05.25.3013: Awakened Melee Event
Summary: The Awakened Melee in the May 3013 Tournament of Vengeance
Date: 25 May 2013
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Tournament Grounds, Landing
Jutting out into the sea is a prominence crowned by the bulbous shape of the Landing Stadium. Built to hold 80,000 screaming fans, and boasting the latest in holo-screens high above the tournament grounds themselves, there is never-the-less plenty of room for nobles and extremely rich Citizens down at field level, nearly close enough to feel the breeze of the destriers passing one another, and certainly close enough to be surrounded by the clangor of a melee on foot.

The field itself is set up to suit whatever event is being held, allowing for tilts, the grand melee on foot, single combat on a raised platform, singing competitions on stage, shooting at archery butts, soccer games, and much more.

May 25, 2013

Afternoon is stretching late, two hours after the tilt. The crowd is boozed up, and is already cheering, chanting the name of their favored Houses in counterpoint to one another. Hard light shields crackle into place around a cleared area, bigger than that of the melee. Over the PA system, the announcer calls out, "Ladies, Lords, and Citizens! Welcome back to Sauveur Stadium. The final event of the Tournament of Vengeance will be the Awakened Melee!" A cheer rises up. "As a reminder to contestants and those watching here and at home, the contestants will be expected to pull their blows before actually striking home. If someone fails to do so, medics are standing by."

"Actually…" Tristan offers to Aidan, with a bit of a grin, before he hears Eilara's words. "What she said. Good luck, both of you. I'll be cheering for you guys."

Striding into the arena comes Mykal Cindravale, his recent bride Anabelle coming with him. He moves off towards the ring pausing to kiss his wife's hand, "Go find a seat,and remember to root for me and house Cindravale. It wouldn't look very good to have you hooting and hollering for some other man, now would it?" He offers an amused grin with that, glancing over his shoulder at the field.

With Cambric beside her now, she removes her armor and leaves it too with her squire while the field is changed for the next event and slips her hand into the bend of his arm and walks with him to where Tristan and Eilara are. Seeing Aidan also, she grins at them all. "Good luck, Lara, give 'em hell, Aidan." Taking a seat beside Tristan. "So, second place is no fun." Laughing at herself, she searches the crowd for Niko, so she can barter with him on keeping her possessions.

Aidan blinks as Eilara yanks on his arm and he gets pulled to his feet, almost spilling his beer. "Me? But…" 'I don't want to' isn't a suitably dashing thing to say. Kind of wimpy actually. Petulant. It never worked on his father when he was five either. He should have just kept his mouth shut. "Okay, fine. Hold my beer." On second thought, he just drains it and drops the cup onto the seat. "Never mind. Let's go."

Anabelle grins at her husband, "I wouldn't dare cheer any one else on, then." She turns and heads towards the seats. Looking around she is amazed at the wonder that is the stadium. Luckily finding a seat near the front, she sits down.

Talayla's hesitating. She seems uncertain. She has a bad feeling about this. But she is near the sign up area.

Changed back into his uniform after a break in the action and a small lunch with Brienne, they returned to the stands and Brienne's family, and Cambric chuckles. "I suppose I should start learning more about your family as your consort." he says with a wink towards Brienne.

The two Arboren competitors return and enter the field after suiting up. The requisite skinsuit is worn under Eilara's quite normal and completely underwhelming outfit of dark leather, meant more for practicality in the forest than showmanship. She seems much more nervous than she was at the archery competition a few days ago, quite visibly bouncing up and down on her toes. As her eyes go pale while her Awakened state takes over, her fingers twitch at her sides. The nerves likely come from this being her first incredibly public demonstration of her abilities. "This is kind of terrifying," she tells Aidan in a quiet, airy laugh that betrays her pre-competition jitters. Gradually, her aura begins to enfold her in what appears to be dark feathery wings traced with lines of silver.

Keanen wanders through the crowd in the stands, making his way towards his brother, whom he has spotted. He's wearing a pair of bright red slacks and a black, sleeveless doublet with red trim, showing off his muscular right arm and cybernetic left arm. He meanders to where Tristan sits and flops down on the seat behind him. "Buy me alcohol, bro," he says, shoving his brother's shoulder gently.

Nikomachos has changed out of his armor, had a drink or two, and is now back in the stands. He ascends the stairs at the back of the bleachers, meeting Sir Erskin there and speaking quietly with the older man. They clasp forearms, parting once more, and Nikomachos comes down the stairs, looking here and there as if seeking someone out.

Alexis returns after taking a break from the exhausting business of spectating, limping along rather carefully with her cane clunking on the stairs as she heads back toward her seat of choice.

Already down in the field, Lucretia has of course come prepared. The Witch of the Vale stands in the center of the arena, short brown hair framing her face with her tall, pointed black hat upon her head, wearing a long-sleeved black dress and dark boots, with a skinsuit worn beneath that to offer some protection. The fingers of one hand are curled around her staff, a tall thing of dark, smooth wood topped with a giant aquamarine held in a drake's claw. A smile on her lips, the woman looks around and waits.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine." Aidan answers, looking over at Eilara to give her a grin. "You should have had more to drink." If beer is good for watching a tourney, it's got to be even better for participating. Right? However much he's had though, he isn't showing it. As he walks with his cousin, his own aura begins to form; a vaguely rodent-like form surrounding him. "Save each other for last?" he suggests.

"Which is why I was so relieved when I hit something with that final arrow," Tristan remarks lightly to Brienne, before he adds, "But in truth, you did great there." A brief pause as he nods at Cambric, offering the man a grin. "Of course you should. You'll be one of us soon enough, won't you?" Whispering something to Brienne now, offering her a brief grin, before his shoulder is shoved by his little brother. "Ah, so you've found your way here as well," he remarks a bit lightly. "Some beer or something sounds good about now, that's true."

Nodding at Anabelle, Mykal turns and pulls off his sword belt, putting in on a rack until later. He moves off towards the ring now, wearing the skinsuit he's required to wear instead of his heavier armor he's akin to fighting in. He looks a bit uncomfortable as a result. He is wearing standard faire beyond that, dark coat falling to his knees, leather jerkin, leather pants, bowler hat…yes, bowler hat. He's holding a walking stick with a glowing orange orb on one end of it. He twirls his walking stick and then thrusts it skyward. The orage orb glows very brightly around him and then sparks start to erupt, causing jets of flame to shoot up into the sky and explode into dazzling lights here and there. Magic fireworks baby, Sorcerer style. He shouts out, "Cindravale!" as the flames and sparks fly around. Good grief.

Keanen smirks, "Of course. Tournaments always bring out the single ladies. Oh, and weddings. Wow. Weddings." He chuckles. "I can't believe people show up to these at all, to be honest. It just seems like a big humble-brag convention." Then he makes a high pitched, goofy voice, "Look how powerful my psychometry is. I'm so powerful. Blah Blah Blah." He rolls his eyes.

