Long Overdue
Summary: Michael goes home for a day to spend time with his father, just the two of them like old times. They work on computers, and talk about what's been going on in Michael's life for the past couple of months.
Date: 27 July 2013
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27 July, 3013— Athyros Family Home, Landing

It's been far too long since Michael and his father have spent time together, just the two of them. He comm'd home to check with his dad, and then made his way there. Achaeus was busy with backed up work, since his wife's ailment took its toll on the man. He was, however, very happy to hear from his son and even happier that Michael was coming home to see him.
When Michael arrived, Achaeus opened the door and hugged his son tight… Michael, of course, returned the tight hug with his own. "Hey dad." he says softly, before the two separate and move into the main room of the small family apartment. It's the same place Michael grew up, brought Nimara for dinner, and is now spending time again with his dad. "Michael, it's been too long since it was just us… but well done with Nimara. She's a wonderful woman to chat with, and of course there is that arm of hers." he smiles softly, the same soft smile Michael gives.
"Yes, she is amazing dad… beyond what I ever dreamed of. Her arm though? Oh, you mean the cybernetic… right. I hardly notice there's a difference really. To me, it's just her arm." he shrugs slightly, and moves to take a seat at the desk his father probably was working at. Achaeus moves to his stool beside Michael, this scene very reminiscent of a lot of Michael's childhood up until he was about fifteen when he moved to Roan's place to be near his former knight during his squiring to her.
"Yes, I figured as much was the case with you… all the technology you were around as a kid has made you incredibly comfortable with it." he chuckles gently, "Well, she seems a bit… uncomfortable with the attention. If everything alright there? That arm of hers is old, and I fear it might just stop working altogether one day." he looks concerned at Michael. Achaeus is a gentle, romantic man who has a mind of computers, love, and concern. Something completely not his worry, Achaeus will still take it on as if it were and do what he can to help out and make sure no one gets hurt in the process.

"Not really, is uncomfortable talking about her arm with strangers. She didn't mean to be offensive, and I know she wasn't, but she couldn't talk to you about it. It's alright dad, I know what you're thinking and I've already explained to her my view on it and I'm right there with her whatever she decides." Michael smiles at his father, knowing full well that if Achaeus thought he could, he'd get the replacement arm himself and swap them out overnight. Michael shakes his head slightly, that thought causing a slight chuckle before Michael changes the subject.

"Mom told me about you being concerned about my new knight… since you've never met her." Michael starts, picking up a small precision screwdriver and some wiring brackets. He looks over the schematics of the computer terminal and starts to place the necessary parts where they go. Setting them down and then allowing the driver to spit out a locking screw at high rotation to secure the component. "You don't need to worry dad… she's a good knight and a good person."

"Young Lady Johana is a Khournas… and everyone knows about the Khourni temper and irrational behavior streaks. I mean, just look at the youngest son of the main family… boy can't keep it in his pants long enough to brush his teeth." Achaeus smirks and shakes his head slightly. He moves to work on laser soldering tiny chipsets to a tiny circuit board, glancing now and then at the large scale schematic on the wall in front of him. He doesn't need to pay attention to Michael's work, Michael has been helping Achaeus with the simple stuff since he was a boy just old enough to read the design charts. "I'm just worried she'll make a quick decision, cause you to get hurt so badly you don't recover right… or worse. I also worry about your training, do you get any rest? Do you get enough to eat? Does she allow you breaks? I mean, I know squires are worked to the bones and then some… but there's a limit, a line. And I don't know if her expectations of you might push you just over that line."

"You don't need to worry dad, I told you. She's a good knight, and a good person. She knows what she's doing, trust me… she already has one squire who's successfully knighted. And she keeps saying it won't be long before I am… so long as I keep up not making her so angry at me she dismisses me…" he drops off.
At that, Achaeus swivels in his stool, "SHE DID WHAT?!"

"Relax." Michael quips shortly, defensively. "It was my own doing, and she's proven just how amazingly generous she is by allowing me a second chance." he pauses, fixing a mistake to the design before continuing again. "I snuck out of the hospital, went to a taphouse in the Spine… she found me there and chastised me. I was drunk, mistook her words and snapped back at her. I crossed the line and she had every right to say I was dismissed." he looks over at his father, "We talked though… she at least gave me the chance to talk, and she was generous in giving me the chance to rebuild her trust in me. I've not slipped up since, and I don't plan to either." He returns to his work as Achaeus works his brow with his fingers.
"Then, I think I like her a little more now." Achaeus finally states, before getting up to get them a snack and a couple drinks. When he returns, he sets the items down and smiles at Michael, "Well, you will learn to handle this. However, if you piss her off again… I hope she tells your mother first. There is no good reason why you should get yourself dismissed Michael… so you'd better pray Young Lady Johana tells your mother before she tells you. Because at least then you won't suffer." he grins slightly. Yes, Michael's mother Stella is a woman to be reckoned with… perhaps Michael and Johana's mothers should have lunch sometime?

