09.05.3013: Making Contact
Summary: With preliminary contact being made through an Awakend, a relief party has been sent to meet up with the volunteers of Cape Amran
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Mountain Pass The Spine, Imperius
High up in the mountains, the air gets thin and the views get spectacular. The forested plains stretch out below like the Gods' own carpet, and a narrow track winds its way along the shoulder of the mountain toward the entrance to Khar-Mordune. These gates are heavy, hewn from solid stone and inlaid with electrofilaments mimicking arcane runes. That track may not really be necessary for moving masses of people or materiel down into Khar-Mordune, but it is there for those who prefer to take the long way around. One side of the path falls away precipitously to a narrow canyon far below, while the other rises sharply up the face of the mountain. The path winds behind a waterfall just out of sight of the gates, and then down toward the forest far below.
5 September, 3013

The party is not a large one, a few medical personnel, a few scouts and knights in light armor for protection, and everyone weighed down with additional food, clothes, and a few other comforts requested by the volunteer party. Still, those at the front are driving the pace hard, so the group has trailed out somewhat, leaving some people a hundred or so paces behind the vanguard. Jeremy Keats is one of those at the front of the pack, his scout armor set in a camouflage pattern that blends well into rock and scrub brush, and a crossbow cradled in his arms. The group is currently traversing the top of a cliff, and Jeremy steps away from the edge, pointing down to the cliff-edge, "Loose scree." He's been quiet the entire trip, stopping only when ordered or to take on his Awakened state, theoretically to contact the party of volunteers ahead.

Elodie's protector armor doesn't blend. It's mostly navy blue, with some white and silver ceramic plating and helmet. Her dark braid is visible over her shoulder, pushed forward by the pack she wears on her back. She's been keeping up pretty well with the front of the pack, quietly, but doggedly maintaining the pace, and her footing. She gives a nod to Jeremy as he points out the scree, stepping warily around it.

"You know," Jocelyn says, skipping along behind Jeremy, "You keep pushing like this and we're going to lose our knightly escort. Not that I'm complaining, mind. Just putting it out there." In camouflaged scout armor herself, with a compound bow at her back, she's stayed toward the front of the group, occasionally ranging out ahead to circle back with reports. Dire events or otherwise, she's been upbeat about the rescue mission.

Jeremy stops for a moment just past the patch of loose rock, looking around briefly, then turning his helmet back toward Jocelyn, "I am the knightly escort." His breath comes evenly, and he half-turns to start forward again, then stops, his shoulders slumping a little inside the ceramic plates of his armor. "You're right though. No sense getting separated from the rest." There's a hint of a backwoods twang to the man's voice, although it's almost strangled by the tension beneath it.

Elodie pauses as she hears Jocelyn, and looks to Jeremy. When he decides to rest as well, she gives a nod, retracting the visor in her helmet. "What was the last you heard from them?" she asks quietly, pulling out a bottle of water from her pack, and offering bottles to the others.

"Okay, so you'll lose the medical personnel. Or something. Or at least that's what I get bitched at about." Jocelyn takes a moment to flip open her visor and pull a water bottle from a clasp at her thigh, taking a long drink of water when Jeremy pauses. It probably doesn't help that she looks like she's all of sixteen behind the armor. Or at least it doesn't generally inspire a whole lot of confidence. She shakes her head slightly when Elodie offers water, smile flickering, though she also watches Jeremy, as if the power of enough staring will make the knight drink. "We'll make it," she says with certainty.

Jeremy purses his lips behind the visor of his helmet, looking up at the timer streaming just at the corner of his vision, then taking the tactfully imprecise way out, "About five hours. Lie… well, none of them is in very good shape, but they're still moving." He pats a water bottle at his own hip when the bottle is offered, then gives in, pulling off his own helmet and clipping it to the hip of his armor so that he can gather up the bottle, twist off the cap, and take a sip. He looks boyish beneath his helm, although not so young as Jocelyn. It's the freckles. "Lie doesn't even like camping." There's a faint smile to that statement, for all that worry is painted broad across his features.

Elodie gives a little bit of a grin to Joceyln at the mention of the medical crew. "Some of us can keep up… but I'll grant you, most aren't used to this exercise." She gives a nod of approval as they both take a drink. "We'll get to them soon, I'm sure. That they're still moving is a good sign." She takes her own sip, and does an automatic check of all her equipment with practiced motions of having been done many times before. The long tube on her back next to the pack is opened, and she checks the bow inside, before closing it and replacing it on her back.

