06.15.3013: Lost in a Way
Summary: Michael becomes turned around and lost, Lorelei takes his mind off it and then Taryn shows up. New friendships all around.
Date: 15 June 2013
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The Ways, Imperius Landing
As the center of intercontinental and interplanetary travel, the Ways is perhaps the busiest region of Imperius Landing. No matter the hour, there is a constant hum of activity as people arrive in or depart from the largest city of Imperius. Loiters are best kept to the outside of the plaza to avoid getting swept up in the waves of foot and horse traffic that frequent the stone-covered ground. The broad circular plaza is broken by a ring of humped arches varying in size from ten to forty feet high. At any given time, about half of them glow with the light of an opened Way.
This plaza is also a crossroads for the four largest of the esplanades, guiding travelers in each of the four cardinal directions toward a variety of destinations. To the North is the militant black spire of the Citadel and grand Towers of Matthias which house the Royal Family and the Noble House embassies. Opposite, down the southern road, are the foundaries and the Smith's Tower. To the East is the Arcology of Arcadem, which houses both the grand libraries and the Imperium Cathedral. Lastly, to the West, is the poetically named Tower of Forgotten Nights which houses a variety of taverns and other sources of entertainment.
15 June 3013

It's been a busy day, Lorelei's been all over it seems. Her satchel is full with some shopping she promised her mother she'd do on her day off, and while technically it's not a day off, Lady Eilara didn't need her. She's dressed in a blue dress, not too fancy, but pretty enough. Her hair is up in an intricate braid, but with all the running she's done today, a few locks are starting to escape. She has a blue ribbon woven through the braid. The young woman is now just wandering, taking in the sights. She'll smile and not at people as she passes, her happy attitude seems to rub off and even the grumpier looking folks stop scowling as she smiles.

Glaring at the infoscreen in front of him, Michael is unable to make heads or tails of the map of the Way gates. "Well, I'm lost. Fucking map." with that he trudges over to a bench and sits heavily into it. He looks around at the people walking and notices the smiling woman, even though his brows are furrowed he smiles back.

Lorelei re-shoulders the satchel across her shoulder, it seems to be getting heaver as the day goes on! She'll notice Michael sitting, and she's seen that look before. She's had that look before. Stepping to the side, so she doesn't get run over, "Do you need some help?" She'll give him a bright smile, and tilt her head some.

Michael looks up at the woman, his features softening at her words if not her smile. "I'm trying to get to the Crescent ahead of time. I'm a little eager to start my new life there…" he drops off as his stomach protests and his hand jerks to it in a failing attempt to keep the sound from being heard. The slight blush of embarrassment is followed by the words, "Excuse that, I haven't eaten yet today it seems." he rubs the back of neck and dusky purple plates of armor are exposed.
"My name is Michael… and, if it's not too bold of me to ask. Would you like to join me for dinner?" he face is gentle, unimposing, and now that his darker demeanor has faded his face is kind.

Lorelei nods softly and will smile understandingly as his stomach growls. Her eyes travel to his armor, looking to see it it's new or worn. Has he seen action, or just starting? "I'm Lorelei. It's nice to meet you Michael." She'll glance up at the crowd a moment, and then back to Michael, "I do not have a lot of time, my Lady will be needing me soon, But I can come sit with you for a bit. Eating with conversation is always better, I think."

Michael smiles softly, a warm inviting smile. He stands up and motions in the direction of a kiosk that has a few tables and chairs set out. "I would appreciate the company and if you'd care for something let me know." He unslings one arm from his rucksack and makes his way to the kiosk.

"I'll take that one." he says as he points to an item on the menu. He hands over a bill, and gets his change. He then moves to a table and pulls out a chair with indication to Lorelei he intends it for her.

Lorelei follows Michael, ordering nothing but smiling at the vendor as Michael pays. She'll pull her own satchel off her shoulder, stretching her arm slightly. That got heavy! "Thank you!" she'll sit down, letting him scoot the chair in if he does. If not she will. "Are you a knight?" If he is, he certainly didn't state that title! "Or a squire?" She'll tilt her head, putting her bag in her lap. Loree's dressed in her blue dress, hair up in a braid, but she looks like she's been out all day, a few lock have started to escape from the braid.

Michael smiles and pushes her chair in. His gentle demeanor warm and inviting. A voice calls out from the kiosk, "Order's ready!" and Michael walks over to pick it up.
Returning to the table he takes his own seat, after placing down a bowl of salad with a plate of bread. The meal is plain by any definition, having just the rudiments necessary to call it a salad. He also has a roll, and a glass of water.