Having unfortunately missed the entirety of the previous event of the day, Ariana shows up for the Awakened competition. Dressed in yet another fashionable gown in the Larent House colors of several shades of cyan and white, the young noblewoman from Nubilus makes her way towards the seating area followed by a pair of Larent House guards. As she decides on where to settle down at, her gaze peers out towards the field to view the competitors who are now preparing for what should be an exciting event.

As Mykal does this, his eyes go white and a blue white aura of flames starts to consume his body. The man is still visible within the aura, but it comes to surround his features.

Looking around the field, Lucretia starts to laugh as she watches Mykal a grin on her lips. Fingers tapping against her staff, she inclines her head to her nephew, and her own aura flares to life around her, a flickering green aura radiating around the woman, touched with flecks of golden energy which resembles nothing so much as…glitter in the air around her. Her now white eyes take another sweep around the arena.

"You're right," Eilara frowns, glancing over her shoulder toward the concession stands. "I guess it's too late now," she says weakly, giving Aidan a helpless shrug. Nodding politely to the other competitors as they begin to fill the field, she makes no attempt at a flashy display. Frozen in place, she looks as if she's more likely to throw up than anything. "We must have missed the memo," she flashes a nervous smile at Talayla. The dark feather-like aura surrounding her flutters subtly, as naturally as a bird's wing.

"You shouldn't be quite so cruel to them, Lord Keanen," comes the warm and husky voice of Sir Ellinor Sauveur as she leans in from behind him. She is balancing a ale mug between the pads of her fingers, the frothy cap undisturbed as of yet. She glances over to the Larent and her guards, which are not too far away, giving Veryna's younger sister a salute with her cup before she looks back at the Arboren.

Some Awakened are more showy than others. Talayla's one of the quieter ones, in a humble costume. "Maybe I should've worn something that shoots fire." Or sparkles. People love sparkle cannons, don't they? She looks sad for a moment, and looks to be drawing something in the air a moment. But her aura is more like a nebula, a soft, hazy fog. It gives her the impression of being distant, wary and uneasy. She nods. "I feel a bit silly about it now," She admits to Eilara. Being a show off! No one likes that… There's a twinge of guilt. "… well. I'll just make up for it later, I suppose." Penance is okay, right?

"Hey you rocked the Archery, Tris." Brienne smiles at her brother, nudging him with her shoulder. "Thanks, it was fun, I need more practice though, definitely." Leaning forward she winks at Keanen. "Hey baby brother. Speaking of weddings, our mother finally approved the match between Cambric and I, so in a month or so we'll be planning all that." Unable to help it, she looks back at Cam before looking towards the field. "I hope Lara wins." For once being in the stands instead of participating. After a moment, she looks around and when she notices Nikomachos, she lifts a hand, sort of waving him over if he's looking for her or Cam.

"Contestants!" The announcer voice booms over the speaker systems. "Enter the Ring! We will begin in 10… 9…" And the countdown begins to for the Awakened still not inside to step in. Amongst these competitors are an Awakened from Leonnida with his flowing wizardly robes and a rather simple Hermetic from the Ring who has chosen rather common place attire. They both enter their Awakened state, their eyes become white and their auras flaring up with shades of blue and gold for the Leonnida and soft nebulous shades for the Hermetic.

Anabelle rolls her eyes at her husband. "Show off." Thinking she knew she should have had a talk about doing such extravagant things at this event. Glaring at her husband she mumbles "If you loose, you're going to look like an idiot Mykal."

Nikomachos has settled that strip of drakeskin about his right upper arm again, tightening it down to fit his sleeve rather than his armor. Spotting Brienne waving, he lifts a hand in greeting, heading down in that direction. Ellinor's arrival with the group causes him to chuckle softly, "Now you're just moving around all over, aren't you, Ellie? First with the Orelles, and now the Arborenin?" Looking over to Cambric and Brienne, he flashes a grin, then carefully smothers it, putting on a serious facade, "Now then, there's the matter of ransom for your horses and armor…"

Alexis limps along the bleachers to the Arborean group, inclining her head to them and giving a grin to Ellinor though she does not say anything as Nikomachos makes his arrival. Tightening her grip on her cane as she watches him a moment she then shifts her weight to her good leg and lifts the thing in salute. "Congratulations upon your victory Sir Nikomachos."

Aidan looks across Eliara to give Talayla a quick smile. "I… /wonder/ what they're compensating for." he asks no one in particular, gesturing at all the overly flashy and showy displays of power. It is, of course, a rhetorical question and the tone implies that everyone already knows the answer. Eilara gets a quick wink and then he turns to study his opponents.

Lucretia watches as everyone else enters their Awakened state, auras coming to life around the arena, and oh how different they all are. She nods as the announcer speaks, and grins as she gestures with her free hand to the Sorceror from Leonnida, recognizing the man and calling, "Shall we put on a bit of a show, friend? To make sure things get off to a proper start, of course."

Noticing a few familiar faces in the distance, Ariana takes steps towards Ellinor and the Arboren gathering. Her icy blue eyes flicker between the Sauveur and the youngest Arboren just as a tiny smile forms upon her lips. Pausing to lower herself into a formal curtsey despite the crowd around her, the tall and slender blonde noble rises to full height as she greets, "Lady Sir Ellinor, it's lovely to see you again. You've certainly shown your prowess in the earlier tournament events of the week." She then smiles faintly over towards Keanen, whom she greets as well, "And my dear friend, Lord Keanen. I hope that you are feeling better today." An even more polite smile is then graced to Tristan, whom she only knows in passing. "And good day to you as well, My Lord."

"No idea," Tal admits with a faint smile to Aidan. People seem nice, so that's a plus. She does make a quiet mental note to meet Aidan and Eliara later. "You'll totally have to see my fish pond sometime, you guys." Maybe her brewery projects! She's a bit eccentric and awkward, it seems. But now? Now it's fighty time. Something about gongs and walking dinosa— no, wait, it's on? What was that anyway.

The Leonnida Awakened looks around toward Lucretia at her words, and his cliche handsomeness is only increased with a flash of dimples. "Of course, My Lady," he says with a dramatic bow. "We shall."

"Good luck," Eilara tells Aidan and Talayla, just in case she doesn't get to say it again. Done with all the stretching and preparation, all she can do is enter the field and steady her jittery nerves with many long, deep breaths. Her attention settles on the competitor from the Ring. Friendly house rivalry, perhaps? She offers a quick smile, silently lifting her chin in his direction in a respectful sort of way.

With his flashy show in the name of Cindravale done (everyone knows how the Cindravale Sorcerer's love their shows of power), he moves over to the ring and eyes up the competition, hmmming quietly as he twirls that walking stick with the glowing orb on his for a few moments. He settles on a target and gets himself ready, raising his left hand and moving it in a circle, causing blue white flame to start to swirl there, lazily moving round and round.

