11.07.3013: Mama Drama
Summary: Ephraim is approached by a former 'friend' at Mott's, Lorelei and Canis are present for the aftermath
Date: 4th Oct 2013
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Mott's Taphouse
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.

The taphouse only provides ale. Order a whiskey, you get ale. Order a martini, you get ale. The menu is also very simple with a set series of meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that change from day to day. It is common knowledge that special orders or requests are always ignored.


Another day at the Taphouse, another day Ephraim actually finds himself there. Almost as if Beacon is but a distant shore and this is more comfortable for him. He found himself at the bar, waiting and drinking of an ale; simply because ale was the only choice most likely. Still, no food just yet, his presence upon a stool. While he was focused on the door, he didn't notice a set of eyes upon him.

There was a woman who had gone to the powder room when she entered. She is seated with a group of friends, all dressed similarly, as if they're out for lunch and with the rest of the day off, they're most likely planning on traveling to some club later for dancing, friends and fun. Yet, one of them continually looks at Ephraim and the group then clucks amongst themselves a moment or two. They return to normal conversation, even though that one woman, auburn of hair, green of eyes, seems to have a bit of a fire (coal) in those eyes that she's turning on Ephraim. He's not bursting into flames though, so she's not staring hard enough. He doesn't even take notice. A grin lazily on his face, his own eyes watching for someone he expects to come through the front door.

Lorelei's running late! She showered after her chores, so her hair is still damp, which has turned cold in the wind as she makes her way into the Tap House. She dressed in a simple, but pretty green dress. A copper thick bracelet is on her wrist with an print of a wren bird if one looks close enough. Even running late, she'll stop at the door and hold it open as someone else enters, giving them a bright smile. Her hazel eyes scan the area, landing on Eph and she beams, starting to make her way over. "Hello Ephraim."

It seems that one visit wasn't enough or it's time to shrug duty once more or at least it's over for the day and he's off duty now. Canis enters into the Taphouse looking about a moment to see if he recognizes anyone he thinks he does but he doesn't wish to bother them for the moment though he will move up and take a seat he chuckles softly at the drink list being all ale which makes it easier on him. He looks through the food list a moment.

Standing to open his arms, Ephraim offers a hug, nothing to much in the way of odd PDA, but warm and inviting, "Hello witch." Endearing in its context, he does say, "I almost took that table by the window, but thought I'd wait, in case we decided to try a picnic or something." Like this was the meeting and no telling what was planned for the day.

As for fire eyes, that is just too much for her. She grabs her drink and huff towards the greeting couple. One of her friends lifts a hand, as if to grab her forearm, but she's too late. Stomp, stomp, stomp … SPALSH! She lifts her class to throw her ale at Ephraim … then SLAP, her free hand seeks his face. "You jerk, you said you would call … it has been nine months, nine long months, I thought that night was special, you said ?!?!?" She can't bring herself to say what was said, so she turns to look at Lorelei, that slapping hand doing a finger sway in the air, like she's having none of her being so close to Ephraim, "And you, you little hussey, how could you?"

Lorelei steps into Eph's hug, comfortable and happy to do so. "Which ever is fine." She'll step out of his arms to look up at him, " I thought we'd go window shopping some after we-" She'll takes another step backwards as the drink is tossed and the slap is delivered. Some of the liquid still hitting her. The girl who took down a Hostile freezes, her eyes widen and she looks honestly terrified. 9 months?!?! That night? Loree looks like she's going to melt into the floor underneath the other woman's glare and will instinctually take another half step away from Eph. Her voice is shaky when she relies, "I didn't…" She doesn't even know what she didn't do….

Canis is sitting close enough that he can see the yet unknown danger approach as the woman moves past him. The young man's eyes go wide when the drink is tossed and an internal wince at the slap, but he sees the girl who he recognize from the market place the new focus of the ire. He waits a moment deciding on if it's best to stay put or not but his conscious doesn't allow this, standing up he closes the gap not a bad place to stop a further attack upon the young woman "Ah, Miss Lorelei good day once again." he greets lightly looking at the other two a moment "Hm perhaps this is a discussion for another venue?" he says in a lowered tone hoping clearer heads would prevail in such a public place.

