11.08.3013: Making A Splash
Summary: Tristan finally gets close enough to a lady to cause a splash out of the ordeal.
Date: 05 October 2013
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Heartwood, Arboren
This is perhaps one of the largest promenades of the tree city. It spans between the large trunks of three elderwoods, branches used to support the heavy circular plaza. Residing in this promenade are dozens of stores and shops, as well as access to the lower levels of the city. Peddlers of goods move easily through the plaza, trapping visitors and natives with a hopeful sale of their unique and usually handmade goods. At the center of the promenade is a large, sprawling basin where rain water has been collected for generations creating a natural and yet manmade pool. This is a popular place to cross paths with other residents of Arborenin and maneuver through the tiered city.
November 08, 3013

From across the way, someone shouts, "POOL PARTY IN THE FOUNTAIN!" There's a few laughs from a couple of the less empathetic folks who have paused to watch what is happening, as a perky, chuckling Keanen heads over towards the gathered nobles. "Glad to see you're making a splash, Trist," he says to his brother, slapping his cybernetic hand on his brother's back. "Hey there," he says to Firia, and then extends his hand to help her off of the fountain.

Densoric, now he is close enough, attempts to help Firia to her feet asking, "Are you okay My Lady?" in a formal, and seemingly concerned tone. Though as Keanen makes his rather uncouth entry, Densoric simply looks to the younger Arboren and says nothing before looking back to Firia, as though awaiting her answer.

Wincing as he sees the lady fall into the basin, Tristan looks like he mmight drop the sleeve he caught. Which actually happens, after Keanen makes his entrance, and that slap of the hand to his back. "Ah…" he begins, looking like he'd want to disappear or something now. "Sorry?" It's offered to the Lady of the Basin, a bit quietly. "I… I should have watched where I was going…" Nodding a little as he hears Densoric's words too.

Brienne had just stepped out of the Taphouse when she'd heard the call. Of course, her attention is immediately drawn towards the basin in the center. Upon seeing a couple of her brothers and another familiar face, she heads in that direction, curious as to what's going on.

"Hello…" Tendrils of hair sticking to her cheeks, the lady in question looks more like a vagrant, though something of her upbringing is in the measured look she gives the blue clad Lord, before putting a hand in Keanens and the mystery Lords. Hauled upright, she begins to wring out her damp sleeves, the gleam of bracelet at her wrist. "It…was my distraction, Lord. I am, my Lord…and Lord Keanen, your voice is like a man made amplifier." Her voice is decidedly soft, and does not carry far.

Densoric nods to Firia and says, "Lord Keanen does seem to have that trait." in an even tone. Once she is upright and seems to be having no difficulty standing he takes a step back to let her compose herself. Looking about as crowds mostly start to disperse as the main cause for attention has died down, spotting a familiar sight he nods politely to the approaching Brienne and says, "Greeting My Lady." in a casual tone.

Keanen laughs as he shrugs a little coyly, "There's nothing MAN-made about it. My voice is purely generated for the gorgeous damsel in distress." He smiles, adding, "Just 'Keanen' is fine." He glances at his brother, "Nice to see they let you out of the basement for a bit today, bro. I worry about ya."

Still looking quite like he'd like a cave to open up right below him or something, Tristan lets out a bit of a breath now. "I should have paid far more attention…" he repeats, before he blinks a bit at Keanen's words, "You worry about me?" Looking to Brienne as well, he takes a few steps over in her direction now.

A flick of the wrist, bluish white light illuminating her palm for a moment, the air in her immediate vicinity heating up enough to slow the steady drips that tremble on the tip of her nose, trickling down to the soaked hem. Her focus for that moment turned inward, with that recognisible white ocular glow. "Do not be…I was just…Lord Keanen, would you mind placating your brother? I seem to have short circuited him." There is a trace of humour, if slight at the suggestion, glancing at the fast retreating knight.

