09.11.3013 Marble and Magma
Summary: Demos visits Balius in the hospital
Date: 6th September 2013
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Balius Demos 

Arboren Hospital

The sterile, modern environs of the hospital in Arboren contrast with the city of trees visible from the window in the room. An awake Quellton is sitting up, propped up by bed and pillows. He's reading from a rather thick tome, presumably not a work of fiction. His chest is wrapped diagonally with ample amounts of gauze, crossing from shoulder down the torso. His right hand is also heavily covered. There's an IV drip nearby, but it doesn't appear to be attached at the present. Balius is quite engrossed with whatever it is he's reading as the dimming light outside signals the coming of night.

Arriving finally at the hospital himself, Demos raps upon the door with his knuckle. Some catchy tune most likely that practically seems made for knocking on walls. It probably has a normal societal response to complete and he doesn't quite wait for it. "You taking guests in here, or is this a bad time," ponders the scholar, a small box in hand. Its seems to be emblazoned with a small food cart's emblem from the Bazaar that is making a name for itself with bread and pastries.

Turning his head with a smile, Balius dog-ears the corner of his page and sets the book aside, clearly revealing its biology leanings. "Demos! Sorry I didn't send word sooner…everything was such a blur…please, come in!" He waves with his left hand for the mentor to come in. Bey seems in good spirits, and, save for the obvious bandages, seems to be decent otherwise.

Bringing the box, looking for any wheeled carts, Demos sets it down. "No, don't worry about that, you're alive and doing well now, that is all that is important." Forget any worry he may have had, the circles under his eyes. His smile is warm now, "Its good to see you, I had meant to bring treats into lab the other day, had to give those away. So, this is to make up for missing out." He offers over the bag. Like most visitors, he also starts with the usual, "Can I get you anything?"

Bey grabs the bag and opens it immediatly, revealing whatever is inside. "This is what I need!" He practically beams at the treats, pausing with a quick breath. "Thanks Demos…I've had nothing but soup since they brought me in here. How's the leg?" He checks to see if the scholar's burn has healed up properly while inhaling the food, whatever it is. One sees food differently after having had only liquids for a couple of days.

The leg is better, brace is gone, the only linger affect presently is a slight stiffness and even that only noticeable by one who observes and is familiar with what has happened - a few days should see it completely healed. "Couldn't be better. I have to ask, did Talynne tell you her good news," as if Demos might have more to say, but might be waiting to make sure he's not spilling anything he promised he wouldn't. He had gotten up from sitting at The Bottoms and might of missed that moment.

"Good news…" Bey is munching away and thinks for a moment, the lingering fog of whatever drugs might still be in his system. "Oh! Yes. Lady Sir Rovehn has granted me a substantial scholarship…a scholarship Demos! I take it you knew?" He grins, with a shake of his head. "I am trying to be better about this, you know. Accepting help and such, people can tell me things too!" But his smile doesn't fade in the slightest. "But between this and Ignis, I'm never leaving home without my bow."

There is a nod, as if he may have known but was letting Talynne say so herself. Demos give pause at the bow, "I suppose with the Hostiles encroaching, it will be necessary for such a weapon. I'd also recommend a blaster, I just didn't think I would need one on that trip. But, having a piece is handy amongst the fringe of the System, regretably. I might have to consider something else because of shields now though." As if a shield is more expensive than the common thug would consider, but Hostiles are another matter.

Always thinking along some route or another, Balius nods. "I mailed a letter to Lady Sir Nicola just before we left. I've still never met her, which is odd considering…" Bey doesn't quite have words for the end of that statement. "And I'm gonna train more with my hunting knife, since it's discreet and easy to hide. It caused more damage than my fists anyways." He's already finished whatever was in the bag and seems quite satisfied with it. "So, they hopefully will let me go home today, though everyone's trying to be so cautious… Loree's just down the hall, though I haven't seen her yet. Everyone assures me she's doing fine too." He appears quite ready to leave the bed.

"Hopefully you can go home," agrees Demos, "And your sister at that. What's the news on your brother, he is home safe at last?" Moving to grab a seat, he moves it to face the bed if it doesn't already, before setting himself down there. "As for training, its as if I know I could use it, but am reluctant to consider it because I worry that it could only propagate any potential danger. On Ignis, if you weren't there, I most likely would of followed what he had said and risked trying to make it back on one oxygen tank. And if he did have worse intentions, better I bare that in the hopes you would of made it." A snort that is like a chuckle, "Maybe we need to work on our field code, to better communicate too."

"I think he vid comm'd with Lorelei earlier, they should be home soon. He's understating his injuries, but we'll see when he gets home." Bey seems slightly amused at the recalling of Ignis, and even moreso with code. "And this is why I'm going with you on all future endeavors that involve risk." There's a finality in the nod Balius gives, as if it is all settled. "Now…perhaps we should use types of rock as codenames for each other?"

"Ah," grins Demos at that thought, "You are now speaking my language. If I didn't know you any better, I would suggest this is the turn from the biologic to the geologic. Yet, I know the truth of it." This is followed up by a warm chuckle at the thought anyways. "I've been told I have a thick skull, maybe marble or granite would work for me … and for you, you seem drawn to trouble, that could be a bit tricky." Most in jest, but if the other has some preference for a codename, he'd gladly accept it in the spirit of the intent.

"Marble and Magma…" Balius nods, enjoying the conversation. "If we're ever discussing rivers or flowing Magma, then I'll know to strike then." He seems to sideskirt that he technically hasn't chosen a rock name for himself. "And if we ever talk about how the sediment has settled, then that'll be the key to wait for the moment, as if preparing to make our move." Bey pulls his tablet from the table. "Dem, we're gonna be ready for 'em next time." He smiles and starts typing away notes.

"Magma for action it is, Sediment for waiting, we'll use top soil then to mean we should withdraw." Says Demos in agreement, "Then, we could also say the shale is loose, to imply that we have a plan and its easy to follow, so the other can hold tight a moment. They won't know what hit them." Another chuckle, pausing for the moment, "But code aside, we'll see to that training first, and learning something of the Hostiles might help. Just because they're here now, doesn't mean we can stop field work. Worse, they're getting closer to where we live. You weren't near the stables where you, when this happened?

Fade … RL interrupted

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