05.25.3013: Joust Event
Summary: The Joust during the Tourney of Vengeance
Date: 25 May 2013
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Tournament Grounds, Landing
Jutting out into the sea is a prominence crowned by the bulbous shape of the Landing Stadium. Built to hold 80,000 screaming fans, and boasting the latest in holo-screens high above the tournament grounds themselves, there is never-the-less plenty of room for nobles and extremely rich Citizens down at field level, nearly close enough to feel the breeze of the destriers passing one another, and certainly close enough to be surrounded by the clangor of a melee on foot.

The field itself is set up to suit whatever event is being held, allowing for tilts, the grand melee on foot, single combat on a raised platform, singing competitions on stage, shooting at archery butts, soccer games, and much more.

25 May, 3013

In most tournaments, the tilt is the final event, the most watched and the most beloved. For the Tournament of Vengeance, however, it has been declared that the Awakened melee will be the final event to honor the service and sacrifice given by Awakened throughout Haven. That hasn't limited the attendance or the InfoSphere viewership of the tilt, however, as the stadium is packed to standing room only and even beyond. Even the noble bleachers down on the field, immediately alongside the lists, have been filled beyond capacity, and a few Citizens have filtered in (mostly the rich and famous).

The announcer comes on, broadcast throughout the Stadium and the system, "Welcome, My Lords, My Ladies, Good Citizens, to Sauveur Stadium and the tilt of the Tournament of Vengeance!" The applause is thunderous. "Now, introducing your jousters!" As each rides forth to be displayed before the crowd, the announcer calls their names. The first six are minor scions, Citizen-born knights, and unaccomplished jousters all. And then it comes down to, "Lady Sir Brienne Arboren! Lord Sir Michram Khournas! Lord Sir Cambric Leonnida! Lord Sir Nikomachos Cindravale! Lord Sir Erskin Sauveur! His Highness, Prince Emund Sauveur!"

Lady Sir Ellinor Sauveur is not competing. She has taken a seat up in the stands close to familiar faces, dressed in a simple tunic, doublet and breeches with her drake-head bastard sword at her belt. Her hair has been swept into a loose braid. She may look tired in those pale green eyes, but she also looks comfortable despite her loss to the Wall yesterday.

Urk. Crowded. Talayla's glad she has a very light robe on. But she's in the audience, watching the tilt. It's squished in here! She now understands the zen of sardines, dark blue eyes wide. "Ack, hey, elbows!" Oomph.

Alexis is also not competing, instead she has shamelessly abused the fact she is walking with a cane to secure herself a good seat. Once thus secure she entirely fails to relax but instead sits ramrod straight with her hands folded upon her lap and attention upon the field.

Lady Lucretia Cindravale is of course here. She's missed some of the tourney sadly, busy with other things, (oh, the horror for a Valen!), but she wouldn't miss the tilt of course, certainly not with family here to compete. Enjoying the energy and vibrance of the crowd around her, Lu manages to ignore the annoyance of the overly crowded nobles area, slipping through the crowd with the ease of someone used to attending these things. Spying a familiar head of red hair, the Witch makes her way to Ellinor's side, "Sir Ellinor, from all accounts, you carried yourself quite admirably yesterday. All better today?"

Hearing her name. Brie bids her family farewell, speaking a couple of quiet words. "Thank you, Eilara, wish me luck Tris!" Then she rides out, lifting a gauntlet covered hand to wave. Her visor is up on her helm and she glances towards the stands and the impressive display of observers, offering a nod in general before waving once more.

Michram rides in, a figure in heavy red armor riding one of the most placid horses that looks to have ever existed. The steed looks to be disinterested in the crowds, the screens, and especially it's rider, simply plodding along with the weary determination of one that knows that once all this pesky jousting business is over and done with it is mealtime. The red armored rider is slightly more excitable, a brief sort of wave given towards crowds and cameras.

Following in behind Michram, Lord Sir Cambric carries himself with pride, the stylized dark blue Agressor armor stylized to give him a raptor-ish apperance set upon the grey warhorse that he rides upon as he keeps his falcon head helmet down as he lifts his hand to the crowd, and a salute towards the nobles as he gently spurs his mount to keep him on the move.

As the riders take to the field, Ellinor straightens up a little bit with a quirk of her dark brows to watch them, but her attention is quickly snagged away as a familiar voice touches her ears. A small smile starts to bud at the corners of her lips. "Good day, Lady Lucretia," she greets foremost before she offers a bit of a warm laugh. "Ah, well… I would have liked to have been the one facing off against Veryna, but that Wall is sure sturdy." She gestures a bit to her side where her cousin Alexis sits. "Lady Lucretia, have you met my cousin, Lady Sir Alexis Sauveur?"

For today's event, it would seem that Veryna has put aside the knight and brought to bear the noble and heir to her home. Eschewing arms and armor for a simple dress of navy blue fabric with a silk cyan band cinched about her waist. A large jeweld eagle's head rests in the hollow of her neck just above her sternum. Her hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail, that sort of effortless 'style' that still manages to look perfect. As the riders are announced she cheers for each in turn, but a hair more for her cousin.

Nikomachos looks like living fire under the brilliant sunlight of the Landing afternoon. His armor catches the sun at every twist and turn, and his monstrous black destrier is likewise barded in red, bronze, and gold. The hard light shield at his left bracer is ignited, awash with living flame. In his right hand, he carries a black lance with red and yellow ribbons dangling from just below the head, each ribbon twisting through the spectrum from yellow to red and back again. As he rides out behind Cambric's wave of applause, Niko heels his horse's flanks, sending the destrier up on its hind legs, heavy hooves pawing the air and the Valen hefting up his lance, stabbing it into the air for an added flood of applause. When his destrier has calmed, he raises his lance once more in salute to those already arrayed, riding out to join them.

Katrina is -so- here for tournament drama! By no means noble but by all means famous, she nevertheless shoves her way onto a bench with the help of her faithful assistant (who mutters quiet and meek apologies the whole time.) The occasional request for an autograph by other observers are dismissed with annoyed flicks of her wrist - she's too distracted by all the excitement and awesomeness for fan time. "GO PRINCE EMUND! Kick some ass!" she stands and calls out loudly through cupped hands.

"Oh, it's been all arranged now?" Tristan asks to Brienne as he hears the conversation, before he grins. "And good luck. Just remember that because things are worked out doesn't mean you shouldn't knock him on his rear end. And mom can take her time getting the right one set up for Brennart so I can sort of fall through the cracks." A shake of his head as he hears Eilara's words. "Hey, I could always puke *on* you the next time, sis. And no, never planned to compete in this one. Shall we find some good seats?"

Alexis inclines her head to Lucretia as she is gestured to, though also fails to relax as she does so and watches the other woman rather closely. "We have met Lady Ellinor." Then to Lucretia. "I have to admit that every time I see you it provides me with an unfortunate reminder of my first encounter with your elder brother though Lady Lucretia."

"That's my strategy too," Eilara nods solemnly to Tristan. "Hopefully we'll be too old by the time anyone realizes, and then it will be too late." With a mischievous laugh, she nods and hooks her arm through Tristan's in order to drag him to the stands. "Please don't, not on me. Keanen, sure, he's fair game. But not me."

