again, as well. Truly regrettable. Might I offer a suggestion to the both of you, if you don not mind a stranger's opinion, that is?" It is an offer made with genuine feeling and intent, as she regards the contretemps occurring.

The young man quickly takes to this alternate, affording, "Yes, I'm deeply sorry, I didn't mean for all this."
Demos shifts his eyes to look dubiously at the young man for the moment, "Not by choice, but that does not defuse the cause." But he gives pause, looking to the young woman, "But I think I would hear this stranger's opinion. I fear we linger between my version, his version, and the truth. An outside opinion may shed Light on this unfortunate event." He folds his arms a moment.

The young man brings his dog to heel at his side, sitting and itching at a scrappy ear.

You say, "Perhaps, as he truly does seem remorseful but does not have the funds as he said to make recompense, he could offer instead his labor in assisting you to clear this…." gesturing towards the mishap, "…situation up, and then, should it also additionally a help, perhaps offer his aid…" with a glance at the dog at the other man's side, before looking back to the tall, bald man, "….until you feel that the debt has been repaid. That way, perhaps, the both of you will feel that due diligence has been offered. And, as well, you might find a true helper in later endeavors. These are only my thoughts of course" She pauses, to await their reactions,"

The other man nods, "I can help, I think I can get most of it taken care of, whatever you need." The mutt licks its chops and then proceeds to yawn.

Lifting a hand to his thin beard, Demos touches it with a finger, "This sounds agreeable." There is a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips. "If my young friend can help with this matter and then with some repairs in the sculpture garden, I think we can come to an agreement." Perhaps just in time before citizen arbiters of some sort were summoned to the scene.

The man starts to look for stones he can lift easily by hand to start putting them onto the sled device. Demos grins a little more, "I think I owe you my thanks." More quietly, he says, "A well devised solution from a simple stranger, perhaps you are not so simple?"

Glenna smiles, "Sometimes, the simplest things aren't as obvious. And sometimes, a disinterested eye can see and offer things others might not see." She chuckles softly, "I'm not a complicated person really, sir. Glenna, Glenna Blair…" offering her hand, "Student and Senator's intern, truly simple and uncomplicated."

Pausing then taking the hand, Demos nods a moment, "Simple by perspective Glenna, those who are not a student or intern would think those impossible tasks you know." Then a chuckle himself. "Demos Osteros, former student, errant scholar. You are a student of the Academ then?" He questions, guessing by what he perceives to be her age most likely.

Glenna nods in affirmation, "Yes, indeed, Demos. A student of Agronomy and Economics, further assisting Senator Hartcliffe, learning what the Senator can teach me as well. I think, of course, that we learn from everything, so I take what opportunities I can to broaden my knowledge and possibilities. I'm sad to see your work destroyed, it must have been quite interesting before it ended up in its current state.

"An interesting world we live in then," grins Demos as he listens to here, "As well as a good personal philosophy." He moves to grab some stone himself, to help the other man with this mess. "It can be remade, art is not perminant, that joy of art and time I suppose. The patron will simply have to wait another month. More interesting is your pursuits at the Academ. My present field of research and interest remain geology. I had considered remaining with the school as a scholar, but private research means more field work. I couldn't resist."

Glenna chuckles, setting aside her satchel in a safe spot, moving to assist as well. "I've dabbled, slightly, in geology, as well. I find that it will help me somewhat in my studies of Agronomy and the land. Perhaps, it will help someday on my family's farm or the farms and lands of others." Seemingly unconcerned with hard work, even if it may not appear to some that she's dressed for it, "I can see where field work could be of great interest at times, too. I haven't been tempted in that particular area yet. I think I'm leaning towards more public service. Not that, I suppose, I couldn't do both at times.

There are nods from Demos, understandings and agreements, a little of each and both, while he listens to Glenna. His smile grows as she talks. Stones begin to make it atop the sled. Eventually another merchant comes out with something like a dolly for heavy lifting, for the larger pieces even. "So long as you continue your interest in Agronomy, I might be interested in your work. Its down the road I am sure, but if you get into advanced studies, I might have need of such assistance in that field work. Understanding the nature of public service and your internship, if you would ever be interested in picking up a few extra credit hours with some geological focus towards the doors to the lab are open." As if to make that offer, or put it on the table.

You say, "Well," huffing a moment on a piece somewhat heavier than she expected, "That could be very interesting, definately. Sometimes, I feel like I'm stuck indoors all the time, so any chance to get outside would be most welcome. And, of course, furthering my studies in other interests and areas, has been frequently suggested to me. Broadening my horizons as it were. I've found it's surprising how many things are intertwined and we don't realize it and we forget to investigate those possibilities""

"Yes," agrees Demos, a touch of excitement to his voice, "Exactly, interconnections, it is amazing sometimes. And my knowledge of Agronomics could certainly stand to be refreshed if not elaborated upon. I think perhaps, this unfortunate circumstance is leading to a fortunate turn of events. Now, if only our animal handling friend we're a climatologist, we might have everything covered." The other doesn't answer at all, he keeps moving stones. Demos, however, continues, "You don't have to help, so long as you stay for some conversation. I'm curious what luck brought you to us today?" Even if random wandering exploratory luck.

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