Making Good
Summary: Viannea writes home to her youngest brother, making good on a promise she made to him.
Date: 15/July/2013
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15 July, 3013 — Volkan

Dear Brigham,

I promised I'd let you know if I meet anyone who is in the Navy and I have done so just yesterday. His name is Ellion Khournas, the brother of Lord Nitrim, and is the XO upon one of the ships. While he isn't the commander of the ship he might be able to tell you how plausible your ideas are and to point you in the right direction. I asked him to message you although I'm sure you, in all of your endless excitability, will beat him to the punch and message him first.

I expect your appreciation for my help to be shown in much affection. And cookies. Especially cookies.

Your doting, loving, adorabl… adoring sister,

P.S. - I need to talk to you when I return. Will let you know when I'm back from my trip to Volkan.

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