Sir Erksin Sauveur is a renowned jouster himself, known far and wide for his point control, but he evidently does not feel the need to showboat, merely riding out in his silver armor with purple accents, lifting his lance in salute to the crowd, and then moving to join the other jousters.

Prince Emund must by all needs remain in the limelight a little longer than the others, for when he rides forth, the stadium erupts into cheers. However divided the nobility may be between Emund and his sister, the Citizens love the Sauveurs. The Crown Prince stops in the center of the lists, turning a full circle in his destrier and raising up his lance. Sunlight glitters off of purple and gold armor, but Emund's face is clearly visible as his helm is clipped to his saddle for now. Eventually, he joins the other jousters in the center of the lists, nodding his head to them, and the cheers die down.

Lucretia returns Ellinor's smile easily, nodding the younger woman, "The Khourni do tend to rather durable, I've found." She follows the gesture and nods again, "Ah, Sir Alexis, yes, we have met of course. It has been a little time, though." Alexis' remark draws a soft laugh and Lu inclines her head, "I am sorry to hear that. Alexandros did have quite the talent for jousting in his youth, and I imagine even still. Aside from ill memories, I hope you are well, Lady Alexis?"

"Don't think any of you can escape the inevitable," comes a sudden and mildly ominous sort of innotation behind Eilara and Tristan. It seems as if their older sibling has ninja'ed up on them, appearing from amidst the various crowds moving through the stands. "I'm already scouting out choices for mother for Keanen, so the two of you are hardly safe." After threatening them with joys of marital duty, he flashes a smile, manner turning less serious, and looks around. "Where are we sitting? This is quite the crowd, but I suppose that's to be expected."

Finally! Talayla manages to get a tiny bit of space. Though, ooh! Cool! Fire armor. "That's really neat," She murmurs. Wait? Is someone talking about barfing on someone? Tal's eyes widen a bit. She looks uncertain about this suddenly. Still, there's a Prince in nifty purple armor and fire guy and - lots to watch even if she's compressed like whoa. Who are all of these people? Oh well.

The announcer's voice rings through the stadium once more, "The first round will be an elimination round, with opponents randomly drawn! Winners of that round will advance to a round of Challenges!" The first match is announced, pitting Brienne against one of the nondescript knights.

Alexis unfolds her hands to spread them along with her shrug. "It was a battle Lady Lucretia." Then a hint of a grin. "Well my lady, I have managed to disentangle my son from a certain mess about which I will not elaborate further, much as he really does deserve the embarassment." Then to Ellinor. "I am suprised not to see you signed up for the lists cousin? I did consider it myself but I would certainly not cover the house in glory and prefer avoiding broken collar bones."

Her own armor is more silvery metallic green than anything, and astride her destrier, she surveys the crowd, watching her siblings depart for the stands. A half smile plays on her lips briefly before she looks to Cam and offers a wink. Game time. When her own match is announced against Sir Robyn The Brave, she lines up at her end of the tilt. Her squire hands her the pole and she tucks it into place, flipping her visor down, she gets into position. When the call is given, she rides forward hard, feeling the pole give and then shatter against her opponent who barely holds on. Another pass on the tilt and a victory for the Arboren. Lifting a clenched fist in triumph, she rides to the side, to await her next turn, eyes on the next match by now.

As Nikomachos takes the list, Ellinor sits up a little taller in her seat so she can get a good look at the knight. She smirks a bit at his armor — but she always does. Even if she favors a stylized drake motif, she has to find amusement in the sheer showmanship of the Valen. She glances between Alexis and Lucretia briefly as they speak, and her smile widens just a bit. As her hands wipe down the breeches of her attire, she speaks to the pair. "I had considered it, but I did not want to embarrass Lord Sir Nikomachos… and truth be told," She reaches up to rub at her left shoulder. "I think after yesterday's bruises, I could use a break." She does cast her older cousin a grin. "You should have entered though… I would have loved to have seen you face off against those whippersnappers." Says a whippersnapper.

The next match announced sends Michram up against another of the background knights.

Michram's draw is after Brienne's, the opposing knight looking a good bit more showy than the Khourni with brightly colored ribbons upon their steed. The first pass shows the other to be the better rider, their steed galloping along while Michram's makes a lazy attempt at best to pick up speed. Both lances score hits, although neither breaks and soon enough they are riding back around to do it all again. The Khourni again takes a hit on the second pass, given the plodding nature of his steed it would be hard /not/ to hit him. This time however Michram's lance tip finds the perfect spot on his opponents shoulder, unhorsing him with a tumbling blow.

As he's dragged to the stands, Tristan follows quite easily, offering a grin to Eilara. "Then behave," he offers, before he blinks a bit as Declan sneaks up to them. "Hey, don't crush our hopes yet, Declan…" he offers with a brief grimace, before he offers a grin.

"No," Eilara turns suddenly at the voice behind her, stonefaced, glaring at her oldest brother. "No," she tells Declan again, her tone firm and confident. "I'll just run away into the forests and no one will ever find me. Ever." With her intentions declared, she makes some space for herself and her brothers on one of the benches.

A match between Sir Cambric and another knight is announced next.

Lucretia grins for a moment after looking towards her nephew, and looks back to her Sauveur company, "Embarass him? What, by beating him? It'd probably be good for him if it happened, Sir Ellinor. What's a bit of competition amongst..friends? But I have faith in my nephew's skill, I am certain he will represent our house well." To Alexis, she smiles, "Oh, come now, Lady Alexis, I am certain you could still do it, if you wished."

As he is called forth, the announcement is made for the Citizen-born Sir Mihovil Pasternik, and Lord Sir Cambric rode forth. As they prepared at the opposite sides of the field, and as he takes up his first jousting tilt and the two charge towards each other. When they meet in the middle, the two lances shatter against each other, ending in a draw for the battle between the two.

As they turn and the two squires hand their knights new lances, Cambric balances and considers, as he turns towards Sir Mihovil and settles in for the second charge. There's a glance towards the crowd and he waves his hand, trying to pump them up as he uses a bit of blown exhaust to 'flare' his wings and the HUD of his helmet causes that dark red glow in his helmet. Mihovil charges, and Cambric launches forth, both of their mounts with powerful strides as they charge towards each other. When they meet the second time, there if a powerful crush against the two, but when the dust settles, it is Cambric's lance that has struck true, Mihovil's lance passing harmelessly after bouncing off of the Leonnida Knight's shoulder, and Cambric turns to give Mihovil a slight headbob of respect as Cambric takes the match.

Alexis raises her eyebrows at Ellinor's reaction to Nikomachos, head quirking incrimentally to the left, but does not comment and turns her focus back to the initial passes. The part about whippersnappers does draw a chuckle though. "Age and experience only beats youth if you keep in practise. Now if we had a grand melee with contending squads…"

Declan answers Tristan in a somewhat (humorously) bland fashion: "It's my duty as the eldest to crush dreams and herald woe." But Eilara's more steadfast refusal cracks his visage and he gives a laugh, shrugging his shoulders helplessly and not arguing the point. Really, that kind of thing -is- for their mother. He sits down at the familial bench, and looks out around. "Do we know when Brienne is up?"