Taryn enters from the Vale via the Way gate —

The glow of the portal fades as the recent arrivals from the Vale make their way into the heart of the Imperius. One of those travelers is Taryn, who is wearing a sword on his hip. The young Valen groom looks like he has barely seen sleep for a couple of days and has much on his mind, as his grey green eyes are filled with storm clouds of emotions.

Lorelei smiles, but it slips some at the small meal the man has in front of him. "Re-squired? Is that by choice?" As she asks, she'll start opening up her satchel and pull something wrapped in wax paper, "Salad's no good with out cheese. I found a store today on the Ring, I bought too much." With out waiting she'll slide the small block over to Michael. "You are preparing to protect us, no arguments." She's smiling, but there's a tone to her that's saying to not argue with her. She'll glance up and almost doesn't recognize Taryn. A sword? her smile completely drops and her voice is laced with concern, "Taryn? Are you ok?" She'll start to rise out of her seat.

Michael smiles at the cheese, and takes note of the tone in her voice. "That is a long story, but suffice it to say I am happy that Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm made the offer to squire me." he pauses as he notes the sudden concern in Lorelei's voice, and turns to follow her gaze. He too rises from his seat and his rucksack drops to the floor without notice.

Normally quite observant, Taryn nearly didn't notice Lorelei sitting there as he nearly walked past her. He recognizes the voice of course and turns to its source. His eyes also notice the stranger, who is likewise armed, stand up suddenly as well. The sudden thud of the rucksack making him jerk just slightly, though his hand does not move towards the weapon. He offers a bit of a smile to Lorelei, "Hey… yeah, I'm fine… " His eyes flicker to the stranger, "I didn't mean to interrupt your meal…" He looks to Lorelei, with a questioning brow, before looking back at Michael.

It takes Loree a moment to get Taryn's look and then she'll give him a small shake of her head. Hopefully he'll know what that means. Her own bag in her hands, she'll frown, unsure what to do, "Taryn this is Michael, Michael, Taryn. He was a bit lost, and I thought with as many times as I've been lost and helped here, I should offer." She'll give Taryn a worried smile, not sure if he's needing to rush off , or what.

Michael shakes his head to the man Lorelei called Taryn. "The lady's concern caused my own. Interruptions are fine if there's trouble, even the personal kind." he glances at the sword on the man's hip, then gives the man a once over with his eyes. His light smile maintains that warmth and invitation, and pulls over a chair with a motion that it's meant for the man. "You seem like you need to sit, actually like you need to sleep." his statement carries a copied form of the -no argument- tone Lorelei had just given him.

Taryn gives Lorelei a slight smirk, followed by a stiffled chuckle. He looks to the man, "Nice to meet you, Lord, Sir… ?" He grins, "Yes, Miss Lorelei is a master of the art of being lost… I believe I found her wandering past the same spot three times." He pauses, "Perhaps for a moment… and no troubles, at least for the moment."

Lorelei gives Michael a thankful smile and will move to sit back down when Taryn and he do. " It was not three time, you big exaggerator." But she's smiling softly, not too upset with his tease. Loree has a few questions, but will wait till she can get Taryn alone to ask. Instead , she'll turn to Michael, "I'm glad then that you're happy with your new position. I'm sure you will do well."

Michael smiles but shakes his head lightly, "Neither actually, I am squire to Sir Johana Ibrahm." he chuckles softly at Taryn's description of Lorelei being lost. "I was just frustrated by the map… I'm going to send Sir Johana a comm asking for her if she has the time." He reclaims his seat and uses a metal plated boot to slide his rucksack under the table between his feet. He regards Taryn with curiosity in his eyes, "Same question to you, if you don't mind. Lord, Sir…?" he mimics.

"Thank you…" he pauses for a moment, "If it isn't so bold of me to ask, perhaps if we both have off time at some point in the near future, we could have a real meal together. Talk, and all that." he finishes with a soft smile, before turning his attention to Taryn to listen to his responses should he speak.

Taryn chuckles, "Okay, so it was twice… but the fact that it was the very next day does speak volumes…" He reaches up and brushes the hair from his eyes, "I am neither… In truth, I am no one of any real consequence." He is not dressed in any manner that would suggest him of nobility, nor one squired to any knight.

