07.24.3013: Making a Match
Summary: Una invites Lord Alexandros and Sir Sammel for a meeting to discuss the match of Sammel and Elodie.
Date: 29 July, 2013
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Family Quarters of House Iah
Two large staircases rise from the Great Hall of Iah House, each surrounding a glass lift large enough to carry a fairly large group of people. The lifts are made so that the machine work that keeps them running is visible, and every piece has been made to be pleasing to the eye. Like the city below, each level of Iah House is centered around a different sort of central room with other smaller rooms at the outer walls. There is a garden here, though smaller than the hydroponics garden below, and a level for entertaining with a formal dining room and a ballroom with walls of glittering silver-white made to look like falling snowflakes.

The family rooms are located near the top, with a few small weather-monitoring stations and access to the roof at the very highest levels. The family quarters, set just above a few levels of guest rooms, are centered around a large open room. Far less formal than the Great Hall or the entertaining floor, the family gathering room features a wood floor covered in thick fur rugs, walls painted a warmer shade of white than the rest of Shelter, and two walls that can be programmed to show scenery, vids, or other images as needed. A number of brown leather sofas and chairs have been arranged into two sitting areas, each near one end of the room. A large fireplace rests at each end, with controls to the side for programing simulated fires. Light is provided by two large fixtures, each of which is formed of a number of glass bulbs that dangle in a cluster from a set of bronze gears, which can be turned with a remote to change the height of each bulb.

24 July, 3013

Its been a quiet day today in Shelter, though many are busy. Una has kept her data pad with her for most of the day, sending messages back and forth in her work on the negotiations for Elodie's betrothal. In a few hours, Alexandros will be expected for dinner so that they can speak in person but for now Una takes a break in the family gathering room. Soon she is also expecting Lorelei, who she has asked to come and meet Elodie, so that they can further discuss the poem she wishes to commission for the wedding.

Today she is in green, her gown's muted colors showing geometric shapes with metallic accents when the light hits it just right. An olive green sleveless coat is worn over it, her usual gold clasps in place to keep it from falling off or shifting. She rests on a sofa, data pad in her lap, a cup of ice wine on a nearby table, her eyes watching the window screens. Today the screens display a view of the rainy weather outside, and a fire is lit in the large fireplace, giving a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere to the room.

Although she's not quite as pale as Una, Elodie's skin is definitely pale by Landing standards, so, where the peach and amber tones of her gown might blend to the skin of the wearer in Landing, there is a contrast with the younger Iah lady. Her dark hair has been pulled back, and the bundle of braids corralled by a circlet flowered headress of soft leather. She gives Una a soft smile when she arrives, and sits. For about two seconds. If even that. It would probably be a very fast 'two count' before she's up again, walking slowly with her hands clasped together at her waist. She glances to the time, to Una typing on her tablet, to the lift doors, and repeats as she paces a circuit of the room.

Tiriel looks as she always does, slightly tanned and unlike the other Iah ladies. Her clothes are the usual clothes, leather jacket, linen tunic. She walks into the room with Aatu, her wolf, at her side walking. She looks about and nods her head to Elodie and then steps over to brush a kiss across the cheek of Una. "Hello. Did I bring Aatu at a bad time?"

"No." Una looks up with a smile, and even (gasp) holds out a hand for Aatu to sniff. "Though if Lorelei is afraid of her he may have to step out." She glances back to Elodie, who she had started to watch as soon as the girl stood up, "'Die." She pronounces the nickname as 'Dee', "Relax. Nothing horrible is going to happen. Especially not now. Lord Sir Alexandros isn't due for a few more hours. And Lorelei is no one to be nervous about." She grins, the mischevious side which has been showing more of later days popping back up, "She'll be more afraid of you than you are of her."

Lorelei's escorted in, dressed in a purple and irony dress that Una sent her. She has her tablet clutched in her arms, nervous just begin on the ice moon, much less to talk about writing the poem. She'll give the servant bright smile though as she's shown in. "thank you." HEr eyes skitter over everyone in the room, her smile brightening when she sees the wolf, before turing to Una, "Lady Iah, thank you for letting me come." She'll bow, proper to everyone in the room, hands clutching her tablet harder.