The fourth match announced is between one of the lesser-known knights and Nikomachos.

Nikomachos finds himself facing off against an Ibrahm knight. Riding to his end of the lists, he raises his lance in salute, a slender black ring of drakeskin wrapped around his right upper arm showing on the huge holoscreens above the field. On the first pass, it becomes apparent that the Valen knight's showmanship goes far beyond grandstanding on his entrance. The shock of lances striking armor and shattering — for both jousters strike solid blows — reveals that there are holoprojectors mounted on the back of Nikomachos' shoulders, for wide wings of holographic flame unfurl about him at the moment of impact, making him look as a firebird for a moment and then fading away slowly as he reaches the end of the lists.

The second pass goes much the same, although the Ibrahm knight's blow strikes awry, both keep their saddle, and Niko has to be given a third lance by his squire. The third pass is the final one, as in another blaze of fiery wings, the Ibrahm is thrown from his saddle, and Nikomachos rides to the end of the lists unscathed.

"Yes. Amongst friends," Ellinor reinforces despite the faint pink hue that flares up on her cheeks. She shakes her head a bit, rubbing at her cheeks as the brief blush starts to clear. "That would definitely be a way to spice things up," Ellinor admits. "Two teams, with the finalist of each team facing each other." She rubs at the side of her cheek thoughtfully. "Would be an interesting way to display one's ability for smart cooperation." Then she fixes her gaze back out toward Nikomachos as he takes his turn on the lists. She narrows her eyes up at the jumbotrons as well, and she smiles faintly at the sight of the drakeskin wrap. The emergence of the fiery wings on impact does draw a smirk on her lips. "Show off," she half-mutters.

Sir Erskin's match is announced next, and the Sauveur knight takes his victory with little flare or style, shattering his lance on the first pass, swaying in his saddle a moment before he recovers, then unhorsing his opponent with a pinpoint strike on the second pass.

"Why Sir Ellinor, your cheeks are nearly as read as your hair!" Veryna jests. To speak with Ellinor, she must needs lean from her seat, and it's all she can do to ensure she's heard over the dying roar of the crowd as one knight falls from his horse. "It's a shame I did not get to confront you in yesterday's melee. You showed great…daring in facing the Khourni knights!"

"Ohh, some tournaments in the past had more than two teams, a multitude of them, with shifting alliances or betrayals as they fought a many sided mock battle." Explains Alexis, her eyes remaining on the lists though she does grin at Veryna's comment to Ellinor. "But that sort of affair served as training for war and skirmishes rather than a showcase of individual prowess like this."

Tristan shakes his head a little at Declan's words, but doesn't say much more about it now. "Missed seeing you out there in any events, brother," he offers, with a smile now.

The Crown Prince's match is the last of the first round, and it is also the longest. Emund is matched up against a minor Valen nobleman, and they go two passes, three, four, five, six… even though they only break two or three lances between them, the cheers rise with each pass. Seven passes, eight, nine… And after the tenth, the match is called, with Prince Emund winning on points.

"They are, aren't they? Though perhaps more pink, like a maiden," Lucretia remarks as Veryna leans forward to comment. The brunette laughs and turns her attention to watch Niko's tilt, and she claps for her nephew when he wins. "Sir Nikomachos really is quite wonderful at putting on a show for the crowd, isn't he?" Grinning, she looks back to the others, "Lady Alexis, we really should have tea sometime soon."

By the Knight! Ellinor jumps in her seat a bit as the Larent swoops in over her shoulder and she immediately twists in her seat a bit to look at the Young Lady. "Sir Veryna! It… what, not they aren't," she says dismissively, though the Larent does manage to cause that crimson to turn with vengeance. She shakes her head a bit, offering a half-distracted laugh. "Yes… daring… or stupid. Hard to say which." She does glance toward Alexis at her assessment, and she agrees with a slight shrug of her shoulders. It is then that she spies the lone Orelle — Cedric's younger sister. Her brain slows a bit as she attempts to recall her name, and then she gestures. "Veryna, that's Lady Talayla, isn't it?"

"Bad scheduling," Declan replies mildly to Tristan, his gaze now out on the field, watching as each new pair of competitors makes their charges across the field. "With the recent hostile landings, and the pod we sent with Keanen to the Orelles, I've been spending some time on the Ring to conduct a little diplomacy. You ought to come and join me on one of the trips- it does us all good not to spend all our time hiding in the trees." Not that they're hiding in the trees at present, but he clearly thinks that neither here nor there. "But I knew one of my siblings would take the archery regardless, so my presence would hardly be missed."

Veryna looks to where Ellinor gestures, spying out the Orelle girl. "Why yes, I do believe that is. Lady Talayla. The middle daughter of High Lord Orelle and Lady Orelle."

"It would be a pleasure Lady Lucretia." Replies Alexis to the Lucretia in question, a slight incination of her head though she does frown distracted as she watches Emund's prolonged bout. Then a glance over to the indicated Talayla before she notes to Ellinor. "I lived for years with the Khournas, I was squired to one, so I definitely know what you mean."

Talayla seems a little eccentric. She's overwhelmed by all of the sensory details. People's feelings, the excitement, the flashiness, everything. Might explain why she's little known, though regarded as something of a hermit. Friendly. But w-e-i-r-d. She watches the bout between the prince and the minor nobleman. There's some sympathy for the prince. It's hard when a lot of people dislike you, isn't it? She's not sure what to think. Her twin brother doesn't seem to be around and there's so many people. So many details to take in, it's like running through knee deep water. Are her ears burning? Or is that heat? She glances over her shoulder to see if anyone she's met is here. But there's an owlish blink and a polite smile upwards and over her shoulder.

Once the cheers die down in the wake of Crown Prince Emund's narrow victory, the announcer is heard once more, "And now we begin the Round of Challenges! Lady Sir Brienne Arboren has first choice of opponents. Sir Brienne, please advance and make your challenge!"

The Drakefire Knight tilts her head a bit as the Orelle turns around toward them, and Ellinor starts to wave with a bit of a warm smile. "Lady Talayla," she offers. "You should come join us…" And then she gestures to an open seat around them. She glances toward Veryna with a curious arch of her brows before she glances over toward Alexis. She starts to grin. "I rather enjoyed my time in the Crescent… you know cousin, you should join me on a drake hunt at some point… it might be a fun change of pace."

"Hey, thanks for not making the competition harder there," Tristan remarks to Declan with a bit of a grin now. At the rest of it, he shrugs a little, "Hey, I like hiding in the trees," he remarks with a grin. "But I see your point." A briefpause as he hears the next announcement, looking out towards Brienne now. "Who do you think she'll pick?"

Ellinor also glances toward the lists as the next phase is announced.

Alexis inclines her head to Talayla, offering the girl a smile, before then grinning to Ellinor again. "I will take you up on that offer, but yes, I do have fond memories of the Crescent. I was actually squired to the father of your opponent yesterday, Sir Thalo." She considers a moment before adding. "Thalo was rather smaller then and definitely not known as The Wall."