Lorelei cheeks turn slightly pink, "Perhaps? If my duties to Lady Eilara allow…" Her eyes are a bit wide though, like she's not sure how to answer and will give Taryn a quick look. and then she'll give a small pout, "It was not exactly in the same spot." she'll then sigh, "Taryn, don't say things like that. Of course you're important." There's a touch of worry in her voice.

Michael nods slightly, his eyes belie that he's planning something. His smile doesn't change though as he says, "Getting lost is fine, I've lived here all my life… I should at least know how to read the map of the gates by now." he then regards Taryn again with a quizzical look. "All are of importance, especially with what's to come. I'm sure you have some sort of talent if you're carrying blade."

Taryn shrugs, "Perhaps my talent is in thievery and I stole the blade. It's not true, but in truth, the blade was loaned to me by someone who might be a friend." He grins slightly, "I am a decent horse groom… " He looks over at the exchange, "Are you sure that I am not interrupting something? I do appreciate the concern for my well being, but it is nothing worthy of disturbing your … meal."

Lorelei doesn't see Michael's…scheming. She's watching Taryn, worriedly. She'll look to Michael, "He's more than a decent Horse Groom. He's one of the best." Well, she doesn't know that, but it's only proper to support friends! Her cheeks darken, and shoots Taryn a look, "We were just sitting and talking. Of course it's fine."

Michael smirks slightly, "I like you Taryn, you have a good sense of humor. Horse grooms are very respectable people, knights would have a lot of extra work on their hands without them." he chuckles softly, but shakes his head slightly. "You are only interrupting a very bad attempt of mine at both showing and hiding interest in Miss Lorelei. She's a very bright person so far, not many can light the dark with a smile alone." he turns his smile to Lorelei, it's light and could be teasing if his eyes didn't tell a different story.

"We did just meet, so I could be entirely wrong about her. She could be your assistant in some very elaborate attempt to rob me." this time he's teasing in tone, smile, and look.

Taryn looks at the blushing of the younger girl and has a mildly amused grin on his lips. He is always amused by how easy Lorelei blushes. He looks to the maiden, "You see, it is more than just a meal… which means that I am in fact interrupting…" He looks to Michael, with an equally amused grin, "Actually I think it is more of me witnessing the bad attempt… And yes, you are quite right, she is a very bright person… you should hear some of her poetry… it can brighten the darkest of shadows."

Lorelei has a deer in a head lights look. She clearly has no idea how to deal with this situation, "I didn't-I mean, it's not.I was just …" Can she just die now? Her hands tighten on her bag slightly, perhaps for support. She'll actually close her eyes in embarrassment when Taryn mentions her poetry.

Michael nods with Taryn's words, and glances between them before noting Lorelei's reaction. He gives her both a disarming and reassuring smile, with the soft words, "I know you were only offering me company to cheer me up and perhaps help me if you could." his gentle nature has returned, gone is the light bravado of a flatterer. Turning to Taryn, "Poetry is a wonderful art, I am not very good with the written form, but on the spot comments seem to be my thing. I think I've embarrassed Miss Lorelei enough for this meal, if she finds the time and inclination to meet with me again I would enjoy hearing a poem or two." with that he turns to Lorelei, "Of course, we'll need to actually talk to get to know the other person first."

With a flick of a hand, Michael undoes his over cloak and the front tabard flap falls and pulls it away from his light combat armor. The dusky purple color matte in the light, however the gold accents glint faintly. "Getting too hot for the cloak, I hope neither of you mind."

Taryn cocks his head slightly to the side, "I have been accused of being completely frank, Young Master Michael… If anyone has embarrassed Miss Lorelei, it is probably me…" He grins with an impish grin, "A slight that I am sure I will pay for most dearly… She has beaten me up on several occasions… " The smile fades, "Though seriously, she is quite talented… " He shakes his head, "I would fault no one for the desire of comfort, so long as it does not infringe upon another, which removing a heavy cloak does not infringe upon anyone that I am aware of."

Lorelei keeps her eyes down, looking at her hands on her bag. she'll nod to Michael, but it's not clear what she's nodding about, or it it's just an acknowledgment that he spoke. She'll purse her lips slightly, as Taryn keeps at her. She'll take a deep breath, shifting some in her seat and finally looking up as Michael takes off his cloak. In a much softer voice than before, "It's fine." Her hands loosen on the bag.

