07.23.3013: Match Offered
Summary: Una calls Elodie into her office to inform her that Sir Alexandros has suggested a match with his second son.
Date: 25 July, 2013
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Elodie Una 

Una's office
23 July, 3013

Una called Elodie to her office early today, an unusual thing. She told her sister during breakfast that she needed to speak with her, glared at Tiriel for managing to sneak off, and after finishing made her way to her office to brood over what to say. She waits now, sitting on the desk as she had the last time. Today she wears grey leggings and a long belted jacket of deep maroon with a wide hood accented with a trim of gray fur. Her hair is even pulled back into a series of looping braids, one of her occasional consents to let the hairdressers actually do something with it.

With her Naval Medical uniform on, and her hair pulled back into a smooth knot at the nape of her neck, Elodie shows up in Una's office as requested. She didn't miss the glare for Tiriel when she was leaving to dress, so her brow isn't calmly smooth as she knocks before opening the door. "Is anything wrong?" she asks, hovering near the door.

The answer first given to Elodie is a small sigh. "No." Una replies, and mostly she means it. "Come in." She gestures Elodie to a chair, and waits only until her sister is close enough before she can't wait any longer, "I've just recieved a letter from Lord Sir Alexandros Cindravale. Requesting your hand in the name of Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale." Her expression is closed, though her eyes search Elodie's carefully for any sign of reaction to the news.

The furrows in Elodie's brow don't have much time to relax, returning at the news that has been sent. "Sir Sammel?" she asks. Then there's a pause as she comes closer, and looks to Una. "Someone, from a Paramount line, is asking for a match to me?" her eyes widen a little at the thought that she's being offered for, instead of Una having to look around to try and find someone. Especially surprising is that the request is coming from someone of a paramount line, rather than another vassal house.

Una nods once. Then again. "Yes, aparently." She's obviously not sure what to make of it herself, but there it is. She even offers Elodie the tablet so that she can read the letter herself.

Elodie looks to Una for a long moment, then takes the tablet to look over the message. She hands it back to her sister and is silent for a long moment. "It's a good match for us. Is there anything about the Cindravales that you think would make it a bad idea?"

Una blinks. "Well, no not at all really. It… it is a good match." Bewilderment is plain now both in her voice and her face. She takes the tablet in both hands, giving herself something to hold while she thinks. Another pause preceeds her next words, which are spoken carefully, "Does that mean… you would be…. willing?"

Elodie purses her lips lightly. "I've met Sir Sammel a couple of times at Landing, and I enjoyed a dance with him at his brother's wedding reception. He seems to be a good person." She considers for a moment. "I know that I could do a lot worse, The Vale is quite beautiful, too. It will be a nice place to live." Her words are slow, not exactly cautious or evincing any dread. More they are taking the moment to actually comprehend the idea of marriage that has come so unexpectedly.

As Elodie continues not to freak out and start screaming about freedom and her life and the unfairness of it all, Una relaxes a great deal. Now she can start to really think about it. "Alright then. I'd like to see about meeting him myself, and perhaps giving you two the time to speak with one another?"

Elodie gives a slow nod. "I'm sure you will like him," she replies quietly. "I would like to talk to him, yes. I think that could help. This is unexpected, it will take a little bit of getting used to. I hadn't really expected in interest in a match with, since I'm the youngest daughter. There's your children and another sister between me ever being Head of the House or anything important like that." She gives a little grimace. "I was thinking you might have to start begging around to find me a husband."

Una nods as well, "Yes. Well, I mean I never expected to have to 'start begging'." A small smile twitches at the corners of her mouth, "But I did rather assume it would, in the end, be you coming to me to say you'd found someone, rather than… " She lifts the tablet, giving it a bewildered look. "We'll ask him to dinner in a few days. See how it goes."

Her expression quietly thoughtful, Elodie hands the tablet back over, and gives another nod. "It is of course a good idea to have you meet the man before you discuss the terms. Maybe Lord Sir Alexandros will accompany him, and then you can finalize everything then, if you are in agreement with the alliance." She starts to turn away, then pauses. "I'll miss you. Miss my home."

Una looks down at the tablet. "You'll always be welcome here." She says, eyes on the screen. And that's all she says, all she can say, for now.

Elodie smiles. "I know. I'll just miss coming home every night." So saying, she makes sure her uniform is straight, and walks out the door, closing it quietly behind her when she leaves.

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