Declan gives a clueless shrug of his shoulders, hands held up. "I haven't a clue," he admits, with a laugh. "There's never any predicting with her. I would think someone quite favored, to make a bit of a show of it?" Then he glances sidelong, where some of the conversation nearby has touched on what he was talking about earlier. "I think I might go and speak with some of the Orelle contingent that is here with us watching. Care to join me?" He pauses, and adds, "It looks like its all ladies."

When her name is called once more, Brienne sits a little straighter on her horse and looks towards the opponents. Arching both brows, her green gaze skips over Cambric to settle on the remaining few, scanning them before she looks directly at Michram. "Lord Michram Khournas, I challenge you, Sir." Ducking her head in a bow, making her decision, giving him an easy grin before lowering her visor once again and taking her place at the end of the tilt, awaiting her squire and her opponent.

"Not Cambric," Eilara tells Tristan dryly, a smirk upon her lips. "Maybe that other Sauveur." She nods defensively, "Me too. The trees are way better than—" Her nose wrinkles and she waves demonstratively around the tournament grounds. Arching a brow at Declan, "So -those- are your intentions. I'd rather not gag while watching you flirt." She seems surprised by Brienne's pick, but nevertheless calls out: "Go Brie!"

Yay Prince! Talayla is surprised a moment. She nods and smiles at the invitation. Her speech is slow, and deliberate, as if each word were turned over to be safe. "Salutations, I would be honored." She will trade one seat for another, though her old one is promptly claimed by some star or noble or who knows. She will scootch over, mindful not to step on or elbow anyone. "Thank you," She lowers her head towards Ellinor. Then is briefly distracted by the next announcement. Oooh, Michram versus Brienne! So much to keep up with!

Michram gives a nod of his head towards Brienne as her challenge is issued in his direction. There is a flick of his reins and after a few still moments a rather more vigorous flick of the reins before his steed plods towards one end of the lists. A brief moment to check his equipment and then he is in place.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brienne=Polearms Vs Michram=Riding
< Brienne: Success Michram: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brienne=Riding Vs Michram=Polearms
< Brienne: Good Success Michram: Great Success
< Net Result: Michram wins - Marginal Victory

"A fearsome fighter, that one," Veryna says of The Wall. "That hammer is truly impressive, though I found he was a bit wild with it. Perhaps I've simply grown used to being fluid in combat, relying not on my strength so much as my grace." She gives a small shrug of her shoulders. As the joust continues into the next round, Veryna looks up long enough to watch the first pass.

Pausing a little as he hears Declan's words, Tristan shrugs a little bit now. "I guess that would probably be a good idea." A brief pause and a grin to Eilara, before he calls out as well. "Send him flying, Brie!"

"He has definitely earned that byname," Ellinor says with a grin toward her cousin. "Though, it was good to stand off against him. He has proven to me that I seriously need to train more against bludgeons. His hammer is fierce, and difficult to dodge." She glances toward Veryna now, offering a firm nod. "We also exchanged enough blows that I think he had been softened a bit by the time it came to the two of you." She stretches out a bit on the bench now. "I was looking at the replays though, and you managed very well from the start. The Gods favored you for certain." Then she smiles toward Talayla as she joins them. "Good day, Lady Talayla… are you enjoying the show?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brienne=Polearms Vs Michram=Riding
< Brienne: Good Success Michram: Success
< Net Result: Brienne wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brienne=Riding Vs Michram=Polearms
< Brienne: Good Success Michram: Success
< Net Result: Brienne wins - Solid Victory

"I used to favour swords." Alexis has most of her attention upon the jousting but continues with the conversation even so, patting the pommel of the blade at her side as she talks. "But you are entirely correct it is a more fluid style of combat and I have slowed down a great deal. I keep one as a sidearm and train with it but by choice would use a mace."

When she's at the end of her list, Brienne tucks her lance in place, lowers her head just marginally and spurs her destrier into action, sending him hurtling down the list. When she comes upon Michram, she determinedly holds on to both lance and her seat until she feels it shatter against the Khournas, but his seems to hit directly enough to almost unseat her, effectively scoring him a point against her. With a frown, she turns, accepting the new lance, eyeing the Knight, preparing for the second pass. Settling a little better into the saddle, she holds her lance, eyes never leaving her opponent this time as she spurs her horse along again, head down, lance aimed… just right so that when she strikes on the second pass, she unhorses her opponent. Pausing at the end of the list to look back and make sure he's fine, she once again lifes a gauntlet covered arm into the air, fist closed in victory.

Declan pauses in his apparent departure and turns a flat look on Eilara. "Its called socializing, and it is considered a normal thing to do at gatherings of one's peers," he informs her, in what is no doubt the standard older-sibling lecture tone. "And we are currently engaged in some business with them, so all the more reason." But Tristan seems up for it, so no extra lecturing is needed for him. Standing, he waits for his brother and in that time has enough of an opportunity to wait and watch his other sister down on the field. "Oh, well done," he murmurs in the aftermath of their collision, adding applause to that of the rest of the crowd before setting a winding way toward the Orelle-Larent-Saveur gathering.

Michram pats his horse reassuringly before the first pass, his steed again being both staggering predictable and unenthused as the first pass is made. Despite that it winds up an explosive enough fair, both lances shattering although the better placement of Michram's earns the Khourni Knight a point. Rolling out his shoulder before the next lineup he accepts a new lance, having proven he actually has a chance after all! That chance is sadly short lived, although again his lance finds an impact he leans one way while his horse decides to lean the other and the force of the blow sends him out of the saddle to land with a crashing impact below. Several long moments and he is clamboring back to his feet, nod given towards Brienne before he is limping towards the sideline.

The wall. That nickname is familiar. Talayla smiles at the mental image. "He is really tough," She offers quietly. She nods at the question, "Yes, Lady Sir E-l-linor, right?" She hesitates at the start. She's very retiring from the sounds of it. Her eyes widen a bit seeing Brienne claim victory. She'll join in the cheering. Why not? She did well! Though, perhaps part of it is for Michram too. She listens to the conversation, inclining her head a little. She seems to react a bit - slowly to things. Odd.

"I favor swords as well," Ellinor says, gesturing to her own drake-headed bastard sword. "Maces do not work well against drakes. Their scales are too thick. A piercing and slashing weapon is more ideal." The Drakefire Knight looks down toward the lists as the first of the challengers exchange blows. She winces as the first of the lances break, her eyes flickering up toward the score board as that holographic '1' illuminates next to Michram's name. Then as the second pass occurs, she blinks at the second pass as the lances break again, but this time the Khournas is thrown from her horse. Ellinor joins the cheers and applause from the crowds at the success of the joust, and she glances toward the small gathering around her. "Lady Brienne has actually done well in both the melee and joust." Then she smiles toward Talayla. "That's me. I would be Lady Lyrienne's sister." That would be Cedric's wife. Ah, the interconnectivity of the noble family trees.