Ephraim falters only a moment, maybe he's had this happen before, because his confidence quickly returns. Lifting his hands to step between Lorelei and the woman, he shakes his head, "No no, now look here Adeline." SLAP, "Ailynne," SLAP, "Adrynne," Her hands go do her hips, foot tapping. "That was bar talk," SLAP, his face is a little red. "Okay, I'm sorry, that was nine months ago …"

"You said you were a man of your word, you said you would call, you said I meant the world to you," spouts off Adrynne, listing the things he said. "You said I was the most beautiful, that you like the way I tasted, you wanted me atop a cake, with champagne, you … you …" She starts to sniffle, her friends finally arrive, trying to turn her away from this growing mess, "Adry, this is why you don't sleep with nobles!!!" Another friend chimes in, blond and blue eyed, "Uh huh, that's right, you never sleep with them, no matter how good looking they are." Another friend slaps that one light, so she gives up on advising Adry, and looks to Canis how has joined in to help Lorelei, smiling a little, favoring those blue eyes at him and his seemingly protective nature, forget the advice she said, she probably meant it only applies to everyone but her. "Ya, better place, I still want to have fun tonight," says the first friend that commented on not sleeping with nobles. They start to pull away, Adry falling to tears, her makeup running, the over abundance of it.

Lorelei's eyes are about as wide as they can be. Her cheeks are about as red as they can be too. She'll wince as Eph's slapped again, a small part of her starting to rev up to step forward, she shouldn't slap him! That is, until Ailynne spouts off what Eph said. A very soft noise, almost a gasp, escapes her, Soft enough that most likey only Canis hears, and she'll turn and move past Canis toward the door. A soft, "Excuse me…" is the only audible noise that comes from her.

The darker skinned noble looks between the three a moment though he's not sure what good he can do. Canis can only listen and is knocked back into silence at the words the distraught woman throws back at the other. He notices the look but only gives a nod in sense returning as they start to help their friend away from the confrontation. His gaze moves back to Lorelei and though he's about to speak her gasp stops him in place. He simply cannot think of anything to say that would be fitting. He does take a few concerned steps in that direction all the same.

As the group of girls with the distraught friend are leaving, carefully stearing Adry away from Lorelei, the blond one favors Canis another look. She pulls out her smart device de jour, shaking it and making a call me sign silently behind her friends' collective backs - indicating he could get her number from the shake if he has the app for it. But she goes with them. Ephraim turns, noticing the other noble for the moment. Instead of looking sheepish, he looks mortified, his color is drained from his face, almost apologetic to him that Canis had to see all that, but his eyes look at Lorelei, as if he can't stay to say sorry, becuase he has way more splaining to do.

Moving to follow her, he calls, "Lorelei, wait … I …" Then no, that's not right. "Please, I'm truly sorry for that …" He only moves slowly, he doesn't dare lift a hand to simply try to suggest she wait, instead, its more like he has to let her feet go where they will but he moves in that direction.

Mortified doesn't even begin to cover how Lorelei's feeling. She'll turn back around at Ephraim's voice, but the look on her face indicates she may not even be hearing his words. He thought she was upset about the ribbons? There's dark splotches on her dress when the drink splashed her. Loree wraps her arms around her waist, instinctively covering where the hostile's axe caught her, "Don't…there's…It sounds like you've used enough words…." there's tears threatening to spill, and she keeps her distance from Eph, almost like she's afraid he'll try to hug her. Her eyes glance up to Canis, "I…I'm sorry, my lord."

Canis doesn't wish to be misunderstood but doesn't know how to respond to the offer of number as it's offer turning back to the other. He gives a small wince knowing he's not much help here truly though giving a motion of his head to what the other already knows to follow the other to try and explain properly. He moves back towards his stool though he cannot help but glance back that direction. "No apology needed you've not done anything." he sighs realizing he cant leave things as such "I am an obvious outsider looking in, but is there anything I can do to help?" he offers a moment later.

Turning to nod towards Canis, Ephraim is in agreement, about the apology from Lorelei, "Good Sir, it is I who am sorry." And he is sincere in that. "My thanks as well," that he is staying, or speaking up. Even if to help Lorelei, its like it help Ephraim level his head some. His attention remains more on Lorelei in that moment, he doesn't go for that hug, he came closer, but he gives her that gap of personal space, not wanting to break more of her trust. "You're right, I'm ashamed, I can offer apologies, but I know that won't help. I …" Maybe he isn't quite level headed yet. "I shouldn't of done this to you," even though he never expected this, it was his past, catching up it seems. "You don't deserve to be around this. You make me better, but I wasn't a good man before."

Lorelei cringes slightly, no one wants to hear that the person they love wasn't a good person at some point. She'll not actually look at him, instead, keeps her eyes on the other noble in front of her, "Thank you, my lord. I don't think there's anything to be done." Cause, what the heck can be done? Her cheeks are still bright red, but it looks like the tears in her eyes are just going to remain there and not fall. She'll finally turn her head, she'll focus on a drying patch on Eph's shirt, instead of making eye contact, "Should…should I expect this often?" Her voice has a slight hard edge to it, that very much seems not normal for Loree.

