07.12.3013: Lunch in Beacon
Summary: The Lord Hollolas and one of his daughters stop for a bite on their walk about the city.
Date: 12 July 2013
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Roger Irvette 

Norman's Sea Shack, Beacon
Fish! Fresh Fish! Right here!
July 12, 3013

There's tension in the air in Beacon, even on a beatiful evening such as this one. The sun is setting over the water, the last rays of light fading along the shore, and the nobles and citizens of House Hollolas bustle about their business. Ships pull into the harbor with just a little more urgency than is typical, sailors dart from tavern to tavern a little more quickly, and the conversations are in hushed tones. The Hostiles are on their way, after all, and no one knows where they will touch down next.

The Lord Hollolas, however, seems to be entirely immune to the tension in the air, at least outwardly. He makes his way down the street dressed in his Commodore's uniform, all white and navy-blue, shouting loud greetings at familiar persons along the street. "I don't understand it at all, Irvette," he mutters, though that's still loud enough for anyone within forty feet to hear. "They aren't /here/ yet. No sense in wasting a perfectly good evening worrying about things you can't change."

Irrvette, dressed as always in one dark colour, which helps her to blur with the sea or grey streets of the cities, walks besides her father. Slight grin dances on her lips. Young woman shakes her head, letting water-thin hair to play with the breeze.

"I have no idea!" sniffs woman "But maybe, people will be tired of fright and worry, when the time comes. It may be good, you know!" chuckle ripples through the road and Irvette scratches her eyebrow. The azure gaze slips through the passerbies coolly, while murmur, thanks for her dad, not so silent as girl would hope, reaches people's ears "Or maybe they will come after fifty years," shrug, which makes long cloak raise a little bit from the ground, is given "Then the life would be waisted for worrying…"

Irvette glances at the man, who gnaws on a huge roll of bread. That makes her laugh so genuinely and the hand gently palms the belly "I am so hungry!"

"Perhaps you are right. Get all the fear out of the way now, so they'll be steadfast when the time comes." Roger's big, burly shoulders move up and down in a shrug. "Though a little fear can be a good thing in battle. Makes you focus. Men who don't have any at all tend not to last terribly long."

At his daughter's last comment, though, the Lord Hollolas' expression brightens substantially, and he lets out a big, booming laugh. "I am as well, Irvette. Come." His strides grow longer and faster as he heads down one of the side streets. "We'll pay Norman a visit. I hear he came in with a fresh catch just this morning."

When her father speaks, Irvette's look is concentrated on his chin, just slightly slipping to the mouth and some hairs of the beard on his cheek. She respectfully nods at each word, honestly believing that as always the wisdom and truth are leaving man's thoat.

"Oh, really?!" a little bit surprised gasps Irvette "I can't believe, finally I am on the right time!" Young woman licks her lips so slowly with so much gusto, however, one very brief sigh follows that "Sadly my brother is not here… He would love it!" Of course, everyone knows, that if she mentions brother, it is just one brother, who she can mention. "I guess he is playin with these animals again…" and Irvette flinches, stopping for a moment, when a thought about horses reaches her minds. She just waves with her hand in front of the nose, as she would try to whisk away that thought as it would be just a fly and speeds her steps, in order not to fall behind her father.

"When we get back on ship?" she curiously asks, when catches her father again "I heared storm might come soon!" suddenly massive excitement erupts "I would love to be on the ship, you know!"

"Surely he would. The cooks aren't going anywhere, though." Down the street Roger goes, making his way toward the aforementioned Norman's with remarkable gusto. Indeed, the restaurant is open - in fact, there's a whole line of people stretching out the door, and the smell of grilled and fried fish wafts out the doorway. Of course, everyone in said line steps right out of Roger's way as he approaches.

"Norman! How be, lad?" That's said with just a bit of irony - the man in question, standing behind the counter, is only a few years younger than Roger himself by the look of him. "You know the drill. A captain's platter for my daughter, and two for myself." A little wink, and then Roger finds the nearest unoccupied table and slides his substantial bulk onto a seat.

"I hope we'll make it back out to sea soon," he remarks, leaning back in the seat and tilting his head against the cushion. "So much to be done."

A little nod of head is given together with the wide smile to the Norman, when Irvette approaches the restaurant with her father. Belly-pinched gaze examines each of the table with full plates of tasty fish. "I could eat here each day, each morning, each evening… Always!" chuckles young woman and slips to her chair in front of Roger.

he long cloak falls on the ground as a tired stone, because of the heavy fabric of her cloth. She leans back too and crosses her hands on abdomen, stabing azure eyes to a small spot on the table. "Tell me more about that so much! What is our proximate goal?" eyebrow raises curiously.

Of course, it doesn't take long for Norman to come out with food for Roger and Irvette. Within minutes the three platters are laid out on the table, and the Lord Hollolas summarily digs into his with knife and fork. There's a muttered 'thank you' - which the chef surely hears, even over the noise of the restaurant - but otherwise Roger is entirely engrossed in his food for a few moments.