Cheers rise up after each pass, and when they die down, the announcer calls out, "Lord Sir Cambric Leonnida has the right to challenge now! Sir Cambric, please advance and make your challenge!"

Nikomachos raises his lance in salute as Brienne returns to the ranks of the jousters, "Well ridden, Sir Brienne." His light tenor is crisp and clear, even through his armor's speakers. Sir Erskin and Prince Emund also provide lance salutes and their compliments.

"I think it is more their size Lady Ellinor? A mace is fine for damaging through scales or armour it is just that where a human would have shattered bones a drake gets… A bruise, which likely makes it angry." Alexis dwells on that thought for a fraction of a second before then adding as if to elaborate "More angry." Then a grin at the lists while she comments. "Definitely impressive."

As his name is called to advance the next challenge, Cambric casts his betrothed a fond glance and a smile at her victory. "Good job, beloved." And then the Falcon knight considers as he draws in a breath and looks towards where the others stand. He pulls on the reins of his steed and turns and finally announces. "My challenge is issued to Crown Prince Emund." he says simply, a lift of his chin. Go big or go home, right? The knight waits for the response as he dares to challenge straight to the top.

Upon returning, Brie lifts her visor once more, offering a grin to the salutes. "Thank you, Sir Nikomachos, Sir Erskin, Prince Emund." Pausing near Cam. "Thank you, Cam. Stay strong out there, I have faith in you." Once she's in place, she looks towards the crowd and when she notices Declan had made it, she winks at her oldest brother if he happens to look her way, then naturally follows the line to her sister and the youngest of the twins., waving to the both of them, smiling to the others who were cheering her on, before watching Cam, nodding her approval at his choice.

Prince Emund raises his lance again to Cambric, offering a nod before he collects his helmet from his saddle and puts it atop his head. "Accepted with pleasure, Sir Cambric. Gods be with you." He guides his destrier to one end of the lists, a brilliant hard light shield with a double-headed eagle in gold on silver springing to life on his left arm.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cambric=polearms Vs Emund=8
< Cambric: Great Success Emund: Success
< Net Result: Cambric wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Emund=8 Vs Cambric=Riding
< Emund: Success Cambric: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Following after Declan now, Tristan adds to the cheers for Brienne's results, offering her a grin and a wave if she still looks in their direction. Otherwise keeping silent for now, it would seem. But then again, he often does.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cambric=polearms Vs Emund=8
< Cambric: Great Success Emund: Great Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Emund=8 Vs Cambric=Riding
< Emund: Good Success Cambric: Good Success
< Net Result: Cambric wins - Marginal Victory

"That… yes… is a very good point, Cousin," Ellinor grins toward Alexis. She pulls from her satchel a handful of hand apples. She offers one out to each of those around her before she glances back down toward the lists as the next challenges are called. "The Leonnida verses the Prince…" She quirks her brows curiously as she bites into her own apple with a solid crunch.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cambric=polearms Vs Emund=8
< Cambric: Good Success Emund: Great Success
< Net Result: Emund wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Emund=8 Vs Cambric=Riding
< Emund: Good Success Cambric: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cambric=polearms Vs Emund=8
< Cambric: Good Success Emund: Great Success
< Net Result: Emund wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Emund=8 Vs Cambric=Riding
< Emund: Success Cambric: Good Success
< Net Result: Cambric wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cambric=polearms Vs Emund=8
< Cambric: Success Emund: Good Success
< Net Result: Emund wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Emund=8 Vs Cambric=Riding
< Emund: Success Cambric: Good Success
< Net Result: Cambric wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cambric=polearms Vs Emund=8
< Cambric: Good Success Emund: Failure
< Net Result: Cambric wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Emund=8 Vs Cambric=Riding
< Emund: Amazing Success Cambric: Success
< Net Result: Emund wins - Crushing Victory

She remembered. Talayla smiles and nods. "Pleased to see you. And that is impressive." To do well in both! At the talk of dragons and maces. "Maybe if you bopped the drake over his head…?" She offers. Stratigery! Maybe? Nah. But it does amused her a bit, the mental image of someone bopping away at a drake with a hammer. There's a curious look at Alexis, but her eyes widen again as someone challenges the Prince. Wow. Hmm. She leans forward to see.

Alexis chuckles to Talayla's words there, and nods. "Right, you would need a clean blow to the skull to really hurt a drake with a mace. Lady Ellinor really knows far more about it than me though, I have only been on a few hunts and non in the last decade. We used spears backed by swords?" The jousting soon distracts her though and she leans forward some as she intently watches each pass. "Well well, this got a lot more interesting."

A few moments later, and Declan has managed to move through the thick crowds to join the other gathering, possibly with Tristan in tow. "Lady Alexis, Lady Ellinor," he greets the Saveurs first, "Lady Talayla, Lady Veryna." There is a brief distraction down toward the field as the somewhat surprising challenge is issued. "Are you all enjoying the tournament so far?" And then, catching just a bit of the conversation as he arrives, he wonders, "Drake hunting?" Its unusual enough a topic to warrant notice. "You know, there have been rumors of some lurking among the Spines. We've yet to actually lay eyes on any to be sure that's what it is, or if its not just some other predator or poachers out causing the damage we've seen."

This battle is not like Brienne's was. Instead, Cambric and the Crown Prince seem to be going round and round. As they toss aside broken lances to change out, the Falcon gives a sharp breath, feeling the rounds drone. "Damn, he's good. No wonder." he says, as he finally speaks quietly, "Dynamo, cue up music." And with that, there's a steady thrum of bass and then,

"Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire, BOOM!" Cambric's radio blares internally as he switches out, more charges and exchanges of points as the two can't seem to gain a definite advantage before Cambric finds himself momentarily in the lead and there's a short pause as he adjusts in the saddle and takes up a new lance. "Let's see if I can finish this.. you're very good at this, Your Highness!" he announces louder, as he prepares to go again. "I am honored and privlidged."

Ellinor is focused on the first series of passes. First one, and then two, and then three… "Indeed it has," the young Knight remarks with her cousin. Then she shakes her head, clearing her thoughts a moment to consider the theorheticals concerning the drake fights. "I tend to enjoy spears and swords as well, maybe some crossbows." She glances toward Declan as the Arborenin joins the conversation, ands he offers him a quirk grin. "If its drakes, they'll start setting up nests in the warmer regions of the mountains. Any volcanic activity?" Even as she speaks, she glances back out toward the lists.

Once more, Emund seems to be involved in an epic duel of… passable skill on his part. A few lances shatter, and he sways in his saddle more than once, barely staying in his seat on the sixth pass, although his own lance hits home with near perfect accuracy as well. Flopped back over his horse's crupper, he struggles to get upright once more, eventually managing it. As they cross back across the lists to take their places for the next pass, he nods to Cambric, "However this turns out, it has been an honor, Sir Cambric."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cambric=Polearms Vs Emund=8
< Cambric: Great Success Emund: Success
< Net Result: Cambric wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Emund=8 Vs Cambric=Riding
< Emund: Success Cambric: Good Success
< Net Result: Cambric wins - Solid Victory

A salute of his lance, and Cambric presses forth again, lowering the lance as he charges towards the Crown Prince. Settled in grim determination, the knight brings the target to bear on the Emund's chest and feeling it slam home, there's a satisfying grunt as he passes through the blow in the process.