Shaking his head a little at Keanen's words, Tristan looks a bit amused. Nodding a little, both at Brienne's words, he offers a grin, "She'll do great, I know it." Nodding to Ellinor first, then to Nikomachos. "A fine display of jousting, Sir Nikomachos," he offers. Offering a nod and a smile as he hears Ariana's greeting. ""Likewise, my lady. I hope it is indeed a good day for you," he offers.

Ellinor casts Nikomachos a dry look at his comment. "I'm going to take that as I like to socialize and meet and greet friends rather than the other way I could take that." Then she casts a warmer smile toward the Larent. "Lady Ariana… your sister did fantastic yesterday. I was sad that I could not cross blades with her, but the Wall kept me very, very… well… busy." Then she looks toward Brienne and Cambric. "And I'm very disappointed neither of you knocked Niko's ego down a notch, but… I guess I'll take care of that…"

<COMBAT> Aidan has changed stance to shielded.
<COMBAT> Lucretia will attack Awakened1 this turn.
<COMBAT> Eilara will attack Awakened2 this turn.
<COMBAT> Awakened1 will attack Lucretia this turn. (Venus)
<COMBAT> Awakened2 will attack Eilara this turn. (Venus)
<COMBAT> Talayla will attack Awakened2 this turn.
<COMBAT> Talayla has changed stance to agg_shield.
<COMBAT> Mykal will attack Awakened1 this turn.
<COMBAT> Eilara has changed stance to def_shield.
<COMBAT> Mykal will attack Awakened1 this turn.
<COMBAT> Aidan will attack Lucretia this turn.
<COMBAT> Mykal has changed stance to agg_shield.

<COMBAT> Venus has started the combat! Pose and pick your first action.
<COMBAT> Mykal attacks Awakened1 with Psychometry - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Lucretia with Psychometry and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lucretia attacks Awakened1 with Psychometry - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Eilara attacks Awakened2 with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Talayla attacks Awakened2 with Psychometry - Moderate wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Awakened2 attacks Eilara with Psychometry and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Awakened1 attacks Lucretia with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Venus has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Awakened1 has been KO'd!

"BEGIN!" The announcer shouts, and immediately as the crowd starts to cheer as the arena below becomes consumed with impressive light and effects. The Leonnida steps up toward Lucretia, slamming his foot into the ground as he throws out a blast of hot fire that creates a vibrant trail in its wake toward the fellow Valen. The Ring Hermetic also advances forward, but her technique is far more graceful and delicate, sending out an semitranslucent burst of energy that looks like a falling star trail toward the Tree woman. It is easily dodged, but that does not deter the Awakened as she draws her hands above her head to gather energy for the next strike.

Alexis shifts her weight back to her cane now, keeping half her attention on the ring as the awakened move in, the other half on the conversation though she seems content to listen rather than try to interrupt.

As he watches the combat, there's a frown as the Leonnidan goes down, but at least it was to the two Cindravales, as Cambric nods slowly, and watches the fight, glancing towards Nikomachos is coming over as Brienne waves to him. "Hey, Niko. Congrats on the win."

"Fish pond?" Eilara looks intrigued to say the least. "Definitely," she gives Talayla a thumbs-up and encouraging grin. "Drinks after this," suggests to Aidan as well, "I sure know I'm going to need one. Or a lot." As the round begins, she makes an attempt to strike the Hermetic with a crackling ball of lightning. Alas, she is too wary of her own defenses at the same time, and hops around too much so her own attack misses. The upside is that she doesn't get hit either. Progress. As she dodges to one side, she turns just in time to see Talayla's successful strike. "Nice," she calls out.

Keanen smirks, and he sighs. He looks at Brienne, "Congratulations, then. I guess. I mean, you're good with that, right?" He smiles, and then looks at Ariana, "Hey Air." He shrugs, "I'm feeling okay, thanks." Then he leans back in his seat, and watches the first round of tourney.

Excusing herself from the conversation, just briefly, with her brothers and the ladies, Brie rises from her seat and grins at Nikomachos. "Would you prefer to talk to us separate or together, in public or in private?" The business discussion has her forgetting to watch the melee out on the field temporarily. With a quick nod to Ellinor, she laughs. "Hey I gave it my best, I have to give credit where it's due, I think he deserves to have the ego. And I may or may not be flattering him so I can get a better deal on my ransom." The last said in a mock aside.

Aidan looks around the ring, taking note of the participants, their expressions, how they're standing. Trying to categorize each in terms of threat. One of them he recognizes since he just met her several days ago. And their concersation let him know she's skilled. Skilled means dangerous and best to take out quickly. Gesturing, the ground beneath Lucretia's feet begins to rumble right before it explodes in a spray of earth and stone.

Nikomachos chuckles at Ellinor's response, "I'm sorry, I have absolutely no idea what 'other way' you might be thinking of." He bows his head to Alexis as she approaches and greets him, "Thank you, Sir Alexis, Cam." The chuckling and congratulations, however, have ruined his frowny face, and he offers out his hand first to Brienne, and then to Cambric, "Please, consider the traditional ransoms as my betrothal gift to the both of you." He shakes his head at Brienne's words, "See, no flattery necessary?"

Placing her hand on Keanen's shoulder, Brie smiles, "Thanks, Keanen. I'm definitely not as good as Sir Nikomachos, as he very well demononstrated."

Moving into the fray as the melee begins, Mykal moving off towards the Leonnida, keeping that fire shield up and shifts his walking stick into his left hand. He moves his right hand in a circle over the orb on the staff and pulls a fireball from nothingness. He thrusts his right hand forward and the ball of fire, about the size of a fist rockets out at the Leonnida, slamming into his chest. Seeing the Leonnida go down a moment later he draws back a step and looks to find a new target.

"My Lady Sister was concerned about this Wall." Ariana says with a slow nod, her eyes now peering out into the distance when the first round of spectacular attacks are shot forth. "So it was more than a bit worrying when she had to face off with him in the end. He certainly is a formdiable opponent." Looking towards Keanen from out of the corner of her eyes as she gauges his condition, she suddenly fully turns in his direction when she openly asks, "Did you ever meet up with that one woman again? The one who insulted you? Your worst date ever…?" A careful look is then given the others as she wonders whom else he had told of this incident.

"Yeah… that sounds lovely," Talayla smiles. She's making friends! … she seems a bit … /off/. As if she's been more a hermit than anything else. She likes fishkeeping and drinks sound nice. Maybe this isn't so scary. Okay, maybe that fire lady is kind of scary. A lot scary. It's a brief moment of uncertainty. And a cosmic revelation. Being around people who can set you on fire with their minds is frightening, isn't it? Some sort of deeply instinct reminds her why people are uneasy about this sort of thing. Nevertheless, it's time for Talayla to take the offense. Helping one of her newfound friends, she's one of the more subtle Awakened. Though, it's still very flashy. Much akin to water flowing, or stars being born (freaking plasma man! Not just for TVs!), her magic and gestures are very fluid. It's almost like a stream of water arcing towards the man Eilara's attacking. A really, really pressurized one. "Oh! Thank you!"

