08.18.3013: Looking for a Clue
Summary: Aidan and the Hostile come to some kind of understanding.
Date: 18 August 2013
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Sarah Aidan 

Holding Cell, The Netherkeep
A cell.
August 18, 3013

It has been a rather long day for Sarah One-One-Three of One-Five-Eight. She has still not left the chair in the middle of the cell, her lower legs and forearms still limp and inhibited. A bruise colors the side of her head, deep purple and black. The guards have said that it happened while moving her, that she fell out of the chair and hit the floor. It might have happened that way, as there were bodies blocking the cameras at the time of the event. If anything, this proves that Hostiles do indeed bruise. There is a tube in her mouth connected to a sack of water on her chair, letting her nurse on a required nutrient. Her eyes are closed, though it does not look as though she is sleeping.

Aidan walks down the hall toward the cell carrying a folding chair. "Lower the forcefield please." he says as soon as the guards have noticed him. There's still a bandage on his head covering the wound he took in the battle but it's smaller than the original he sported. With the forcefield down, he strides directly into the cell and sets the chair down facing the captive, about four feet away. "Hello Sarah." he says as he sits down. "You may call me Aidan."

The Hostile opens her eyes as she hears the Peake approach. Her head rolls forward a bit, the tube still tucked in the corner of her mouth as she nurses at the water. Luminous blue oculars trace his movements, irises rotating around the bright points of her pupils. She watches him approach, watches him set up his chair, and watches him sit down. When he provides his greeting and name, she lowers her chins lightly in a nodded understanding. "Aidan of the Inner Worlds," she says simply.

"Tell me of the Abandoner." Aidan says, cutting right to the chase. "You call us children of the Abandoner. What exactly does that mean?"

Sarah stares at him for a long moment after his question. It is as if she is measuring him, weighing him with that gaze. Then she raises her chin up a bit. "The Abandoner is one of the Gods," she says in her flat alto. "Those of the Inner System are the embodiment of the Abandoner."

"That doesn't tell me much, Sarah." Aidan replies. "Why are we that? Who and what does the Abandoner do? Abandon, I assume. Do your people believe that my ancestors abandoned yours when we all got to this star system? I would like to know of your gods and beliefs. Tell me, please."

Sarah stares at him for another long moment in the wake of his questions. "Why do you wish to know about my gods, my beliefs?"

"Maybe I'll agree with them." is Aidan's answer. "Maybe I think the Six are obsolete. After all, we know you have some… sympathisers among my people. Perhaps I want to hear more as well. This is the first time I've had the chance."

"And what will I be given in exchange for this information?" Sarah inquires in her even alto. She holds her gaze steady with his, her expression an unreadable mask despite the swelling at her cheek and the dark bruised flesh.

"A convert?" Aidan shrugs and settles back in his chair, never taking his eyes off of the Hostile. "Isn't that what you all want? Among the deaths of those who don't, of course. Why else bring it up at all? The only way I have to even know to ask is because your people have talked about it." Aidan adds "And I will share your words with others as well."

"I do not need a convert, I do not have a message to be shared with the rest of your people," Sarah says, her tone taking on a particular dryness. "I do need use of my arms." She lowers her chin a bit, but her eyes remain locked on his.

"I cannot give you that, as I'm sure you know. They will not take any chance of you harming anyone else. I can give you information perhaps, depending on what you ask." Aidan spreads his arms slightly and shrugs. "But nothing that might lead to your freedom. Ask for something else."

Sarah starts to smirk, though the expression is vague. "You are experiencing true paranoia, Aidan of the Inner Worlds, if you believe granting me the ability to scratch my nose will result in my freedom." She flexes her shoulders a bit.

"I am merely following the orders of my superiors, Sarah one one three." Aidan retorts. "But if your nose itches, that is something I can do something about if you ask it."