And the Devil's in the seventh pass. Emund has been punished by previous blows, and his seating is not as steady as at first. His lance hits, but not solidly enough to unseat his opponent. On the other hand, Cambric's lance strikes neatly, and the Crown Prince finds himself on the ground, looking up at the sky. There's a hush from the crowd, and then Emund reaches up a hand, waving to the crowd, then pushing himself to his feet, offering the knight who defeated him a salute of his right arm across his chest, then getting the help of a squire or two to get off the lists.

"Noooo!" Katrina calls out in despair, planting both palms on her cheeks as Prince Emund topples off his horse. By her reaction, one might think someone just killed a favored pet. With an exasperated sigh, she slumps down into her seat steals a sip from her flask when she thinks no one is looking. "I'll still dedicate my next song to you!" she yells one more time, before turning to her hapless benchmate with a deep frown.

Seventh time's the charm, it seems as Cambric takes the blow to his chest and once he sees Emund down, turns to make sure the Crown Prince is healthy and hale. Once he knows that he is, Cambric offers a salute with his lance. "Well met, Your Highness." he offers with a formal bow of his head before he leads his steed over to join Brienne, obviously winded from the long dance and battle and smiles over at her. "Next round?" he offers to her quietly as his squire brings him a bottle of water to refresh.

Alexis does wince as the prince is unhorsed, though she then relaxes a little as he waves and is helped to his feet. Then, straightening and turning her attention to the arriving Arborens, she inclines her head to them in greeting. "Lord Declan, the tournament is proving interesting though I am of course disapointed at my cousin's defeat after such a brave showing."

"Young Lord Declan," Veryna says in greeting as the Arborenin nobles join the conversation. She'd only been paying modest attention to the conversation of drake hunting, having little interest in such things herself. Instead, she watches the passes on the field with great interest. As with the rest of the crowd, she gives a loud gasp as the prince is unhorsed, but smiles a bit as he pops up and waves to the crowd. "Oh my. I thought the prince was always supposed to win. Perhaps that's in the stories, though!"

And indeed, Tristan follows after his older brother. "My ladies," he greets the ladies a bit quietly, along with a smile and a nod, before he looks out again to see the Prince get unhorsed. He raises an eyebrow as he sees the happenings, looking over towards Cambric for a few moments, before he nods a little now.

Once more, cheers rise, both for the victory and for the Crown Prince's response. Once they finally die down, the Announcer calls out, "And now Lord Sir Nikomachos Cindravale will face Lord Sir Erskin Sauveur."

Nikomachos laughs aloud, shaking his head, boosting the sound on his armor and calling out, "And now we see if the student may surpass the master!" Sir Erskin raises his lance in return salute, and then the two men guide their destriers to opposite ends of the lists. Once more, they raise their lances, then tuck them under their arms and charge.

"No, nothing of that sort," Declan replies to Ellinor, only moving to join the assembly of various ladies after all the greetings and pleasantries are out of the way. "Just some unusual signs of predatory activity and some rumors from the populace. It could really be anything. Our wardens are investigating, but obviously all the recent hostile activity has taken priority." Once again, he joins the applause when the joust comes to a crashing end, although this time after considerably more drama and suspense. "When opponents of like skill match themselves, the results tend to be unpredictable," he points out to Veryna. "Do you all know my brother, Sir Tristan?" This may be more for the sake of nudging his brother into the conversation than actually introducing him.

Talayla listens. Hmm. Drakes, huh. She'd like to pet one maybe. But her eyes go wide as poor Emund gets knocked silly. She is one of the hushed crowd, but hey, he lost and isn't maimed. There's still a cheer. Why not? A victory is a victory. She pauses. Are they being greeted? She looks between the brothers Declan and Tristan. She doesn't seem entirely familiar with them and remains quiet for a moment. She seems to take great joy in just /listening/ as much as talking.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nikomachos=Polearms Vs Erskin=8
< Nikomachos: Great Success Erskin: Good Success
< Net Result: Nikomachos wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Erskin=11 Vs Nikomachos=Riding
< Erskin: Good Success Nikomachos: Success
< Net Result: Erskin wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nikomachos=Polearms Vs Erskin=8
< Nikomachos: Great Success Erskin: Success
< Net Result: Nikomachos wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Erskin=11 Vs Nikomachos=Riding
< Erskin: Success Nikomachos: Good Success
< Net Result: Nikomachos wins - Marginal Victory

Veryna smiles at Declan a little. "Yes, I do believe I'm familiar with Sir Tristan. As I recall, he was the first knight to fall to my blade in the melee-on-foot yesterday. Though denied his weapon from a blow to his sword hand, he still refused to yield. I certainly hope I'm not the cause of your lack of participating today, Sir Tristan?" she asks the man directly.

"The incipient arrival of the hostiles is definitely the first thing on my mind." Admits Alexis, frowning a moment as she does so and distracted even from watching the next exchange at the lists. "They are why we have all this after all, the training, the practise. All to prepare us to face their return." Then she frowns again perhaps more at herself. "But they are not here today and I should stop being quite so grim."

Once more, the fiery wings flare behind Nikomachos as the lances strike home, each knight shattering a lance against one another's hard light shields. Niko raises up the stub of his broken lance in salute as he turns the corner, Sir Erskin returning the favor as they ride past one another to take up their positions again. Another pass, and once more, both lances shatter, and the holoprojectors on the back of Niko's armor send holographic fire rippling behind him. The Valen is rocked back by Sir Erskin's hit, but he sways back upright, turning around to see Sir Erskin getting back to his feet. Niko rides back to this former opponent, leaning down out of the saddle to shake the man's hand and speak quietly to him. Erskin claps one hand on the drakeskin band about Nikomachos' arm, responding quietly.

"If you would like me to poke around some of the possible hunting sites, I can stop by," Ellinor offers to Declan with a slow-warming smile for the Young Lord of the Woods. "It is the least I could do." She starts to clap along with the others as Nikomachos manages to unhorse his former teacher, and her smile turns into a brighter grin that sends light dancing in her pale green eyes. "For the Vale!" She shouts along with the others, but then settles down once the next challenge is determined. She glances back toward Declan and then to Tristan. "Oh, I know Sir Tristan…" She offers him a nod of her head in greeting.

Declan gives a bit of an 'ooh' at Veryna and looks over at his brother with a sort of teasing grin. "He told me of his archery performance, but not of his defeat on foot." His attention shifts back soonafter. "It is not unduly grim. The threat is real and we should be prepared, just not paralyzed by our concern. But we seem to be on top of their initial forays." And this causes him to again look to the Larent. "I visited the Ring the other day, to check in on my brother, since he is there with the pod we recovered and sent to House Orelle for analysis. I met your sister, as chance had it, when I stopped in by." To Ellinor, he nods slightly. "I am not sure when we will get around to investigating, but you would be welcome along with our wardens when they go. I have heard you have some fondness for hutning the beasts."

