08.30.3013: Meals of the Mother Gala
Summary: Controversy surrounds the Banquet for MOM.
Date: 30 August 2013
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Hall of Pride - Castle Leonnida
The approach to the majestic Castle Leonnida, in its stunning lake just two clicks from the Roar, was lined with banners of the bright blue and yellow of the House for which it is named. Giant lion gargoyles line the outside of the walls of the very Medieval appearing fortification in tribute to the Reversion. Though it looks like an old-fashioned stone fortress, it is made from reinforced synthetic alloys that simply give the color and appearance of such.

The Hall of the Pride is nestled adjacent to the entryway of the main tower. On one wall is a centuries-old tapestry which features a detailed map of the Southern Wilds, with countless foot-trails, many of which are now forgotten. The other long wall features a series of portraits, photos, and paintings that are arranged in a collage of volunteers delivering meals throughout Haven, ensuring that the lands and citizens of each paramount are represented somewhere.

30 August 3013

A footman at the door will announce each person or couple as they enter, paparazzi waiting before the entrance. Long, wooden tables are in rows throughout the hall, with seats one side of the tables so that the viewers can all have a good view of the makeshift stage at the front. Each seat has an ornate goblet and cutlery before it. The napkins are embroidered with Meals of the Mother in the lilac color for which the organization is known. On the stage, a musician is prepping to perform. For those of the Vale and potentially elsewhere, it is the daughter of the well-known composer Christian Vallas - Miss Letha Vallas. H.N.N. has been granted seats at a table three rows back from the front.

The footman announces, "Lady Reena Khournas of Volkan!" The woman in question enters, wearing black silk, seeded with pearls and gold beads, and ermine fur trim. (http://theywillreturn.wdfiles.com/local--files/reena/ree-ermine.jpg) Her hair is piled on top of her head in a riot of curls that tumble down her back, fixed with a jeweled piece. She enters the hall with sharp blue eyes roaming to look for familiar faces.

Letha has brought Big Red out for the charity event — her noble and classic violoncello. In a simple gown of soft honey-colored silk, the Valen woman gracefully places a simple piece inspired by the old Earth composer Vivaldi. She had dragged Drake Danger to the affair, and he had been her roadie during set up. He was less than thrilled by the formal attire, and she bid him to find something to occupy his time while she did what she was getting paid to do.

Paparazzi? Before she makes her entrance, Jane pauses to let the other guests flow ahead of her. She slips a mirror from a hidden pocket (don't ask where it's hidden) in her gown and studies her face and hair. A stray lock of hair is tucked back into her array of abundant curls and she pinches each cheek to bring out a little more read. With a snap, the mirror is shut and returned to its place before the actress takes up her sultry stroll toward the footman.
"Jane Wyre!" the well-trained man barks out as the woman follows on Reena's heels. Her gaze is drawn to the Khourni's gown, and her expression is one of silent admiration as she merges into the growing crowd in search of her seat.

The Siren of Mare Maris, Lady Eirene Volen arrives to the charity event dressed in a mermaid style gown, shaded in delicate blush. The strapless gown is embellished with a steel grey dupioni silk belt encrusted with dark sea glass. Just past her knees, the chiffon gown flares out into large, undulating rosettes that sweep the ground as she walks. Her long hair is left loose into beachy waves and is clipped up on the right side with a sparkling starfish brooch. "Lady Eirene Volen of Mare Maris!" The footman is going to be one busy man tonight.

Anabethe must be trying to earn some brownie points with her parents in the wake of so many arranged marriages, because instead of being out on the field, she's arriving at a charity event. In Cindravale. In a gown. That's worth an entire pan full of brownie points. Crimson and gold, with her hair upswept, she even looks like she belongs here. "Young Lady Sir Anabethe Khournas!" the footman calls as she enters. Bethe manages a small smile for the man, taking a deep breath as though bracing herself for something far worse than battle.

Brianny has been waiting weeks for this event to be underway, so today she is more than a little anxious now that their guests begin pouring in. Dressed in a gown made in a shimmery royal blue with tiny beads of sapphire and pearls accenting the trim, the petite young former Leonnida wears a shiny headband made of silver which crosses her forehead. Her long dark brown hair is gathered up and tied neatly into a braid that hangs before her shoulder. She steps away from the decoration she was fidgeting with to go and greet the guests with hurried steps, bobbing her head here and there or gracing a particular person with a curtsy when appropriate, "Oh my!" She exclaims in her melodic tone, "This is such a wonderful turnout. Please, please, do come in."

Quite the gathering this evening here in Hall of the Pride at Castle Leonidda as the crowd gathers for the Meals of the Mother Gala. All eyes are upon all who attend. The guest list is extensive and, of course, we will be giving spot reports throughout the eveing. Ahh, yes, our first arrival, the lovely Lady Reena Khournas wearing a stunning black silk and ermine fur, silk beaded gown; and, who's this? Miss Letha Vallas, who it's rumored will be honoring us with a performance this evening. Following her, the lovely Jane Wyre, celebrated actress and one of the original founders of the Haven Actor's Guild.

Jane, darling, you're looking lovely as ever in that stunning gown of yours!!!
And now, we harken the arrival of the Siren of Mare Maris, Lady Eirene Volen, simply stunning, ravishing in her stylish chiffon gown. Words simply cannot describe the visions of loveliness we're seeing tonight!
Glenna, at this moment, takes the chance to wander near the reporters, murmuring softly to them, tapping the phone in her ear. Quietly, she murmurs a few words to them about not being overly instrusive and disrupting the event. She stands back for a moment and watches, tapping the phone in her ear again.
Cameras pan in again on the next arriveal. "Now we see another lovely young woman, Young Lady Sir Anabethe Khournas….charming, absolutely charming and delightful.

Eirene moves towards Reena and Anabethe so that she may greet her future sister-in-law before finding Brianny. There is a swish of her gown as she moves effortlessly through the gathering crowd. "It is good to see you, Lady Reena. You look lovely as always." Dipping into a polite curtsey, Eirene introduces herself to Anabethe. "My lady, it is a pleasure to meet you, I am Lady Eirene Volen, sister of Lord Kadmus and Lady Devon."

"Lady Eiristra, nice to meet you," Anabethe says with a crooked smile and a casual ease that doesn't exactly fit in with formal occasions. "Please, feel free. Ground rules are, no one talks about balance sheets or supply numbers. And no one gets their panties in a twist over people having fun. Otherwise, I make no promises. Hey, Reenie," she adds with a more comfortable smile as her sister approaches, reaching out to link arms with her in turn. "I'm being proactive. On the 'don't go handing me around like a party favor because I can do that on my own' front. Besides, I figured you'd be here. Seems like a good tie-in for your charity."

Letha winks up to Jane as she stops by. She speaks through the phrases of notes, maintaining steady breathing as she plays. "This is busy work," she says up to her friend. "You should keep a look out for Drake though… he's moping around here somewhere, judging the lack of excitement the nobility offers." She winks as she continues to gracefully pull the notes from the sting and bow. Then she starts to close this particular piece.

Reena inclines her head politely to the Volene. "Eirene, good to see you," she says as Anabethe links arms. She chuckles at her sister. "Pre-emptive mingling. Smart. And yes. Senator Hartcliffe is on the board of directors of my project, the least I can do is patronize his event." She gestures at the seats. "Shall we?"

After the music has finished, Senator Alistair Hartcliffe of Leonnida will enter from a side door adjacent to the stage, clapping for Letha and giving her a smile and nod as he heads to the podium. A holoscreen descends as he steps up. The frail man, nearly forty, seems to be engulfed by his surroundings, his clothes, the podium, the hall - it all seems to consume his figure. The screen displays the "M.eals O.f the M.other" logo in its lilac, along with the slogan "Serving United."
The Senator steps up to the podium, arms resting before him and begins to speak, making sure to make eye contact with as many members of the audience as he does. "It is an honor to have you all here tonight, as we join together for a great cause, making sure that every Havenite is fed. From those wandering the darker parts of our streets, to the elderly who've become unable to leave their own homes?" The Senator speaks as images come forward. His speech is brimming with emotion while the holoscreen tries to match facts and numbers with the point of his message. He'll list estimates and describe things as 'utterly unacceptable' and talk about the joint work of all present to stop the 'atrocities' of hunger and starvation. "Let us serve together, united by our cause in this time and place, for all Havenites. Lord and Ladies, your citizens need you now, just as we are all in need of sacrifice and leadership to guide us through these troubled days and nights ahead…"

Calm and cool, collected, that's what a good intern should be. Glenna takes this moment to go and find a glass of water to sip from while glancing back and forth about the event arena. Noddnig to herself, things seem to be going as well as they can be expected, and she moves about here and there, checking this and that, before arriving near the reporters. When teh Senator steps up to the podium, she nods to them, directing their attention that way.

"I think I can oblige by those rules, Lady Anabethe," the Rovehn says in a lowered tone. It is the approach of Eirene and Reena that draws her attention that causes Eiris to tilt her head away from the quiet conversation had with her partner. Brushing a loose strand of hair from her face she smiles for both the women. "Good evening, ladies." She slips her arm free of Anabethe's so that she can offer her hand greeting to the other two ladies should they wish. A hush falls over most of those attending as Alistair begins to speak. A brow lofts above her green eyes and she tilts her head, her smile light be genuine enough.

When Alistair appears at the podium, Jane picks up her train with one hand while blowing a kiss to Letha with the other. "Of course it is. This is my cue to get to my seat if I know what's good for me. Talk to you afterward when you're finished?" She turns away before waiting for a response, scanning the crowd for Drake's face just in case he might be lingering nearby. With one eye out for the man, she hastily returns to her seat and her backside touches the chair just in time for the Senator to open his speech.
The actress is silent while the speech is being given, and her gaze flickers between the man's face and the screen behind him from time to time. Although others at her table are busy murmuring a running commentary amongst themselves, Jane remains quiet and attentive. She offers an occasional smile or nod to those who whisper her name or look her way.

The raw brush off and seemingly purposeful ignore of the Khournas siblings does not seem to set Eirene off in the wrong way. Polite as always she excuses herself to greet Lady Brianny on a fabulous event. Senator Alistair begins to speak and causes a hush from the crowd. Her focus falls upon the philanthropist with rapt attention. Her ever pleasant countenance is held gently with a slight cant of her head.