Elodie turns as Tiriel and Aatu arrive, and the woman's nod is mirrored. The wolf draws a smile from her, and she watches the wolf approach Una, but she doesn't hold a hand out, yet, knowing what a big thing it is for Una to make an overture, she doesn't try to distract Aatu to her. "I've never met Lord Alexandros before. Only his son. I don't even know why he proposed a match for us. What if I do something to change his mind?" she worries in a rush of words that come to a halt when Lorelei is escorted into the room. She drops her gaze to the nearest furnishing, lowering her hand to the back of the chair. The poet's bow is acknowledged with a courteous nod, but her blue eyes betray a concern that is rarely there. Elodie is nervous. Very nervous.

Tiriel moves over to one of the chairs after Una greets Aatu and she grins about it. Aatu lowers himself down to the ground to lay down but as Lore comes in, she rises back to her feet and so does Aatu, "Welcome." She speaks and looks to Una as if to say, 'What the hell do I do now?'

"Then he's not right for you. And we go back to letting the choice be yours." Una, though curious, is aparently not nervous. Chuckling as Lorelei arrives and Tiriel tries to be polite, she stands to join her wife. Though she extends the greeting by stepping forward to take one of the poet's hands. "Come in, Lorelei. Have a seat. Wine? Tea? We're expeding Lord Sir Alexandros in a few hours, so forgive our nervousness." She glances at Elodie "'Die. Come sit down, you'll worry a hole into the floor. And its a /long/ way down from here."

When there's people arriving from the Vale, it's only one. And it's not Lord Sir Alexandros, but his second son. Not tending to dress quite as extravagant as his older brother, Sammel has made sure to wear fine cloathing in the colors of House Cindravale. Being shown in, he looks around for a few moments, before his attention moves to Una first. "Lady Iah, my father sends his regards, but he was unfortunately unable to come here at the moment. High Lady Sir Kallista demanded that he should go over some of the plans for dealing with the incoming Hostiles with her. She has relied on him quite a bit since he was dismissed from the Crown Council after all." A brief pause, before he adds, "He told me to let you know he would be contacting you when that was taken care of." A brief pause as he looks to Tiriel and Lorelei, offering them both a polite nod, then to the wolf, studying the animal for a few moments, before he looks to Elodie, offering her a polite nod and a smile. "My ladies," he greets all of them now.

Lorelei smiles, already picking up on the undercurrent of nerves in the room, "I'm sorry…should I leave? I can come back another time, if that would eb easier.." She'll bite at her lower lip, letting Una take her hand, "Lady Iah, you look lovely." Her eyes brighten though,as she looks down to the wolf "Is this Aatu?" She'll stop though when the other noble arrive, eyes going down.

"That could almost be worse," Elodie mutters at the idea of choosing someone herself. But she half obeys. She walks over to pour herself a glass of ice wine, and waits for Lorelei to state her preference. She's just set the bottle down when Sammel makes his entrance early, and she gives him a little smile. Leaving her drink behind, she draws herself up, and some of the uncertainty fades as she is faced with only the familiar, and she takes refuge in the manners of formalizing the introduction between everyone. "Sir Sammel, it is wonderful to see you," she greets as she offers her hand to draw him forward. "Lady Iah, may I formally present Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale. Sir Sammel, my sister Lady Una Iah, the Lady Iah, her wife Lady Sir Tiriel Iah, and our guest, Miss Lorelei Quelton." She waits as the pleasantries are exchanged and then adds, "I was just pouring some ice wine, may I pour you a glass as well?"

Tiriel had just started to sit back down and relax when the newcomer comes in. She rises back up and so does Aatu. She gives a little bit of a bow as her name is mentioned and then stands there for a long and awkward moment before she begins to sit back down again, looking to the entrance to see if someone else is coming in. She then looks about, "Please. Ice wine all around." She nods, her one proclamation out there.