Sarah inclines her chin a bit, but she does not ask him to scratch her nose. She is silent for a long moment, and then she attempts to adjust herself in her seat, but it is a stiff and uncomfortable movement. "I will tell you about the Abandoner… if you ask your… superiors to give me the ability to use my right arm and hand."

"I am willing to ask. I make no promises that they will do as I ask." Aidan says simply. "Shall I adjust your position in the chair? Or would you prefer to be laying down?"

"No," Sarah says without hesitation. There is another pause from the Hostile as she stares across at the Peake. "The Fifth World was discovered 1013 years after the landing of Exodus IV. The planet went out of range forty years later. There were an estimated seven thousand and eighty individuals on Cantos." Her voice is flat and even, almost dull as she recounts events that are easily recorded in Haven's own records. "There was a total of 219,000 emergency transmissions sent over the first 25 Imperius Years. Over the course of those 25 years, a third of the population died due to starvation and exposure. The Inner Worlds sent no ships, no communications, no aid. You are the Abandoners."

Aidan nods here and there as Sarah recites events that are recorded in their histories. When she pauses, he says "I don't expect you to believe me, but our records don't indicate that they received any messages at all. There was complete and total silence from Cantos, the Waygate didn't work and no ships were left to try to find out what happened. What happened to the remaining people?"

There is a faint hint of incredulousness in her stare at his question. Her brows even furrow up ever so slightly. "We are the remaining people."

Aidan shakes his head. "No, I know that. I mean how did they survive? Why did they start using such heavy cybernetics on themselves? Why did they attack without so much as a word when Cantos returned? Pure revenge?"

Sarah is silent for another long moment. She takes a pull from the slender tube in the corner of her mouth, drawing water from the sack hanging off the chair. "Advancement was the only way to survive. Systematic organization was the only way to survive." She does not, however, answer his question about why the first war occurred.

"I see. That makes sense. Militaristic command structure with mechanical augmentation to overcome your environment." Aidan sighs and reaches up to run a hand over his hair, careful not to dislodge the bandage. "And so here we are. Your people killed my sister, you know." He tries not to show his curiousity about how she reacts to this news.

"Your people killed my brother," Sarah says without missing a beat. She holds her gaze carefully with his. Her expression resumes that unreadable mask, though there is a hint of tension around her cybernetic oculars.

"Many brothers and sisters have died since this all started." Aidan notes quietly. "Why? Forget why it started. Why is it continuing, Sarah? Wouldn't it be better if your brother were still alive? Do you have others who are also soldiers? Friends. Why is this war happening after all these years? Can you explain that to me?"

Sarah is silent for a long moment. Her eyes become unfocused, her irisies spinning in reverse around those bright pupils. Then she replies to him, though her voice has a slight distance to it. "I am not the one to speak to about such things. You should speak to a Cleric."

"I would if I could but you're the only one I can talk to." Aidan points out. "How about you tell me what your understanding is and I won't assume it's necessarily a hundred percent accurate and relfective of what a cleric might tell me."

There is another moment of that calculating silence from the Soldier. She drops her gaze down toward her arms briefly before she looks back up to Aidan. "I will tell you more… once I am given use of my right arm."

Aidan sits back, unconsciously having leaned forward as he got more involved in the conversation. "All right, we'll table that for now. Will you continue telling me about your gods though? You were doing that before and we only got to the Abandoner."

The Hostile frowns just slightly. "There are six others," she says flatly.

"And they are?" Aidan prompts softly.

Sarah flexes her jaw a bit, and she shakes her head. "I do not wish to share more," she says finally.

Aidan studies the Hostile a moment before nodding. "Very well." He stands and then folds the chair back up. "Do you need to be repositioned to a more more comfortable position before I leave?"

Sarah stares at him for a long moment, and then she shakes her head. "No."

Aidan nods and turns for the door. But before he actually leaves the cell, he looks back. "As I agreed to, I'll ask about your arm. You may ask the guards for me if you'd like to talk more." Walking out into the hall, he nods to the guards and the forcefield goes back up behind him.

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