Michael tilts his head lightly at Lorelei, and speaks with a softness. "If I intrude too much, I am sorry." He then returns his attention to Taryn, "Well, it is more so that some might find an armored man, cause for worry." his gaze then drifts over the crowd around them before falling back to Lorelei. "If I keep you from anything, please don't hesitate on my account. As of yet, I am just a man who's shown that he finds you charming and kind." his smile is soft and warm again. "Mister Taryn, the same offer is also given to you. If either of us has time off, perhaps we could meet to talk and get to know each other. I have a feeling that we could be friends easily enough, and if Miss Lorelei attempts to beat you up again, just kiss her. That usually stops a woman from hitting too hard, though the result can go two ways." he grins at Taryn lightly.

Taryn frowns slightly, and for Lorelei who knows Taryn more, his tone is slightly strange and distant. "Well, Young Master Michael, if you wish to get to know anyone, you might take advantage of the moment… With the things that are beginning to happen… you never know when you will lose that opportunity."

Lorelei will smile softly at Michael, her cheeks calming as she's relaxed some. Her eyes widen at Michael's suggestion and there goes her cheeks again. Bright pink! Really, what is wrong with everyone! Her frustrated looks ebbs though, turning to a worried one as Taryn speaks. "Taryn….has something happened?" There's a definite undertone to her voice, hinting at a past conversation.

There is the faint flashing of Ways as people come and go. Michael notes a slight change to Taryn's tone, but more so acknowledges his words. "True words indeed, I only mention the future in my offer for both of your mentions as having little time at the present." he looks from one to the other, "I have no word as yet from Sir Johana, so I have plenty of time to talk." he takes a moment to break off a chunk of the cheese and crumble it into his salad, his stomach complaining loudly at its poor treatment by Michael.
Giving Taryn a concerned look himself, Michael seemed to have noticed Lorelei's worried look. He continues to eat in near perfect silence though, taking a light sip from his glass now and then. His attention is on Taryn during this though.

Taryn reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, offering a slight shrug to Lorelei, "Guess that depends on how you look at it. No, nothing has happened per say… but it's more of what may yet happen." He looks at her, hoping that she gets what he is alluding to.

Lorelei will nod slowly to Taryn, as that's all she can do at the moment. Looking over to Michael as he's gone quite, she'll smile brightly at his crumbling the cheese she gave him. See, she did some good! Deciding to give them a different topic of conversation ,"I thought of you today, Taryn. I was up in the Ring, shopping and found the most disgusting store." She's fully aware of what she said, as she's fighting a smile and giggle.

Michael finished his meal during Taryn's words. He rises quickly to discard the remains of the container, then sits back down. "Thank you Miss Lorelei for the cheese, it indeed helped and I'll preserve the rest for my next meal… hopefully it lasts for a day." his last words are nearly too soft to hear. At Lorelei's words, his eyes shift from one to the other a soft smile appearing. "Ah, I see now." is his soft comment to himself. He looks to Taryn for his response, seeming to have nothing to add to the topic.

Taryn smirks and cocks his head, "Let me guess… Gregor's Strange Meats?" He looks over at the squire, "Where do you hail from, Young Master Michael?" He turns his gaze on the squire with an slightly intense and almost dissecting gaze.

Lorelei nods happily, although her brow wrinkles slightly at his mumble. Her fingers instinctively move like she's going to go into her satchel, but stops herself. Embarrassing Michael won't help anything. She'll look to Taryn,"It was awful! The crowd just swept me in, and there were all sorts of terrible things!" She'll wrinkle her nose, and it's hard to tell how much is her teasing Taryn , and how much is her actually being mortified by what was in the store, " And I couldn't just leave, the owner was staring at me. I got cheeses, which were all very nice, but…he kept asking me to sample the shark fin…" Loree actually looks a bit green at the idea. She'll sit back in her chair, taking a deep breath to try to get the thought of that out of her head.

Michael smiles at Taryn's question. "I grew up here in Landing, close to the Citadel as my mother serves in a company of soldiers there." his smile softens, "I know we're only just friends, but you may drop the title… both of you." glancing to Lorelei, then turning to focus on her. "You don't eat meat? Ever more interesting you become." He had noticed the brow furrow and the motion of her hands, guessing, "Ah, my comment on food keeping for a day… I don't usually notice I'm hungry until I'm -really- hungry." his warm smile returns, "Where do the both of you hail from?"

