Lady Lucretia Cindravale
Lauren Cohan
Lauren Cohan as Lucretia Cindravale
Full Name: Lucretia Cindravale
Byname: Witch of the Vale
Age: 36
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Cindravale
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Family Sorceress. Handling the money.
Spouse: Widowed Height: 5'8"
Father: Tycho Cindravale Weight: 123 lbs
Mother: Lysandra Khournas Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: High Lady Sir Kallista, Lord Knight Commander Alexandros & Others Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Born January 17th 2977 Lady Lucretia Cindravale was another child of Lord Sir Tycho Cindravale and his wife Lady Lysandra Khournas, the ruling family of House Cindravale. It did not take long for it to become apparent that their newest daughter was one of the Awakened, the maids taking care of the infant reported strange thoughts and feelings when around the girl, expressing hunger and loneliness. Her parents, while not Awakened, were hardly unfamiliar with such things, and they summoned a Sorceror from the White Tower to test the baby to make sure it was indeed an Awakening. It was.

As she grew to be a toddler and small child, her gift gradually grew, first manifesting as a degree of telekinesis. As a child, her time was often divided between months spent at the White Tower and months spent at home with her family. She was not the oldest, so she was never groomed to lead anyways, meaning this division of her time really upset very little besides making her an oft-scarce member of the family. Fighting the seclusion of the Tower, Lu often proved to be a bit of an attention boar at home, and even managed to convince her mother to let her do things in entertainment for the brief periods as a girl and continued up through her teenage years. She was what one might deem a "Scream Queen" for her early career as a girl and teenager, with a few spots in other movies such as the little girl who gets kidnapped, and a handful of commercials for various products and services. Lady Lucretia, the daughter of Lord Cindravale wears Gotto Fashion, so should you!

Nearing the time of her full Awakening, Lucretia began to spend less and less time at home. A year at the White Tower, a couple of months at home, and then back to the Tower. Due to her training beginning early and it being very thorough due to her place and her family, she learned her way quickly and proved to be quite gifted. Around the age of 17, most of her life outside of the Tower was dismissed, as she spent a string of 4 consecutive years locked away in the tower studying, practicing, and improving herself.

At the age of 21, her family summoned from the tower, back to the Fortress of Phylon and informed her that she was to wed a son of House Leonnida. Surprisingly, Lucretia took surprisingly well to her groom, a young knight named Jakob. Despite the cold nature with which their marriage was arranged, the pair got on well enough for the next couple of years. Lu also briefly stepped back into the film industry during this time, portraying a young Knight in an adventure movie - Hero of the Vale and performing in a handful of other pieces, though Hero was the last piece she participated in, over a decade ago. While she was finishing her role, news reached her that Jakob had been killed by a drake while on a hunting trip with members of House Khournas. She was furious and heartbroken at the same time. Despite the few years they'd had, Lucretia had not conceived, and now she was left without her own family after developing strong feelings for her husband. It did not take long for Lucretia to decide to return to the White Tower, where she remained for over half a decade, her attention and focus becoming her Sorcery once again.

She remained within the White Tower until the age of 31, deciding she'd secluded herself from the world long enough, and practicing her sorcery in a confined, meditative environment had gotten as far as she would for the time being without more experience in the world. Returning to her family in the Fortress, she was easily accepted back, and when she requested something to do, was given a small position dealing with some merchants and the like in the area. Refraining from seeking her earlier hobbies such as acting, Lucretia fell into her role easily enough, and over the past 5 years or so, has grown to be in charge of much of the Vale's economics.


  • 2985 : The Colossal Dragon that Conquered the Earth* — Lucita Medin
  • 2985 : Vendetta of Honor — Alvina Parnas
  • 2987 : Terror of the Demon Snake from Space — Alessandra Immel
  • 2989 : The Witch of Doom — Lucky Hopkinson
  • 2989 : Inferno of Blood — Aura Berthoff
  • 2990 : Wrath of the Mega Dragon* — Lucita Medin
  • 2991 : Battle of the Immortal Clown — Callida Kearns
  • 2993 : The Killer Zombies with Two Heads — Goldy Glazer
  • 2993 : Double Revenge** — Sylvia Renner
  • 3000 : The Night my Girlfriend Became a Killer Ghost — Marlie Sacchetti
  • 3000 : Quadruple Revenge** — Sylvia Renner
  • 3001 : War For Assassination — Ofella Schroth
  • 3001 : Soldier of Surrender — Tildie Castelda
  • 3002 : Hero of the Vale — Velma Coltrane

Matching *'s denote a subsequent sequel.



