Lorelei Quellton
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis as Lorelei Quellton
Full Name: Lorelei Quellton
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 19
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: {$paramount}
House: {$house}
Title/Profession: {$title}
Position: Stablehand
Spouse: accepted Companionship to Lord Ephraim Hollolas Height: 5'2"
Father: {$father} Weight: 120
Mother: {$mother} Hair Color: Brunette
Siblings: Chiron Quellton
Balius Quellton
Eye Color: Hazel
Children: None


Lorelei Quellton was born a commoner to a pair of simple horse farmers. She was the middle child, having a brother older and younger than her. This left her generally covered in dirt, not by her choice, from trying to coral the two boys. They would often play in the forest with the other children, the two boys adventurous knights saving Loree from the evil Hostile monsters.

As she grew, she became friends with a girl a few years older than her that she ran into playing in the woods. The girl was Eilara Arboren, and they became fast friends even though Lorelei didn't realize she was a noble until they'd been friends for some time. Once she realized not only was her older friend one of the nobles, but an Awakened as well, Loree began to feel left behind.

To keep from feeling that way, she followed in her friend's shadow (sometimes literally the bird), trying to learn the things she learned, the likes she liked and the behaviors she demonstrated. In the process, Loree discovered she had an almost uncanny sense for beasts, developing a kinship to animals(beyond just raising horses) to the point that she just can no longer tolerate eating them. This kinship and newfound vegetarianism is something her mother is mortified by.

When Eilara asked Lorelei to come bea hand maiden for her, Lorelei said yes. She didn't even truly know what that would entail, but she was excited. Her mother had become overbearing in later years, in part because her father had experienced some kind of trauma when Loree was young that left him sickeningly passive, and Loree was ready to get away from them both.

In fact, Loree's father had fallen in with a bad crowd when she was just a toddler, and while he got out, the group keeps an eye on her family. Loree isn't aware of this, but she has noticed that about oncea year, "friends" of her father's show up to check on him, and her mother never liked it. They were always very nice to Loree, bringing her dollies and later on chocolates and candies.

Lorelei is often the target of Eilara's teasing. They don't bother her, not really. She just takes them in stride, knowing the older girl doesn't mean anything cruel by them.

Lorelei 's heart has been conflicted for a long time. She's yet to find that person to capture her heart (not that she's looked particularly hard), but knows she wants someone. She hopes her new position with Lady Eilara will help clear her head and show her a path, even if it's just back to the farm.Perhaps if her brothers marry well and produce grandchildren, her mother may lay off her. Now that she's older, an adult, she tries to act it. She dresses down, to not draw too much attention. Attention only brings eyes to her, and possible pointing out that she doesn't belong.

Loree's quick to grin, and her full smile can light up a room, but that smile can be hard to come by. She dresses down when working, but on her own time, she loves to wear bright colors, not so much for the attention, but just because they make her smile.

Lorelei'd love to have a writing tablet, but she makes do with the quills and blank books she purchases with her wages. While she doesn't send money directly home, she does her best to ensure her youngest brother has everything he needs, and then some.

Loree likes to go dancing, but usually ends up a wall flower, having never really been taught the proper dances. It's not that she's got two left feet, she just hasn't learned yet. Even with that, she likes to go and watch because it's good material for her writing.



Only an inch or so taller than her Lady, at 5' 2" Lorelei is small, but curvy. Her face round and open, large expressive Hazel eyes tend to bat open surrounded by thick lashes. Her long , dark brown hair has a natural wave to it.Although when out in the sun it tends to pick up traces of red and blonde. A button nose and full heart shaped lips. Her skin has a natural olive tint, making her look more sun kissed than she is. When working she dresses the part, neither too flashy, but upscale enough to be in the presence of her House.


  • Claustrophobic
  • Night Terrors
  • Curious
  • Timid
  • Animal lover
  • Poet

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Known Associates

Ephraim Lord Ephraim Hollas : Unattainable desires
Breaking like waves
Curling in his hair, twisting
Confusing the logic, Shattering the heart
I am lost
Tristan Lord Sir Tristan Arboren : The smell of green and dirt
It doens’t wash away
but mingles with the cloudburst
Waiting for the moment of stillness
That we all yearn for, unknowingly.
Cyrielle Lady Cyrielle Hollolas : Words tumble from your mouth, with out second thought.
These are my weapons, my tools.
You cast them like play things
Knowing no one will hold you to them.
Darious Sir Darious Arboren : Precise fingers dancing over metal
Forward lips, not petitioned for
Too bold
for the title held
Brigham Lord Doctor Brigham Peake : {$relationship}
Keanen Lord Keanen Arboren : Disappointment should mean nothing,
when I meant nothing.
No memories to look back on
Not even a notch on a belt
How have you become so lost?

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