Gesturing in a wide arc with her staff, a spike of ice erupts in the path of the Leonnida's blast of fire, melting, but taking most of the bite out of the attack which dissipates before it reaches Lucretia. Already stepping to the side, the brief instant of rumbling is enough to send the Witch jumping aside, and she rolls along the ground, but comes up unharmed and flicking her staff, another pair of icy spikes erupting near the Leonnida, the blunt tips aimed to impact against his chest. A wary glance in Aidan's direction and the older woman grins, "Very nice trick."

Alexis does grin at something that was said just there, distracting her from the raging battle in the ring even, a grin flashing into existence. "The Wall? I can definitely see why people call him that now but he was very different as a baby."

With her focus on Eilara, the Ring Hermetic does not see the attack from the Orelle coming and her arms lurch downward as her hand is struck and she feels a mightly sting vibrate through her nerves. She turns her gaze on the young noblewoman now as she flexes her right hand, sending another flare of star-like energy through her.

With the duel strikes against the Leonnida, he is quickly overwhelmed. Slam, slam! He collapses into a heap on the dirt, his aura fading and his dark eyes clearing. "Yield," he grunts out, gesturing his surrender.

<COMBAT> Eilara has changed stance to agg_shield.
<COMBAT> Mykal will attack Aidan this turn.
<COMBAT> Mykal has changed stance to Shielded.
<COMBAT> Lucretia will attack Aidan this turn.

<COMBAT> Awakened2 attacks Eilara with Psychometry - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Lucretia with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Talayla attacks Awakened2 with Psychometry - Serious wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mykal attacks Aidan with Psychometry - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lucretia attacks Aidan with Psychometry - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Eilara attacks Awakened2 with Psychometry - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Venus has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Awakened2 has been KO'd!

Ellinor sticks out her tongue at Nikomachos before she smiles up toward Ariana once more. She finally takes a sip of her ale, breaking through the frothy head. She is mid-gulp when Ariana speaks of Keanen's 'worst date ever', and she literally sputters through the brew in what can only be described as a 'spit-take.' She blinks several times, licking at the foam at her lips as she looks between Ariana and Keanen, her brows arching sharply. "Worst date?"

When Nikomachos offers his hand, Brie slips hers easily into his and offers a warm smile… at the offering though, her eyes widen. "Are you quite sure?" Stunned by the offer. "Thank you, Sir Nikomachos. Truly, thank you." Glad to be keeping her possessions, but definitely not expecting him to be so generous. Removing her hand from his so that he can shake Cam's hand, she looks at Keanen. "Since when were you old enough to date, little brother?" Oh she loves to tease him and would reach out and ruffle his hair, but she doesn't want to embarrass him in front of his lady friends.

Tristan had been watching in quiet for a while now, but Ariana's words to Keanen makes him look at the two of them. "Worst date ever…? I don't believe I've heard this story, brother." Looking between the others again now, he offers them a quiet smile.

"Cheapskate." Cambric teases Nikomachos and clasps his hand with a grin. "Hell of a job, Niko. Now you can't bitch that you don't win these things." he says with a laugh and a grin towards his friend. "And you're going to come to the wedding, of course?"

Given that Mykal has family in this fight, he decides he might as well help her out for now, "Nice block, Auntie…" he muses as he rounds on Aidan. His shield continues to spin around in blue white flames off his left arm, and he takes his walking stick into his other hand. He whips the walking stick over his head and a tendril of flame spits out of the end, ground longer and longer, then he whips it with a sudden snap of his wrist towards Aidan, the flame whip snapping at his neck. A grin comes across the man's face as the blow lands home.

Keanen's eyes widen just a little when Ariana speaks, and then he purses his lips. He starts to answer, and then glances at Brienne's teasing, before looking at Tristan. "Ask me again later." Then he looks at Ariana, "No. I've never seen her again," he says, a little stern.

Anabelle spots Nikomachos, stands from her seat and heads toward him. Figuring she should be polite for her husband's sake. She reache him and Sir Ellinor, and says "Hello, are you two enjoying the melee?" She then gestures to an empty seat, "Do you mind if I join you?"

Alexis has most of her attention upon the sparring wizards now, leaning on her cane somewhat, her focus intent as she does really rather ignore the date related banter.

Eilara tries one more time with a sizzling ball of electicity, and her aim seems to be much better this time around. It flies through the air and strikes her competitor right in the chest. The problem is that she is struck too, and hard - it makes her stop and cough in pain. Despite her own damage, the Arboren gives Talayla an enormous grin as their efforts send the Hermetic out of the fight. Teamwork! "Yeah! Way to go!" she cheers as the dark wings of her aura vibrate a little in excitement. The victory doesn't last long - she spots the two that start to corner Aidan, and her brow furrows in concern.

Another strike! It looks like water, flowing plasma deceptively hot. What is WITH her and going for the arms? Aren't you supposed to go for the eyes? Okay. Get your head in the game. Zen mode, activate! Talayla is the slowest looking, seemingly most peaceful combatant here as if she just might start drifting towards the stars or migrate away with the birds. She looks almost saddened, eyes widening as Eilara is struck. She looks worried. "Yeah. Thank you." She smiles. Her aura glimmers, and flickers, seeming almost more nebulalike, the glimmer of new stars amidst space. She seems quietly pleased, but concerned. Deep breath. Say what one will about Talayla, but for all the slow, deliberate mannerisms and caution, she seems to stick well with people as she can. if one can put up with levels of eccentric that might have her keeping a dozen cats, anyway. But she's going to help Aiden now. She's still a bit slow, it seems.

Aidan grins over at Lucretia and gives her a small bow. "Consider it a small 'hello'." he tells her. "So nice to see you again." Anticipating a 'hello' right back at him, he totally doesn't see Mykal has him in his sites and even as a bolt of lightning flashes from his hand, he's hit by the man's flame whip which makes him an easy target for Lucretia's 'two' shot following Mykal's 'one'. "Ow ow ow!" Time to change his tactics for sure! "This is your fault." he tells Eilara. She dragged him!

Talayla adds, "Your attacks were marvelous."

Ariana's eyes quickly flicker in Ellinor's direction when she nearly drowns in her drink and she quickly states as she waves a handkerchief at the young royal, "Goodness. Are you okay, My Lady? Here, let me help you with that." Though to Keanen's own response, she can't help but wear that far too pleasant smile upon her face when she explains to the others, "A woman cruelly tried to play with Lord Keanen's emotions the other day, before mockingly stating that he was far too young for her." Absently, her gaze drifts off towards the Awakened in their competition, before she states, "So I was just curious if he ever gained an apology for that matter. I suppose he hasn't. Unfortunately."