"No, Lorelei, not at- " Una blinks as Sammel himself is led in, and so much earlier than expected. Well, there go her plans to dress up all formal. What a relief! And she doesn't have to try and wrangle Tiriel into anything fancy, either! "Lord Sir Sammel, a pleasure to meet you. I've been looking forward to it. Have a seat, please. Miss Quelton is here on business as well, I'm hoping that if things go smoothly she will write a poem for the wedding for us." She smiles, "So its good that you came today, in your father's place." She sits once the rest do the same, reaching over for Tiriel's hand once in her own seat.

Sammel smiles, offering a bow to each person as they are introduced. "Some ice wine sounds lovely, thank you," he offers to Elodie, before he nods again as he moves for a seat as they are offered. "Ah, a poet?" he asks to Lorelei as he hears Una mention the writing of a poem now. Seating himself, he looks between the others, with a smile. "I'm happy to be here, Lady Iah," he replies.

Lorelei's eyes stay downcast, but she'll nod to Sammel when introduced. Loree opens her mouth to object to the iced wine, but then decides to not. Tireil hasn't said much, use doesn't want to upset the noble. She'll look up, a small blush appearing when her poetry is mentioned and she'll nod slightly to Sammel, "I'm glad to see you're feeling better, my lord." Last she saw him, he was in a hospital bed.

At Tiriel's proclomation, Elodie turns back to the tray, pausing as she glances at Lorelei. While Una speaks with Sammel and invites him to sit, she pours five glasses on the tray, the long, fluttering sleeves making it almost impossible to see what she is doing. Once poured, she carries them on a tray with natural coordination that keeps them from tipping as she hands them out, first to their guests, then to Lady Iah and Lady Tiriel, and then, lastly, to herself, as she sets the tray down and takes a seat next to Sammel. Her eyes travel across the faces, and she gives Lorelei an encouraging smile as she takes a sip of her wine.

Tiriel nods as people get their ice wine. She reaches down to scritch at Aatu's ear and smiles down to the wolf. "Yes, this is Aatu." She nods to Lore, "If you wish to pet him, you are welcome." She notes. She takes the glass from Elodie and nods, "We make it ourselves… Well. We have people who make it. I just taste it and say it is good."

Laughing quietly at Tiriel's joke, Una leans forward to take her wine. "Thank you." She settles back into her seat to regard Sammel with open curiosity, "Its too bad our brother could not be here, you know. Its often been said he is practically a Cindravale himself." She touches a few plates on her pad to request a servant while addind, "So, Sir Sammel. Tell us about yourself." That's right, its interview time. She smiles at Sammel before turning to the arriving servant to murmur, "a tray please, something light. And very little meat, this time, please." She remember Lorelei's preferences.

Taking a sip from his wine, Sammel smiles a bit. "This is quite good," he offers, before he nods a bit at Una's question. "About myself. Well, I'm the third child of my parents, with an older brother, and older sister and a younger brother." Taking another sip of the wine, before he continues, "I was sent to Volkan to squire, and stayed there until returning home when I was knighted. I've never been as good a jouster as Niko, that's Sir Nikomachos, my older brother." Another smile, before he adds, "Two of the things I enjoy doing when relaxing is dancing and hunting." A pause, as he tries to think of what else to add now.

Lorelei nods, giving Elodie a nervous smile. She'll set her glass down though, and will crouch down near the wolf, extending her hands to him. In a very soft voice, with no fear(weather that's smart or not), "Hello Aayu." She'll smile, happily. this is a much better vantage to watching this exchange between Nobles about arranged marriage. She'll keep her eyes and ears open, but her mouth closed.

Elodie watches Lorelei and the wolf, preferable to being a part of her sister's interrogation for the moment. Her wine makes regular trips to her mouth for small sips, but she doesn't seem to be finishing it that quickly, and who knows if she's even tasting it. When he mentions dancing, the young lady does look up and she nods. "Sir Sammel is quite light on his feet. He didn't even come close to stepping on my toes when we danced at his brother's wedding." She gives an encouraging smile to the Cindravale, before she turns to watching wolf and poet again.

Aatu leans out and sniffs at Lorelei's hand before he pushes his nose forward and places it in her hand. Tiriel gives a little bit of a nod, "He's fine. He loves a good scritch." She gives Lorelei a bit of a smile and nods, "Especially behind the ears and once he gets to know you, his belly."