Oh good! It looks like the crowd have begun to settle themselves down or mingle. Brianny makes her rounds, cheerily introducing herself and speaking glowingly of the charity itself. Once the man of the hour makes his appearance, she pauses to quiet down and listen to Alistair's words, her eyes watching the images for a moment, before she is joined by a familiar face. "Why, hello there. You were the young Lady from the Arcology of Sundry. I am so happy that you were able to make it." It takes a moment for her to remember the woman's name, but she then chirps up, "Lady Eirene of… House Volen?" She hopes she got that correct, but as Alistair continues on, she hushes, not wishing to bar anyone from hearing his very important speech!

"I don't think I realized Devon had- Whoops." Anabethe looks after Eirene for a moment, rather like a puppy that isn't quite sure if it's not allowed to piddle on the floor there, then looks toward the seats as Alistair starts to speak. "They're talking. That means we're supposed to sit down, right? Or is this one of those things where we're expected to talk over people? It would be easier if they put these things on the invitations. Can you make that a fashionable thing, Reena?" she sighs to her sister.

Whether or not the audience is truly into the moment, the Senator seems to be making an ever more passionate plea to those present, spinning a tale of an orphan in some unnamed city. The holoscreen reveals a collage of moving images of roaming children, every Paramount is represented. He nearly seems to be brought to the point of tears. He pauses briefly and looks down at the podium and takes a deep breath before continuing. "So tonight, we show solidarity with those fighting in patrols, for those farming in the fields. We unite as Haven, a system guided by King Regnant Emund Sauveur, Six guide his reign. We the citizenry are honored that you, our nobles, our caretakers of the Reversion, have taken a pledge in support of caring for the most basic needs and rights of your people - the right to eat, for nourishment?.for life. Please, let us all take a moment and consider our calls to service, the duty instilled in us all by our stations and our abilities. Now is the time where we rise to the call to action, Six guide us all." He'll end with a nod and a smile, as his blue eyes attempt to reflect a feeling of hope. Alistair Hartcliffe turns quickly and exits stage right, from whence he entered. The holoscreen indicates the food will be served shortly. All in all, the Senator spoke for about ten minutes.

Looking over to Eirene, Eiris reaches out her hand to touch the other woman's arm, the Rovehn rather shameless in terms of personal space, but her smile spreads. "Come…" She indicates and as the two sisters speak, she remains quiet, her green eyes lifting to watch the display. It is as Brianny draws closer that she dips her head to the once Leonnida. "Lady," she greets frankly, softly before she slips away, carefully making her way towards Glenna as she watches the reactions of others to the display.

"Certainly, Beth. I'll see what I can do, after I feed, clothe, house, educate, and medicate all the poor of Volkan. I'll get right on it." Reena grins at her sister and leads her to a chair. "Sit. Clap when other people do. Drink wine," she suggests, as she slides into the seat next to the Khournas heir.

Thrown off a bit by the touch to her arm, Eirene glances back to Eiris who was announced arriving close in time. "Lady Eiristra, is that correct?" The Volen lady inquires with a smile. She is sure that is what the footman said. "I'm Lady Eirene Volen. It is lovely to meet you, and, this is Lady Brianny Saimhainn." A brief introduction is made before properly greeting the petite noblewoman. "Yes, my lady, we did meet at the Arcology of Sundry. I could not miss this event. How have you been since we first met?"

The cameras focus from face to face, at random throughout the gathering, narrowing in for a time on the figures of Lady Brianny Saimhann (ne Leonnida)and Senator Alistair Hartcliffe, with the whispered "The Lady Brianny and the Senator have been planning this event for sometime, and it looks to be quite the success so far. We'll see as the evening progresses."
Glenna takes a sip of water, setting the glass down, tapping her ear phone, murmuring something, then tapping it again. Her eyes wander to and from the stage and the scenes projected. She's seen most of them so they aren't anything new. Inded, she helped to prepare his remarks and demonstration, albeit in a smallw ay. although her face reflects deep concern.
As the Senator's speech comes to an end and a round of applause, the camera still continue to move about.

"Hey, I suffer too," Bethe grumbles to Reena, moving to settle into a chair. "Maybe not out of hunger. All right, fine, maybe the only thing I suffer from is being denied the opportunity to be violent." Not that she doesn't pick up her table knife and spin it between her fingers like it's a dagger. Because she's classy like that.

As Eirene addresses her and Brianny is introduced, the Rovehn stops her motion, the full skirts of mauve satin shifting as she does. She fights the rich burgundy bodice and brushes fingers to the lace that cuts around her arms. Her eyes lift to the Leonnida, "Oh we know each other, rather well, thank you Lady Eirene. But is a pleasure to meet you." Despite the graceful dress and headpiece that adorns her golden hair, she somehow manages to affect her wild air and impetuous air. She dips her head again to them, smoothing her hands to the dress as her lips draw back, a smile spreading. "THough it is always good to see you Lady Brianny.

Brianny lets out a wistful sigh once Alistair is finished speaking, his words and those images have so inspired the petite noblewoman. "I think it's so heartbreaking that there are still so many out there who are in need of our assistance and are living on such difficult times." She says this to no one in particular, but it's spoken clearly to those in her surrounding area. At the introduction being made my Eirene, Brianny smiles brightly up at Eiris, greeting the woman with a humble bow of her head, "Oh, Lady Eiris and I have met before. I visit the Caravan quite often really! They have such wonderful creatures there!" Oh, is there a camera zoomed in on her? Brianny pretends not to notice, though it may be difficult. "And yes, it's a pleasure to meet with you again as well. I'm hoping to be able to pay the Caravans a visit soon, in fact. I feel so cooped up at Drakholt sometimes."

Reena sets a hand over her sister's to cease the knife spinning. "We're at a gala, not a carnival, Beth. Just bear with it for an hour and then we can make an excuse for you. Father need not know how long you attended." She smiles at the other Khournas.

Kadmus arrives, a bit late no doubt, and begins across towards the table Reena occupies. He offers a smile Eirene's way and a slight nod before his attention turns back to his Betrothed, "My duties kept me longer then intended." He says in a hushed voice, "Did I miss much?"

Sure, the Heir of Cindravale has told the Senator that he will be unable to make it, but he still feels something of an obligation to attempt a visit if at all possible. Risking the utter wrath of the Lady Elodie, Solon has had his abdominal wounds tightly wrapped, though one might not be able to tell simply by his fine clothing. Despite his best efforts, he is forced to use a cane to help cope with the pain he feels while being mobile or standing. At least it's a fashionable cane though, with an ivory horse head and a dark wooden shaft decorated in carvings of horses. Another clue to his state are the two Valen knights he has brought along with him as a 'guard', but it's more likely the two men are there to drag him away if the strain gets to be too much for him.

Now, the cameras continue to pan the area, angling in on this face and that, before going to the entrance and a fashionably late arrivals of the Young Lord Lieutenant Kadmus Volen and the ever so stylish Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale before panning back to linger on the musical musings of Letha Vallas.
One reporter is heard to murmur, "Well, it seems that despite the fforts of the Lady and the Senator, perhaps the words that were spoken weren't truly understood or felt. We'll, as swe've said before, continue to report our results."

"Oh, forgive me, my ladies. I did not know you already knew each other." But that is Eirene's way, better to be safe than sorry. Her cheeks warm with a hint of embarrassment. She listens to Eiris and Brianny, then makes a genuine offer. "You should come to visit Mare Maris. It is quite beautiful with a rich and cultural epicenter. We have wonderful shops and recreation spots." Her eyes sweep the room and fall upon Kadmus. The heir of House Volen is given a faint smile and a brief nod. "It is true, there are still so many out there who are suffering, but it is foundations and charities like this one that make a difference. You have a kind and gentle heart, Lady Brianny."

Anabethe sets the knife down at Reena's reminder, setting her hand in her lap instead with a flicker of a frown. "Sorry. Just getting restless lately," she admits, looking around the hall more like someone expecting an ambush than a guest at a benefit. "I haven't been on the field in at least a month and a half. We're at war, and I'm sitting around in the library running numbers. It's driving me batty." Her chin tips up as Kadmus arrives, watching him. "So, uh. How're things with you and the betrothed?"

"Lord Kadmus, I was not sure you were attending," Reena notes to her betrothed, gesturing to a seat on her other side for him to take. "You only missed the Senator speaking about the program we're supporting here tonight. Have you met my sister? Young Lady Anabethe? Beth, Young Lord Kadmus."

"The Caravan as ever welcomes you, Lady Brianny. I know my sister and I would care for a visit, enough room for all of us," Eiris intones, her eyes briefly slipping past the two ladies as her brow lifts upon seeing the Young Lord Cindravale. Her lips part and close before she smirks to herself and turns her attention back to the Lady Saimhann and Volen. "Perhaps the Lady Eirene would care to visit as well. We shall have a gathering of sorts, the Vale is easily converged upon." There is a light laugh at the offer to visit and the Rovehn gives a nod, green eyes twinkling with mirth. "Yes, perhaps…though I fear even getting me here or likewise Phylon is a small feet…only a few have."

Glenna's eyes look to the reporter's stand for a moment, moving in their direction, before tapping the lead reporter, murmuring in her ear and nodding towards the area. Maybe the word discrete, maybe the word unobstrusive is heard. Int hsi crowd itw ould be hard to stay.

Senator Alistair has snuck into a seat with other non-noble dignitaries in a small section in the back. There's a prolonged silence from the stage, as the only sound is conversations from the Press and folks at the benches. The holoscreen changes without much ado or sound with the following message, in the lilac script that matches the napkins: "Tonight's dish was selected from the people of the Roar."

A portly short man comes waddling out of the kitchen area. He's dress in nice, but old slightly tattered clothes. He has an apron and a hair net on. He has a cart with a large pot of some kind of stew/soup in it. It smells vaguely of a beef /chicken type. As he moves to the first table, in a very loud voice, "I hear you all are gonna be eatin' Uncle Rupert's stew. I made it with the best stuffs I could find with the budget I had." When the food is spooned into the bowls, there's not a lot of veggies , some bits of celery, some type of beans and rice mixed in. and the meat has a strange grey look to it. "I was able to sneak in some salt and pepper, don't go tellin' the senators though!" He laughs loudly, almost jolly. "Make sure you put napkins up, don't want ta get none of your fancy clothes all messed up!"