The Awakened of the Ring turns her head sharply as she realizes that she is still very much in a two-on-one situation. Before the two women can release their attacks, she draws both hands together into a triangular pattern. She sends out from her palms a pulse of sharp, concentrated energy toward the young Arboren just before she must accept the double-blast which sends a sharp strum of pain through her arm and eventually her chest. That final hit is what does it, dropping her onto her knee and she holds up her hand as her aura fades and eyes return to normal. She yields.

Nikomachos flashes his grin at Ellinor as she sticks out her tongue, looking back to Brienne and Cambric, "Well, the Vale is losing one of its best in Cam, we have to see him off in style." He snorts at Cambric's words, "No, now I'll just remind everyone about the one I won. And of course. I wouldn't miss it." The spit-take from Ellinor causes him scoot back quickly to avoid any spatter, "Really Ellie? Really?" Laughing softly, he glances over to the approaching Cindravale, bowing his head and offering a smile, "Please do. I know that we've seen one another about, but let me introduce myself again, "Sir Nikomachos Cindravale." He starts gesturing around the group, "I'll let the others introduce themselves, so I'm not talking forever and a day."

"Yours are pretty amazing," Eilara comments to Talayla with a respectful, understanding sort of nod. Then they rush off to Aidan's rescue. "Sorry!" she calls out to Aidan with an apologetic look as she sets her sights on Mykal.

Lucretia laughs, grinning at Aidan's response, "And hello to you as well, Lord Aidan. A pleasure, isn't it?" Her staff comes up, the wooden length already crackling with electricity as the tip catches Aidan's bolt, absorbing it, and then with a flick of the dark length, she sends a bolt arcing back towards him even as Mykal strikes home as well. "Very nice, nephew. Think you can handle yourself for a moment?" Lucretia queries aloud, even as her gaze is drawn to the approaching Talayla, "Lady Talayla, isn't it? I wonder, what do they teach Awakened on the Ring? Let us see."

Ellinor narrows her eyes at Keanen. "Worst date?" She asks again, and her nostrils flare a bit. She flexes her jaw a bit as she sits back, glancing toward Brienne, and then to Ariana, and she shakes her head. "Actually, Lady Ariana, I feel I must correct you since Lord Keanen has decided to be quite…" And the word swishes around in her mouth. "Juvenile. I was the one who agreed to go out with Lord Keanen. He had asked me abruptly, in public, and rather than embarrass him around others, I agreed. It might have been unwise, but it is far from cruel. And despite my apology during our date, what… you felt the need to twist this to get pity from Lady Ariana?" She smirks at Keanen. "And I believe when I said you were too young for me, it was not because I was mocking you but because you are 18 and I am 22." Her jaw flexes. "So, who owes who an apology?" Khouri Temper, activated.

<COMBAT> Talayla will attack Lucretia this turn.
<COMBAT> Eilara will attack Mykal this turn.
<COMBAT> Aidan will attack Mykal this turn.
<COMBAT> Aidan has changed stance to def_shield.
<COMBAT> Mykal has changed stance to def_shield.
<COMBAT> Lucretia will attack Talayla this turn.
<COMBAT> Lucretia has changed stance to agg_shield.
<COMBAT> Mykal will attack Eilara this turn.

<COMBAT> Lucretia attacks Talayla with Psychometry - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Talayla attacks Lucretia with Psychometry - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mykal attacks Eilara with Psychometry - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Eilara attacks Mykal with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Mykal with Psychometry - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Mars has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Eilara has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> You may use +combat/hero to spend a luck point and stay in the fight. Also someone may come along and treat or rally you. If you are truly out of combat, please switch your type to 'observer' so the pose tracking works properly.
<COMBAT> Mykal has been KO'd!

With a sympathetic expression to Keanen, Brie does reach over and gently tousle his hair. "Aww, Keanen.." The sympathy is real, but she attempts to lighten the moment. "Want me to go convince her of what she's missing?" Of course she's teasing, and she shares a quick smile to Ariana. "Perhaps he could find someone to accompany him to the feast and console him." Transferring her gaze to Niko, she laughs. "I'll always have the one I almost won then?" Moving her hand back to the bend of Cam's arm, she nods. "I'm definitely getting the best, I'll agree with you there. He's pretty amazing." When Ellinor corrects them about what happened, her brow arches. "Would it be different, my lady, were he twenty-two and you eighteen?" Playing the part of the bad guy only briefly looking between her brother and Ellinor. "Of course we cannot question the preferences of the lady."

Alexis arches an eyebrow, still watching the sorcerous conflict raging on the tourney field as she notes out loud to the nobles nearby. "The whole affair sounds rather silly to my ears at least and certainly not something to get angry about, perhaps something to drink and laugh about." She pauses a moment. "That said I am definitely not introducing you lot to my daughter."

Keanen slowly sighs. He closes his eyes a moment, and then looks at Ellinor. "Actually, you told me you accepted because you wanted to make Lord Nikomachos angry." Then he turns to Ariana, "And she DID apologize." Then back to Ellinor, "And believe me. I don't need pity from Ariana. There was no twisting." And then Brie is interjecting, and he looks her way, amused by the tussle of his hair, but then he just sighs and pushes to his feet. "I should go. I have no desire to ruin this affair for everyone." He gives a little bow, and then begins heading off.

"Sir Cambric Leonnida, though I believe it will soon be changing to Arboren." Cambric offers to the newcomer as he grins towards Brienne. "You're biased, but I like it." he says and then casts his glance back towards Niko. "That is until you win your next one, Niko. Now that you popped that seal, no telling what you can do." he says, as he looks towards Keanen. "…what's with grumpy gus?" he asks as he shakes his head a little.

"Ah…" Tristan offers as he hears what's being said, but keeps mostly quiet for the moment, as he looks back outside at the moment, shaking his head a little bit to himself.

Ariana looks just lightly taken aback by Ellinor's own anger over the 'date', though her gaze now shifts to Keanen once he informs her that an apology was given. Here, her hands clasp together in a rather pleased motion, "Well then, does that mean things are now settled?" Her cold blue gaze looks first at Keanen and then back to Ellinor before she nods quickly to something which Brienne, "Of course. I imagine that the feasts following the tournaments will be very lovely and entertaining." However, when Keanen announces his desire to depart from the conversation, the Larent lady pats him once on the shoulder, "Please, enjoy the rest of the tournament. I didn't mean to embarass you. I had just hoped that things were settled and it seems like they may have been."