Densoric doesn't respond to Keanen in any way, He does look over to Tristan and says, "A valiant attempt from what I saw." likely referring to the 'rescue' from the basin. Then back to Firia he asks, "Do you need anything My Lady?" Why does he call her Lady given her vagrant-like attire, perhaps her bearing?

Once she is near enough, Brienne looks between them all, trying to guess exactly what happened. The greeting from Densoric is met with a smile. "Lord Densoric." Keanen is given a grin. "Are you causing trouble?" Of course, she is teasing but then she sees Tristan approaching her and concern drifts into her expression. "You did this, Tristan?" Surprised, for sure. "What have I done to you?" She loops an arm through his to sort of soothe him, seeing his dismay.

Keanen laughs, wiggling his cybernetic fingers in the air, "You'd think I'd be the one to short circuit." He throws a wink at Tristan, "Relax, killer. She doesn't bite." Then he glances at Firia, "I mean, MAYBE you do? Do you bite?" He turns his full attention to her, "Because if you do, I'm okay with that. A little biting can be nice, you know?" He flashes her a grin that's one part charm, one part confidence, but all flirt.

A dark flush crimsons her cheeks, the mystery lady appearing to falter underneath the grin directed at her, the courteous approach of the other Lord. "No…I just..was looking for Miss Lorelei. I remember she spoke of this place. As her home." If he is charm, she is the unresponsive recipient. More accurately, a person that seems completely unable to process it.

"Didn't mean to… Wasn't paying attention…" Tristan mutters as he hears Brienne's words. Letting out a few deep breaths now, he looks to Keanen again, shaking his head a little bit. "Still…" he begins, going silent again now. "If you bite, don't bite him, he might like it too much," he mutters in Firia's direction.

Densoric seems to just ignore Lord Keanen for the time being and looks to Brienne and Tristan and asks the former, "Doing well I hope My Lady?" He then looks back to the glowing woman in silence for a moment and nods saying, "She still lives here last I heard, though admittedly I've not spoken to her in some time, nor am I that close." he then faces Firia more directly and says, "My apologies, Lord Densoric Larent." by way of introduction. Then to Tristan he adds, "I believe you have apologized enough for a simply mistake MiLord. If there was offense I believe we'd know it by now."

Uh-oh. Keanen was in full on flirt mode, of course he wouldn't notice his sister standing there. The way he mercilessly teases the lady. With her arm still linked through Tristans, she once more tries to calm him. "Hey, accidents happen. Don't beat yourself up, look, she's not blaming you." An approving smile is given to the Lady when she seems to be immune to her youngest brothers charm, but she's amused by Keanen all the same. Upon being addressed by Densoric, she offers a nod to him. "Oh yes, Lord Densoric. I am very well, thank you. Yourself?"
Densoric pages Brienne and Tristan: see there, ya all good. even brie and den agree on it. ;)

Keanen shrugs, "Lorelei. Ugh." He rolls his eyes, "She has more luck with the ladies than I do, seems." He looks at Densoric, then offers to Firia, "Locals call him Old Cloudfall." He smirks, and makes a little airplane shape with his hand and as he makes a whoosh sound, he flies his finger plane down and crashes it into the palm of his other hand, making an explosion noise. He wiggles his eyebrows, as if that's commentary enough, and then turns around. "Brie?" He smiles when he sees her, "Aww. See, Trist? You're gonna be alright. Brie's here." He laughs.

At the introduction, the unamed lady exclaims a little in recognition. "Lord Densoric, you attended the geology classes at the Academ…I remember you, a little. Mainly your…impressive command of the finer points of etiquette. Not as much the…name." Stifling a grin at the amusing finger show the cybernetic Lord seems capable of. To the only woman on the scene, she gives a brief smile.

Densoric nods to Brienne and says, "I am well enough thank you. It is always good to hear one's friends are in good health." in his typical casual tone. He then looks to Keanen and says, "I'm surprised you've heard that name, given it was briefly used, and hasn't been used for the most part in about six years." in a calm, casual tone as though he may not actually care. Though whether its the answer or the event being depicted by the had gestures is anyone's guess. He then looks to Firia and nods saying, "I did yes, though unfortunately I only managed a bachelor's Degree in that field. We all have limits to how far we can push ourselves after all." smiling softly. If he recognizes her or not, he shows no signs of it.