"Just fine, Young Lady Khournas." Kadmus says with a slight nod to Anabethe, and to Reena he adds, "There were matters in New Atlantis that kept me. But I have met your sister, of course."

"Why, yes! Lady Eirene should definitely take a trip through the Vale." Brianny says with elation, "With all of that water on your moon, I highly doubt that you've ever seen lush meadows and grassy hillside and moors like what can be found in the Vale. Though…" She says thoughtfully, "I'd love to take a trip to Mare Maris too. I do a lot of wandering, myself, taking a peek into different worlds and even with the continents on Imperius, I always feel like I'm venturing into a whole new world once I exit the Ways." She then smiles even brighter now, "Our meals are being served. I helped out in the kitchen somewhat just prior, so I do hope that the food is to your liking."

Jane's lips purse as she watches Uncle Rupert waddle his way out into the middle of the room. As waiters with smaller tureens make their way along the fringes, the actress can only watch helplessly as the soup - obviously served to remind everyone of how the poor actually eat - is dribbled into her bowl. The smell is faintly off, and she lifts her napkin up to her lips to dab at them and afford her a momentary break from the onslaught to her senses. Dark blue eyes peer up from beneath her lashes, and she glances around as if in search of someone - anyone - with whom she is familiar enough to converse. Perhaps if she's busy talking nobody will notice if she doesn't eat.

Reena looks at the stew that's set in front of her and goes a shade paler. "I look forward to the Notice Project giving our people real food to eat, rather than this gruel." She grimaces and looks a bit upset, but she eats a spoonful nevertheless, in support of the people. All the while, she silently recites, Don't puke, don't puke, don't puke.

"We met. We totally flirted. He probably doesn't remember, he was much more drunk than I was," Anabethe assures Reena with an awkward sort of smile, leaning back as the stew arrives. If she's surprised, she at least doesn't seem particularly upset about it. "This is still better than I do," she admits, twirling her spoon through the bowl. "I'm not allowed to have cook duty when we're in camp. Just dishes. And fire upkeep."

Glenna eyes the food service, yes, it's running relatively smoothly. She retrieves her glass of water and sips from it, head glancing to the reporter's stand a moment then back across the venue. And, the cameras continue to pan.

Letha is fed from good old Uncle Rupert's stew, though she doesn't really eat all that much. She watches the crowds for the most part, and her gaze falls on Jane. She wrinkles her nose with amusement at the woman before she flips about her bow gently before she starts to adjust her instrument to prepare for the next phase of music.

Eirene brims with joy at the invitation and nods emphatically to concur with Brianny. "I would love to take a trip through the Vale. It's been quite a long time since I've been. Why, it was only the other day I was telling Lord.." A whimsical gestures has her hand gliding through the air as she retells the story with flair. It is in that moment she falls victim to his appearance and quickly turns back to Eiris and Brianny. "Young Lord Sir Solon the very same thing." She noticed Solon when she turned but is far too intimidated say anything first. The soprano recoils into a bashful demeanor. "But we should, travel. That is. I like to travel." Hands begin to tremble and clasped together firmly in front of her body.

"Seems we have arrived just in time for dinner." Solon murmurs to the two at his side. For now, he seems pleased enough that his arrival hasn't been noticed all that much, which is probably for the best. One of the knight discreetly helps him take a seat, Solon offering a slight grunt and a grimace as he does so. As the bowls are filled in front of the trio, he notices the two knights glance at each other and then down to their bowls. "Come now, it can't be worse than camp rations." Solon offers them both, in something of a jest as he begins to eat the food, his portions measured and precise, as if he were dining at a feast put together by any High Lord or High Lady.

Alistair nods with a smile to Uncle Rupert, eating hearty portions of the stew. His blue eyes seem mostly sad as he observes the meal's progress from several tables away.

Uncle Rupert actually doesn't actually spoon the stew, instead he waddles toads some of the guests, "Now, we don't have enough for seconds, unfortunately, but make sure you eat up." He is using the spoon to point at people, "You're that fancy actor lady, Jane Wester, my old lady luvs ya!" turning to Reena and company, "And you just look so fancy in those dress, my daughters would be haven' fits if they was here!" all the while, he's suing the spoon to punctuate his sentences. Laugh very loudly in the direction of Solon's table, "Worse than camp rations! there's all types of enriched stuff in rations!"

Kadmus eye's the stew placed before him with a skeptical look, and a glance is cast towards Reena, "I thought we were having dinner here?" he asks, brow lifting just a bit, he then looks over towards Anabethe, "Oh, I recall, Young Lady."

Reena chuckles at her sister's banter, while trying not to be queasy. "I remember the time you tried to make sweet biscuits. You were so proud because they didn't burn. But you used salt instead of sugar and they were entirely inedible." She smiles at Beth fondly. She looks to Kadmus, "I believe the intent is to teach us to be thankful for the things we have, and be humbled by the strength of those who have very little."

Letha catches Rupert's words and she inwardly winces. "Don't do anything hasty, Jane," she mutters into her fingerboards as she preps the next song. She glances around her at all the nobles being fed, well, stew. She clears her throat a bit.

Nikomachos is more than a little fashionably late. In fact, he's quite a bit late, and well into the 'unfashionably' realm. He is just a few steps behind Solon and his escorts, patting a hand on the Young Lord's shoulders and nodding a greeting. He knows all about sneaking out of intensive care. He doesn't interrupt the discussion, however, instead moving on down the table offering smiles and nods here and there. He spots Jane sitting alone, tilting his head slightly, and then he's moving over to settle into one of the chairs beside her, "Miss Wyre. It's been too long. You look positively lovely."

Brianny blinkies when Eirene gestures towards Solon, but he looks quite busy with his hearty meal, that she doesn't wish to bother him and hopes that he savors whatever flavors can be found in the stew. "Well, I don't see why the Young Lord can't join us in this endeavor and it could be fun. Why, I may try to recreate this very stew and pack it up for a picnic for all of us." All in all, she does pause for the moment to view how the guests take to Uncle Rupert's stew. The young Saimhann looks quite proud of it all.

Ah, another 'excessively' fashionably late arrival, as the cameras move to pick up Lord Sir Nikomachos Sauveur of Cindravale arriving as the food service reaches it's mid portion, then going back to scan the crowd. No, the reporters don't note that as an especial coincidence although their faces may suggest it.
Meanwhile, Glenna continues to sip her water, tap and murmur into her earphone from time to time, and watch the event.

"Oh, good," Anabethe grins at Kadmus. "This whole thing won't be awkward enough otherwise." And where, from some people, that might just be sarcastic, Anabethe seems genuinely amused. And possibly just resigned to things being awkward. "And I did try, Reena. I can't be blamed if they're kept in the same containers and look the same. I mean, it's a sign that I wasn't sticking my fingers in it, right?"

Jane's eyes widen at being noticed, and when Rupert waves his spoon at her she instinctively flinches away. A split second later she realizes she is not going to be beaten for not eating the soup, and so offers the man a wooden smile - even as he gets her name wrong - while picking up her spoon. She grits her teeth, dipping into the mix before bringing it up to her lips for the most delicate of sips. In the middle of this, her gaze darts sideways as Nikomachos slides into a seat beside her, oozing with Valen charm.

The combination of these two actions (eating and staring at Niko, namely) cause the girl to choke on her spoonful of slo — stew, and she hastily raises a napkin to her mouth to cover it. "That — that is not your name on that placecard, my lord," she greets inelegantly, but her stricken expression turns to a suddenly smooth smile as she gestures to the bowl in front of him. "But you are here just in time for the first - and only - course."

Sneaking out of intesive care will get the attention of one of the doctors in the room. Specifically, Lady Doctor Elodie Iah, who is currently sampling the mystery stew. Young Lord Solon's entrance is noticed with raised brows, and a swift assessment of the lord's color and posture, and how stiffly he is or is not moving. She's never been one to shirk from trying any kind of food, so she glances to the the people next to her, giving them an encouraging smile, and then she takes a spoonful herself. There are empty seats to her other side, and she swallows her bite if Lord Solon happens her way to greet him politely, even raising to give him a proper curtsy. Unless he goes the other way, in which case… she will take another bite.

Kadmus pushes his stew a bit away from him, "Then I shall be even more humble, and skip my meal this eve, I think." he states rather dryly. His attention shifts back to the two Khournas women, "I can assure you, I feel nothing akward about the situation."

The bowl in front of Eirene is turned three quarters of the way to the left then to the right. She touches her spoon first, then the large fork, the small fork and finally the butter knife before touching the silverware again in reverse order. Her voice is cleared three times before the first taste is sampled. The stew is hot, and while to most it may not appear to be of gourmet quality, Eirene is searching for hearty flavors. "My Lady, did you make the preparations for this course?" Inquiring minds glances towards Brianny. "It is quite good for your first attempt at cooking." Her stomach is turning in knots as all she can thinking about is the major faux pas she committed in the wee hours of the morning. The woman is a singer, not an actress. Her heart is on her sleeve even if she makes a feeble effort to pretend all is well.

Reena's expression sours somewhat at the words between the two heirs. "Should I leave you two to reminisce?" she mutters at Kadmus and Anabethe. She sets her spoon back down and dabs at her mouth with her napkin.

Uncle Rubert tilts his head, telling Kadmus, "This here is dinner, my lord! Dig in! I worked hard on it. If it's good enough for others, should be good enough for you! isn't that part of the point of being nobility? " He gives the man a tooth grin, showing a few missing ones.

The thinly Leonnidan Senator rises from his table, pale blue eyes searching for something from among the crowd. He gives a polite nod from afar to the Lady Brianny, a small smile crossing his face just briefly. Having just finished his stew, he'll slowly make his way up to the podium, pausing to thank the staff that's been serving the food, which seems to be taking a while.

Nikomachos reaches down to pick up the placard and study it a moment, then shakes his head, "No, it's certainly not, Miss Wyre. But the seat was empty, and I am terribly late. Besides, everyone is quite foolishly ignoring you." He looks down at the… unappetizing… soup before him, his lips pursing together a moment, "Perhaps I should have stayed longer looking in on the situation in Cape Amran." His full charm is certainly not in effect, something distracted about his small-talk. "Did I miss why we're eating this, Miss Wyre?"

Anabethe leans over enough to bump a shoulder against Reena's. "You probably shouldn't," she answers her sister, taking a drink of water. "I might be tempted to start speaking my mind on the subject of guilt trips." The last comes in a slightly lower tone, along with a glance toward the front of the room.