Taryn bursts into laughter. He shakes his head, "Wow… I'm not sure how to take that… that a "disgusting" place filled with dead meat hanging from hooks reminds you of me… " He looks over at Michael, "She claims that she doesn't eat anything that has a face…" He sits back a little bit, "I'm from Briarford… it's a small village in the Southern Wilds…"

Lorelei smiles, her goal accomplished by getting Taryn to laugh. She'll shrug, "Take it how ever you want to. It was gross." She'll roll her eyes at Taryn's face comment and then turn to Michael, "I just…I can't do it. My mother tried for several years to force me, but…I had a horse save me when I was younger, the barn collapsed. He stayed over me. After that, I just couldn't eat animals. " She'll shrug softly, looking down at her bag slightly embarrassed. "It's a personal choice, is all." Sitting up straighter, almost unconsciously, she'll answer Michael, "I'm Arborenian."

There is a sharp call of a carriage driver as a pedestrian scurries out of the way of the horses. Michael turns his attention to Lorelei as she informs him, "I see… nothing wrong with that, and if we do share meals in the future I will respect you enough to choose places that cater exclusively non-meat meals." he smiles lightly, "Arborenians then, well, it seems I'm meeting people from all over, and yet I have not met anyone from the house I have association with and hope to serve as a knight." Gently commenting all this, before considering Lorelei again. "You mentioned a Lady Eilara, you are a lady in waiting to her?"

Taryn leans back in his seat, as he listens. He watches the interaction, not really adding anything to the conversation at the moment.

Lorelei smiles thankfully, "It's alright. It's my choice, I won't make anyone else eat the way I do." She'll chuckle softly, "I think everyone would be a lot more grumpy if I did." Loree's eyes go wide again, "Oh! No, no. I'm not…I'm just a hand maiden. Nothing like a lady in waiting." She'll look over to Taryn, just checking on him.

Michael smiles again, "I have nothing against trying something new. Especially if its a meal shar…" shakes his head, stopping himself from commenting further. He glances at Taryn, his eyes wandering over him for a moment before his attention seems to shift to him. "You say you're a groom? For the House Arboren then?" he seems interested in both of them.

Taryn smirks, "Well, I can understand not wanting to eat a horse… " He pauses, "But I think I already know how you feel about my thoughts on food." He blinks over at Michael, "What me? Oh, no, I'm not tied to House Arboren… I am currently not in the service of any particular house… Briarford is part of House Leonnida's holdings… But right now, I'm kind of unaligned…"

Lorelei tilts her head at Michael's trailed off sentence , but won't comment. Laughing softly at Taryn, "I know that you'll do just about anything for a dare." And then she'll actually go as far as to make yuck face. Very unlady like, but she'll giggle afterwards. She seems to have relaxed again, the flush gone from her cheeks, and she's smiling softly looking between the two as they talk.

Michael laughs softly at Lorelei's yuck face, gently moving into very soft chuckles and smiling. His attention still on Taryn, "Have no nobles or knights made an offer? I would think the best horse groom of the Vale would be in high demand." he smiles, his tone a gentle tease. He turns to regard Lorelei again, "So, handmaiden then… you must not get much time off." he pauses, seeming to choose his words carefully, "When you do, is there something you enjoy doing most?"

Taryn smirks and then shrugs. He can't argue with Lore's statement. He cocks his head, at the question. "Well, let's see… two members of House Sauveur… didn't work.. don't ask… Lady Sir Agnes and Lord Peake… Lady Lucretia Cindravale… But, unfortunately… there are complications that kind of stands in the way."

Lorelei shrugs lightly to Michael, "I don't get large amounts of time off. And I never know when. " She'll grin, "It's a lot of waiting." She'll pause, trying to decide how to answer, "Well…I write." She'll give a playful glare to Taryn for outing her on that, "and my parents own a horse farm, so, I love riding. I used to love going into the forests, but that's not really an option anymore." She'll bite her lower lip, looking down at the bag, "I'm not that complicated a person." She'll shrug and then look to Taryn, head tilted, "Lady Cindervale too?" she doesn't remember that one being on the list.

Michael smirks at the joke about waiting. "Well, for what time you might have that I'm gifted, we'll have to plan something special. Do you like dances?" his eyes shine slightly as he mentions that. After a moment of curious inspection of Taryn, he nods. "I see… well, barring you being out of work for the length of time it might take, if you're not yet taken I'd be honored to have the best groom in the Vale for myself." he smiles, "That is, if I can afford your fee of course."

A very bright flash from a gate brings attention to a group of people all dressed in civilian clothing. A patrol of the Watch passes by as Michael regards Lorelei again, "Poetry right? Perhaps one time you'd care to swap poems and compare." he seems a little shy in offering, but maintains a relaxed demeanor all the same.

