07.21.3013: Match Talk
Summary: Ariana and Elodie escape the noise and crowd of the part for a little girl time, that turns to the talk of matches.
Date: 21 July, 2013
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Solarium Royal Tower, Landing
At the very top of the Royal Tower is the grand Solarium and gardens. It is nothing more than a large biodome of transparent composite panels that let the sun, moon, and stars easily shine in. It sprawls, accented with clusters of well-kept gardens. There are secluded sitting areas where trees create soft umbrellas of shade. Most of these trees are fruit-bearing — particular peach trees, which had been the late King Regnant Symion Sauveur's favorite. A modest path loops its way through the solarium, and is crafted of some what spongey material that allows for comfortable walking and jogging. At the center of the solarium is an asymmetrical, manmade pool that looks almost like a natural pond if not for the cement surfaces. It is perfect for casual swimming, and a favorite place for relaxation.
21 July, 3013

Elodie's smile dims slightly as they walk away, although her eyes are still alight with interest as she walks with Lady Ariana. "So, the first of the new round of weddings has gone off well," she comments. "I can't seem to turn around or turn on HNN without hearing about another betrothal. It's starting to make head spin." She laces her fingers in front of her, letting her hands shift lightly as she walks.

Ariana's own smile lingers on her lips even when out of the sight of the masses as the pair drift off into the lift and then onto the Solarium. She seems relieved enough to finally be away from everyone else, despite the love for people watching, especially people watching when they are dressed to impress. "So very true, My Lady, and there will be more of these events to come." Her lips purse lightly after this is said and though she does not look at Elodie directly, there is a thoughtful expression on her face as she looks upon the flora which surrounds them. "This does mean, that I am in need of a new dress or two. Something which I informed my Lord Father about just today actually… after we spoke to Lady Soleil and Lord Nitrim, congratulating them on their own betrothal."

Elodie glances over and nods. "Lord Nitrim paid a visit the Iah House a few days ago, we were able to offer him our congratulations. I will need a couple of dresses as well. It's something I've never needed to bother with very often, but… I think that House Iah is going to be a little more visible from now on. Lady Una is hopeful that Ronan and I will not embarrass the House." At the moment, the turn of conversation has lead away from the flowers surrounding them to the path in front of her feet.

"Oh did he now?" Ariana asks when Elodie mentions his visit and she looks curiously at the other young woman, "Does he have business with your family then? I mean, he was there to help defend Niveus against the Hostile threat, so I suppose he could." There's a touch of laughter in her voice now, "And I wouldn't worry about you being an embarrassment or anything of the sort for your family." She doesn't know Ronan as well, so does not speak of him! "With the way that nobility seems to be carrying themselves as of late, well, there is nothing that you could possibly do to bring such shame to your House. As for the dress I am wearing today, I got it from a little dress shop in Phylon. I usually stick with Nubilus-based designers, but sometimes, it's good to branch out. If you would like, we could go dress shopping and getting fitted together."

Elodie nods. "He had sent a letter to Lady Una requesting a social call, since every time he came to Niveus it was for dire reasons. Lady Una sent him an invitation to join us for dinner, and he responded." Blue eyes glance up as Lady Ariana assures her that she's unlikely to embarrass her family, searching the other lady's countenance, before she nods, and her smile renews. "I would like that very much," she replies. "Lord Ronan has always been the fashion afficianado in our house, but with him training so heavily to be in constant readiness for battle, I cannot ask him to take time away to go shopping."

There's a tiny bit of a curious look on Ariana's face now when Elodie mentions her brother and the idea of asking /him/ to take her shopping. "While, I'm certain that some men very well may have an eye for fashion, usually, a woman would be able to better help decide on what would look good. Then again, everyone has differences of opinions as well. I like to think of myself as something of a fashionista. My Lady Sister has impeccable style, but hers is more of a practical ideal while I, myself, like to attract attention." A very quick pause, "The good sort of attention." It's as if this was needed to be said. "We can look at some dress shops in Phylon or even Nubilus. Landing has their share of wonderful designers too."