It's a good thing then that Solon did decide to sit close to Elodie, even going so far as to offer her a rather sheepish smile. As Niko touches his shoulder and walks past, Solon offers his cousin a warm nod and then returns to his meal. After finishing his bowl of the stew, he pushes the bowl gently away from him, dabs his mouth with a napkin and then dryly intones to his two companions, "I do believe there was too much salt." It would seem that the other two haven't touched much of the soup. Raising his voice slightly, Solon offers, "My compliments to the chef."

"Well," Brianny fidgets a little, "I helped. So yes, I did assist with the preparations. Though I /am/ still learning and it is quite a simple meal for beginners really." Lowering her head, she says a little prayer, before taking slow and steady spoonfuls of her own soup, the meal doesn't seem to phase the young noble. "See, I am learning to cook so that I may help feed the poor. Or even send out warm hot meals to our soldiers on the field! And I think that this is a wonderful first step. Cooking isn't for everyone, especially the nobility. But I do not mind. It gives me time to hum a little tune by the stovetop." She smiles brightly at Alistair when he looks her way and even waves a bit in his direction.

Sitting with the Lady Brianny and Lady Eirene, the Lady Eiris takes this moment to enjoy the food, lapsing into silence before she looks to the Volen. "Tell me, Lady Eirene, about Mare Maris, I have never had the chance to hear about it. Her smile draws along her lips, taking another quick bite before following the path of the Senator as he makes his way towards the podium. She straightens up and goes still, glancing about and finally noting the Lady Elodie, giving her a bright smile and a lofting of her hand ever so briefly.

Noticing some gazes directed their way, Jane offers what she hopes is a disarming smile before turning in her seat toward Nikomachos. The conversation is excuse enough to put down her spoon; she did try the soup, after all. "You missed the entire point of this benefit, my lord," she replies serenely, folding her hands together primly in her lap atop her napkin. "It is to raise awareness among those in stations capable of offering help to the poor, namely to improve their intake. As you can see, before you a sample of their daily fare…well, I assume it is their daily fare. You should try it. It's not as bad as it looks."
Oh, what a pretty little liar Jane can be. One hand flutters upward to pluck daintily at a curl, and pull it back from her face as her smile falters. "How is the situation on the cape? Any news?"

The Senator is moving rather slowly, as if carrying some unknown burden. The bowls of the finished stew are slowly being cleared as the staff serving it make their ways back to the kitchen. He moves up the steps of the stage to the podium, but he's simply waiting behind it for now, an awkward posture.

Uncle Rupert steps to the back, and just stands and watches, humming softly to himself.
Uncle Rubert is just given a little look from Kadmus in response, "I think your ideas of what it means to be Noble might be a bit misguided." He says rather plainly before turning his attention back to Reena and Anabathe, "This has been rather pleasant so far." He murmurs to the two.

"Mare Maris?" Eirene repeats. Her spoon is carefully placed on the rim of the bowl and is balanced perfectly on the edge. "It is very beautiful, serene, and tranquil. The entire moon is submerged in water and we live beneath the surface mostly in coral caverns with glass walls. We are always surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the sea. Our beaches are man made, but, they offer a peaceful retreat. As a result, we tend to be very fluid, even if there are traditions we like to uphold." In brief, Eirene gives her description of Mare Maris to Eiris and Brianny. Her words are spoken so softly and poetically; true passion seeps from her pores when speaking of her beloved Mare Maris.

"Well we certainly can't have that, Beth," Reena quips at her sister. "Wouldn't want to start a war between Khournas and Leonnida. We have enough enemies with the Hostiles." She settles back in her seat and folds her hands in her lap, watching the Senator rather than her sibling or her betrothed.

Nikomachos shakes his head slightly at Jane's chastising him for his lateness, his right hand reaching unconsciously up to grasp his spoon and gather up a collection of the… stuff. "I should hope that the poor of Phylon eat a good deal better than this. There are kitchens specifically set aside for them." He delays answering the question, however, by taking a sip of the soup. It's a mistake, and he grimaces at the taste before he forces himself to swallow and gather up another spoonful, "None good. My sister went with a group to close the last Waygate. That's the last I heard."

Elodie smiles to Lady Eiris, returning the subtle salute, and then turns to Solon as she finishes her own stew. "You are quite generous, my Lord," she comments lightly. "And gracious. It is no wonder that I have you heard spoken of so highly" She watches as Alistair makes his way to the podium. Though she managed to eat with a straight face, she does reach into her pocket for a packet of gum, offering a piece to Solon, and to his retainers as well.

The cameras begin to pan the crowd once more, from this face to that face, then angle up to focus on the podium and the Senator.

Jane offers a fleeting smile to the help that clear away her bowl, but her attention is drawn back to the conversation. The revelation causes the woman's brow to draw together in concern and she reaches out to place a gentle hand on Nikomachos' forearm. "I am not usually the praying sort, my lord, but I will do so for her sake. If she has half your prowess on the field, Nik, she will survive and bring you home a trophy." Without realizing her lapse in decorum, Jane turns her attention toward the Senator at the podium.

"I'm just saying, it's kind of insulting to be treated like some sort of child who's never set foot outside a golden palace," Anabethe murmurs to Reena and Kadmus. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd rather my money go to the cause at hand than to a fancy dinner here, but I don't really care for being talked down to, either." Under the table, her foot taps, and she gives the soup another swirl with her spoon.

Solon takes a moment to gaze about the room, his eyes landing on Eiris and Eirene for a moment, offering them both a smile, before continuing on. He watches Alistair take the stage, but Elodie's comments draw his attention, and he shifts his gaze to meet her own. "I almost am afraid to ask what it is people say of me. As to being generous?" He shakes his head slightly, "I simply offered polite words to our hosts, in appreciation for putting this together, providing us this meal, and showing us what some of our citizens have to go through in their own lives. Sometimes it is easy to forget such things when we are concentrating on fighting back the Hostiles."

For those listening or paying attention, a rather audible sigh exudes from behind the podium as Senator Alistair Hartcliffe, steps up to the lectern to speak but seems hesitant to start. The holoscreen shows the goals for fundraising and has projections for a great success, with a number of houses represented. It also shows pictures from the citizen-led food drive throughout the Roar, which likewise seems successful. "My Lords and my Ladies…Haven needs you now, more than ever. You are the captains of this ship, the beacons in our night…" He seems to reach deep within himself and straighten his posture, moving forward. "There are those living in each and every one of your holds who hunger, who thirst. We exist in a time of great sacrifice and war. It is you and you alone that must guide Haven in these times. To do so, you must know Haven. This is not a time to mock or tease, this is an evening when I hope to offer a simple reminder. Every time you feast, there are those who starve. Every night you sleep in a bed, there are those who find shelter in boxes. I am but a simple citizen, fulfilling the duty to serve by my fellows. But it is your calling which is ever greater, and ever more important. Please, do not neglect the least among you. I beg of you, the game of war is a thing of passion, and yes, we must fight and will continue to do so. But we must all feed empty bellies, raise downward spirits, heal the sick…" He's obviously gone off script now, he pauses again, pale eyes surveying the crowd. "Six guide you, noble lords and ladies, so you can guide us. Haven stands on your foundation." Alistair steps back with a bow, hands a little shakey, and exits the door from which he originally entered.

"No one does, Beth. Now do you understand how our citizens, especially the poor, feel? We are so beneath them, we don't even see them, let alone talk down to them," Reena notes to her sister quietly. "But you were never very fond of object lessons that weren't given with a fist or a spear." She smiles tightly. "You should come to the Black Sector of Volkan with me, both of you, and see what inspired me to start my charity."

Nikomachos may not like what he's eating, but it wouldn't do to have a Valen noble refusing to eat what the people eat. He gets two more spoonfuls down, doing his best to mind his features and not let the distaste show, and then Jane's hand on his arm stops him, thankfully. "She's at least as good as I am, Miss Wyre, and thank you. I'll be praying after this myself." And then the Senator is up at the podium, and Nikomachos gets one last spoonful of soup-sludge, and then sets down his spoon to listen to the speech. The speech causes him to nod slightly, but it also draws his lips together in a tight line. Still, he claps when the Senator is finished, a polite explosion of sound.

The cameras follow the Senator and then begin to pan the crowd, perhaps for a final time.

Glenna speaks into her earphone quietly for a moment, nodding a time or two, then taps it off. She moves to speak to the reporters and then takes the time to glance about the venue again, nodding to herself.

Elodie chuckles. "Yes, this is true, good and proper manners," she agrees with Solon, something in the pause between chuckle and words clarifiying that she is not laughing at his manners, and as her smile returns, she addresses what did bring about the levity. "It was all quite complimentary, my Lord," she assures him. "Mostly that you are the very epitome of a Cindravale Lord, if I remember correctly. Made me most curious to meet you after I became betrothed to Sir Sammel." Her blue eyes gleam a little, but her watch for Solon's reaction is cut short by her attention swinging to Alistair and the Leonnidan Senator's words. Her face does become more sober, and she almost forgets to thank the young woman who clears her empty bowl as she finally bring her hands together to join politely in the applause, but it's an automatic motion, rather than heartfelt.

"He is rather passionate," Jane remarks quietly after Alistair's closing comments, and she glances sidelong to Nikomachos who has abandoned the remainder of his soup. She, too, offers a hearty applause for the man and for the cause, and once this has died down she returns to the conversation. "If you would like someone to go with you to pray, my lord, I can…provided I am not struck down by lightning in my attempt." The gesture, although easily misinterpreted by those not privy to the entire line of their conversation, is far from flirtatious. Jane's expression is pensive, and perhaps a little troubled.

"Who do you think makes up the majority of a shield wall, Reena?" Anabethe arches a brow at her sister. "I'll give you a hint. People with a whole lot of money and a whole lot to lose aren't signing up in droves to stand up and get slaughtered. What do you think I've been doing with the Drakes these last few years? You want to talk about the Black Sector? You should see the small towns where factories have gone under. At least there's work to be had in Volkan. Some of these places, it's a choice between starving waiting for work to come back, or starving trying to get to the next place that has work. So yeah, I get it. Thanks. I am actually capable of understanding things beyond sharp, pointy objects." She leans back in her chair, abandoning proper posture for a moment before she catches herself and, grimacing, sits up straight again. "I'm not stupid."