Nikomachos watches the interplay between Keanen and Ellinor, flashing a broad grin over to Brienne, "Have you ever met a man who is as mature as a woman, Sir Brienne? I know what I was like at eighteen." By his self-deprecating laugh, he must have been something of a terror. He shrugs a bit at Alexis' interjection, flashing a smile, "I think I may have already been in that camp, Sir Alexis, no?" The flashes and bangs from down on the field, faithfully recreated on the giant viewscreens above, finally draw his attention back, "There is a certain beauty to Awakened combat, isn't there?"

Anabelle gasps and looks toward her husband worried. She slowly starts walking toward the arena to see if she could get to her husband. Realizing she could not, she tries to find a new seat to wait for some news of him.

Aidan is stumbling a little and rubbing his neck which hurts like the dickens. Fire whip. He'll have to remember that one. He can't let such an offense to his person go unanswered of course so Lucretia shall get a respite this for now. "You can make it up to me by buying me a drink later!" he shouts to Eilara. The crackling shield in his offhand gains more strength as he goes to a more defensive posture but he's not retreating by any means. A twirling of flame appears in his hand and he tosses it at Mykel. As it flies toward him, it takes on the shape of a bird, its wings drawn back as it speeds for the Cindravale Awaken. The other Cindravale Awakened that is.

Lucretia steps towards Talayla, the charms hanging from her hat dangling as she walks, and a grin on her lips. The wind picks up around the Witch, swirling a bit as she moves, the green aura around her glittering with gold flecks in the light of the arena, "Perhaps you would benefit from a Sorcery lesson, Lady Talayla, it is oh so much more fun that what they teach on the Ring, I assure you." As she speaks, Lu lifts her staff, and thrusts the tip in the young Orelle's direction, a large gout of fire flashing into life in the shape of a galloping horse which dashes towards Talayla.

"You're not ruining anything, Keanen, just stay." Brie grins, resting a hand on his shoulder if he's still near enough to her. "Please? We've not even finished watching Eilara yet." With Tristan being all silent, she nudges him. "We want Keanen to stay, don't we Tris?" Laughing briefly, she looks at Cam. "Course I'm biased, doesn't make it any less true." Looking back at the youngest Arboren, she coughs. *Cough* "Ask her to be your date.." *Cough* Well, she'd done all she could, so she finally grins at the words from Nikomachos. "Never have I met a man as mature as a woman believes herself to be, Sir." Correcting it with an amused expression, but making her own introduction to the newcomer. "Brienne Arboren and most of these are related to me somehow or another."

What they teach the Awakened on the Ring? Talayla doesn't answer for a long moment, but as it turns out, it's not much out of malice, so much as thinking. "… I really liked botany … brewing was fun, too…" She's /slow/. Or at least, it seems that way. Talayla is formidable in her element. But she says nothing of her training. She looks concerned, thoughtful. Wisdom and training dictate that she will most certainly lose a headbutting contest to a horse, and so Talayla turns. But casting a spell and moving cost her. She's clipped hard in the arm and yelps. Friggin' ow! Friggin fire! She has to hop around and instinctly pats herself out. Her own magics are tinges of dark purple, royal blues and the colors of nebulae shifting in space. Eat your heart out, space. "… actually my tutor is a sorceror… I always get … low marks…" Comes the slow, deliberate reply. Low marks? Whyfor? Probably because she's having trouble being flashy. She's getting the hang of it slowly, though. This is about as fancy as she gets. With a few gestures, the head and body of a sea horse rise from the blue arcs of watery plasma and bolt towards Lucretia. Sea horses are kickin' rad. And they have armor! Talayla considers it a sensible choice. And her arm hurts.

"There is much that changes in a person between the years of 18 and 22," Ellinor offers Brienne as her flash of temper cools. "So, to that, I can't offer a genuine answer." And she flashes Keanen a look, though she is motivated by Ariana's words to let this one go. She does set her jaw a bit before she outstretches a hand quite deliberately to Keanen. "It was not meant to be, My Lord… you deserve someone who wants you for who you are, not four years older, or any such condition. We can agree to that, and put this aside, hm?"

"Can do!" Eilara tells Aidan, though she is still a little breathless and reeling from when she was last hit. No good deed goes unpunished, apparently. Eilara storms over to Mykal in an effort to help Aidan out, lighting at the ready, but apparently he notices her clumsy approach because his attention shifts. Her face goes almost as pale as her eyes, and she seems so dumbstruck by the suddenness of it all that her arcing attack of bright lightning misses completely.

"In the camp of people I would want to keep away from my daughter Sir Nikomachos? Absolutely." Alexis replies to the Cindravale knight in question. "Twenty five is really not all that different from eighteen and it is not just men who can find themselves doing foolish things. I know I caused enough scandal I was sent off to the Crescent to squire."

"I believe I can survive…." Mykal ofers to Lucretia and turns to Eilara as she comes rushing in, swichting targets to her abruptly to try and catch her off guard. Apparently those were his famous last words. Having turned towards Eliara he lifts his shield, which would have absorbed the incoming attack had it come near him and he thrusts out his walking stick, causing a blast of blue white colored force to lash out at the woman and slams it into her head. Unfortunately but turning his back to Aidan, he left himself entirely open to attack. As he turns back towards the man the fire bird slams into his chest, casting him down to the ground with a thud and it takes him several moments to even really register that he's on the ground. He coughs a bit and grunts out, "Nice shot…" Slowly he gets to his feet, wincing as he does so and holds a hand up, "Yield." He then moves off towards the stands at a limp.

"Shit!" Eilara cries out, wobbling backward as Mykal's strike smacks her right in the head, nearly landing square on her butt. It looks like she's about to drop out and call it a night, but she manages to summon enough energy within to keep on going. Barely. She doesn't move much, but her feet remain frozen to the ground and she begins to summon a spiral of vines that suddenly burst forth from the ground.

Keanen nods at Ellinor, "We can." He glances at his sister, and then quickly goes.

Nikomachos bows his head to Brienne's rejoinder, "Too right." Alexis' response to him causes him to laugh, "Probably for the best, Sir Alexis. I'm a very young twenty-five, too." At least he recognizes the fact. He holds up one hand, "Excuse me a moment…" He heads down the bleachers toward where Anabelle is standing, "He'll be fine. Bruises, maybe a strained muscle or three."

<COMBAT> Eilara spends a luck point to keep fighting!
<COMBAT> Aidan will attack Lucretia this turn.
<COMBAT> Lucretia has changed stance to def_shield.
<COMBAT> Talayla has changed stance to def_shield.
<COMBAT> Eilara will attack Lucretia this turn.
<COMBAT> Talayla has changed stance to agg_shield.
<COMBAT> Lucretia will attack Talayla this turn.
<COMBAT> Aidan has changed stance to agg_shield.
<COMBAT> Eilara has changed stance to agg_shield.

<COMBAT> Talayla attacks Lucretia with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lucretia attacks Talayla with Psychometry - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Eilara attacks Lucretia with Psychometry and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Lucretia with Psychometry and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mars has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Talayla has been KO'd!