Tristan lets out a few more breaths as he listens now, but manages to calm down a bit at least. Going quiet again now, there's a brief smile to his siblings, before he nods to the other two as well. Listening to what's being said, without adding anything at the moment, it would seem.

Bemused by Keanen, as usual, Brie watches the crash and still has not the slightest idea even what he is talking about. Probably the least understood of her brothers, she can only laugh softly in return. "Cloudfall? And what of yourself, baby brother? Are you all better now too?" The

"Lord Tristan, Lady Brienne…Lord Keanen and Lord Densoric. A full table of nobility, then me." Surpressed grin, her senses a little overwhelmed by the crowds. As indicated by her quiet, slight quavery tone. Glancing at the retiring brother with a faint smile, relaying her next words in his direction, averting her gaze from metting his eyes. "You are not the only person that has collided with a distracted me."

Densoric looks to Brienne and says, "My apologies if it never came up. Cloudfall was a name used briefly in reference to me when I was nearly eighteen. It was a reference to the fact I survived a crash below the cloud cover of Nubilus when I was returning from a task my mother gave me. It came into use after I was brought back home, though by the time I recovered fully it was no longer used. That was also the time I started attending Academ. Unfortunately the pilot didn't survive, though to his credit he did prevent the glider from being completely destroyed, quite the skill given a rare malfunction in the engines caused it." in a casual tone, seemingly completely unfazed by the tale as he lightly strokes the scar on his brow and says, "This is the only visible remnant of the experience."

Keanen laughs at his sister, "What of me? I'm better. Of course. Ask anyone." He winks at Firia, "I'm better." He looks back at Tristan, offering a little shrug that's almost apologetic for his behavior, but not quite, and then he returns his attention to Firia. "Lord Densoric here thinks you should totally let me take you to dinner. I keep telling him, it's weird to go to dinner with a beautiful Lady when you don't even know her name, but he's kind of insistent. I figure," he smiles at her, "Maybe we could compromise. You tell me your name, and THEN we'll go have dinner."

"Oh," Brienne says quietly, softly to Densoric."I hadn't heard that before. I'm sorry about the pilot, though I'm relieved you did survive." As the Lady repeats the names without giving her own, she tips hers to the side. "And you are?.." Letting the question hang there expectantly.

A pause, head turning constantly in direction of the different speakers, until the Lady questions for her name, when she decides to shatter the mystery, and impart a name. "Firia Sauveur, my Lady." The royal name invoked without a trace of anything except a slight weariness. "Does this mean…I am to eat dinner with Lord Keanen? My parents did hold Lord Densoric in high esteem. I would be partial to steak…"

Tristan winces momentarily as he hears Densoric speak about the crash, grimacing for a few moments afterwards. There's a brief nod at the shrug from Keanen, before Tristan shrugs a little, waiting to see if the lady offers her name. As he hears her words to him, he shrugs a little bit. "That doesn't make it any less my fault, though." It's offered a bit quietly now. And as he hears the name, he smiles momentarily. "It's nice to meet you, Lady Firia Sauveur," he offers, words a bit quiet.

Densoric looks to Keanen and says, "If you are going to spin lies in vain attempts to learn a name unwilling to be given, then use another's names Lord Keanen." in a bland, almost cold tone. He then looks to Brienne and says in his more typical casual tone, "Thank you for the kind words My Lady. It would be good the pilot have the sympathy of another." offering a soft smile. He then looks to Firia, he doesn't seem surprised by the name though he does say, "I was unaware any of House Sauveur aside from Lady Sophie even knew my name. Your parents do me great honor My Lady." Though as she said they knew each other at Academ he may have already known her name, or simply good at hiding his surprise. He then looks to tristan and says, "Even the best of us cannot see all Lord Sir Tristan. No offense was given, apologies were returned, the matter is effectively done, try not to dwell on the matter, it was a simple accident."

