Summary: Klaudea finally summons up (or tries to summon up) the strength to say goodbye to her knight.
Date: 24 October, 2013
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15 December, 3013 Necropolis

The plaque reads “Sir Urik Dolson Blackfells”, but she can’t read the dates below it. She never really knew the year on the first one, and the second one she knows by heart.

“Hey,” Klaudea says quietly, stepping forward to place the wreath she brought with her on the hook next to the plaque.
“I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get here. I’ll admit it, even though I know it disappoints you. I didn’t want to come. I didn’t want have to say goodbye and admit that I’ll never see you again, so… I put it off.”
She bites her lip against the tears that fill her eyes.
“We both knew this could happen. You’re a knight, and when the Hostiles started coming, we knew you’d have to fight them. You tried to prepare me for this.
She pauses to sniffle and her voice breaks. “I just didn’t realize how lost I was going to be with out you. It seems like everything I’ve learned has no place in a world without you.
“You told me that a knight has strength and position over citizens, and for that reason a knight needs to be humble. A knight needs to know humility to know his place, because it is only in his place that he can cooperate with other knights to keep Haven safe.”
She bites down hard on her lower lip, holding back the unknightly sobs that are pushing up her throat.
“Lately I feel like being humble and obeying my orders is robbing me of everything else you’ve taught me, and I don’t know what to do anymore, or who I am, sometimes.”
She walks forward and leans her head on the wall next to the plaque, her fingers lingering on the name.
“You taught me to fight, but I’m not allowed to fight.
“You taught me to teach, but I’m not allowed to teach.
“You taught me to follow my heart and care for the people who have less than I do. But I am not allowed to go to them anymore.
“I cannot go cloaked anymore, and I cannot shame my father by openly defying him.”
She starts to break as she sags against the wall.
“You always had an answer for me. You were more than just a knight, you were like the father I wished I had. You understood me better than my own parents, and pushed me to live up to what I believed and all the /reasons/ I wanted to become a knight. And now that you’re gone,” she can’t hold back her tears anymore. “I feel like I’ve lost the only person who ever understood me.” The sobs shake her shoulders and she curls her fingers on the plaque that bears his name and dates.
“I’m so lost.”

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