Michael and Achaeus spend time working in silence on the computer, the former tacking down wiring and brackets… connectors and the like. The latter building up the circuit boards and setting into their brackets. "So… I've bought a horse." Michael says, finally breaking the silence of their work. "Oh?" is the reply.
"Lorelei had named him Thunder… and I liked the name so I let it stick. He and I sort of just… had a moment. Similar is some ways to how Nimara and I had a moment when we first met." he smiles, "He's pretty large too, not as big as a destrier, but for a war horse he's definitely in the large category." Michael takes a sip of his drink, and then a small bite of the snack.
"That's great… getting closer to your knighting it sounds. And, I wasn't going to say anything before… but, what is going on between you and Nimara?" Achaeus glances over at his son, taking his own sip of drink. He doesn't take a bite though and instead keeps his gaze on Michael to read his body language… which surprises the man.

At her mention, Michael relaxes physically and mentally… and there is the oddest light in Michael's eyes. "We're in love… dad… like I've not felt since Roan… and even then it's different. Better some how." he smiles at his father. "You certainly are, my son." Achaeus nods like an old sage. "This is a good thing, for you… and your zoning? Has she become your center?"

"Oh… right. I, um, lost that ability dad… when Nitrim's telepathic words ripped it apart during battle." he sighs softly, "I have a new sort of battlefield calm. One that gives me control over my emotions, but doesn't block them out. It's strange, but I like it." Michael's gaze flows over to the window that faces the main street below.
"Does this mean you're already thinking of the future? Marriage, a family, all that?" Achaeus gets that concerned look on his face. When the answer comes, "No… I am waiting with that. We go on dates when our nights are free, but with the war she is incredibly busy again… like she said, dating isn't something she did because she rarely had the time for it. Lunches, dinners, a short walk… here and there when we find the chance." he smiles briefly, as does Achaeus.
"Good, son you cannot move too quickly with a relationship like this… especially if you're both in love already. You should finish squiring, become a knight and then perhaps see about asking her." Achaeus looks to his son with care during his sagely advice. "When your mother and I met it was fireworks, but you know this story. Trust me, it's worth the wait if it feels this right, right now."

They sit and chat about things for a couple hours, mostly the mundane things about Michael's squiring. How much he has to do chore wise, with Michael even showing his father the now ten page list. (Only so long because Michael takes good notes and also splits up the chores by day with daily ones having their own list. He's a very attentive squire.)

"Tell me about Viannea, Michael. Your mother was telling me about the various girls you've had crushes on recently, but I want to hear it from you." says Achaeus after a moment's pause.

"Nothing to talk about there really, I fell fast and hard for a woman who never really liked me like that. She kept me at arms length until deciding she does want to even be friends." he shrugs slightly, "As I look at it now, I just say whatever."
"That isn't healthy Michael… that's just bitterness that will eat away at you. Have to talked to her about it?" his concern in his voice.
"Yes, sort of. She's made it clear enough to me that we're not friends and talking isn't okay… so I'm just not going to interact with her from now on. If that seems bitter, well then I'm bitter. Still a whatever to me. I wouldn't trade where I am now, for her." Michael quips a little bit angered.
Achaeus nods slightly, letting it drop. "What about Lorelei?" he asks softly.
"Also just a crush, I thought I liked her romantically… told her as much even, and we just sort of… fought a lot until now. She's a friend, I don't think any more of her than that and I'm not getting involved in her personal life from now on." Michael says that last bit with finality to it. Clearly he's cutting himself off emotionally from the people he knows.
"Same goes for Sir Johana, it was momentary and now that I look back on it. It was silly and folly and probably meant nothing." he shrugs, also showing that he's tying off that part of him. "I have Nimara, I have my journal, I have you guys. And soon I'll have Thunder. I don't need much more than that."

"All of that is unhealthy Michael, you shouldn't withdraw like you did for the last six years… I know why you did and I feel bad that I didn't help you through it like I should have… but you can't shut people out now. You've come too far to just up and quit your friends like this." Achaeus puts a hand on Michael's shoulder, "Talk to them, find a common ground to work on and go from there."
Michael looks away for a moment, "It wasn't your fault, all those years… and what if I cut off others? I told you, I have who I need. No one else really cares, so it's useless and unhealthy to even think about being open to them. No, I'm just going to focus on where I am and if people feel they want to be close to me… they can do the work." he stands up now, and hugs his father. "I should get going, it's getting late and I need to get ready for tomorrow." With that and a final hug from his father, Michael makes his way from the house, down the road to the Ways and then home to Obsidia.

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