A polite round of applause from Lady Eirene for Senator Alistor's heartwarming message. The man is a charismatic speaker, no doubt. Turning now to her table companions, "Would you care to come with me to say hello to Lady Elodie Iah and Young Lord Solon Cindravale?" Before either woman can reply, Eirene is already gesturing for Eiris and Brianny to join her on the walk over.

"Of course Beth. You are better than I at everything. You even managed to get my fianc to flirt with you at some point. Congratulations," Reena mutters. She applauds politely for the Senator, having barely heard anything he said.

The screen provides a simple rolling through of the donations before it announces that Letha Vallas will be returning to the stage for a closing performance. The press seem to be taking furious notes and arguing over portions of the night's festivities as they close down their cameras and seem to be in quite the rush, several arguing on their phones.

"Ah, well, I would never consider myself such a thing, Lady Elodie. I simply do what I feel is the right course. If others find such actions laudible, I would encourage them to take up such a path as well." Solon pauses and listens to the Senator's words. After Alistair has finished, he applauds along with the rest of the crowd, there might even be a bit of passion in the applause. "The Senator's words have struck me, I feel the need to spend a day in contemplation at the chantry soon to consider such things, I think."

Takign a moment in the back to wipe his eyes, Uncle Rupert will clap along with everyone else. He'll stand straight, but looks tired. Stating loud enough, "I'm sorry this wasn't toe everyone liking. I made it with more ingredients than I normally do. I'll make sure to not add as much salt next time." He'll turn and start making his way out the way he came in.

Brianny once more falls quiet as Alistair begins to speak. She has just finished her meal and now listens to the passionate words of the Senator before offering up her own light applause. To those at her table, she says gently, "I am pleased that you were able to join us for this meal this evening. We are merely trying to open up everyone's eyes to the plight of the disadvantaged and poor." Grasping at a portion of her skirts at her waist with both hands, she carefully rises, "Yes, of course, My Lady. I would like to offer them my thanks as well for their attendance."

The faint talk between the two sisters is hard to miss at times, but Eiris quickly claps with the rest. Her thoughts seem elsewhere as her green eyes take up a roving consideration of all others. Wetting her lips, she blinks a few times and turns her head to look at Eirene for her offer. "Why yes, if you wish to, I would be remiss to stay behind," she intones with a smile, pushing herself up and trying to adjust for the full skirts of her dress. The chair catches on the edge and she mutters to herself about undo amount of fabric before freeing herself and stepping about the infernal obstacle. She looks up at Brianny and Eirene, "As well as I should check in on the Lord Cindravale, I am certain he is not feeling all that well still."

Nikomachos nods his head, "He is that, Miss Wyre." His eyes cut across the table to where his cousin the Young Lord Cindravale sits, "If things are as bad here as he says, it may be time to have Aunt Kallista and Sol put some pressure on Lord Leonnida. Part of the covenant that we serve, the terms of fealty, is looking after those less fortunate than us." His rather dour expression lightens into a faint, crooked grin, "Although having played nobles, I'm sure you know that, Miss Wyre." The offer causes him to tilt his head slightly, and his smile broadens a bit. He nods his head, reaching out one hand to pat lightly at the back of Jane's, "Thank you, Miss Wyre. I would appreciate the company, if you're willing to risk the lightning bolts. I'm sure Ellie will join us as soon as she's back from her patrol."

Letha is indeed returning to the stage in the wake of the speech. She hauls Big Red out, adjusts her seat, gives her bow and fingerboards a slight adjustment, and then she begins to play once more. It is obvious that the daughter has learned the skills of the father as the sole living Vallas plays quite exceptionally. There is a certain eloquence to the notes, words spoken in an entirely different language. It has a modern quality to it instead of the perfectly classical edge, and she will even use the instrument as a percussion now and then to add layers to the musical prose.

"Seriously?" Anabethe twists to look at her sister, brows furrowing. "We all do what we can, Reena. No one's saying-" She cuts herself off, scrubbing a hand over her face with a sigh. "Fine, whatever. Woe is me. Soup is sad. I'm a bad, bad, irresponsible person who's never thought about anyone else. I am so glad that I have been enlightened this evening." If only she actually tried to sound convincing…

Drake Danger has stayed out of the way for most of the evening, lurking near the stage and staying quiet, for once. He's really on his best behavior, trying not to steal the spotlight from Letha. When she returns to the stage, he too steps out from back-stage, re-arranging his luxurious locks of hair and fiddling a moment with the sound system before he gets it just right to broadcast Letha's closing set.

Was that a flicker of disappointment in Jane's eyes? Probably not. The actress offers a polite laugh at Nikomachos' joke about her career, delaying a response by folding up her napkin and setting it atop the table to signal she is finished. "On a much broader stage, my lord, it is a duty of the haves to do what they can to help the have nots. But yes, you are correct in that I understand, at least to some degree; I will not pretend that playing a noble in a 'vid is even close to actually being one." Pause. Her glance flickers to the left and right, watching as the parties begin to break up and move about. "Speaking of him, how fares the Young Lord Cindravale?"

Elodie's applause is more mechanic, as her expression is more pensive, even troubled, by the import of Alistair's words. Her good spirits find it difficult to resurface, but she manages something of a little smile. "Of all the visits I've heard you commit yourself to the past few days, I think the Chantry is definitely the most appropriate at the current time for you, My Lord," she offers, her gaze drifting downwards to where, no doubt, his fancy clothes hide the bandages.

Eirene's lips curl into a smile that brings a touch of joy to her face. "Thank you, my ladies!" A rather exuberant appreciation is expressed for both Eiris and Brianny. The three glamorously dressed women approach Elodie and Solon's table. Shyness swept aside for the moment, Eirene dips to curtsey the fair doctor and the heir of Cindravale. "Greetings, Lady Elodia, Young Lord Solon. It is wonderful to see you both at this event. Senator Alistor and his team, including Lady Brianny have done a superb job." It is after all of this that the tall Volen girl furrows her brows a little to mention of Solon's potential illness. "Forgive me for any intrusion, my lord. Lady Eiris just mentioned in passing you are not feeling well?" A rush of blood fills her cheeks, embarrassed for being so elated and jovial.

Reena remains silent, not rising to the bait. She watches the preparations for Letha's set with distant eyes and her lips pressed in a tight line. "I apologize, Kadmus, I shouldn't be subjecting you to petty family quarrels."

Kadmus flashes a slight smile towards Reena at that, "It seems to be a common trend when I have been around gatherings of Khournas. I have grown accustomed to it." He says to the woman, offering a slight shrug of his shoulders.

Brianny drifting forward to Solon and Elodie's table, Brianny's face brightens with a warm smile upon her approach. Lowering herself into a curtsey simulataneously with Eirene, she clasps her hands together before her, "Young Lord Solon, we are very honored by your presence here now. It truly does mean a lot to all of us who have worked so diligently to bring this event about. I hope that you were able to enjoy your meal?" When she notices Elodie, a face which is unfamiliar to her, she still flashes the young woman with yet another smile, "I am Lady Brianny Saimhann, you must be Lady Elodie. It is a pleasure to meet with you."

Anabethe leans back behind Reena to mouth at Kadmus from behind her sister's back: 'She needs to get laid.' On the up side, there's no lewd gesture to accompany the suggestion, so that's progress.

Nikomachos looks up at the music again, missing that flicker of disappointment in Jane's eyes, if it existed at all. He frowns thoughtfully a moment, "Is that Christian Vallas' daughter?" Shaking the curiosity away, he looks back to the actress, offering up a smile with a little more presence in it, settling his worries to the back of his mind for now, "Ah, but I do remember you mentioning a great deal of preparation and craft going into your work." And then the conversation shifts, and Niko looks across the table to his cousin, "We ran into some Hostiles along the shore of the Great Lake. We were able to see them of, but Sol took a rather nasty blow to the chest. He's recovering just fine, but… he's still recovering. I would be happy to introduce you… once he is no longer being swarmed by young Ladies." There's a touch of laughter there, "It wouldn't do to have them distracting him from meeting you, Miss Wyre."

A flurry of rustling skirts and attempted foot movement beneath said wealth of fabric leaves Eiris a bit out of sorts once the three ladies come to a stop at Solon and Elodie's table. She lifts her chin, adjusting the fit of dress to her hips briefly before letting her hands clasp before her, a model of modest lady in all its glory. She dips into a curtsey to follow after Eirene's far more glamorous movement, happy to rise simply and give a nod to them both. Though referenced as she is, she nods, "Aye, yes…the Young Lord was rather heroic and put himself in front of the hostile that was taken advantage of the fact I no longer had my bow," though she fails to mention fallen from her horse. "If the Lady Elodie is with him, I would hazard to guess he is in much better health."

Striding past the press as they exist with a polite nod, the Senator comes in with a rag and starts wiping down the tables where the media were previously sitting. He offers Glenna a polite smile as he scrubs the wooden service and carries a trash bag as he wipes stray pieces of food away. "How're you feeling? Wish you'd taken my advice?" His smile is genuine, and it's not really a tease as much as a point of intrigue.

Fortunately, Reena missed that little exchange. She sips whatever beverage is on the table quietly and tries to smile pleasantly.

Glenna takes this time, now that the main focus of the evening has been accomplished, to remove her earphone for a moment and tuck it away in a small clutch she had secured else where. Ahh, bliss, fnally getting rid of that device after hours of being worn. Still and all, no matter the responses or possible results of the evening, perhaps the purpose has been accomplished and she takes her water glass and goes to refill it and take a seat for a while at a table somewhere….over ther.

Solon gives Elodie a look filled with amusement, "Yes, I suppose that I have worked myself up quite the schedule these past few days, but you are right. Some rest and contemplation could do me some good." He shifts slightly as Eirene, Eiris and Brianny come up. A rather discreet gesture is given to his two companions, and they vacate their seats. "Please Ladies, take a seat." There should be more than enough room now. A smile is flashed at Eirene at her question and he offers, "I was wounded recently, and have annoyed Lady Elodie by being mobile a day or two before she would have liked. I am afraid that I am being a terrible patient." To Lady Brianny he says: "My Lady, my thanks to you and the Senator for putting this together. Please do pass my compliments along to those who prepared the meal." Eiris receives a nod and a smile, "Lady Eiris, good to see you up and about as well." Her description of his 'heroics' causes him to look rather sheepish for a brief moment before he can shake his head and offer, "I did nothing heroic, simply my duty."