Una listens with a smile, one eyebrow lifting partway through the speech. Perhaps she's impressed. "Excellent. Elodie loves to dance. She and Ronan are far more social than most of us. She will enjoy a more social family." She grins to Tiriel then, "And my wife enjoys the hunt. Perhaps sometime the two of you can go out together."

Sammel smiles as he hears Elodie's words, before he nods a little as he hears Una's words, before he looks to Tiriel. "I'd be happy to go on a hunt with you should you want to, Sir Tiriel," he offers, with a smile, before he takes another sip of the wine now.

Lorelei giggles softly, letting the wolf nuzzle against her hand before reaching up with her other hand to scratch behind his ears. Beyond that though she stays quiet, eyes going from the interactions in front of her, to the wolf. She's mentally taking notes…she may need to learn something about dancing, for the poem.

Elodie smiles as the wolf takes to Lorelei, then glances between Sammel and Tiriel at the talk of them hunting together. She waits, playing the listening game for now.

Una grins and nods a little to herself. She rises as the servant returns with a large tray, gesturing for it to be placed on the table next to the wine. The ttray is uncovered to reveal a small plate of meats, another of cheese, three different kinds of fruit (one of frozen grapes), and a large selection of tarts and creamcakes.

Sammel smiles as he looks towards the tray as it's brought in, then looking back to Una now. "Is there anything else about me you would like to know, Lady Iah?" A brief pause, before he adds, "I also usually tend to look at things in a positive light. I've never thought there is any kind of situation where there's only negatives."

Lorelei grins, brain already working to put words together, even as she pets the wolf. She'll look up as the tray is brought in, giving Una thankful smile. Part of her briefly wonders as to why House Iah is so aware of her, when her own house barley even remembers her at times. Loree stays crouched down, in her fancy purple and ivory dress next to the wolf. She'll wait till the nobles have moved onto the food before standing.

Una sits back with a nod. "Excellent. Good to hear. What are your thoughts on children?" The question is asked casually, as she reaches for a small handful of grapes. She watches not only Sammel, but Elodie too after asking, offering a smile to each. "Grapes? And do try a cream cake, they're excellent."

"On children…" Sammel repeats those words for a few brief moments, taking a sip of his wine now. "I haven't really thought too much about children, although there have been moments when I've imagined myself bringing a son or a daughter out hunting, or one of those things. But aside from that, I haven't had much time to think about children yet." Another sip of the wine is taken, after a few brief moments of thought.

Elodie doesn't exactly blush, but she glances quickly to Sammel as she stands. "Can I make a plate for you, Sir Sammel?" she asks. When he finishes answering the blue eyes flicker to Una, imploring for her to let that subject go with the answer given as she begins to arrange some cheese and meat with some frozen grapes and peaches on one of the small serving plates.

Lorelei eyes the inertaction, slowly scratching behind the big wolfs ears. She's slowly and quietly sunk to a sitting position, to be closer to the animal, and less visible to the Nobles.

Una grins, as though she has no intention whatsoever of dropping the subject. But she only says, "A thoughtful answer, thank you. And what do you think of Elodie's work?" She shifts from her seat then, moving closer to Lorelei and the wolf. She picks up a cream cake on the way, offering it to the poet.

"That would be quite wonderful, Lady Elodie. Thank you." Sammel replies to the question about the food, before he smiles at the mention of the lady's work. "It is a very fine and important line of work, my lady. And I can say for a fact that without good people in that line of work, I would not be here to have this conversation at the moment." A quiet smile is offered as he looks between the Iah ladies now.

Another plate joins the one Elodie is making, this one has an added cream cake, along with the meat, cheese and some frozen grapes. She carries them both back with her, presenting Sammel with the plate as he finishes speaking. "It is sadly true that we are more in demand, now. It might have been easier on my family if I had gone into research or something of that nature in medicine. They would have one less person to worry about." She takes a bite of cheese, and follows with a swallow of wine.

Lorelei looks up as Una approaches, smiling softly. She'll quietly nod, standing to take the cake, her dress now all wrinkled. Softly, "Thank you, my lady." She'll move to sit in a n empty chair, next to her wine.

