Sir Luke "Crowseye" Grantham
Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender as Luke Grantham
Full Name: Luke Grantham
Byname: Crowseye
Age: 36
Planet: Ignis
Paramount: Orelle
House: Grantham
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 6'3"
Father: Lord Sir Zakary Grantham Weight: Lean
Mother: Lady Lieutenant Ceilea Dalton Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Jacob Grantham, Marah Grantham, others Eye Color: One eye is blue, the other is black
Children: None


Unlike his brother, Luke did not ever dream of becoming a warrior. Also in that vein, unlike Marah he had no love for politics. Luke, was shy and sensitive-and his heart, like many Granthams was for the Six. Perhaps more so, as he would often daydream on joining the Chantry and taking on the cloth, as opposed to the Hammer, or blade like his kin. As a young boy, Luke was an avid reader and spent more time in the libraries and somber places of worship than perhaps playing games with the others.

Still ever the child of Grantham, and seeing his own brother as a role Model, there were times that Luke would follow Jacob into mead halls and listen with rapt attention to the tales of the people of Ignis, and the sacrifices of those who came before. To him-they were history, not destiny. What Luke failed to realize is that his life was never his own, and that the Six had other plans for him.



Tall, and lean, this man has pale skin and wiry features, and an athletic build. His head is covered in Dark red hair, and his strong jaw is surrounded by a beard and stubble of the same variety and color. His face is thin and his features harsh. A hawk like nose, is flanked by high cheeks, one natural blue eye, and one eye that is a black with a murk iris. Along his arms thick chord of tattoo has been places, ending at his wrists, giving him the appearance of a crow's wings, that spread from back to finger tips, each feather marked along his arm, are significant-like counting coup. over his heart the Ouroboros of Grantham remain like a living knot. A reminder of his devotion.

Over his chest a mock collard shirt of coal grey is worn, tucked down into pants of black, which are bloused over tall dark boots. Over his chest a double breasted dueling jack of dark leather is worn. Over this a coat of grey is worn with burn orange at the lapels. The sleeves having small slits under the arm to allow maneuverability. The only ornamentation he wears is the Ouroboros of Grantham in dull metal at the breast. Finally draping over shoulder is a long thick sword belt, where his blade rests, within easy reach.


  • Avid Reader
  • Deeply Religious
  • Blackguard
  • Gallows Humor
  • Hard Drinker
  • Loyal to Blood

RP Hooks

Legion of Ash: If you are a member of this illustrious group, then you likely know Crowseye. He trains squires, men at arms and of course fights alongside them in engagements.

Melee Knight: Crowseye's fame or infamy comes from his harsh fighting in the melees at tournaments. He is somewhat of a crowd favorite-or not depending on what style you prefer. Either way he's made his name known through this.

Fightin' Hostiles: Are you a knight or perhaps one of the citizenry who has fought the Hostiles? Guess what?! So is Luke! As a veteran of many engagements, it is likely he could have bumped into you after, before or during a battle.

Street fightin' Man: Luke is more or less known for his love of drinks and then getting into fights at establishments.

Musical Inspiration

  • Rolling Stones - "Gimme Shelter"
  • Black Label Society - "Peddlers of Death"
  • Willie Nelson - "Gravedigger"
  • tool - "Schism"
  • Mark Collie - "In Time"

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