Btu, then, she looksover at the Senator, as his voice sinks into her hearing, damnable earbud must have deadened her ears for a moment,shaking her head with a faint smile. "Now, what challenge in life would there be if I ran away everytime something wasn't what others expected? What was it we were speaking of earlier, Senator?"

"Oh now you're just playing to my vanity, Nik," Jane scoffs, nudging the man's arm with a loose, playful punch. "Yes, Letha was asked to play tonight. Isn't she bloody brilliant with that thing? My mother would be eating her own heart out right now if she were to hear it. She always wanted me to be a musician instead of an actress, citing that it's so much more sophisticated. Whatever." Pushing back her chair, Jane does not rise immediately but does allow for some space to do so when the time comes. "I hope the Young Lord does not strain himself tonight. Those ladies are practically hanging from him like monkeys on a vine."

Turning in her seat as Young Lord Sir Solon is now being besieged by young women, she gives an embarrassed blush and nudge to Lady Eiris. "He could be doing better, but there are certain affairs a Young Lord must attend…" she leans closer to the Rovehn lady, "you look quite lovely this evening. I almost didn't recognize you." As Brianny introduces herself, she nods politely, and with a little surprise. "I am, yes. It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Brianny, please…" she moves down to offer the woman room next to Solon, and so she can be closer to Eiris.

The herard near the entrance clears his voice as the sound of spurs jingling against the floor can be heard drawing closer. "Announcing his Lordship Garus Leonnida." The lord is announced with a clear voice, but not so loud as to distract the crowd from the wonderful cello music being played by Letha Vallas.
A second later, Garus slips through the door wearing a handsome, belted tunic in black with gold and blue trim. The tunic is belted over the polished steel lion's head on his swordbelt and his polished black cavalry boots. One part formal and one part martial, he offers the herald a stiff nod as he wades into the absolute mob of nobles present. He scans the room with his light blue eyes and rubs absent-mindedly at the long scar that lines the side of his neck. Having been rumored to be pulled away for an emergency meeting of the house staff, he's chosen to make a late arrival, rather than to miss a party that is meant to be hosted by his own house and Senator. To make matters worse…the man has no date.

Alistair looks up from his scrubbing at Glenna. "I shall strive as I always have, for as long as I can." He seems to be getting rather into the music when Lord Garus is announced. The Senator turns to face the entryway, and, even if the Lord doesn't look his way, offers a deep bow at the waist.

Taking a moment to make sure both Brianny and Eiris join the table, Eirene takes a seat and gently folds her hands upon her lap. Long, slender fingers interlace while her posture automatically perfects itself. Shoulders back, abdomen in; it almost appears as if the soprano is ready to sing. There is a tenderness to her voice that comes with an apology. "I am sorry you are not feeling your best, my lord." She says to Solon with a touch of guilt in her tone as she was unaware of any wounds from their email correspondence. "Thank the Six you are both all right." She shares the relief with Eiris as well. "We should plan a hunt. I didn't know you were proficient with a bow. I am not too bad. I can shoot straight!" To Elodie, there is a familiar warmth that becomes her. "The Lady Doctor is an excellent healer. You are in good hands for certain!"

"So you keep saying, my Lord," Eiris begins and makes a motion with her hand, "If that is the case then every Young Lord shall have to strain to keep up with you just to manage their duty." This is said with a great deal of mirth before she glances to Eiris and then manages to blush! She is blushing slightly and then clears her throat, recovering with an effected nonchalance, "Why this old thing," she waves it off and moves to take a seat, perching at the side of it so she can speak with the Iah Lady. "I have to admit it is a bit of a bulk and trouble to move in. A grand thing that I only have to wear it for functions and not daily." There is a faint flash of teeth at the other lady and then her head lifts at the announcement, her head leaning as a brow lifts and then a knowing smile curls her lips at the sight of Garus. "Another person I likely would not recognize besides myself…" She offers a nod from a distance to the newest addition.

"So, Solon looks busy," Anabethe says in a change of subject, looking down the table toward the other heir and raising her glass in a vague sort of salute. "By which I think I mean 'besieged,'" she adds, lips quirking with amusement.

Leaving the care of the entryway, Garus reaches for a passing tray to lift a glass of wine from it. Carrying it in a swept-grip, underhand and careful to keep it from his tunic, he crosses the floor over to the Senator, Alistair Hartcliffe. Nodding quietly to the man, he moves to stand alongside him and sweeps his gaze over the crowd once more. He leans just a little, lips parting to show his teeth as he considers the situation as a whole. "So, Senator, how has the event gone so far. How are my people responding to their meals tonight?"

"I should go speak to the Senator and pay my respects," Reena notes. She rises and heads towards Alistair, whether or not her sibling or betrothed come with her. "Senator, a very moving presentation. The stew as a nice touch. I'm hoping the Notice Project rectifies at least that."

"I wish I could stay and join you all here, for there is much to discuss but unfortunately, I should be seeing to our other guests." Brianny offer her apologies to Solon and the other ladies, before lowering herself into a curtsey once again. "I shall speak with all of you soon enough, I'm sure." With those words said, she trails off to locate Alistair, but in doing so, the announcement of her brother's arrival is quickly noted. So hastily, she wanders in Garus' direction to meet with him just as the man makes his way to Alistair, "You are late!" She starts off with a scolding tone, before she lets out a soft laugh. "I'm sure we have some left over in the kitchen if you wish for me to make you a bow. It's Uncle Rupert's stew." If he knows who uncle Rupert is! She waves once more in the Senator's direction. A little one.

Nikomachos laughs lightly and rocks away from the punch, reaching up to rub at his arm, "Ow… And of course I am, Miss Wyre. It's every gentleman's duty to flatter delightful women ceaselessly, doubly-so if it's all true." The description of the ladies causes him to laugh again, although he reaches up to cover his mouth this time. "I shouldn't laugh at that, I really shouldn't, but I'm just picturing it now. Well, as loathe as I am to give up the sole claim to your company, if you want to meet all of them as well, I am happy to introduce you. In the meantime, however, how have you been since…" he pauses, then grimace, "Six Above, I have been rather horrible about keeping in touch, haven't I. I apologized for that once already, didn't I?"

"All went according to the set schedule, my Lord. We blasted our financial projections, and your citizenry proved once again their persistent generosity." Formal Senator Alistair is back. "And Uncle Rupert's family will indeed enjoy a nice meal tonight…" He trails off, disappointment clouding his features until he sees Reena approach, he offers her a polite half bow with a smile. "My Lady Reena, an inspiration as always. Please know that I should have some budgetary recommendations for you by Monday as well." It's a fast timeline, one that would require quite the effort. Senator Hartcliffe smiles warmly at Brianny's wave and nods.

Solon turns at the announcement of Lord Sir Garus' arrival to the event. He offers the man a deep bow of his head in respect, and when he lifts it, his eyes manage to catch Anabethe's salute. He offers her a rather bemused grin before returning his attention to the ladies surrounding him. First up, Brianny gets a nod and a "Thank you, My Lady." Before he can say much more than that, Brianny seems to be off after Garus. Amused, his attention shifts to Eiris for a moment to offer a slight shrug and a frown, unsure as to how to explain it further that he really was doing what he thought was best. Given that Eiris seems intent to discuss fashion with Elodie, he rests his blue gaze upon Eirene. "My Lady, you have no need to apologize. I am feeling all right, there is simply a good deal of pain. Pain is something one becomes accustomed to once they accept the life of a knight." His eyebrows raise at the mention of a hunt, "What sort of hunt would you care to go on, My Lady?"

Jane's expression softens into a smile of geniuine amusement at Nikomachos' laugh, and she tilts her chin up as if rather proud of herself for this little accomplishment. When a lately-arrived Leonnida is announced, the actress turns her head to glance at the newcomer, and then does a double-take. "Who is that?" she practically purrs, gesturing vaguely in Garus' direction. It takes her another few seconds to tear herself away from ogling to continue the conversation with Nikomachos. "What? Oh, yes, you have, but really — you are a busy man. Our lives are moving in separate directions. I expect it, and am not upset. I have been busy with HAG work, mostly."

Garus brings the goblet to his lips and takes a sip. Expecting wine, he's assaulted by the absolute horror of TASTE DIFFERENCE. Expecting one thing and getting another. Blinking, his brain has to reboot until the taste of water comes to mind. It all makes sense now. "Good." Garus replies simply to the Senator as he turns to accept Reena and Brianny. To his sister's scolding, he dips his chin with a slight twist of his head. He smiles quietly and finishes her words with a nod of his own. "I am late. There were things that I had to tend to, though it appears everyone has managed fine without me. Are you enjoying your time, Brianny?" Catching the nod from Eiris and the bow from Solon, Garus lowers his head in respects, scratching lightly at his cheek and then reaches to squeeze his sister's arm, softly. "I'll have some stew when things are late and over. It's too late to eat in front of these people now."

Brief respite over, Glenna rises from her seat (after surreptitiously putting back on the shoes she'd kicked off after standing in them all evening) at the table way over there out of the way. Starting to make her way towards the Senator, she pauses a moment not wanting to intrude in any glad handing and instead turns to watch Letha play.

Anabethe sighs as Reena departs, looking to Kadmus for a long moment. "Look, I'm going to step over a line here, and I probably should have learned from the last time I did it, but let's just say I'm stubborn and stick with that," she begins, taking a swallow of water. "But it would be super helpful if you'd do something to make her feel like you recognized that she exists and maybe even were kind of happy about it sometimes. Because I can handle Reena mopes or Nitrim mopes, but both of them at once added to long shifts with ledgers instead of battles would try the patience of someone much more patient than I am. Also, she's my sister, and I'd like it if she was happy."

Eirene rises with the departing Brianny and gives the young woman a delicate embrace. "Thank you again for the invitation. I do hope we can catch up again soon." Her seat is reclaimed once the petite noblewoman makes her leave. Her hands fold once more but rest on the edge of the table, leaning in somewhat to speak with Solon. If she is still nervous, it is not as easily noticeable. Her long hair sweeps over a single, bare shoulder while the light of the room captures the sparkle of her starfish hair brooch. "I suppose I felt badly not wishing you good health in our correspondence yesterday. Had I known, I would have made sure to say a prayer for a swift recovery." The pause gives her a moment to think about his second question. "I ride some, and it has been a while since I have been on horse back with my bow. I imagine it is still as exhilarating now as it was in my youth. In truth, I may be a little rusty. I would assume small game to start. What would you recommend, Lord Solon?"