Una smiles more warmly at Sammel for this answer. Returning to her seat as Lorelei does, she makes a small plate for herself and Tiriel to share (including most of the meat so that hopefully it will dissapear soon). "A very good answer. And yes, Elodie. We would have less reason to worry. But also less reason to be proud I think." She turns her attention to Sammel once more, then, "And is there anything you would like to ask us?"

"That's true for both of our professions, my lady," Sammel replies with another smile to Elodie, taking the offered plate, with a 'thank you'. Eating some of the meat first. "But while it may have been easier…" Trailing off as he hears Una's words, and he smiles with a nod. "Your sister speaks the truth, Lady Elodie." Looking a bit thoughful as he hears Una's question, he smiles a little. "I'm not really sure. Maybe there's something you think I should know about you?"

Although she ducks her head with a tiny pleased grin at Una's claim of having reason to be proud of her, it's Sammel's echo of the sentiment that really brings a touch of pink to her cheeks, and she looks up to him with a grateful smile. At his question, she glances to her sister, and finishes the grape she had just popped into her mouth. "Family," she says quietly. "We are close, and even though I will be moving to join your family, it may almost, in some ways, be more like you are becoming a part of our family."

Lorelei will nibble on the cake, watching everything with a keen eye. The only time she doesn't is when she finally reaches for her wine and takes sip. Her brow creases slightly and she'll look down at the glass before smoothing her face and going back to listening. if Aatuis close enough, she'll let her foot brush up against his.

Una looks away thoughtfully as both Sammel and Elodie look to her fo an answer. She smiles siflty at Aatu and Lorelei, allowing herself a moment to be mildly jealous of Loree's comfort with the animal while Elodie helps her out by giving an answer. "Indeed." She agrees, turning back and signaling once more for a servant. "We are a close family. We're also not as formal here as some other houses, though I'll do my best to at least make us all presentable for the wedding." A glance at Tiriel as she says this, and a grin. As she servant returns again, she leans forward to murmur to Lorelei, "I'm sorry. You prefer tea, don't you?"

Sammel smiles as he hears that. "It's similar to how it is with my brother, then. Even though he's married into the Sauveurs, he doesn't feel any less part of the family, while Sir Ellinor feels like a part of our family just as much as Niko's turned into a part of her family." Nodding with a smile at Una's words as well. "I will look forward to getting to know the entire family here," he offers, before he eats a little more of the food now.

Elodie glances to Lorelei, but she doesn't say anything. "Shelter itself is plenty warm. I'll give you a tour later so you can see more of it. Some of the outposts are colder, because they aren't as heavily reinforced, but here," she glances around. "We keep the temperature quite comfortable. You can come to visit through the ways and never have to bundle up. It's only when you plan on going out hunting with Sir Tiriel that you need to keep warm."

Lorelei shakes her head, "Oh…no, Lady Iah. this is fine." Her cheeks turn pink, but that could eb from any number of things at this point. Giving Una a smile, she'll tilt her head listening to he rest of the conversation. She never thought that nobles had to give up their families when they married. She's unsure if this is a common issue or not.

All the same, Una has tea brought for Lorelei. She sits back in her seat to regard Sammel thoughtfully, and a teasing light enters her eyes again. "You know, my wife had to face a number of challenges before she could marry me… " She glances at Elodie with a grin, then stands, "But for now, I think we should let you two talk a moment. Will you stay for dinner, Sir Sammel?"

"Those challenges showed she was a worthy bride for you, I believe, my lady," Sammel replies with a smile to Una, before he nods a bit as he hears Elodie's words again. "That is quite nice, not having to bundle up every time I'll come here," he replies. The mention of staying for dinner makes him nod. "I would love to stay for dinner." Another smile is given to Elodie, before he adds, "And yes, I think we have a few things to talk about."

"Excellent. Elodie can show you where everything is, then." Una returns her plate, though she takes her wine glass. With a gesture for Tiriel to follow, she starts for the door, looking to Lorelei. "Lorelei, will you join us? There's something else I've been hoping to speak with you about." With a smile for the couple, she ushers the others (yes, even the wolf) out of the room. $e

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