Taryn nods with a slight smirk to Lorelei, "Yeah.. what can I say?" That smirk slides into that devilish smile that often spells trouble. "Yes, Michael, if you can get the chance… you two really should talk poetry…" He looks at Michael and smiles, "Well, as absolutely a charming an offer as that might be, unfortunately, those same complications.. still keep me from accepting…" The smile fades just a touch, "But who knows… in a few days I might be able to give it more consideration."

"Special? Oh… no. I've been gifted with 2 left feet, unfortunately." Loree's eyes go to the Watch as they pass before she starts blushing and mumbles to Michael, "I don't really…share my work." Lorelei's going to kill Taryn. Just…kill him. He's not going to have worry about any complications, cause he'll be dead. Glaring at Taryn, "I shared a poem with a prat once, he kinda ruined it for everyone."

Michael smiles at Lorelei, "Well, I'm not the best dancer but I did take a liking to the romanticism of the courts of old Earth. I know a few dances I could teach you if you'd like to learn how. I'm not sure, but perhaps I might be allowed to attend a masquerade on Hallow's Eve…." he lets the comment drop as his own cheeks tinge a slight pink and he turns to blink slowly at Taryn. "No amount of running, or kisses, or chocolates, will save you now my friend. It was nice to have met you." his calm tone hints at sarcasm. He then sighs softly, "Well, my offer is more of a hope for the future, but given that you'll be killed before you reach the Way gate… I suppose I'll just have to hire a normal groom when the time does come."

Taryn grins, "Ah, Lorelei wouldn't ever kill me… hurt me, maim me… all that is perhaps possible… but kill me.. never… I am her muse… You can't kill your muse…" He grins and winks at Lorelei. Oh yeah, he knows that he's going to get it for sure. His grey green eyes looks at Michael, then he smiles, but it is forced and rueful. "Not before I reach the Way gates… but perhaps before I see them again… " That smile then widens a bit more, "I mean… everything is so dangerous… but I don't think that its dangerous that our people's heart and soul, the great city of Landing… will be so dangerous and daring that I could be struck down so easily… " He then stops as he looks up and sees the time on a nearby business. He sighs and starts to stand up. "Michael, it was nice to meet you… I hope that we get the chance to do so again." He looks to Lorelei, "Take care, Lorelei… and be careful…" He offers them both a smile, "Unfortunately, I have to meet someone here shortly… Good day to you both."

Lorelei eyes are wide, "I uh…" She's a bard, al right. "I'm really not good at dancing." She'll just leave it at that. Her eyes flash at Taryn, "Stop saying that! You are not my muse." She'll then frown as Taryn starts to lean, his word choices making her nervous again. She'll nod, "You too, Taryn."

Michael smiles at Taryn, then nods. "Take care, it was indeed nice to meet you. If you ever need company just send me a comm, and I'll see what I can do." His attention turns to Lorelei, "Well, if you ever fancy learning, the offer will stay open. As for listening to one or more of your poems, I don't critic since my own work is probably worse. If you ever need an outlet or someone to just listen to something new you've written, I'm sure I'll be able to make time."

Taryn chuckles and places his hand on Lorelei's shoulder. "You know I am only teasing…" He looks at her for a moment, in that way that someone looks at a friend before going on a long trip. Before walking off, he checks the sword on his hip as if it is not something that he is completely accustomed to. He flashes a wide smile to both of them, before heading off towards the esplanade.

Lorelei gives Taryn a warm smile, but there's an underlying worry, "I know…be safe." She'll watch him walk away, and then shake herself, "I may let you read one at some point, Michael. " She'll smile at him, "But I believe we would have to be better friends first. I get worrisome over my words. It's silly, but I do." She'll move to stand, "I should be getting back myself, I've been gone far longer than intended."

Michael stands as she does, "I would like becoming better friends, and as for being worrisome over your words… you'd understand if you read my journal." he pauses, a smile playing with his lips. "Thank you for taking the time to talk to me, it was a pleasure to meet you today, even if I was a little on the bold side during the middle." he chuckles, "Though, each complement was given intentionally, and with full backing. Have a good rest of your day Lorelei, I look forward to seeing you again." he then sits back down and leaves his gaze on Lorelei.

After she's left, there is a flash of light from the direction of the gates. The shards of luminescence cause Michael's dusky purple plating to shimmer dully, the gold flaring a pale color briefly. He pulls out a small book from one of the pockets of his rucksack and takes out a short quill. He opens the book to a middle page and begins to write, muttering softly to himself.
— scene fades out.

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