Elodie chuckles to Eiris, her own gown more simple, as she has yet to completely adopt the Cindravalen style. As Eirene adds her compliments, she shakes her head, casting a sideways glance towards Solon before she replies, "it is nothing, honestly. I'm really only doing my duty, and it is nothing to fuss over." She glances up as she notices the arrival of Garus, and then looks to Eiris again. "He is looking rather well," she agrees.

"Hmmm?" Eiris says at Elodie's last and then nods, 'Oh, oh yes of course he is. Come, its been too many weeks since I bothered him. Let us go say hi and leave the Young Lord with the Lady Volen," a glance is offered the two deep in conversation with a soft grin pulling across her lips. She rises slowly, "If you will excuse us, I am certain we will have a chance to talk soon. Lady Eirene, perhaps you can plan your visit to the Vale at the same time Lord Solon is visiting the Caravan. You two should talk it over." Her eyes flicker down to Elodie, "Lady Elodie," she offers her hand to the other woman to help her rise and doing her best in the full dress, she draws the other woman with her if, she is of course, agreeable. It is thus they cross towards Garus and Brianny, her voice lifting, "It has been some time, Lord Garus, glad to see no rogue Hostiles have done away with you," warmth and familiarity spreads in her tone.

Nikomachos looks up at Jane's question, tilting his head a moment as he looks back to the actress. Smiling crookedly, he responds, "A somewhat distant cousin of mine. Lord Sir Garus Leonnida. I do believe he's still single." He might be teasing there, just a little. "Perhaps you would prefer that I introduce you to him, rather than Sol." He pushes away from the table, offering out an arm for Jane while he continues glancing over toward Garus to track the other man's movements.

"You work quickly, Senator," Reena says with a smile, before inclining her head to Garus and Brianny. "Lady Brianny, you look lovely tonight. How is your husband?" Vassal first. "Lord Garus, I don't believe we've been formally introduced. This has been a lovely event."

"The Senator and I forgive you." Brianny pipes up, smiling brilliantly at Garus before she notices Reena's arrival. Quickly, she lowers herself into a curtsey, her skirts rustling gently, "Thank you, My Lady, for honoring us with your presence here this evening. It means a lot for families such as Uncle Rupert's to know that people care enough to attend." Her brother's reassuring squeeze at her arm does have its effect and she trills merrily, "The evening was wonderful. It does warm my heart to see so many who even care to show up or show interest in such an important cause." Then quickly, she responds to Reena's inquiry, "Kazimir was injured in a recent hunt so was unable to attend tonight. I'll make sure to bring back a bowl of stew for him when I return home."

"It's quite alright, My Lady." Solon says lightly to Eirene. "I find it difficult at times to put such things out there about myself." More like he doesn't want to try to look like he's garnering sympathy when he is not. "Speaking of our correspondance and of riding, that offer I made to you to come visit the Vale is always open, and should you wish it, I can furnish you with a horse and I can show you the beauty of our lands on horseback. There is no better way to travel, after all." He turns to offer a "Lady Elodie" and "Lady Eiris" to the departing ladies before turning the full force of his gaze onto the Siren of Mare Maris.

Sensing incoming nobles, Garus lets go of his sister's arm and straightens, at first, to Reena's notice. She's closest after all. He turns his battle-hardened eyes to hers and tilts his head in a respectful nod, as she's higher than his station in the grand scheme of things. "Lady Reena, I thank you and am glad that you're enjoying. It isn't often that we host many of these. It is good that you could attend and congratulations on your betrothal. It appears we've both of you this evening, I'm honored to host the both of you."
…and then there's more. With Lady Eiris approaching, he turns and lifts his brow to her words. With a twitch of his eyebrow, he moves the goblet of water away from her dress, which receives a slight appraisal. "Lady Eiris. It's been too long," He replies, eyes widening just a little as he takes a step to the side to make room for her. "I assure you the Hostile have been doing their best, and their best simply hasn't been enough just yet. Perhaps someday. You look well." Dark humor indeed, accompanied by an unseasoned manner of compliment. "Please, have you met my Lady Sister, Brianny Siamhann, Lady Reena Khournas, and Senator Alistair Hartcliffe?" When in doubt, when a noble isn't accustomed to hosting guests, introducing people is a lifesaver. They're sharks. All of them. Especially the Leonnidans.

Eirene sits up and pales a touch at the departing ladies. Her big doe-eyed glance almost beckons them to stay but it is too late, they have made their way towards Brianny and Garus. The songstress lowers her gaze to the surface of the table ever so briefly before meeting Solon's eyes. Perhaps he didn't get his data pad today. Those Cindravale really enjoy Reversion and it's likely he hasn't even read any recent emails. The topic of Vale is brought up once more; this time in person where Eirene can sink into the sound of his voice. "It is a very kind and generous offer. I would be, honored to ride..yo.. with you, Lord Solon." Fingers lace tightly together once more just as her lower lip is caught into a nibble. "I couldn't agree more about traveling by horseback. I do hope when you are feeling better, you will come to visit New Atlantis as well. I do hope you don't mind getting wet."

Jane offers Nikomachos a somewhat guarded glance at the mention of Garus being single. Is she really that transparent? "They look rather swarmed," she offers hesitantly, but when the Valen rises so does she. Her hand slips into the crook of the offered arm and she offers the knight a smile. "Let us dive into the fray lest the paparazzi prey on my lack of socialization this evening. And if I don't get a chance to say it afterward, thank you for sitting with me tonight."

Nodding at the compliment from Lady Reena, the Senator will simply stand and smile politely at the conversation. He gives Lady Eiris and polite half bow before he return to finishing cleaning the table he was working on. Alistair notices Glenna and motions for her to come on over, though he's not wanting to spam with any further introductions. A certain member of his liege family seems to have flooded new names for the time being. There's some sense of release as he does the simple task of cleaning food off the wooden table.

Standing with Lady Eiris, and politely taking her leave of Solon and Eirene, she pauses momentarily as she is 'dragged' away by her riding instructor. Her eyes convey her apology to the Volen lady at leaving her alone, but she is not altogether unwilling to travel at Eiris's side until they reach Lord Garus. As she is familiar with all the people in question, now, including Lady Brianny, she merely smiles as Garus offers reintroductions.

The Senator's hand gesture is noticed after a glance from watching Letha and back, from time to time. Making her way in that direction, as she nears the Senator a hand rests on his shoulder a moment. "Did you need something? I didn't think I'd forgotten anything although it is entirely possible." Glenna's eyes flicker a moment, possible but in her mind, not likely.

"Ladies," Reena greets with a smile, familiar with them both. "Thank you for coming out and supporting this wonderful cause tonight. The Senator seems to be tireless in his charitable efforts."

"You are kind to say so, my Lord and I do not think I have seen you quite so polished either," pause, a very brief flicker of assessment and the Lady Eiris dips her head to him, "It suits you." Compliments abound, the Rovehn then turns her head to those that are introduced as her smile brightens. "The Lady Brianny and I are rather familiar with each other, but thank you." Though as her attention drifts to Reena, she dips into a lower curtsey, doing her best in the rather odd wealth of fabric, "It is a pleasure, Lady Reena and you as well, Senator. Your work, as many have been saying this evening, is truly unmatched. You should do well to take some time for yourself," this is said as a glance is given to the table he cleans.

Her attention switches to the other nobles and she adds with a mirthful gaze, "Let us hope your luck does not run out with the Hostile, Lord Garus." Her smile broadens, curiousity tinging her tone, "I trust they have not overrun elsewhere, have they Lady Reena? What troubles have you and your House had with them as of late?"

Unfortunately for Eirene, Solon has been stuck in a bed for most of the morning, his tablet the one thing that's provided him with any sort of break in the monotony of sitting and resting after being wounded. Not that he lets any of that come through as he responds to her, "Are you alright, Lady Eirene?" Her stuttering and nervousness has him slightly concerned, he's even oblivious to what her slip really meant, his mind taking it that she wanted to ride one of his horses. "If you would like, I can see if my own warhorse is in a temprement to allow others to ride him. He has his days where he is far more friendlier than others, but he is loyal and true. As to New Atlantis? I hear you have areas within the city that have views unmatched by anything else in Haven. I would very much like to see such things."

Nikomachos shrugs helplessly at the guarded look, but being a gentleman, he lets it slide without further commentary. "Then we'll just have to be a breath of fresh air into their company, won't we, Miss Wyre?" Curling his arm to escort her over toward the collection of Garus, the Senator, Reena, Brianny, and Eiris, Niko chuckles softly at Jane, "It was my pleasure, as it ever is, Miss Wyre." His other hand reaches up to slip an earbud into place in his left ear, and he murmurs to his bracelet a moment. Approaching the noble group, he smiles broadly, "Sir Garus, Lady Brianny, Lady Reena, Lady Eiris, Senator Hartcliffe." Because if he didn't know every name before, his comm unit certainly did, "have you met Miss Jane Wyre, the noted actress? Miss Wyre, Sir Garus Leonnida, Lady Brianny Saimhann, Lady Reena Khournas, Lady Eiris Rovehn, the Honorable Senator Hartcliffe."

When she meets with Eiris and Elodie once again, Brianny gracefully dips into a curtsey once more, "We've been introduced. In fact, Lady Eiris has invited me to visit the Caravans in the near future. I do miss taking the trip across the vast fields and meadows from here. Why use the Waygate, when you can see the beauty of the open plains." Quietly, she turns to look upon Alistair and then Glenna, favoring both with a pleasant smile until they are graced with the presence of others! And she lowers herself into a curtsey once again, "Oh my. It is wonderful to meet with all of you!" With such a crowd, it is easy for one to become overwhelmed.

"Really, this would all have been for naught without the tireless efforts of Glenna Blair, here." The Senator pivots the compliment without even seeming to think about it, thrusting the intern into a momentary spotlight as he finishes that particular table and notes Eiris and Reena with a smile, though his eyes still seem saddened somehow. Then, the Lord Nikomachos comes over with his introductions and Alistair will politely half-bow. "A pleasure to see you again Lord Nikomachos. And an honor, Miss Wyre." His mind is a little dizzy from keeping up with all the formalities around him.