Ellinor rubs at her cheek once more with the hand she had offered to Keanen, but he is gone now. She glances toward Brienne and Tristan, shaking her head a bit. "These Sauveur women, am I right?" She offers before she holds her chin delicately in her hand. She watches Nikomachos go, but she just looks over toward the others.

"Of cou…"Tristan begins, trailing off again as Keanen seems to be heading out, before he just sighs, shaking his head for a few moments. "Ah…" Going silent again now, as he looks out to the battle on the field, rather carefully for now.

"Honestly, I have to agree. Not much changes between eighteen and twenty-two, other than you realize this is as good as it gets. It finally dawns on you that whatever it was you said when you were a child when asked what you would like to do when you grew up, that time is now, and you are as far away from completing that goal as you were then. Perhaps a few more experiences under the belt, literally, though not much truly changes, that matters of any importance." Suddenly Brienne hears the cry from her little sister out on the field and she shifts her attention there, already releasing Cam's arm, prepared to charge in and assist Eilara in standing. Only when she does get up on her own steam does she visibly relax, nudging Tristan again. "She took another hard hit." The words are murmured, and since she doesn't understand all that magic stuff, her concern is immense. Nodding a farewell to Nikomachos and Keanen when they both choose to depart, there's a brief smile given to Ariana before she sits down, deciding to concentrate on the fight and her little sister.

Aidan can't help but hiss a "YES!" as Mykal drops as a result of his firebird. Though as Eilara gets tagged hard and falls, he casts her a worried look which doesn't abate as she struggles to her feet. "Careful." he cautions. It's just a tourney but injuries do happen. He's still smouldering after all. Seeing Lucretia has decided to concentrate on someone else, he snaps his fingers and a brilliant whip of fire starts forming in his hand. Drawing his arm back, he sends it snaking at the standing Cindravale in a quick snap.

Eilara leans forward, hands on her knees as she struggles for air. She's still reeling from her previous damage. Those vines she summoned to try to entangle Lucretia? They withered and fell away. She seems clearly exhausted by now, but too stubborn to yield just yet. The dark wings of her aura seem to enfold her in a more protective manner, fluttering as if waiting for another strike. "You better win this, Aidan," she calls out hoarsely to her friend, smiling weakly. Despite her closeness to the edge, she summons one more ball of electricity between her cupped hands, nodding solemnly in Lucretia's direction.

Ariana turns towards Keanen with a mild look of concern upon her lovely features as he insists on leaving. She does, however, listen to some of the sage words regarding age that is currently being discussed by both Brienne and Ellinor. "I'm glad that Lord Keanen has the support of his family especially in these stressful times that youth can bring." Not that she is much older than the youngest Arboren. Still, her eyes flicker towards the playing field to view the competitors left standing, though she does turn to watch where Keanen wanders off to.

Ellinor decides to let the conversation pitter off into nothing as she folds her arms across her knees and continues to watch the final stages of the battle between Awakened. She also glances off toward where Keanen has gone, but she grimaces slightly as she pulls up to her feet. "If you will excuse me," and then she heads off in the same direction.
Cambric has disconnected.

Getting hit by Talayla's plasma seahorse, Lucretia grimaces and steps back, the wind still swirling about her, quicker and quicker, the howl of it audible to the ear and absorbing some of the force behind the plasma manifestation from the Orelle girl. The skirt of Lu's dress billows a bit in the wind, rippling with the motion. Aidan's fiery whip is thrown a bit off the mark by that wind as the tip snakes towards the Valen Witch, and she steps to the side away from it. And then with a flick of her stave, all that swirling wind blasts towards Talayla in an attempt to knock the woman from her feet. Laughing, Lucretia calls out, "You are all very talented, but I fear the arena belongs to the Valen."

Poor Talayla. She was doing so well, especially given her age and experience. It seems the oldest person is the most dangerous. But then, it's like hitting your aunt and - she pauses. Aw, man. "That's because I'm not supposed to hit my elders! It's - really mean …" Conflict! Mental confli— WIND! Lots of it! She gets knocked to her feet and decides not to have any of this anymore. She holds up a hand and will quietly stagger off.

Moving towards the stands, Mykal moves up a ramp and then down a row towards Anabelle, he sighs a bit and seems rather spent from that hit he took, "So much for that." he mutters and looks over to Niko, "Heard you did well in the tilt, cousin."

As he's nudged yet again, Tristan looks about to say something, before he hears Brienne's words. "She's strong, just like you," he points out, offering a bit of a smile. "I'm sure she'll end up coming out of it not much worse than any of us were yesterday." Offering a quiet smile, before he looks over towards where Keanen left. Looking worried for a few moments, before he just shakes his head a little. "And you wonder why I prefer just going into the woods?" he offers quietly to his sister.

<COMBAT> Lucretia will attack Aidan this turn.
<COMBAT> Aidan has changed stance to def_shield.
<COMBAT> Eilara has changed stance to agg_shield.

<COMBAT> Lucretia attacks Aidan with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Eilara attacks Lucretia with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Lucretia with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mars has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Lucretia attacks Aidan with Psychometry and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Eilara attacks Lucretia with Psychometry and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Lucretia with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mars has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Lucretia attacks Aidan with Psychometry and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Eilara attacks Lucretia with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Lucretia with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mars has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

The ball of electricity springing forth from Eilara's hands suddenly bursts, scattering into leaf-shaped bolts headed straight for Lucretia. When that seems to skim too far above the woman's head, she tries yet again. This time, the attack veers too far to the right. Her third attempt skitters off to the left. Surprised and mildly frustrated, she lets out a loud and exasperated sigh. "This is never going to be over!" she ultimately has to laugh about it all, but it's pretty wheezy sounding.

"One of us better." Aidan counters. Though he initially tried to take Lucretia out quickly because he knew she was good. Perhaps too good though he's certainly going to try. The whip of flame flares briefly before it disappears in a flash. Go with what you know. Turning to the side, he takes position as if he had a bow and draws his arm back. A crackling bow of electricity takes shape and he releases. The electric arrow speeds for Lucretia. As fireballs come at him, he drops to one knee and sends a second then third arrow at her.

"Trust me, Tris, I know.. Declan doesn't understand, does he? Sometimes socializing isn't so fun." Brie indulges him with his opinion for a moment before smiling again. "Yet sometimes you get lucky and find love like I did with Cambric." Lifting her gaze to Ariana, she gives her a warm smile. "Oh yes, we definitely support our family right or wrong, we always have each others backs. What about you, my lady? Have you the support of your family as well?"

Well. She can watch the remainder of the match. Talayla pauses. She'll quietly cheer on someone, probably one of the two kind souls she just met. She seems happy enough to at least have made a couple of friends.