Elodie grins. "Ronan has more clothes than all three of us sisters combined," she informs Ariana drolly. She shakes her head, her smile warming. "I wouldn't expect you would gain attention of any other kind," she tells the other woman sincerely. She unlaces her fingers, letting her arms fall more to her sides, a slight graceful bend at the elbows keeps her posture where it should be. "What do you think of the two recent unions between Saveur and Khournas? I admit both of them surprised me."
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Ariana looks content enough by Elodie's words and as she continues to chat, she leads the other young lady along on a tour of the solarium. "That is impressive to be honest. I have a feeling that my Lords Father and Brother would prefer to live most of their life in their uniform, but there's nothing wrong with a fancy dress uniform. Hmmm." She sounds softly, "Your Lord Brother does remind me of my cousin, Lord Valentine. He does have a keen and sometimes interesting sense of fashion, himself." Pausing in her step now, she takes a moment to consider the pairing altogether, "If I must be honest, I find it a little odd that there would be two Khournas-Sauveur pairings back to back. I mean, I was thinking that my Lady Sister, Veryna, could marry an Arboren Lord as a trade," Here, she accidentally lets slip the idea that a Larent is marrying into the Arboren, "But he did not think this was a beneficial idea at all, since we now already have an alliance with the Arboren."

Elodie smiles. "That sounds like my Lady Sister-in-Law." Because Elodie is not the best with intrigues, it takes her a moment to register what Ariana is telling her. "Well, if the Saveur and Khourni can have two pairings, I don't see why Larent and Arboren shouldn't have two alliances. Aren't there a lot of Arborens?" Then she pauses and looks to her friend. "What alliance does the Larents have with the Arborens?"

"It is because my Lord Father wants an alliance with another House." Ariana says in a matter-of-fact tone. "He would rather spread our alliances out than continue to just ally ourself with someone whom we are aligned to already. In fact, he was hoping that someone from the Lashes could marry my Lady Sister, wanting to strengthen bonds with another Lashes House. He has thought all of this through. Even a Sauveur pairing would be useless as the Sauveur are useless to us and don't provide us with anything that, say the Arboren do. And maybe Khournas. I'm uncertain." There is no disdain in her voice when she relays what Percival had told her in one of their meetings, but when Elodie brings up her 'slip up', Ariana merely takes a few seconds of thought, before she easily enough states, "Oh, my Lord Father informed me a few days ago.." Quite the fib, "That he has matched me up with the Young Lord Declan… so that announcement should be coming up shortly."

Elodie nods as she listens to Ariana list all the reasons that her father considers when making alliances. "I am so glad that my sister Lady Una has to decide all these things. Although… if I should happen to find someone I am actually attracted to enough to consider a match, maybe I can make a case for myself to her. After all, she was allowed to marry the person she chose." She sighs. "I suppose, however, in time of war Alliances are more necessary than matters of the heart." The news of Declan draws another look from Elodie, and then she nods. "Ah, that is why your lord brother suggested that the two of you might wish to have a little more time together before we joined you," understanding dawns in her eyes, before she gives another smile. "Congratulations, Lady Ariana. It is a very good match."

"I don't know, you seem to have a good mind. I don't think making matches for your family would be all that difficult." Ariana says reassuringly, "I, myself, think I would make a lovely matchmaker and I only have my siblings' best interest in mind." Picking up the slow stroll through the garden once more, she asks, "Oh? Do you have any young Lord in mind? I, personally, don't understand these so called love matches and I find it silly the more I hear about them." She obviously, never fell in love in her life. Looking over her shoulder at Elodie now, she considers, "I… honestly do not know. I have not said a word to my Lord Brother regarding the match and I'm uncertain if my Lord Father has, though he may. I've barely spoken a word of it…" Almost as if she were hiding this fact, perhaps. "But I'm thrilled all the same." She says, even forcing herself to sound elated by this match. "Not many are so blessed to marry the heir of a Paramount House, I suspect."

Elodie shakes her head as they continue walking. taking her eyes from Ariana as they resume their stroll. "I do not have anyone in mind, now. I don't know any of the eligible nobles well enough to consider myself in love with any of them. Some of them are certainly attractive, or nice to converse with, but love has never entered in. Lord Kadmus used to… fluster me a little, but…" She lifts one shoulder as she looks back to her companion, and, with the soft-hearted empathy she has for all creatures, she notices that something about Ariana isn't quite matching what she is saying. "Lady Ariana, is there something about the match that troubles you? Something about Young Lord Declan?"

Nodding gently to what Elodie says, Ariana makes mention, "I, myself, never really considered choosing a match by appearance, though, I guess, that wouldn't hurt. I more look for…" This last word is drawn out as she considers what to say next, "Social standing ad sometimes even location, in the case that I would have to leave my lovely home at Sky Palace." She takes to gossiping and revelations in a calm, matter-of-fact way, while other girls might become giddy and giggly when speaking on this topic. "In fact, I do happen to have a list that I had made of potential marriage matches." Her eyes on Elodie now, she states with a faint smile on her lips, "Young Lord Declan was on that list, actually. I believe he may have been #4 or #5." At the mention of Kadmus, though, she immediately says, "Young Lord Kadmus was #2." A brow now lifts, however, looking all the more curious at Elodie, "And what happened to Lord Kadmus that you no longer feel this… flustering." Such an alien feeling to the ice princess. Quickly, she goes on to respond, "Oh, there is nothing wrong with the Heir to Arboren. Though the Spine, isn't particularly to my liking and some of our views on society are very different."