"There was an attack in the Crescent that shortened Young Lady Johana and Lord Erik's wedding. I was actually present for the fight as a field medic," Reena notes to Eiris. "I heard there was an incident in the Plains of Ares yesterday as well?" she asks. She gives Elodie a smile. "I need to speak to you soon, regarding my project, favor for the one back in Niveus?" She grins at Nikomachos as he brings Jane over. "Well now, you're looking much to awake for a newlywed, Niko, where is Ellie tonight? Jane you look gorgeous as always."

Eirene's slight stuttering merely suggests she is not speaking as fast as her mind is processing thoughts, even if it does come across as something of a crass double entendre. With a deep breath, the young woman composes herself and decides to tell him the truth; Some of the truth. Her melodic voice drops into hushed tones when she speaks and gives Solon a nod of reassurance. "Yes, my lord. I fear I am intimidated by your presence." It is not exactly a lie. "I do not wish to come across as a silly girl. If you allow me the time, you will see I can be quite articulate. I am also nerv..vous," The shaky sound of her voice mimics a soft trembling of her hands as they come to press over her heart. "I realize I sent you something that was meant to be, personal. I hope you are not offended if I say you inspired me, from afar."

Jane is most definitely not a noble, but she has spent enough time among them to have developed a sense of decorum nearly on par. She takes the introduction in stride, dipping into a curtsey that is used to greet the group all at once. Whether or not they turn to meet to, the actress bears up and begins to speak with those who do hold an interest. "Lady Reena, I was just admiring your gown earlier. You look absolutely breathtaking this evening. Lady Brianny, Lady Eiris, Senator Hartcliffee." The names are murmured as she looks to each individual, memorizing quickly so as not to get lost in the conversation. Said look lingers on Garus perhaps a few seconds longer than the rest. "Sir Garus Leonnida." She stops, however, not wishing to interrupt anyone's conversation.

Some people are late to functions for pressing matters, and some people get called away. In this case, Lady Elodie is being called away, her comm beeping in her little clutch. She pulls it out to look just as Niko is finishing his introductions around the circle. She gives Miss Wyre a smile and a nod, but turns her attention to Alistair. "I was moved by your presentation," she tells him quietly, "and I hope we can help, I will certainly pass along what I have learned tonight to Lady Iah, and see what I can do." Then Reena is addressing her, and she gives a nod to her head. "Of course, Lady Reena. We would be happy to discuss your project with you. Perhaps you could come to dinner?" she looks to both Reena and Alistair, "I wish I could stay longer, but there is a matter I must attend. Feel free to contact me, Lady Reena, and we will arrange something." Giving Lady Eiris a smile, she takes her leave of the Rovehn as well, before turning and heading for the door.

The corner of Garus' cheek twists into something like a stoic, little smile. It's normally the most any get out of the man, at least with so many important nobles present, and the look is directed to Lady Eiris. "Let's hope that as well, Lady Eiris, but I will go where I am needed and give them everything that our people deserve." He leans back, placing the half-drunk goblet of water onto a passing tray before turning back to her. There's a slight flash of teeth for emphasis to mark his words. "As will you and your House. I am as well honored with your presence this evening."
Nobility-radar flashing at the sound of Lord Nikomachos, who married into Sauveur or not is still the blood of his upward House, Garus directs his eyes to Niko and Jane Wyre, who is on his arm. Eyebrows lifting, he casts his light blue eyes over the two of them and straightens just a little, presenting himself to them. His chin lifts, absently displaying the old, cured scar that lines the side of his neck. "Lord Nikomachos," He bows his head, strong and practiced, a soldier until the end. "No I have not met Miss Wyre, though I'm familiar with her work. You do us honor, my lord." He smiles to the man, a fellow soldier, before he turns to offer his hand to Jane for a shake. "Good evening, Miss Wyre. Hippolyta, was it? I love not to see wretchedness o'er charged And duty in his service perishing?" He nods stiffly to her. Apparently some soldiers know their Wilkinson. "You're a very talented actress. Thank you for coming to this event."

When faced with a vast wall of nobles and others, to whom one has just been introduced, several things could happen. Panic - not an option. Continually dipping in a curtsey to each and every one present like a puppet? No. A single and deft, curtsey offered to one and all, rising with a smile to the Senator and an incline of her head. "You are, of course, too kind, Senator." then offering to the others, "Lady Reena, a pleasure to see you again; Lady Brianny, it's been an honor," along with a My Lady or My Lord to the others, and of course, to the Lord who is a member of the House where her father and brothers serve. "The Senator, ris of course, is being far too kind. It was little enough to do." At least, when Glenna has the moment, to offer her words.

Once her stew is finished, Anabethe starts to stand, brushing a hand over her skirts and letting out a slow breath. For her next trick, she'll start edging along perimeter of the room, trying to be unobtrusive about sneaking out. Granted, unobtrusive is not her strong suit.

Nikomachos looses Jane's arm when she dips into her curtsey, tucking both of his thumbs behind the buckle of his swordbelt idly, "Senator, Lady Brianny, I apologize for arriving late, but it seems quite the effective affair." He glances over to Reena at the mention of the Plains of Ares, "Several, Lady Reena. Two down southeast of Phylon, one to the east of Northon, and one along the southeast shore of the Great Lake, where Lady Eiris, Sol, myself, and several others were involved." He laughs lightly at the teasing, "Ellie is on a patrol tonight, so she was unable to make it. I almost didn't make it myself, with the news from Cape Amran coming in." The curtsey from the aide causes Niko to blink slightly, and he shifts his attention to her as well, his AI taking a moment before it comes up with her name for him, "Miss Blair. I'm sure you are to be complimented on tonight going so smoothly as well."

Solon's lips slip downward in the faintest hint of a frown. "I make you nervous, Lady Eirene? I am a simple knight, and you are a renowned singer who gets on stage in front of large audiences?" It's clear that he's slightly confused as to why Eirene would be nervous around him. When the subject of the message comes up, he struggles to hold back a smile, but fails. "I found it quite interesting, though I admit to assuming that you had sent it to me by accident and meant to send it to someone else." The faintest hint of a blush comes to his cheeks then. "I was unaware that I was the inspiration though. Is it the start of a song you are working on, My Lady?"

"Of course we will, Lord Garus. The Caravans are always in need of scouts and eyes, easier targets or so they think," there is a grin, her own teeth flashing as she nods to him, dipping her head to him before glancing up to Reena, "Oh well, is that not ill timing of all things. But a rather memorable wedding, hopefully there was no one injured beyond repair." Her smile renews itself, the golden blonde Rovehn, nodding her head in regards to Brianny, "We definitely would enjoy more Leonnidians about, your brother helped with a small group of hostiles and the Lady Elodie here had a hand in healing him. She has taken a grave patience with me in lessons," a touch of her palm offered to the arm of the Iah Lady. But she dips deeply in a bow to Nikomachos as he finds his way amongst them and the Miss upon his arm, "Good to see you both and a pleasure to meet you Miss Wyre." Just as the others, it is becoming a rather overwhelming assortment of faces and conversation, giving a silent nod in regards to the recent attack in the Vale.

Though briefly her green eyes flicker up to Garus as he rattles off a verse and she can not help but seem amused, brows furrowing in consideration before clears her throat.

"Yes, I only heard brief word about Cape Amran. I should probably take my leave, as my family will want all of us present to discuss the situation," Reena notes to Niko. "Senator, again, a wonderful event, Miss Blair, good to see you again. Ladies, Lords, be well." She heads over to murmur to Kadmus her apologies before she departs.

Jane's smile widens, and she reaches out to place her fingers in Garus', offering a firm squeeze in greeting before pulling away. One mustn't get carried away in public. When he recites some of her lines, the actress arches a thin, red eyebrow and laughs lightly. "He says they can do nothing in this kind, which, I suppose, is an appropriately modest response to your compliment, my lord." A hint of peek touches Jane's cheeks, but it's a mark of enjoyable conversation rather than embarassment.

"Already you have impressed me with your knowledge, Sir Garus, and we have but just met. As for this event, I would not have missed it. I am always looking for a good deed that the members of HAG can endorse, and the Senator has presented his case quite well. It is a pity you missed his speech." Here Jane pauses briefly, and only then does she realize she has, in fact, interrupted a running conversation. "Lady Eiris, the pleasure is all mine."

Eirene has never shared this kind of secret with her muse before. Often, her inspirations were kept at a distance and left in the dark. "It was an accident, because I did not wish for you to see such deep and personal thoughts. I am not the kind of woman who bold when it comes to, expressing interest or the desire to know someone more closely." If her voice were anymore quiet, she would be whispering. She speaks carefully and with conscious thought to every word she uses. "It is a wonderful kind of nervous, my lord. One I am not well acquainted with." Solon's smile is contagious. The coloring of his cheeks mirrors hers. "I very much hope it is the beginning of a new song."

Anabethe's path toward escape brings her by the grouping of nobles, and she takes a deep breath as she starts to pass by. She hesitates for a moment, then sighs, turning toward the group with a polite smile. "Senator," she says with a dip of her chin toward Alistair. "Very poignant plea. I'll have someone get in touch with your people about seeing what we can do."

With the crowd ever growing, Brianny quickly lowers herself into a curtsey and prepares to make her departure, "Thank you, everyone, once more. I know that just your presence here has touched the hearts of many." She then frowns over at Eiris, nodding slowly at the other woman, "Yes. The Hostile continue to lurk about in our forests and fields. I can only hope that we drive them off once and for all soon enough. For now, however, I will see if there is any help needed back in the kitchen and reserve a bow of stew just for your, Garus." She is certainly proud that she was able to help in making this meal. "And Lady Eiris, I will contact you soon before my visit." To all, she waves, "Enjoy the rest of your evening!"

Putting the rag into the one hand and the trash bag in another, the Senator looks around the room as people have been filing out. "Lord Garus, my office will submit a formal follow-up for the event, including recommendations for future partnerships, if such interest you." He bows at the waist, deeply to a Lord of his liege family. As Anabethe approaches, he smiles to her, genuinely. "My Lady, that would be amazing, an honor truly." He gives her a half-bow, the frail appearing man never seeming to tire from the practiced motion. "If you'll excuse me, I should take my leave." And he strides towards the kitchen, rag and bag still in his hands.

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