Feeling the wince from her brother and once more offers an encouraging smile even as she releases his arm. The introduction brings a flicker of surprise but Brienne quickly covers it. "A pleasure meeting you, Lady Firia Sauveur." Almost echoing her middle brother word for word. Catching the words delivered between Densoric and Keanen, she studies the Larent for a moment. "Of course, Lord Densoric." Damned that fiercely protective quirk… "I do believe my brother was only teasing though. Perhaps you could be a trifle more forgiving, he is only eighteen after all."

Keanen makes an indignant face at Densoric, "Ouch. Relax, Cloudy. I totally am in the middle of a parade here, and you're all, 'phssshshhshshsh, look at me, I'm freakin' rain' or whatevs." He smiles, "Besides, it's not vain when it works, professor." He looks back at Firia, "Firia," he repeats with a goofy grin. "Well, it only means you are meant to have dinner with me if you'd like to." He glances back at Brienne, correcting her with a laugh that clearly indicates he's just being silly as he does so, "I'm 18 and a half, thank you, sis." Wink.

Tristan just nods a little as he listens now. "And that half year makes all the difference, Keanen?" Sounding a little amused, though. A brief pause as he listens to the others again, before he sighs. "I should get going…" And off he goes, quite abruptly. Back towards the Elder Seat, and the safety of his room.

Densoric looks to Brienne and says, "My apologies My Lady, I simply do not like having my name associated with things I would never say. I suppose it could be called integrity or snobbery, depending on how one wishes to view it. Though one's age plays little part in the matter, more its one's personality and upbringing. My own has resulted in little difference between myself at eighteen and now, though admittedly I am a more extreme case then most." in a sincere tone. He then offers a polite nod to Tristan as he pulls a road runner for his quarters.

"Uniquely worded. Yes, if the two Lords and Lady would join us." Originally, she could have been placed at youthful twenties, her bright grin placing her closer to exhuberant Keanen in age, Firia accepts Tristans leave with a raised arm. Addressing then Densoric, her rebuke absent for Brienne has supplied enough, and the blue eyed Lord seems sincere in his admittance. "My parents were Scholars, if tied by noble blood. Not special.

Keanen waves with a lift of his chin, "Laters, Trist." Turning to his sister, he nods, "Six months is an entire life cycle of an Arboren gickle tree moth. I'd say it does." To Densoric, he shrugs, "Snobbery. Definitely snobbery, bro." And then he returns his attention to Firia, "I don't do foursome's with siblings. Sorry."

Keanen doing his little spiel brings that bemused look back. "I'm afraid I'll never understand your age group, Keanen. Especially that half year thing." As Tristan makes his excuses, Brie thinks he has a pretty good idea. "I haven't had enough to drink for this conversation, think I'll head back to the Taphouse." A nod of acknowledgement is given to Densoric. "It was a pleasure seeing you again, Lord Densoric. If you would all excuse me." A smile of apology given to the Lady, but moreso her brother. "Maybe we can catch up sometime, Keanen."

Densoric looks to Firia and says, "Blood still matters, and scholars as well as blood makes them of greater importance then myself My Lady." He seems to have gone back to ignoring Keanen. He then looks to Firia and says, "I would not presume my admission to a dinner, though thank you for the honor of asking for my company, whether genuine or for the sake of formality." smiling softly. He then looks to Brienne adding, "Of course that is not to say you wouldn't offer the invitation, simply that I do not presume until it is offered." He then nods in response to the pleasantry.

Firia just stares, furrowing her brow at the implications, if not outright suggestion of bedroom activities. To put it politely. Brienne is granted a polite smile, tinged with distinct puzzlement. "A lot can occur in six months." Looking at Densoric with a faint, if not overly intimate smile. "I would then ask you join, for something. Though, you must not adhere to my bloodline so devoutly. There is little to it, for a cousin twice removed."

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