Elodie's eyebrows raise at the lord from New Atlantis's rank. "What made Young Lord Kadmus rank so high on your list?" she asks curiously, but then her gaze falters and falls away from Ariana's at the questions. "I… well, being neither youngest nor oldest in your family, you don't tend to garner as much attention. It's not that I was ignored, and everything I truly wished for, to help with animals, then later to study medicine and participate in the search and rescue teams… all those things it was easy to communicate and receive. It's more… that my opinions and judgement were rarely sought, or given credence. Young Lord Kadmus was the first person I've talked to in a long time that had shown an interest in what I thought, in my ideas. He gave me credit for being able to come up with ideas that were worth listening to, and having good judgement." She smiles briefly. "It was a rarity, and made me feel special." She gives a sigh and looks up. "Well, maybe when you discuss your views, you'll both learn something new? Perhaps a new way of seeing things? Maybe you won't completely agree… but the differences aren't… catastrophic, are they?"

"They are a bit catastrophic." Ariana says in a light-hearted way, though there is a touch of bitterness in her voice. "And for the most part, the Spine sounds dreadful. But still, I am doing a duty to my Lord Father and part of that duty is to somewhat convince the Young Lord to take on our view of society." Moving back to the topic of Kadmus, though, she makes a point to mention, "He is an heir to a House. One that is on par to my own family. That and he loves in a dreamworld beneath the sea. So those who are in a good position /and/ who live in a beautiful place mark far higher than say, someone who lives in the Spine." Not to mention the poor taste in fashion that the Arboren possess! "My #1 is Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale." She doesn't sigh dreamily about the Cindravale heir and once more, her words come out as she states facts, "He's a Knight among Knights. Gallant. Chivalrous and Phylon was the home of my Lady Mother. Oh how I've longed to, perhaps, live there." A pause, "It seems like Young Lord Kadmus has been sweet to you. So what happened after that?"

The discussion of Lord Declan's views needing to be changed brings a shadow to Elodie's eyes, and she glances away so that Lady Ariana doesn't see the full extent of her troubled frown. She does glance up as Ariana mentions her number one choice on the list, tilting her head sideways in a curious study of the woman. She turns her gaze back to the walkway when asked about Kadmus. "I do not know. I think, perhaps, I became used to it enough? And he seems the sort to be encouraging to people in general. Although I still view him as kind, and I enjoy his company, I am not sure that there is really anything 'special' there. So, I will just have to wait to see who Lady Una solicits for a match. Although, I'm not sure it will be too soon. Our Lady Mother's death has hit her hard. She seems to want to keep family close by for right now, and I understand that. So, I am not having to worry about a match anytime in the near future, unless someone approaches Lady Una."

"Though, personally, I would also prefer to remain back home on Nubilus rather than be married out." Ariana does decide to note, "So most everyone else on my list falls into the category of who could potentially marry into House Larent." Yes, she is proud of this list and her ideology. "Not that it matters anymore, but I'm not going to be wistful about my fate either. I've always supported political marriages over silly love matches. And the Young Lord Declan is an important heir, so I am definitely doing my family Proud." Hearing about Kadmus, she offers an 'ahh'. "I know the Young Lord Lieunenant well enough, especially as he is part of my Lord Father's crew. A naval man has always been a good choice in my eyes as well. So very much like my Lord Father." Who she seems to adore. "I am sure someone will come along, but more than likely, your Lady Sister will be approached by a young Lord for your hand before then."

Elodie smiles lightly. "I suppose that I would prefer not to be married out to any place that's very hot… any Grantham would probably be a bad match in that respect." She falls silent for a few steps. "And, yes, Young Lord Kadmus does have a planet filled with sights that delight and wonder. It's one of the reasons I thought it would be a good place for soldiers who have been seriously wounded and need longer recovery times." She chuckles and gives a little shake to her head. "You make it sounds as if I'm a very desirable match. I happen to think House Iah could be an important ally to have, but I'm biased. I doubt any lord who would have to move to Niveus if we were matched wouldn't accept, even though Shelter is quite beautiful and interesting in it's own right."

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