"Congratulations on a fine victory yesterday, Lady Veryna," Tristan offers, before he smiles a little now. "And don't worry, the cause of my lack of participating today comes from me knowing my limitations." A brief pause at the mention of the Hostiles, before he goes quiet and thoughtful again for a little while, before offering a smile to Ellinor. "I hope you are well today?" he asks her.

As the cheers die down from the short match, the announcer comes back on, "And the next challenge will be made by Lord Sir Nikomachos Cindravale."

Nikomachos rides up to the happy couple, boosting up his speakers once more, "What do you say, Sir Cambric? Shall we show them haw it's done in the Vale, and one of us can face Sir Brienne in the finals?" He bows his helmeted head to the Arborenin knight, reaching down to collect another lance from his squire.

"My sister has spoken quite highly of you, Young Lord Declan. And many thanks, Sir Tristan." However, as she's chatting with those around her, Veryna looks about in the stands. A few other faces she knows down the bleachers seem to be craning their necks and stretching their arms trying to get her attention. "Lords, Ladies, Sirs…if you'll excuse me. I think there are some others further down who are dying to have words with me." A nod is given to each in turn as Veryna works her way down the bleachers to mingle between rounds of the joust.

"Let's do it, old friend. But I hope I do win so I can face my betrothed." Cambric winks, and clasps Niko's wrist with his hand before he tosses a wave towards Brienne and rides off to go collect his own lance as he puts his helmet down in place, and settles into position. Nikomachos is well-trained at this tournament stuff. He's going to need to concentrate, and but good.

She arrived quietly, took up a seat in the nobles' section even if a few citizens had to be unseated for it, and sat watching in disconnected silence. Occasional, a sort of golf-clap brought her hands from her lap into a noiseless show of approval for this or that pass, but Soleil seems to be there more to fulfill some requirement than actually partake in the socializing or earnest viewing of the spectacle. In time she rises, and with the one or two liveried men who haunt her wake, exits. (and yet remains so I can read over things later!)

"A good day to you then Lady Veryna." Alexis inclines her head there but mostly listens to the conversation taking place with one hand shifting to her cane where it rests alongside her. Then a slight quirk of her head. "A pod sent for analysis? I am curious now, what manner of pod and where was it found?"

Nikomachos laughs aloud at Cambric's words, clasping forearms with the Leonnida before he takes the lance, "Good luck with that, but I should warn you, I am to give your betrothed something to avenge." The words are filled with laughter rather than threats, and the Cindravale knight rides down to his end of the lists, couching his lance and preparing to charge.

Tal perks a little at the mention of her house. She listens more alertly now, though she is glancing to and fro watching the tilting. "Huh, wow." Sir Nikomachos seems to be on a roll. Fire and all. She waves to Lady Veryna as she goes. But - Pod chat! She's peering intently at the two newcomers as well. Hmmm.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nikomachos=polearms Vs Cambric=riding
< Nikomachos: Great Success Cambric: Good Success
< Net Result: Nikomachos wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cambric=polearms Vs Nikomachos=riding
< Cambric: Failure Nikomachos: Good Success
< Net Result: Nikomachos wins - Solid Victory

When Cambric returns Brie offers him a lift of her lance, then does the same to Nikomachos at his arrival. "Well done, both of you. Looks like the three of us get to have a go at it then." For the moment Brienne does look back towards the crowd to return that earlier smile from Tristan, and watch Declan around the ladies with a grin. "Now see? That's what we should see Tristan and Brennart doing too. Socializing, not camping out in the treehouse." Though she is certainly more anti-technology than some, she is certainly for leaving the forest occasionally herself. When the others take the field, she wishes them both good luck, but winks at Cam, intently watching, looking for weaknesses… and she sees none in Nikomachos.

"Only some, Lord?" Ellinor says to Declan with a lopsided smile. "I'll have to improve that a bit." She then nods a goodbye to Veryna as she makes her leave before she glances over toward Tristan. "Aching, to be honest, Sir Tristan… a hammer to the chest tends to make you want to sleep the day after, but I could not miss the tilt. Nor the upcoming match with the Awakened." She then looks toward Alexis. "He speaks of the pods that carried the Hostile scouts to Imperius. They were first found in the Spine, but now have been found all over Haven System." Then she looks out onto the lists as Nikomachos calls to the Leonnida for the next match. She watches with interest with the first pass.

Alexis ahhs there, a slight nod given as she fails to relax her grip upon her cane. "The ones that prompted Sir Gendry to be hauled out in order to assure everyone there was no threat? I wish I could believe it, we are going to be fighting them blind while they now have an excellent idea of our demographics at minimum."

Hmm. Talayla listens to the group, inclining her head. There's a polite smile. She says nothing for now. "Huh." A look over as the jousters start going to it. She seems a little nervous at talk of the Awakened match. There's some formidal folks there.

Declan dips his head toward Ellinor as she expands on things for Alexis. "Just so. My siblings encountered and subdued one of the first patrols, and indeed the first pod was recovered in our lands. Since House Orelle boasts better knowledge of such things, we sent it - and my youngest brother with it - to the Ring for further study. So I would not say that we will be fighting them blind. Great effort is being taken to analyze their technology, as well as the dead hostiles themselves. We will do everything necessary to be prepared. And I am making a point to offer the aid of our wardens to the other houses in tracking down any other landing parties that might have escaped into the wilds; my house boasts many good trackers and hunters, after all."

As they set up at the end of the lists, Cambric draws in a breath. The long drawn out battle with Emund had taken his toll on him, and Niko calling him forth so soon again leaves him unprepared. They charge, and Niko's lance catches him whole and full, while Cambric's own lance seems to be failing short as he feels that solid hit knocking the breath out of him and unhorsing him. He lands hard and flat on his back, a grimace as he waits for the world to stop spinning for a moment, and then comes back around, and slowly moves to push himself to his feet with assistance from his squire and throws a salute towards Nikomachos. "Heh." he manages, between breaths. "You'll forgive me if I cheer for Brienne instead of the one that bested me?" he asks as he offers a wave to crowd and leads his horse over to take a seat and tend to his mount.

"Well, we took out two, actually," Tristan offers a bit quietly at Declan's words, before he listens to the rest, offering them a bit of a smile. "It can be done," he remarks, before he turns his attention back to the joust. "Ouch…" he remarks as he sees Cambric go flying. "Looks like we're getting the final round here now…"

Nikomachos sends his lance shattering in splinters and red-yellow ribbons, tilting his shield just so to send Cambric's own lance skittering off the hard light surface without finding purchase. Between his own strike and the glancing impact on his shield, there is enough force to send the holoprojectors lighting off once more. Turning at the end of the lists, Nikomachos looks to see that Cambric is alright. Riding down the list to meet him, he returns the salute, "Just thought I would give Sir Brienne something to avenge, Cam." He chuckles, passing off his shattered lance, "Cheer for who you will." He turns his horse to canter over to that worthy, bowing his head and saluting with an arm across his chest.