The young man shakes his head "I'm afraid my help has been minimal but hopefully it's enough. I'm Lord Sir Canis Ligonier." this to the other Lord before he turns back to the young woman nodding "I understand." Canis says and can do so from the limited time he's seen of what's going on "I should depart, you two must speak properly." he says giving another nod to each and otherwise he will began making his way to the door.

"My apologies we could not of met under better circumstance, Sir Canis, I am Lord Ephraim Hollolas," though he makes no motion to suggest the other should leave. "You shouldn't expect this at all Lorelei. You don't deserve this," even though it was directed at him, his face still read even. "I would hope never again, but if you want me to figure out a way to make amends, that it doesn't happen again. I would be glad to do so if it meant finding some right in this." He doesn't move just yet, to grab a hug, or offer a gentle touch, as if doing that would hurt her even more than all the words so far today. "I have been foolish, but I want to truly apologize to you."

Lorelei closes her eyes, that's the problem isn't it. Ephraim's so good with words, he'll make her believe it will never happen again. She needs to clear her head. Giving Ephraim a quick nod, just to acknowledge that he said something before turing to Canis. "Lord Canis, would you please walk me to the way gate?" Yeah, the way gate. who know's where she'll end up. Her head lifts, trying to stay strong in front of Ephraim and will offer her arm to the other noble.

Canis nods as he hears the words of the other lord though he cannot speak further on that situation. "Likewise M'lord." the young man says in response to the oddly timed introduction but turns back as the young lady speaks and he pauses in his step nodding "Of course Miss Lorelei." he says accepting the arm to escort and perhaps support in case it's needed as they depart the establishment.

Lorelei's hand shakes slightly as she palces it on Canis's arm, and will keep her head down as the leaf. She's still embarrassed, and won't say anything for a few moments. When she finally does, "I'm so sorry that you had to see that." well, she's sorry anyone did, she's sure that her mother will hear about ti. "Thank you for walking me out. I didn't know what to do…"She sounds young, and will end that statement with a small sniffle.

The young knight isnt exactly what to say either at first but silence for thought might be needed. Canis reaches his free hand over and pats hers lightly in a friendly sort of way. "Do not worry about that, I am sorry that you were tossed into the middle of that quiet unfair. You did the right thing though to clear your thoughts before speaking, I have found from working with those who come to train with my family that people say things they dont mean in the heat of a moment it's best to avoid if possible."

Lorelei takes a deep breath and nods, "I didn't think dating a noble would have so many…issues." She'll give Canis a shaking smile, "I hope we didn't ruin your lunch?" They pass several food carts in the market. "I was ready for rumors, but not out right….attacks. Should I have defended him?" SHe doesn't sound like she thinks she should have, but is unsure about the whole situation. Her eyes go up to his face, like Canis might actually have the answer to that.

Canis looks uneasy a moment but it smooths out as he knows he should just answer truthfully. "I've not really had many serious relationships to be honest." Canis explains first but he will answer after just another moment of silence "I believe in that instance when you were not made awear of past actions it would be impossible to defend them." he hopes this makes sense

The slaps earlier, the had a certian sting to them, its when Lorelei asks for the young knight to walk her to the ways that it really hurts Ephraim. The shock hits him so suddenly that he is stunned into silence. Perhaps he was deserving of more, and in that dazed moment, he can do not but let the two leave the establishment and head for the Ways, so she can just be away from him. Even as the door closes, its like a coldness wafts his way, he did deserve that, probably worse. But, everything else, it was real, it was all real to him. His mistakes hurt her, but he hoped in some way, they could make things work still. Everything was so perfect just the other day, houses, puppies, sailing, funny childhood pictures. Before he can enter a moment of self loathing, he gives up on his dignity, he can't just let go for now. She needs her space, he needs to say one more thing.

Thus, minutes perhaps, longer, the door of the Taphouse bursts open, and like a man afraid of losing something, Ephraim shouts loudly into the tree city, "Lorelei!" He doesn't quite have his bearing, so isn't sure which is the quickest way to the ways, he glances around, to see if they've gone far, or if he can see them at all. So he follows up, "Lorelei, I love you!"

Lorelei's looking up at Canis, eyebrows drown together some. She'll let out a sigh and nod. And then there's Eph's voice calling after her. She's still pink from the tap House, clearly upset, and when she turns to look at him, her eyes flash. She doesn't remover her hand from Can's arm, almost like he's an anchor, keeping her from just rushing over and like a silly school girl forgive Eph of everything.