Lucretia sets to work, and while impressive, most of that work is centered around keeping the other two Awakened at bay. A flick of her staff to summon a blast of electricity meeting Aidan's arrows and cancelling them out. A gesture with her free hand blows the bolts from Eilara off course, again and again and again. Lu is really very good at what she's doing. But she's under a lot of fire and it shows, her attempt at an attack is little more than a flick of fingers to send a series of small fireballs in Aidan's direction, amidst her gestures to ward of Eilara's strikes.

Relieved to see that Ellinor goes after Keanen, Ariana can only hope that the young Arboren is in good hands and that things do not further escalate. So her attention returns to what is left of the competition, though there is some disappointment when the Orelle competitor is knocked out of the match. "Poor Lady Talayla. There is just so much tough competition among the Awakened." Turning to Brienne, she offers the woman a slow single nod, "Oh, of course, My Lady. I certainly support my sister, Veryna, in everything that she does. Even when it was to become a knight. I like to think that I have the support of my entire family as well." Though her family may not seem as tightly knit as the Arborens do.

<COMBAT> Lucretia attacks Aidan with Psychometry - Serious wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Eilara attacks Lucretia with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Lucretia with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mars has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Aidan has been KO'd!

Anabelle looks at Nikomachos. "I'm sure you're right, but you know, a wife worries. It seemed like he got hit really hard." She glances at him with a smile on her face. Then notices Mykal walking toward them.

Damn, she's good. Aidan grins across the field at Lucretia and gives her a nod, acknowledging her skill. If they're going to win, he's going to have to give it his full effort. The bow dissipates and he turns to face the Cindravale mage. Cupping his hands in front of him, he gently blows into his palms. The air there starts to swirl and the temperature drops abruptly. A small layer of frost forms on his sleeves as the wind blows toward Lucretia. It's the wind from the heights of Mount Mordune, cold and strong and they rush at the witch.

Lucretia's staff dips, the large aquamarine glinting in the light and aimed directly at Aidan. A large burst of flames erupt, formless and wild, the Witch is hard-pressed and lacking the spare concentration for too much of a show. Meeting the powerful cold and overpowering it, the heated blast presses against the man, even as she flicks a wary glance in Eilara's direction.

"It usually isn't…" Tristan replies to Brienne, offering her a brief grin now. "I mean, people tend to talk and talk, and…" And Tristan's one of the more quiet persons there is. "And yes, you two were some of the lucky few, I guess."

Well, it is tough to beat experience and age in the field. Though, it does feel awkward to get thwomped by someone so much older. Sorta like mom with magic powers. Actually, it's probably a good thing mom didn't have magic missiles. Talayla can only think of what happens when you forget to do a chore and KAPOW, HORSE TO THE FACE. Regardless, she's cheering for the Awakened still fighting. There's a sad face as Aidan is hit again. She winces. The fellow seemed nice. Still, she comes out of it meeting two folks at least, so she'll count it good. Ooh! Refreshments.

Whatever she tries, Eilara seems to be having absolutely no luck today. Vines, electricity, none of her attacks seems to be working. "Very impressive," she has to admit as Lucretia manages to fend off their simultaneous attacks. Edging closer, flames begin to flicker from her fingertips, brightening in their glow. "No!" she cries out as Lucretia's flames overcome Aidan's attack. For a moment, she appears mildly panicked. Then the flames begin to whirl brighter from her palms, eyes focused squarely on the last competitor standing.

Nikomachos nods his head, chuckling softly at Anabelle's words, "And that, is why I've avoided marriage thus far." Plus he's sort of a one-track mind, and that mind is focused on jousting. As Mykal approaches, Nikomachos nods to his cousin, "And you did rather well out there, Myk. Lulu's a bit terrifying when she starts flashing around the flame and wind. You saw that fire-horse? Rather impressive."

Aidan tries to dodge the fire but there's too much of it and one arm is caught by the blast. Rolling, he ends up on his back, breathing hard. "I yield." After a moment, he catches his breath and climbs back to his feet. "She's all yours, cousin." He's too beat for much of a smile so just makes his way off the field and back to where he was sitting.

<COMBAT> Lucretia will attack Eilara this turn.
<COMBAT> Lucretia has changed stance to agg_shield.
<COMBAT> Eilara has changed stance to agg_shield.

<COMBAT> Lucretia attacks Eilara with Psychometry - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Eilara attacks Lucretia with Psychometry and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mars has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Eilara has been KO'd!

"Oh that she is. I just can't believe I was careless enough to let that tree hugger catch me off guard, that's all." Mykal replies with a faint smirk, his snark at least back on track. That being said, the main looks visibly spent. "And I really thought I had that other too. Can't believe she got up after that shot to the head." he sighs, and looks to the ring in time to see Lucretia take down both Eilara and Aidan shaking his head, "Well…Auntie wins…not that I'm surprised."

Noting that Aidan is out, Lucretia's all white eyes focus on Eilara now, the green aura around her shining bright, glinting with those golden specks of energy. Taking a deep breath, Lu's free hand comes up to adjust her hat, a grin on the older brunette's lips, "Lord Aidan is fine, I assure you. Don't worry." As she speaks, the wind begins to pick up again, little gusts causing Lu's dress to billow, "Now, that I can focus a bit more on what I'm doing…" Lucretia swings her staff in a wide arc, from her one side to the other, and the air there turns white like snow, the moisture in the air freezing and coalescing into a misty haze with large chunks of frozen ice hidden in the haze. Which all fly directly towards Eilara.

Talayla will wave at Aidan in passing. There's a sympathetic look to the others who lost. But such is life up against an older, most experienced opponent. She's likely going for a refreshment. Defeat stings, but it's best to retire and think of other things. Hmm.

That's all that Eilara can take. Her final attempt at an attack is intercepted, flames instead billowing away in harmless clouds of smoke. Lucretia's powerful shards of ice barrel toward her and smack painfully into her torso, sending her flying backward several feet. She ends up sprawled out on the ground, the back of her head meeting the dirt with a painful 'thunk.' After a moment, she gingerly presses a hand to her chest. It has taken most of the beating today, and she has the soreness to prove it. "I yield," she gasps haggardly, flinging her other hand in the air from her supine position on the ground. She doesn't move just yet, and instead stays lying very still in order to catch her breath again. Plus the sky is totally pretty to look at. "I am never doing this again!" she declares in a tired and raspy voice, pointing a finger toward where she last remembered her family sitting in the stands.

And…Lucretia's opponent topples to the ground and yields, and the Witch nods, to herself, letting medics or what have you come out to tend the sprawling woman, who is pointing and what not, so obviously fine. And then, Lu turns to face the crowd, a grin on her lips as she holds her hands up, and her staff crackles with electricty and then shoots off a large bolt into the sky. Victory pose! Whoo! In a Psychometrically enhanced voice, she calls, "Valen do it better!"

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