"Well, I'm sure he'll love it after this," Jocelyn says ruefully to Jeremy, clipping her water bottle back into place and jogging a few more steps ahead to gain higher ground and check on the progress of the rest of the group behind them. "You can be all, let me show you what real camping is like, there's much less bleeding. And he'll be all, damn, it's way better without the bleeding. We should go camping more often! Or possibly, hell no, I'm never leaving civilization again. Clearly it's a coin toss."

Jeremy shakes his head at Elodie's words, "They probably shouldn't be moving. But they don't know if they're being pursued, so they have to." His right hand drops down to the butt of his crossbow, "I knew I should have gone with them." He shakes his head at Jocelyn, actually managing to smile just a bit, "We've tried that. He puts up with it. Like I put up with going riding."

You hear a crackle on your comms: This is Sir Lionel Keats of the Caravan, requesting response…

Elodie chuckles to Jocelyn, but then nods solemnly at Jeremy's words. "We do have some gurneys with us if they're needed," she assures. "Supplies of blood and such as well." As the crackle comes over her comm, she stops talking, but as she's not a knight, she looks to Jeremy to be the one to answer.

"If you'd gone with them, the rest of us'd be wandering around aimlessly," Jocelyn points out to Jeremy. "Sounds like-" She stops when the voice comes over the comm, brows rising as she grins and flips her visor back down. "Sounds like progress," she finishes instead, nodding toward Elodie. "I've got emergency medical training if you need an assist for anything," she offers quietly, making a quick check of her own supplies.

Jeremy straightens up at the call, grabbing his helmet and pulling it on again immediately, "Lie! It's Jere." There's a pause, and he forces another smile, "You don't call, you don't write. And you go camping without me?" Letting out a tense sigh, he relaxes a bit, "We're coming your way, with medical supplies, food, water, and help." Unfortunately, he seems to have begun ignoring the women immediately around him.

Reply: "Yes," *pause* "Because we all know my greatest wish is to go camping with you, Jere." *sigh* "Don't suppose you brought a horse or six with you? We have some seriously injured that are going to need more than field medic patching."

Elodie: 'This is Lady Doctor Elodie Iah, Sir Lionel. We have a full medical staff with us, and are ready to set up whatever triage we need to get you the rest of the way home.'

Jeremy: The terrain's too rough for horses, Lie. But we have stretchers, and plenty of people to help carry you all back to safety.

REPLY: I really hate your home, Jere.

Elodie glances between the two, nodding a thanks to Jocelyn's offer. She gives the indication she's ready to start again, although she grins a little at Lionel's reply of hating the mountains.

Jocelyn: Hey now, you haven't been rescued yet, you know. Call a rockslide down on yourself that way.
Jeremy: You love my home. You hate the mountains.

With word coming in, Jocelyn's ready to start walking again, climbing goat=like along the higher ridges to continue toward the injured party.

REPLY: "Sir Kassandra would also like me to inform you that she hates your home." *beat pause* "No, no… I've thought about it… and I definitely think that The Spine is trying to kill me." *Another voice cuts in, belonging to Chiron* "I think that your home is fine, Jere. Don't listen to these two."

Jeremy shakes his head at the response from the comm, relief showing in his stance. He nods to the women, looking back once, "It looks like they're catching up. Let's do keep moving." Still, he pauses a moment, lowering his head to look down at his feet for a long moment before he looks up and starts up the rocks again.

REPLY: Jere, should we stay where we are? Which way are you heading?

REPLY: We're concerned about continuing to move our wounded, but staying out here prolongs exposure.

Elodie: Unless one of your wounded is in danger of bleeding out from being moved, I would suggest continueing towards us, but perhaps slow your pace. Stopping is bad in that it can make you easier to attack, and take you longer to get medical treatment.'

Jeremy: I agree with Lady Elodie. Keep coming toward us, even if it's slow. We'll meet you as soon as we can.

"I'm gonna swing out around," Jocelyn calls back to the group. "See if there's any sign of a tail. If there's nothing, then at least that buys a little more time for stabilizing. And if there's something…" She trails off, whistling lightly. "Well, better that we see them first."

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