Alexis nods slightly as she listens to Declan there, though she fails to look reassured. "My congratulations on your victory then my lord but I imagine they knew their scouts would suffer loses and doubt we will learn anything about their main combat forces until we face them. I have spent years studying the last System War but who knows what has changed in five hundred years?" Watching the jousting she then remarks. "Apparently he lives up to his father."

Oooh, final round. Talayla is listening, smiling to the others including Lady Ellinor. "I apologize. I wasn't there for most of this, so…" She seems curious. But there's the final match, too.

Once more, cheers go up, they fall back down, and the announcer calls out, "And the final tilt of the Tournament of Vengeance will pit Lord Sir Nikomachos Cindravale against Lady Sir Brienne Arboren!"

Watching the pass, Brienne winces when Cam is brought down so quickly, eyeing Niko with renewed respect, but waiting almost breathlessly until Cam gets back up, wanting to make sure that he was still fine. As soon as he sits up, she breathes a sigh of relief, closing her eyes in silent thanks to the Gods. Realizing it meant her turn, Brie nudges her horse down towards her end of the list, passing Cam, pausing. "Be careful, love.." Then she continues to her position and prepares for her pass.

"I'm fine, Brie. Avenge me…" Cambric makes spooky fingers and nudges her helmet with his own and smiles. "I want to sit with you during the next matches, after all."

"I don't know. Have the hostiles not always attempted to take advantage of unknown technologies when facing us?" Declan wonders of Alexis. "They may expect losses among their advance forces, but no doubt they also expected their innovations to give them great advantage, and perhaps for us not to be able to comprehend their own technology. If we prove that assumption incorrect, there is advantage to be gained, or at least, enemy advantage to be nullified." As the final joust is announced, his attention naturally turns back to the field, and now that things have progressed this far, he rises above his prior polite claps to cheer a bit more audibly for his sister.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nikomachos=Polearms Vs Brienne=Riding
< Nikomachos: Good Success Brienne: Success
< Net Result: Nikomachos wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brienne=Polearms Vs Nikomachos=Riding
< Brienne: Great Success Nikomachos: Success
< Net Result: Brienne wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nikomachos=Polearms Vs Brienne=Riding
< Nikomachos: Great Success Brienne: Good Success
< Net Result: Nikomachos wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brienne=Polearms Vs Nikomachos=Riding
< Brienne: Good Success Nikomachos: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nikomachos=Polearms Vs Brienne=Riding
< Nikomachos: Good Success Brienne: Success
< Net Result: Nikomachos wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brienne=Polearms Vs Nikomachos=Riding
< Brienne: Success Nikomachos: Good Success
< Net Result: Nikomachos wins - Solid Victory

Alexis makes a kind of so-so gesture with her left hand at Declan's words "Perhaps, or perhaps in order to retain their technological edge they have deliberately sent their expendible advanced scouts with only the most basic of equipment. We simply do not know at this point but I certainly hope the hostiles you hunted down were the best they had. What I am curious about is how they plan to communicate what they find back to their main force, do the pods or worse the scouts have interplanetary range communicators? Or is something else going to follow up to receive reporting transmissions from low orbit perhaps?"

Once he's back on his feet, Cambric moves to sit with his soon to be family, removing his helmet and starting to unseal his armor. "Sir Niko is well practiced in the circuit. Hopefully Brie will serve better than I did." he says as he takes up another bottle of water to drink.

Aww. There's a sympathetic look towards Cambric. Talayla is doing her best to catch up and try to join the conversation but so much of this is novel to her.

Nikomachos rides to his end of the lists, taking up a lance from his squire. The first round sees both lances shattering, and Nikomachos reeling in his saddle. Shaking his head inside his helmet, he laughs softly, "Ow." Another lance and another pass, and there's another flare of holographic fire and two more broken lances. On the third pass, he wavers in his saddle, but maintains his seat. Turning around, he sees his opponent on the ground, he raises up his broken lance to salute the crowd, slamming the butt of his lance against his breastplate to send another wave of fire blossoming from his holoprojectors. He looks over the crowd, bowing in his saddle to the cluster of Sauveurs and Orelles, then tossing aside his lance to ride down to meet Brienne. He offers down his hand, "Well ridden, Sir Brienne. I wish you well with your match."

Ellinor is listening to the back and forth between Declan and Alexis while she also stares at the lists to watch the final showdown between Brienne and Nikomachos. "There has been some suggestion that the pods are able to send a signal… I mean… most radio waves travel at the speed of light… and since the Fifth World is in range… it would take them…" Her brow wrinkles, showing that math and astrophysics are not her strong point. "A day or two—" And then she bursts onto her feet to join the cheers as Nikomachos makes that final pass against Brienne and unhorses her. She takes a few moments before she drops down onto the bench once more. "Your sister did very well, Lord Declan."

Eilara has been quietly observing from her spot on the benches all this time. Maybe too quietly. "Good try, Brie," she calls out encouragingly, though her disappointment is clear. She glances over her shoulder toward the exit, then back toward the field, as if pondering something.

"Trust me," Tristan offers to Alexis. "If they only have the most basic technology… We're in extreme trouble…" A brief pause, before he looks out to the field now. "Next time you'll crush him, sis," he calls out.

"A question better posed to the Orelles, I am afraid, or to my youngest brother" Declan answers Alexis once again, although he nods along at Ellinor's addition to it. "That is my general understanding, but the specifics elude me. I have little expertise in such things, nor does our House in general, which is why we have enlisted their aid. But I am hopeful that such details will be among many revealed by examination of the pod." Of course, there are a few tense moments as he watches his sister trade passes with the Cindravale knight, and while there is a slight slumping of his shoulders at her ultimate defeat, he rises with the rest to applaud the victor, although perhaps with less wild enthusiasm than the general crowd. "She did," he agrees with Ellinor again. "Strong showings overall for my House, I would dare say, with our win in the archery taken into account."

When the announcer calls her, Brienne reaches for her lance and spurs her horse on. Time and again the lances shatter against each other until finally on the third and final round, he catches her just perfectly and despite her will to remain on the lance pushes her off backwards and she lands hard on the ground. After all the hits she took yesterday in the melee in foot, she's still sore, so getting up is a chore. With the assistance of her squire, she stands, offers a bow to Nikomachos, conceding the victory. "Thank you, Sir Nikomachos. Well done." Now for the negotiations on keeping her belongings.. she turns towards Cam, nodding in the direction of the crowd and leaves her horse with her squire while she heads towards the stands to join her family.

"Indeed." Answers Alexis to Tristan, then a hrm at Ellinor's words. "They can probably be located from the radio signals then but it would be worth knowing if they are designed for interplanetary messages or if they have to wait for a follow up mission to report." Then changing the subject she does bow her head in the direction of the lists. "A fine effort from your house indeed, you must be proud of your sister's success."

Question for the Orelles? Talayla is trying to watch the match and keep up, looking a lot like a mantis watching live tennis. Because mantises can turn their head 180 degrees, they are the only animal that enjoys live tennis. Ahem.

The Announcer calls aloud, "And the champion of the joust of the Tourney of Vengeance is, Sir Nikomachos Cindravale!" Cheers go up, and the drinking begins.

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