Eventually, between bites, he continues, "Hostiles, of course. Next wave is on its way… we don't know whether they'll hit us here on the coast, but I'm assuming they will. Our Captains are hard at work getting the Navy in order." Bite. "I've been looking over the reports from recent battles, trying to get some sense of how the bastards fight. Of course, we haven't seen them at sea yet." Chomp. "Still, it's better than nothing."

When food arrives, Irvette rubs her hands with delight and just savours from a far for a few heartbeats, before she fulfills her mouth with the warm fish. She listens, what her father is saying, and this time with each word her look becomes darker and darker. Likely, understanding that, Irvette glances at the pair, who sits not so far away. It is just a good reason to hide orbs from father and fork adds some more food into the mouth, making the mumble become quite unclear "I… Captain… proud…" and suddenly she starts coughing. Hand grabs a glass of water and it chaces the traped lump down. A little bit nervous grin shows up and Irvette continues eating more calmly, not saying anything more.

"As I said earlier. No point in getting worried this early." Another few bites as Roger veritably /shovels/ food down his throat. Half of the first platter is gone already. "Are you all right, Irvette?" For once, he actually looks up from his plate, brow knitting in frustration as she coughs… and then he bursts out laughing once she grins back at him. "Slow down, girl. Your plate's not going anywhere." Do as I say, not as I do. "Besides, the Hostiles have never been known to fight terribly well at sea."

Now pale cheeks of the girl get a reason to bloom in wild reddish roses. Irvette opens her mouth slightly, not to take another bite of fish, but from surprise "You… Father…" she starts halting "How you could think I am afraid?" a little bit resentful tosses the question young woman. She sighs and slowly carries a small part of fish to her lips. Even more slowly Irvette chews on the bite before swallowing it. That is obvious girl tries to delay the words, which are eager to get free. Quite a long sip of water is taken. Irvette cleans her lips with arm and cants head thoughtfully. Finger starts dancing on the edge of the table, when finally self-confident voice, but in a minor hesitation, utters "I know they are not as good at the sea as I am, father…" woman sighs scratching the tip of the ear nervously, obviously hoping that her brother would be here now. "I… You know! My ship could be the first one in the fight!" and she sinks into a chair as she would like to hide in there.

"Afraid? Did I say I thought /you/ were afraid, Irvette?" This thread of conversation is enough to get Roger to put his fork down, if only for a moment. The first platter is almost empty by now, anyway. "You are skilled. You are also /young/ and, as yet, untested in battle. I imagine that will change soon." Only for a moment, and then he picks up the fork and shovels another rather large bite into his mouth. The first platter is pushed off to the side.

"Your ship?" He takes another bite, and he takes a bit longer to chew this one. "Patience, Irvette. You'll have to get your own ship, first. Even /I/ had to serve a tour as a Mate for some time before being given command." A bushy eyebrow quirks upward. "Besides, I can't have you rushing out at your first opportunity. Your impulsiveness isn't always a bad thing…" Chomp. "But at sea, you need to temper it with discipline."

The only one thing, which remains for the young woman, is just not say anything. Just keep her tongue hidden. However, words from her father are beating down all the appetite even if half food still is steaming in the plate. Irvette sighs and starts pecking at the fish, tossing some bones on the edge of the plate. A little bit disappointed gaze examines the structure of a very well known fish. Though, it calms Irvette down. For some time she manages to offer another question "So…" drawls woman "That means this time I will be draged into the action, finally? To be tested?" smile full of hope flashes in girl's face, but she continues playing with the food, not looking at her father for now.

"Do we have any choice in the matter?" Roger gets to work on the second plate in earnest, spearing three large pieces of shellfish and stuffing them in his mouth all at once. That gives him a little time to chew the matter over before responding. "You've trained for warfare at sea. War is coming - indeed, it's here - and I expect that sooner or later, every able-bodied man and woman will be needed to push them back." Another big bite. "I have every reason to believe you'll acquit yourself well." Bite. "Though I worry. I can't have my daughters getting hurt."

Excitement gets back with the full power into girl's heart and lights up azure eyes, which find father's gaze quickly and nod with regard is given "I won't be hurt, you know that! I will take my trident with me, and I will be ready for anything!" However, girl moves the plate away, jumping on her feet. Heavy cloak dangerously sways in the air, almost knocking the chair down, but playful storm named Irvette catches the chair and turns to father once more "May I leave now? I want to bring these news to my brother! We could train again with him! Enough for him to play with these animals," brief frown flashes in her face at this word, but she quickly brings the smile back "I guess I need some training now!" and she runs through the back of her chair, waiting for permision to leave.

"Bah. Always rushing, Irvette." Roger glances back down at his plate, still half-full, and reaches down to take another big bite. He just looks at her for a long moment, sea-green eyes boring into hers, unblinking, and then turns down to his plate. "Yes, I suppose that your training requires greater attention. If you must…" Bite. "Go right ahead, Irvette. I'll be seeing you later." His head dips in a little nod. "Stay out of trouble… as much as you can, eh?"

Irvette bows her head joyfully and springs closer near Roger to place a soft peck on his cheek "I will try, my beloved father! See you soon!" and girl rushes somewhere off, vanishing in the crowd easily with her bluish grey clothing.

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