Candice Accola
Candice Accola as Lyrienne Sauveur Orelle
Full Name: Lyrienne Sauveur Orelle
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 24
Planet: Haven
Paramount: Orelle
House: Orelle
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lady
Spouse: Cedric Orelle Height: 5'9"
Father: Marus Khournas Weight: Slender
Mother: Princess Evony Sauveur Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Advent, Ellinor, 3 unnamed sisters Eye Color: Turquoise
Children: Marus, Lysandra, Julian


Lyrienne Sauveur was born the second child, with an older brother before her and several sisters to come after. Like her brother before her, she showed early signs of Awakened powers. As a young girl, though, her more impressive skills were musical ones. With a sweet voice and a sensitive ear, she took early to lessons in music, instruments, and singing. Had she been any other child, she might have been able to pursue a career in music. But she was a Sauveur, and that came with duties and responsibilities. When she was five years old, a betrothal was arranged between her and Young Lord Declan Arboren. The two were of an age, their families friendly, and the match would benefit everyone involved. In the interest of facilitating the match, Lyrienne was sent to foster in Arboren. It was quite a change, going from Landing and her militant Khournas father to the forests of Arboren, but Lyrienne was resilient, and soon found herself well settled with the Arboren children. She and Declan got along, and as she grew, no one expected there to be any trouble with the betrothal. She settled in to study her powers with the mystics of Arboren, and did her best to pick up the particular skills of the forest people, showing an unexpected talent for scouting work.

When Lyrienne was seventeen, something changed. Just what exactly came between her and Declan Arboren is a closely guarded secret on both sides, but it is public knowledge that something happened that drove the young Sauveur out of Arboren in a fury. At the prompting of her cousin Janelle, Lyrienne went to Oculus to clear her head. Unfortunately, she didn't so much clear her head as fog it with alcohol and a night with Cedric Orelle. Thinking nothing of it, she returned to Landing. But a few months passed, and it soon became clear that her liaison was not without consequences. Realizing she was pregnant, Lyrienne returned to Oculus to confront the Orelle.

A marriage was hastily arranged, and was the talk of Landing for some time. After all, she might have been Lady of Arboren. And instead, now she was married to a second son of /Oculus/. Undaunted, Lyrienne continued her studies in both psychometry and music. Though Cedric might not have been her choice, she's never seemed to resent him. Two more children have followed, so the pair must not be entirely opposed to each other.

Over the intervening years, Lyrienne has gained a reputation as a singer and songwriter of some note, with a style that blends the sounds of Landing and Arboren. Opinions are generally split on her, with some (generally older, more conservative members of society) still viewing her with scorn for the scandal of her youth, while others (generally the young, impressionable sorts) see her as a figure of tragic romance. There are countless theories as to what happened between her and Declan Arboren, and her relationship with her husband, and her fans are fond of dissecting the lyrics to each new song in search of clues. Only those who are very close to Lyrienne are aware that she has not entirely forgotten the militant tendencies of her father's people, honing her psychometric skills in anticipation of the arrival of the Hostiles.



Glamour and grace define this young scion of Sauveur, who moves with the sort of confidence and self-possession that comes from a life in the public eye. Five feet and eight inches tall, Lyrienne is still girlishly slim, with long legs and a slender build. Pale blonde hair tumbles artfully around sculpted, feline features with a high brow, large, up-tilted eyes of deep turquoise, and a straight nose. Her smile is wide and bright when it shows, lips full.

She dresses as suits her station, with a stylish flair that appeals to the younger generations. A strapless gown of pale pink silk with a pattern like golden scales embossed over it fits close around her torso before belling out in a ballroom skirt at her waist. Over it, she wears a more sharply-tailored blazer of a silver material with a striking wide lapel and upturned collar, belted at high waist. Flashy, large silver jewelry adds to the look with bangle bracelets and chandelier earrings, as well as a diamond necklace.


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Cedric Titles are optional : My husband and the father of my children. Ric may not be the man I intended to marry, but he is a good man all the same. If we're not madly in love as some of the rumors make us out to be, we suit each other well.
Ellinor Titles are optional : Dear sister. She's more like our Father than I am, but she's always fun. Bold and brave, I admire her strength.
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