Lorelei's looking up at Canis, eyebrows drown together some. She'll let out a sigh and nod. And then there's Eph's voice calling after her. She's still pink from the tap House, clearly upset, and when she turns to look at him, her eyes flash. She doesn't remover her hand from Can's arm, almost like he's an anchor, keeping her from just rushing over and like a silly school girl forgive Eph of everything. "Did you say that to her as well?"

Canis looks to the young woman and returns the nod "That's not to say once both of you are more clear headed you can talk through this. It.." whatever he was about to say ends just than as the door to the place they just left opens and the billow of love breaks the silence he turns as well to look at the other noble a moment though he'll remain silent only trying to be friendly in this case.

Okay, they weren't that far away after all, Ephraim should of looked around a moment. He'll walk over, hopefully not making more of a scene than he already has. With a shake of his head, he'll offer, "No, I never said that to her." Inhaling a moment, catching himself, "You're the only one I've said that to Lorelei. The only one I've felt that way about." Turning an eye to Canis for the moment, as if searching for the right words, of which they're are none most likely still. "And its true, I love you." He can't say sorry again, he will at some point, but now he needs to give her his honesty, that is what he owes her most of all.

So much for giving time to clear their heads. Loree's fingers tighten slightly on Canis's arm, but she'll not say anything to the Noble, instead she keep her eyes focused on Ephraim. "You say things, but I don't think you even put stock into what the words actually mean." She takes a deep breath, "How do I know you're not just bar talking me?"

It's for better or worse that he's in this situation and though he's not sure what he can do he doesn't try to escape even as his arm is squeezed. Canis looks back to the other noble and back to the young woman. He decides he must speak again and so breaks his silence "I don't believe that a simple immediate resolution can be found here, only with full disclosure to avoid anymore misunderstandings." he ponders a moment "If you two wish to speak away from this place and prying eyes perhaps Honor's Keep might be a good place it's on a tropical beach/lagoon and is less populated for certain." he offers this looking back and forth.

"Bec…." begins Ephraim, either offering a real response or moments from inserting his foot into his mouth. That Sir Canis makes the offer prevents any such words or folley from spilling out takes up that space and he considers that. Beach/lagoon has its draw, or better, that they withdraw from the scene to talk about it in a rational matter. When with the young lord sir Canis in attendance, it would offer a level of civility. Lowering his voice even more, he looks to Lorelei, "You are worth more to me than bar talk, perhaps we can take Lord Sir Canis at his offer, and I can speak openly on any matter you wish from me?" Sort of civil, sort of defeated from Ephraim, his eyes searching hers in that moment, to see what she thinks as well of the offer.

Lorelei finally removes her hand from Canis, but it's to wrap around herself as she takes a step away from both nobles, 'No…I need to think on this. You talk and I just…No. I need to think." Even she knows she's being to emotional to rightful talk about this. "I can't…" And so it seems she can't. She'll press her lips together and instead of speaking will bow to both men, something she's gotten out of the habit of with Eph and will turn to leave.

The young knight is silent watching back and forth between the pair though he nods letting the young woman off of his arm so she may walk "Please let me know if I can do anything at all?" he says it's hard to tell but he's speaking to the pair it would seem Canis gives a nod to each "I should get home myself I promised my sister i'd help with training this evening." he says with a sigh before he too will head back the way he had come from.

A nod to the young lord knight, Erphaim offers, "My apology for keeping you." Then to Lorelei, "May I … May I just walk with you?" She said no talking, and it would seem he is intending just that. He stops before any more words can come and simply waits. To either let her walk away as she will, or let him join her. The ball has far to long been in his control, even if there was no control over this spiralling situation, but again, he owed her that much. His eyes plead, but he locks his lips finally, for once today.

Lorelei nods to Canis, but her shoulder tighten, how is she supposed to think with Eph there?!? She'll turn towards him, her eyes landing on his shoulder, still not making eye contact, "I…I just need to figure this out, Ephraim…please, give me some space?" Her arm tightens around herself and she'll turn to walk away.

"Yes," says Ephraim humbly, "I'm sorry …" It is all he can say, anything more would be too much. It already was too much, the day, everything, his past. He'll cross his own arms over his own chest. Watching her go away, his voice a little shakey even, unsure, nervous. He'll watch as she walks a moment. Then as if realizing the breeze of autumn, he'll look around, as if lost. Not sure where he is or what is supposed to happen now. Trying to find out where he belongs right now at a loss of focus.

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