Over the course of her life, Lu's personality has fluxuated at times, but one thing has remained constant. Lucretia is a people person, and a bit of an attention boar. She loves talking to people, she loves doing things, parties, galas, tournaments, she'll be there, mingling, and people tend to like her more often than not. She's also got a competitive streak in her, and she hates losing at things. Even things like sparring with swords, things she's bad at. She -knows- she's awful at it, but she still hates losing. And heaven forbid she win at something, you're unlikely to hear the end of it. Her mood is at times whimsical, flitting from up to down with little cause, and she is prone to doing 'what she wants'. Lucretia has a strong sense of responsibility to her family and to their lieges, but she also has a very strong desire to enjoy her life. She's spent a lot of it secluded and sad already, and she tries to avoid those two things these days, though anyone who brings up her lack of children is apt to kill whatever mood she is in on the spot.

Lucretia is proud to be a Sorceress, an Awakened. She feels absolutely no shame or shyness about the fact and makes a point of being the quintessential, flashy and showy Valen Sorceress, complete with witch's hat and staff. She enjoys working with her gifts, studying and practicing them as well as helping to teach the next generation and pushing others to hone their talents.



This woman stands a little taller than average perhaps, at 5'8", her figure slender and attractive. Her hair is brown, and cut short, the straight locks framing a pretty face with high cheek bones, rosy lips. Brilliant, emerald green eyes sit below thin, arched brows. Sun-kissed, her skin looks to be that of a woman who hasn't seen a day of labor in her years, which given her appearance, seems to have been three decades or more. Her overall appearance is generally perfectly maintained, a woman used to always looking her best.

Lucretia wears a simple, but elegantly embroidered black dress with turquoise accents along the bust, shoulders and hem. Sleeveless, the dress leaves her lightly tanned arms bare. Riding boots of soft, black leather reach calf-high, fit snugly to her feet and sporting silver buckles. Matching the rest of her outfit, she wears a little cluster of silver bracelets in varied size upon her left wrist, which have been studded with large aquamarines and diamonds. A fine silver chain of tiny links is wrapped around her waist, hanging upon her hips and providing contrast against the black of her dress, the excess length of the chain hangs down a foot or so along her thigh.

Atop her head, the woman wears a wide brimmed black hat, with a tall, pointed top. Ornamented with a ribbon of teal silk wrapped around the base of the cone and a silver buckle. The hat also sports dangling charms of finely wrought silver along the brim, in the shape of crescents, stars, eyes and various other mystical things. With turquoise embroidery spiraling around the brim and upper portion, the hat appears to be in flawless condition, and it's rather rare for her to be seen without it.


  • Free Spirit
  • Mercurial
  • Meddlesome Widow
  • Sore Loser
  • Sorer Winner
  • Don't Touch The Hat

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Known Associates

Nikomachos Nikomachos Sauveur : One of Alexandros' children, Lu likes her nephew well enough. He's about the same age as most the rest of her nieces and nephews, which means only a decade or so younger than herself and strikes her as the quintessential Valen Knight, even if he hasn't quite fully come into his own. She imagines he will with experience. Assuming the coming war permits him to accrue that experience. Married into the Sauveurs now, but he's still family.
Sammel Sammel Cindravale : Another nephew and another knight, Lucretia loves them all, and she's happy to see that at least one of them is remaining in the Vale with the family. She looks forward to seeing more of him, his wife, and their future children.
Erik Erik Ibrahm : Another nephew knight. Lu is not the least bit surprised, considering they are Alexandros' children. Married out to the Ibrahms, Lu hears his wife is pregnant, which is wonderful news.
Elodie Elodie Cindravale : Sammel's young wife, Lu has taken a liking to the girl in the few times they've met. She seems an intelligent woman and seems to have a genuine fondness for her nephew, which Lu is happy to see. She looks forward to seeing the woman adjust to life in the Vale. And to seeing children.
Solon Solon Cindravale : The current heir to their house, one of her nephews, son of her sister Kallista. Lu intends to try and get closer with her nephew. Just because the war is here does not mean politics can be forgotten.
Quinn Quinn Leonnida : Quinn strikes Lu as a stern, stubborn woman, and not one prone to talking much. One of the children of the Leonnida main branch. Which means she's a target and a hunter, perhaps not really Lucretia's business, but she has dealings with Leonnida and they are her family's vassals, and where there is conflict, there is potential to benefit by offering aid.

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