Matthew Warriner
Per Gessle
Per Gessle as Matthew Warriner
Full Name: Matthew Warriner
Byname: None
Age: 41
Planet: Oculus, Moon of Nubilus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Larent
Title/Profession: None
Position: Rock artist
Spouse: None Height: 6'0"
Father: Chase Warriner Weight: 198 lbs
Mother: Martyna Warriner Hair Color: brown
Siblings: Zaniyah Eastman (?) Eye Color: green
Children: None


The son of musician Chase Warriner, Matt was the front man in the band Opportunity Nox that released their first album("Cherries") in 2994 and had a good string of hits until they broke up in 3004. Since then, Matt has released a few solo albums.


Opportunity Nox, reunited especially for the Singing for Soldiers final concert.



Standing a touch above six feet, and with a slim build, this man in his late thirties or early forties doesn't look too muscular, while still being in good shape. On top of his head, there's a bit of a wild mess of brown hair that's kept a few inches long, and it seems to be left much to its own devices there. A relatively v-shaped face includes green eyes that seems to watch the world with a bit of curiosity, an average sized nose and pale lips that frame two rows of teeth that's been taken well care of rounds out his appearance. There's also faint stubble from shaving that can be seen at times.


  • Adrenaline Junkie: He likes doing all kind of extreme sports, anything to get the adrenaline pumping.
  • Confident: Perhaps overconfident at times, which has made some good quotes for the media, like the famous “We’re not arrogant. We just believe we’re the best band in the world.”
  • Enjoys Good Food: The way some people in the entertainment business like using certain substances, good food, and drink, is Matt's poison of choice, so to speak.
  • Warriner Code: Named so by an executive at the record company, it has to do with how so many of the songs he's written happens to be simple and catchy, all things considered.


With 'Opportunity Nox':

  • Cherries(2994)
  • Briar Patch(2996)
  • Bad Luck Symphony #3(2997)
  • Old Dogs(2999)
  • Wherever You Go(3002)
  • Nothing Lasts Forever(3004)

As a solo artist:

  • Riverside Serenades(3007)
  • Scared of Heights(3010)
  • Back Where I Started(3012)

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